"Kazagymnyn traditions" (9)

"Traditions of my people" (9)


Site of this Chapter sheet today, Be sure to prepare to be celebrated and celebrated, Kazakh people a unique and special One way of national — "Infants QIRQINAN" on cognitive and about its place in the modern world records is given. get to know!



«Child qırqınan»


21 July 2015 year.


Zeynep ( Akhmetov) apamızdıñ say ...

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It makes sense to release the child qırqınan


«Alash mirror» national portal, 26 January 2016 year.


Баланы қырқынан шығарудың өз жөні бар


From the date the child was born in the circuit so that the light came in the order of large and small - şildexana, naming, besikke There is a special place in the life of the child, such as parties talked about the past sandarımızda. Another one of the happy life of a child - qırqınan baby.

Kazakh number forty the importance of

child qırqınan it is not simply something from. As one takes into account the, I do not think anything out, People went to say for a long time. People are great treasure. Attempts to find out what you have learned and teach human duty. Qırqınan meat and bones can be seen holding birikpegenin arm of a child who said last sandarımızda. Otherwise, the so-called, forty days the child will be "language", "The index will be subject to the" source language, did not always show, that is, for mother, Forty days is a dangerous period for the child. Qırqınan missing child to see adults talpınbağan. Similarly, the child did not qırqınan source so strange blurred, Where, it is unknown at. Say it again, qırqınan missing child is still considered to be the son of the earth. After qırqınan the child as her two shiny source, will be sure to stop around. I know that there are clear signs together with the handling of meat and bone, that is, qırqınan baby - respect with meat and bone birikkenine. At the same time people have to cut the hair of the deceased. Let a little cut the hair of the deceased -, Let more, each satellite was one of the god of meat and bone break, Waiting for the back of the death of worship. Because the person who died forty days after the meat and bones off is ...

usually baby boy making forty days (37-39 day), The girl child Be sure to go to fill forty days, Produce qırqınan. Tilimizdegi the word "woman of forty candles" that must be kept on slowly. Anyway, two different boys and the girl's body. A woman and a man of strength and energy, creation, There are features that are relevant to the construction of the body, one of the girls than the boys off the delicate sheep. Resistant to the boy's personality, strong at, so the boys continue to provide the forty days. Cherished wish of each child in the life of any happy marriage, the goal, There are cognitive model. Panic and crying child, uyıqtamağanda grandmothers and children are waiting for "shear". Indeed, There is no limit to the power of God, jañağıday restless child weep all the joralğısımen issued qırqınan, stop crying, tınıştalatın. Here is another exception, for a child to qırqınan attract females, It should be here-in ceremonies are women. Today, the concept of "should be" at least qırqınan, There are those who fail to pay its nature.

More: https://alashainasy.kz/interested/balanyi-kyirkyinan-shyigarudyin-oz-jon-bar-79299/


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Fortieth issue of child. Recommended practices. Significance of the forty days.

bribe SHOW— Show, television series and programs

3 October 2017 year.


«Production of child qırqınan» About Wishes

ZHARAR on .KZ «Child qırqınan» from the article. 1 May 2019 year


«... baptism.

40 kumalak qasıqtağı forty times the water is poured into the top of the child. It was offered for each child every tablespoon of water pouring. We are a little below Wish list we are giving, but, they are not the most grip of the words, If you want to see is the kind of person every child, that his dream, wish. mother of three, four, five wishes of the child's origin, s-grandmother, nağaşılarınıñ memorial is dedicated to.

1. The angel who came to life (the name of) Bring this wide world prosperity!

2. Live long, übіrlі shübіrlі!

3. Does not support hot-Dulat spirit!

4. Baidibek parents and Roll To take care of the mother shot dead!

5. Böltirik, Be KNB fathers witty Nerd!

6. Name Dinmukhammad fair, Be loyal to the country cared about the Kazakh son!

7. Fire also, Become a hero name due to fear B.!

8. Not only is Mother, Be the Son of man!

9. great health, man is the axis!

