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Сайтымның бүгінгі парағы «PRECIOUS CITIZEN OF AKSU» деген тақырыппен таяу күндерде ғана superfluous 80 YOUNG PEOPLE skipping, Famous and honored citizens of Semirechye One of the, statesman and public figure Asylmurat ТҰРҒАНБЕКОВКЕ is dedicated to.

In this regard,, WITH MY BROTHER әр жылдары әріптес, қызметтес болған біраз азаматтардың special articles given. get to know!





BUTsylmurat TURGANBEKOV. State and public figure, He was elected a deputy of the 12th convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Honor", «Reason», "Friendship of Peoples", Orders "Badge of Honor", He was twice awarded the medal "For Courage in Labor.". «Қазақстанның құрметті жерге орналастырушы» атағының иегері

Almaty region, Aksu, Ескелді, Panfilov, Sarkan and Alakol аудандарының Құрметті азаматы.


Asyl and Murat


Veteran of the party and labor.

Almaty region, Aksu, Honorary Citizen of Koksu and Karatal districts

«Zhetisu» newspaper, 2010 year.



An educated person

Talgat Umiraliev

Akim of Panfilov district

«Zharkent region» newspaper, 22 May 2020 year







Asyl aga ...


The poet, journalist.

Zhetysu newspaper, 2020 year


"As long as the bad crowd is good, It is better to have a good crowd than a bad one!"- says the folk wisdom. Осы тұрғыдан алғанда мен өзімді өмірде жолы болған адамдардың қатарына қосқаным дұрыс шығар. Because, more or less in my life walking more with the good, I feel more wine. Among them is an honorary citizen of Almaty region, "Red Banner of Labor", He is a holder of the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the Order of Honor of Independent Kazakhstan, public figure Uncle Asylmurat Turganbekov they have a special place.

Дақпырт-даңқы өзінен әлдеқайда ілгері жүретін жандар болады. The public is satisfied with what they have done, есімдерін естеріне сақтап алады. there, Asyl aga is also Asylmurat Turganbekov As a child, his name was widely known in the country, He was one of the most famous people in the world. In those days, when you didn't even know the name of the social network, any news was first spread through the "earphones".. Then, if the information is true, The official newspapers, magazines and radio are published en masse. thus, starting his career as an ordinary worker, Boiling in the black cauldron of labor as a specialist on farms, We first heard about a talented and loyal leader who had undergone political training in a youth organization from the elders of the village. Growing up Asylmurat Turganbekovich Read articles about in the press, We are satisfied with our brother, whom the country praises.

Ақсу ауданының Басқан ауылында дүниеге келіп, Asylmurat, who spent his childhood and youth in Arasan state farm of Kapal district, immediately after graduating from the Almaty Veterinary Institute was appointed inspector-organizer of the Aksu collective and state farm production department., then the chief zootechnician of Abay collective farm, First Secretary of the Aksu District Komsomol Committee, Instructor of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union of Kazakhstan, Deputy Chairman of the Taldykorgan District Executive Committee, Head of the Department of Agriculture of the district, Chairman of Andreev Air Committee, First Secretary of Taldykorgan Autocommittee, облыстық ауылшаруашылық басқармасының басшысы, At that time he was the first secretary of the largest and most promising Panfilov district in the region. During the years of independence, he worked as a deputy akim of the region for some time, өзінің қалауымен Балқаш көлінің «Сары ішік атырау» деп аталатын шөлейт аймағында жатқан Бөрлітөбе ауданына әкім болып аттанады. Our first meeting started at that time, I know.

Aksu— Poisons fly in the sky of Kapal region, Isn't it a sacred land with deer on its chest. Asylmurat's ancestors In ancient times, the arch fell, He was a descendant of the nobles who settled in the Semirechye. Participating in the political and social changes in the region, sharing the burden of the people, There is an active participation in the development of farms. He opened his eyes with hard work, who knew the tricks of any job Turganbek thus catching the eye of many, ауылдағы ұшы-қиыры көрінбейтін ел тірлігінің тізгінін қолына алған. Ұлы Отан соғысының қанды қырғынынан жаралы қайтқан жауынгер елге оралысымен қарап жатпай, actively participates in the reconstruction of destroyed farms. "Whatever you see in the nest, When you fly, you follow it. ”, тектілігі тереңнен тамыр тартқан Асылмұрат ең алдымен отбасында оңды тәрбие алғаны даусыз. I remember one of his childhood stories:

"It must have been in the last years of the war. In one year the winter lasts a long time, Due to the depletion of fodder, the collective farm's livestock was left to graze. In order to save the livestock, the society assigned one cow to each house. We also received a cow. In the morning, everyone in the house puts the locked animal under my control, which is not yet five years old. When I got to the edge of the village, I kicked the bottom of the shed with my boots, мұз қатқан қар астындағы азғана шөпке сиырдың тұмсығын тығамын. When I'm done eating it, I'll take it to the next shiga. After a while, the animal goes to bed. Drag from the head thread, unable to stand up with a stick, I am forced to shed tears. Adults come to the rescue, I am responsible for him until he takes the cow home. I remember hanging that animal in the spring sky! " – He remembered the hard and painful years.

