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«ŞILDEXANA» and «joke» about


site this topic Start section sheets, this time in the way of national qazağımızdıñ profound, Inauguration of the so-called «ŞILDEXANA» wedding and «QALJALAW» The tradition of cognitive records continues. get to know!




Şildexana Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia:

"Şildexana, July, July guard Weddings made in honor of the baby was born -. After the arrival of the people engaged in animal husbandry Kazakh human life, relatives fitted jawşı for the worst. Adjust the delivery of the message If a boy - "hold" or "groom", If a girl Sew "dress", "Forty seven" or "milking" reported that the flag. Then relatives, brothers, neighbors near and far şildexanağa going to If we stand firm, "cord" Tell hope that, I want to prove to Boom. Şildexana defended the value of the first child for the demons, It is the faith of the "protection". Therefore it is called the "July guard". This ritual is the ultimate goal of Maternal and Child source language, you have to protect his demons. "Şillä" ("Chilly") Persian "forty" means. Traditional Kazakh society for child birth 40 still considered dangerous period, Prior to that a lot of people allowed to enter the newborn, well child and his mother waited (city. Qırqınan). especially, Three young baby at home (sometimes 40 to date) candle burns throughout the day, "Guarded". Subsequently şildexana has become a national entertainment in the evening. "


Şildexana reception


The earlier ancestors "The continuation of the life of the child" based on the principle that, intends to leave a mark on the back of the presence of children, in order to bring them up and to wish them well from the moment of their birth. customs, each content joy focused events to celebrate the hard.

Kazakh peopleын exclusive attaches, mandatory celebrated, holding the most celebrated— «Şildexana». Şildexana - in honor of the birth of a baby he, with the first baby's life Evening entertainment. This centuries-old growing a good tradition without losing its meaning to this day, continues jañaşalanıp.

Newborns born Arrive not only the only dynasty, Relatives, More friends, The neighbors, which are the joy of the great congregation is considered. From the moment a baby is born, the elders of the family go to relatives fitted ayttıradı. Earlier fitted seekers "who was born?"Questions, delivers baby boy or girl hint that the words. good news closest to the people, animals, or that cash and in-kind gift giving, return their empty. Adults wish the baby well, lived, wish you happiness, is a blessing.

They come to a happy family, «Let the cord is strong!» the intention of- wishes, congratulates echoed in, scatter flashed.

A maternity hospital on the day of arrival, in order to "cleanse" the unborn child, F «July water» captures. Baptism of a child is honorable at the request of the family, one of the most prestigious big sisters or mothers of large families, which recommended. Or is it mandatory Solving the "umbilical cord" can play. «July water» products, such as rings and bracelets and jewelry, It is money-coins, After recording a child in the water, they will divide their wives. Child baptized dishes "Ïtayaq" is called. "Do you were Ïtayaqqa?And then the rest of the word ". "July that for the burning water" If the child wound, will keep a small bowl, pour.

Then, After the mother and child from the hospital 1-2 within days şildexana is made. They "Şildexana", "July guard", "Şildexana security" will be held in the context of. It made for special training, expected guests, cattle slaughtered for the wedding, will be invited to the table. "Invitation" Şildexanağa, gives way to a call.

guests gathered, After the specially cooked meat is ready and brought to the table, The elder in the middle of them cervical spine take away, gives to the mother of a young baby. He must gather the neck with a knife without meat. Then the neck allows women. Thus, the neck-spine fully cleared after, "Let the child's neck firmly" It is hung on a high place in the house.

further, participants of the wedding baby wishes bildirisip, mother cherished gifts. That is, the new-born hear the baby for the first time Let the promptings, songs, The dombra is played. Youth organized by the entertainment side, to lift the spirits.

A well-known writer in connection with the traditions of the greenhouse, Became the "mother country", Baurzhan Momyshuly daughter-in-law Zeinep Akhmetova says:

"Kazakh camel was born four people who know the drinking song" Absorb the ears of a child's song. Song said there can not be a bad idea, only in a good mood, well-wishers, You can simply wanting to clean. Because, şildexana is not just a celebration of! It will renounce the "demons", In modern language, bad baby-faced, clean energy, his body jolatpaw.

Here newborn "Companions" Do not ignore. Previously, grandmothers washed from the child's "friend", At her feet wrapped in stainless, the fear of where the birds can not get a dog buried. Gets into your "friend", There is confidence in a woman is exposed to the disease. Similarly, if a woman is always born girl, then took the child to be born "in line", There are also converted to the beginning of the woman who gave birth sign. Then there hope will be the next child is a boy.

People gathered in the beginning of the celebration of the Şildexana:

The baby came to life, The baby arrived!