10. Happy childhood!

11. Let the flame youth!

12. Valiant, Be hardworking!

13. Labor will always be fruitful!

14. What a victory actions!

15. Fans of nationality and language axis!

16. Jurtıña cute, Be nice Relative!

17. kind, Be merciful!

18. cultural, Be humble!

19. prestigious, Be famous!

20. knowledge, Become a scholar!

21. intellectual, Be the leader!

22. clever, Be qualified!

23. Yrysty, nәsіptі!

24. a lot of friend, an adversary may be less!

25. God kösegeñdi bruised, To bring the dream!

26. Good parents, Become a good friend!

27. Be strong Diniñe!

28. Find out the following aspects of your parents!

29. Yntymak, Become a supporter of unity!

30. Be the initiator of the case!

31. Into the country's labor, otherwise his favorite Be!

32. gracious, Be hospitable!

33. calm, Be forgiving!

34. proud, Do not be boastful!

35. Livestock do not paced in vain!

36. envious, do not be jealous!

37. judgments, Do not unsatisfactory!

38. Be Talented: the song in your mouth, fashion to avoid things that!

39. Be the sultan of heart wide man!

40. Be gentle feelings girl Inkarbek!

Tell one of these words, the second can is filled with water. Currently, young children Similarly, şomıldırmasa, Throughout the tärbïelilikti rod and an example of the way parents called to remember, parents keep the tradition of influence, live with dignity, Kazakh people to understand the functioning brighten the life of a sense of the sacred in the end, to tell them that, I would like to add write ears. probably, In the absence of first child, second, third children, visit their wives feeling, putting the focus on the precious treasure - their customs and traditions, use the. He is a Kazakh, Kazakh did not know the traditions of our forefathers, Kazakhs used self I think it must feel as naked in the middle of the country. Currently, youth, certainly, unlikely to voluntarily built a water kumalak. but, It was pouring before kumalak is harmful. Another reason for the construction of kumalak, The purpose of life for our children to be rich in livestock. Some of the youth to qırqınan urged, This ritual does nothing, Far from being şomıldırtpaq, Some also show children, at the end of one of the cranes and hair to wrap up some of the kestirtedi, "Küriktegen takes away the chickens". This is not true, the boy from the big man meyrimimen qırqınan sensible, balanced effect will be making in the future. The effect of a large man's palm bïotogınıñ child is a concept that brings peace of mind. ...»

full: https://www.zharar.com/kz/kenes/mother/9351-balany_kerek.html

«Qırqınan» nowadays

(Over an article published in the Russian language jatpadım!)


fortieth issue

Usually, are all in their traditional rituals and repeatability. But we are no longer nomads and so many of our rituals is no longer possible for objective reasons reinstsenirovat: no yurts, no horses, It changed the reality around us. However, the most tenacious and popular ritual, we unasledvali from their ancestors and which try to follow all Kazakhs - is qırqınan or 40 days after birth. so, present to your attention a modern version.

What to do?

Set a date for the event

It is believed, that the "output" to the boys 40 days, usually it is 37 or 39 days from delivery. girls in 40 days or even 41-43. according to the signs, this is done, the boys to pay dowry smaller, but for his girls, conversely, paid more. There are several different studies, but in general, today tend to look at the calendar and customize the date for next weekend.


 kırkınana issue

Create a guest list

Ritual commit exclusively women. Therefore, you can invite only honorable apashek, tateşek, close friends. If you want to hold the event pompously, you can invite all of the friends and relatives, and women elected to the beginning of the meal to invite to a private room for the sacrament.