Қазір ғой, This may seem like a myth to parents who run after their children get sand in their hands.. However, bearing the burden of the people, I always think that if our fathers and mothers of yesterday, who died in the ruined villages and desolate steppes, were bored, today it would be even darker.. He was forced to work while his waist was not strong, жауапкершілік жүгін сезінген сол ұрпақ ұлтымызды жойылып кету қаупінен сақтап, Isn't that true to this day??!

Жауымен қалай жан аямай күрессе, жапа шеккен жандарға соншылықты мейірбан халқымыздың жомарт жүрегі біздің бүгінгі кейіпкеріміз – Asylmurat aga clearly visible from the dynasty. It is well known that during the war years, Stalin pursued a policy of mass deportation of nations he considered "unreliable.". Most of them came to the Kazakh steppes, We see that they have found shelter and brotherhood. It is not a secret that the cold of the fierce battle struck even the children who did not come out of the cradle. Майдан жүріп жатқан батыс өлкелерден жеткізілген жетімектердің үшеуін Marble mother Yes take care of yourself, Undoubtedly, it is possible to share it with the children, who are sitting on the floor. At that time the Kazakh basket was in the house Asylmurat's older brother and sister are Asylken, With a smile live together, Vasily is a Ukrainian boy who has grown up, Russian - Vladimir, The German - Nicholas wrote a long letter, was calling. This incident shows the courage and kindness of our people?!

Be careful become a citizen, The period of his involvement in the service coincided with the difficult post-war years. Енді ғана оқуын бітіріп оралған жас маман колхоз құрылысының бастауында тұрған даңқты ағаларымыздан тәлім-тәрбие алғанын байқаймыз. Secondary education is like this, The school of giants, known as "steppe academics", although some of them were illiterate, was another milestone in the young man's growth.. Representatives of the older generation were Salgara Seitenov, who at that time headed the Aksu sheep farm for many years, Chairman of the collective farm "Arasan" Imanakysh Bektemisov, Omar Sarybayev, the head of the Flame of Revolutions collective farm, The chairman of the collective farm named after Abai Nurbolat Tushkenov is remembered with legendary stories.

"Not only do we demand that the task be fulfilled, Nurbolat Tushkenov, who is brought up by his own example, spends five minutes in the garage every morning., evaluates the direction of the work carried out during the day. Алғашында маған күмәнмен қарағаннан кейін басшының сенімінен шығу үшін жұмысқа одан 15 минут бұрын келіп аламын. Not just do what they say, өзімнің білген-түйген тәжірибемді пайдалатынмын. Осылайша аз уақытта Нұрболат қария мен үшін алаңдамайтын болған" - says Asylmurat aga considering those years.

Аудандық комсомол комитетінде, Later, the years of work in the Central Committee of the LCYU of Kazakhstan did not fail to bear fruit. Be natural, The hard-working and innovative young man is also well-known in politics, public attention. Going beyond the republican level, Participation of the Union in high-level events, The fact that he led several projects is a separate story. Working here, The future first President of independent Kazakhstan With Nursultan Nazarbayev acquainted with the, remembers attentively that he was a colleague.

Біраз жыл саяси қызметте болғаннан кейін Asylmurat The results of his work were visible, He returned to his favorite job. This time he is the deputy chairman of the Taldykorgan district executive committee, Later he held the position of head of the district department of agriculture. Despite the fact that it is located near the regional center, there are many key issues that need to be addressed. Бір ауданнан 27 Hero of Socialist Labor, including XXII- from the collective farm named after the party congress 22 It should not be easy to lead the region where the Hero of Labor came from. Only the purpose is clear, Only a leader with high education and skills can be respected by the public. our Our precious brother He was one of those who could be seen from that height.