Were turning the same status, şalqıttı song irgemdi.

His mother gave birth to survive, eat a joke,

Name that keep citizens at home now, - I wish, delivers good intentions.

Poems are listed on the roads, for imported during the celebration of the şildexana joke slaughtered.

(below Zeynep Akhmetova on this topic the story You can watch a video recording!)

Media reports prepared written articles collected.



Kazakh tradition of protection şildexana

income Shariah

"Kazakh precious collection of customs and consciousness".


Money the day the child was born, that is,, mother critical light ırımmen to be recoverable when the birth pains Racing at the end of October under the auspices of the premature şildexana show begins. Still guarding the village şildexana Next, rural talents, the mother of a child born in the navel, close to the compassionate, paternal relatives, qolañdar nearby "tell" whether the child strong cord to the family of the birth of the child, wished prosperity şildexana tilewine.

Since the pregnant woman Kazakh dağısında, pregnant woman and kill and sorpalap, şildexana wedding "qatındardıñ audience share qaljası", than one animal to prepare a special respect, do it qaljalıq cattle is called.

Kazakh qaljalıq cattle prepare a special size: qaljağa cattle, goats slaughtered Products. color Blonde, married couple, man (kunan, dönen) sheep are developed. A fat male sheep, including the richest kunan, Donenbai mutton soup and a very powerful, Because the nutrient, Al Complementary power of the mother giving birth, You can benefit greatly from faster sergwine. This selection shows the wisdom of the Kazakh preparing food in the kitchen. but, qaljalıq color blond Kazakh faith caused him to be an animal.

Kazakh people happy, make a good, wedding tomalaqtarğa Figure aқsarbas (sheep) prepares. black and white, especially, şımqay black sheep, goat as a joyous ritual soymaydı, Such animals often, mourning the death rate, put to tasattıq.

«at a Şildexana The new birth for a woman qaljağa A woman should know when it comes to the meat of a slaughtered animal from the hands of a backbone, its meat to all women drinking tıygizip, quite müjip, neck bone Wynand Fockink list, hung on a high place in the home. It is the child's neck quickly head to the ritual canon.

guard Şildexana dombyra clicks, organized aitys, Tribute song, The poem Saga, a poem, jümbaq, hear sayings, Day Games, After the nobility,, hide and seek, swings advanced way of life, will hold a sports game types. Şildexanağa collected many good tips, Tell forecasts about the future of the newborn child, dedicates himself to the generation born good. Kazakh generation, opening the door to the world - a way to put the family is only the joy of the birth of the child, how to calculate all the joy of the common agricultural region, about the generation born: "My daughter has a house with a bottle", "Girl with a cheese", Aid "birthday boy", "Flag" the great Bard, "Great bar itself, There are traces of her daughter went ", "They said that" the source of what aqtarılıp, Happy children have all the heights of joy.

To get Şildexana - dedicated to the child's life at the time of opening of the door balzäm In addition to wedding joy, His reasons, which also covers. One of them, congratulations generation born, to meet. the second, Seeking the generation born in the well-being. Şildexana The value of the original name of the Persian çiltin (çil forty, characteristic of the text -, body) derived from the word. Kazakhs "Çil" name "Şilten", Top of the number forty, "Forty şilten" called. Because, şiltenniñ forty says. Bayrığı Kazakh şilten the notion of the spirit (invisible holy video) will be, they are visited, There are mausoleums. Worship God, Muslim son of assurance, referring to a prayer to those on the road, even those who were, Legend will give to the poor road access to passengers. So, speaking of refuge in the land of the Kazakhs who was a passenger in the wilderness graves, mazarlarғa Tuner. Therefore one of the characteristic of the holy efforts of the forty şiltenniñ, Kydyr parents consider.

our şildexana atawımızdağı those over there, from the name of the şilten. Şildexana protection in some regions "Protection" in July called. Young pregnant woman demon devil that is left for the night ırımdap, pregnant mother and her newborn sarkidir women and girls of the village for three days demons fibrillation guard. The underlying scientific young pregnant mother and her newborn baby regularly for several days (day and night) better care for, monitor the health, served the purpose of protection of the harmful insects and dangerous situations.

Young pregnant woman and newborn infant sunset, During the morning to watch sleep the whole night singing, dance song, sawıqpen game environment dwmandatıp, Palace of the birth mother happy,, music pleasant to the ear of a newborn baby, sweet wishers, This debt and alqawlı encouraging words.