Prepare props for ritual

Usually mother advance and measures the molds beautiful bowl certain amount of boiled water (about 2 l). In the water put silver jewelry (Traditionally disinfects water), coin 100, 50 tenge (that was rich). Or any light metal coins. There is an option with the addition of red beans - 41 thing (for abundance). Also, pre-buy beautiful wooden spoon, scoop.


 kırkınana issue


Note, that the bowl and the spoon you then gave to the wishes of the, who is pregnant or wants to give birth to a baby of the same sex, that and you. (Now sell ready-made sets of spoons and bowls).

Also need to prepare scissors for cutting hair and nails.

Prepare in advance napkins and decorative bags, where you will put sostrizhennye nogotochki and hairs (eg, well, if you will give the chest "Bopeshka»). There are variations with suturing nogotochkami and hairs in tumar, which is suspended from the crib.


 kırkınana issue


Prepare a festive clothes, which then change clothes baby. The old clothes, called "itkөylek", no longer tied kulechkom of sweets to the dog, as it was before. It is enough to fold it in a cabinet in the memory, the main condition - no longer put on the child.

Optional, if invited many women, can be prepared Dorbe, Shopping Cart (Kazakh reversible bag with two pockets). Inside put gifts for women: Motherboards, scarves, jewelry.

Outside on pins cling all the colorful detail - Boucicaut, pin from the evil eye, keychains - who understand children. More serious gifts, if the budget allows, do the honorable apashkam or kіndіk Sesa (godmother analogue). them, usually, give jewelry.

of the script

When all the guests gather women, Mom invites all in the kid's bedroom. Usually, Now baby do not bathe at all. On the table is a bowl with harvested water, which already are or when all the decorations are put, money, beans.

Ask the youngest age a woman to count spoons, because after 20 spoon easily lose count. The most important ritual starts apashka. Says a small opening speech (Unfortunately, Not all our moms and әzheki know this ritual speech with an appeal to patrons totem). Gaining spoon water and with the wishes of the kid (eg, live a long happy life) pours into another bowl water.


 kırkınana issue


Usually apashka makes three wishes, then transmits another spoon. And so one by one, everything, including my mother at the end of, utter wishes the baby and poured 41 spoon into the container. This capacity covers Mom, then to, night in normal circumstances bathe baby, adding water into the tub with the wishes of.

Or alternatively, the water is heated and rinsed with baby (including the head and face). If you take your time and do not be nervous, it is possible to prepare vannochu with water and pour 41 spoon wishes directly on baby. But as practice shows, the end of the ritual, the water cools down, and need someone, to add a warm bath in vodichku.


 kırkınana issue


After that, all the women, competing in creativity, nazhelayut baby of everything, kіndіk Sesa or main apashka cuts a lock of hair and baby nogotochek. Removal of all hair and marigold usually also leave for the evening, because usually by this time the baby is tired and starts to get nervous.

Once mom or әzhe begin to endow women with gifts. Awarded with the wishes of the spoon, cup. Distributed memory coin. Gets Dorbe and women dismantle vending podarochki.


 kırkınana issue


In the modern version, by the way, allowed to give the, that guests enjoy, and do not necessarily handkerchiefs and cutting (although it is very nice). Women go to the table. A mother grandmother or navel dipped pereodevayut solve, remove itkөylek, dress up, cling amulets against the evil eye or forehead smeared their lipstick or eyeliner (in the original coal, but who is now finds coal in the apartment?), feed and take out the baby show.

Assistant handing sitting at the table when the ritual coin. Guests noisy rejoicing, They can even leave shashu and present their gifts. Well, after that, five, tea.

so, expanded list, you can easily reduce to a minimum:

  • Gift bowl and spoon (necessarily);
  • coins (necessarily);
  • ornamentation;
  • Red beans;
  • presents (necessarily);
  • nožnički (necessarily);
  • kids clothes (necessarily);
  • photographer-operator.

That seems to be all. If you have any additions, and they are likely to have, Write in the comments!

Besides, I would love to work together to restore the prayer-appeal, who read our әzhe on 40 days.



as a final

(Qırqınan 1)

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