Өзіне жүктелген жұмыстардың барлығын абыроймен атқарып, of the population, from the trust of the leadership Asylmurat Turganbekov In the following years he was the chairman of the Andreev district executive committee, He worked as the head of the Taldykorgan regional department of agriculture. He is enthusiastic about the task and contributes to the development of the region, We can say that he made a significant contribution to the improvement of the social and living conditions of workers. Taldykorgan nine years later (modern Eskeldi) It is known that Aseken, who returned as the first secretary of the district party committee, carried out some of the previously planned good deeds during these years.. The next trip will be to Zharkent region. Turganbekov did not know.

Yes, hardworking people, жайдарман ақжарма жұрты бар Жәркент ол кезде «дала аруы» атанған жүгерісімен Одаққа мәшһүр болып тұрған еді. Екі мәрте Социалистік Еңбек Ері, "Octoberdің 40 жылдығы» агрофирманың басшысы Н. It's time for Golovatsky to spit. However, Although the economic performance of the area is quite good, Social issues remain unresolved. Maternal and child mortality, the spread of malignant diseases among the population, The living conditions of the population are not satisfactory. Therefore, launching new opportunities in agriculture and manufacturing, First of all, the focus is on the social sphere. During these years, many hospitals and maternity hospitals, schools and kindergartens were built, to improve the agro-industrial complex together with research institutes, халықтың денсаулығын жақсарту барысында іргелі жобалар жүзеге асырылды. Ауданының экономика мен әлеуметтік салада қол жеткізген табыстарының нәтижесі ретінде ауылшаруашылығын өркендетуге арналған Бүкілодақтың семинар Жаркент жерінде өткізілгенін айтса болады. In the closing speech of the meeting, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Nikonov: "It simply came to our notice then 50 if the area, many problems would be solved!The participants of the meeting will remember the words.

Халқына қалтқысыз еңбек еткен жан қашанда қадірлі болмақ. Осы орайда Асылмұрат Тұрғанбекұлы СОКП-ның соңғы ХХҮІІІ- attended the congress as a delegate, His contribution to the declaration of independence of the country as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR is a separate story.

Еліміз тәуелсіздік алған алғашқы жылдары облыс әкімінің орынбасары-ауылшаруашылық басқармасының басшысы болып біраз уақыт жұмыс жасаған Asylmurat Turganbekov First of all, Burlitobe intends to help the people in need, соңынан Қапал аудандарында әкім қызметтерін атқарды. but, Kapal district was disbanded, Honorable brother in life after joining Aksu district Kalimolda Baibolov He worked as a deputy akim of the district. From here we were promoted to the position of Deputy Head of the Land Committee of Almaty.

Сөзімнің басында жақсы адамдардың қамқорлығы мен шуағын мол сезіндім дегенім есімде. Working with Asylmurat aga, I was also lucky to be like-minded. I was born and raised, After getting acquainted in Burlitobe, where I began my career, once: “Turganbekov is the akim of Kapal district!We have heard rumors. Prior to that, Oralbek Zhakiyanov headed the district, Тұрсынғазы Медетбеков ағаларымыз бен замандасымыз Қалыбек Алдабергеновке еркелеп, predominantly liberated, ендігі жағдайымыз қандай болады екен деп алаңдағанымды несіне жасырайын. The title scared the horse, Uncle Asylmurat cares for those around him, We soon learned that he was a good man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone. It turned out that the pen-holders were sometimes inspired. My first collection of songs called "Zhan syrym" cut the presentation at birth, I still remember that he missed the dress.

Біршама жыл Оңтүстік астанадағы жер комитетінде еңбек етіп, retired Our precious uncle is with his wife and reliable partner Aunt Aiman children, немерелерінің ортасында бақуатты тірлік кешуде. Бүгіндері сексеннің сеңгіріне көтеріліп отырған тектінің тұяғы Асылмұрат Тұрғанбеков еңсесін тік ұстған қалпы кейінгі ұрпаққа өнеге болумен келеді.

Аты Жетісу ғана емес, елімізге танымал Zhomart Zheksenbinov in the opinion of his contemporary brother: “Azat Minez is a Kazakh from Alimsak, There is a concept of the Free Spirit. As a result of that Bostan spirit, today Kazakhs are known all over the world. His character is courageous, strong, upright people, thank God, still among us. None of them, unique - Our brother Asylmurat Turganbekov Let's say, ақиқаттан алыс кете қоймаймыз. Асекеңнін тектілігі, fairness, that he speaks without hesitation, reasonable personality, brothers, followers, contemporaries often liked it! - he writes.

Generous brother to this word Asylmurat Turganbekov I have no doubt that the whole congregation will agree!

Almaty city.


Say goodbye to the good ...


Retired. Aksu, Honorary Citizen of Sarkan district

«Aksu region» newspaper, 2020 year





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