Kazakh people's image of child pedagogy designed from the baby in the mother's womb, Research conducted. the notion of Kazakh, While the child inside the family jañjalı heard and combat qağıstarın, awırayaq mother of hunger and hungry nudity, In grief and tragic case şerdiñ could abdominal generation Hello born. That can not be missed when they grow up, but, oñınşa, From the time he was a child child systematically tärbïeisin, offended pregnant woman, baptized köñildilikke, full care for, fetus slowly, the musical tone of conversation, opening the doors of his life survive, a bright future, Light of the world, qormal father and mother, compassionate relatives, In his native village happily reported that the waiting, fetus is very skilled in the future, order generation expressed confidence that, Setting up such a powerful fetuses, quality, quickly, recognized as fully ripen.

Kazakh abdominal baby's father and mother often training, grandmother who carried out. Such unasımdı, scientific education and compassion, His Holiness consecutive child in honor of the baby was born şildexana shall become a blessing.

People in the spiritual world from a new born baby forty şiltenniñ Integrated motivation. Since the child was born, forty days and forty şilten guarding the baby, protect, surrounds the death of evil, consider that will save his demons and protect particular relevance within forty days after the birth of a child, Pull out, the same people show, Nature's kitchen for a variety of conditions and child maintain a strong caution.

After forty days after the birth of a child, "Qaraqulaqtandı, to be put into operation ", by tradition. congratulated, one of the cattle slaughtered or more than one bone kädelep, forty bake cakes, neighbor called qolañdardı tea, children from qırqınan stomach received.

The child's stomach, dog shirt until his mother, a child who grew up stores kïelep.

Kazakh people died in the concept of the family died in the last forty days and forty şilten, At the beginning of the graves of dead and ärwaq seen as ways to reward family and village in the death of the servant of the people, from the date of buried, forty days, family remains a forty candle in the camp ground. The family went Ärwaq light (fuel) Apply up to forty days off, Haunted been dead for forty days old when slaughtered cattle, cooking, neighbor bronze, gathered related deaths, John taught the Koran, Cuts ärwaqtıñ.

This depends on the customs and habits of protection şildexana, uzatılatın girl's wedding (her own death to go to my family in the same delinwden) within forty days into luxury, superstitions. All this in honor of the Kazakh death, It is the living image of the noble honor.

Şildexana reception Despite the small size of the deep significance of, Kazakh wedding ceremony at the way of formal occasions in addition to a national bogenayı, Status of the dominant way of life is at the peak of.

"Şildexana, Besik wedding,

Presentation of, Circumcision Wedding "

- "Kazakh performed the song" dastüri ', awarded such a way pulp strong national song in the world of poetry.

Prepared Ular Däleyulı



A joke is the duty of the problem - the neck of her husband woman


The sound of "Kazakh" national portal, 23 January 2017 year.

joke - tied to the shanyrak, where the bride is expecting a baby sheep meat It is known that great importance in the life of the mother who gave birth to his child. English woman gave birth special mutton slaughter arrived until the end qaljalağan. joke B. Let's read what the Momyshuly daughter-in-law.


Kazakh very sacred ritual - daughter-in-law feeding a joke.

Previously, poverty causes poor wife joke. Not even the value of his or her day to bring wealthy people qaljasın. because leading to a joke is considered to be a big deal reward. Unlike meat Qaljanıñ daily jelinetin Share a young pregnant mother and child. and Dear kitchen is considered.

joke, First of all, honor the baby was born, secondly, especially for young mothers brought children born in the slaughter. Daughter-in-law drink soup every day, continues to eat meat, young pregnant mother lost its power to restore by this joke. Postpartum care qaljanıñ the vast benefit. eating Қalja, It is important young woman who drinks milk soup, fertile. Affects the growth of the child quickly remove the meat. Now I do not know guys, be careful not to lift anything heavier still one of the guys or earlier if down, peers make fun of: "O, What, Do not eat your mother jokes?"Speeches. Thank God that in some cases ", we will solve encourage "self-eating joke, apparently tried to not come that not. Language is frequently used in this meaning of the word. Qaljanı in some regions led to her roots, but a joke, mainly, woman her husband's heavy-duty task It is considered the ...


"Şildexana" song

Performers: Madina and Aliya.

«The talent tranquilly» School students. 2013 year.


Neck or property qaljanıñ

aqjolgazet.kz, 13 June 2017 year.
After our first son was born, a feat made to carry the disappointment, our son, brother, the finish is uphill at home was a. Were born today was the first day in the hospital. Suddenly, the doorbell kept bezildep. My wife ran to the door. His mother was. Coming into speaking Sampıldap. "Her, Why too tırıssıñdar?! Only if you have children. Why not before me and şıqsañdar?!.».

Put bowed, give me a great bag, and then greeted smiling: "Body, and that! I slaughtered a joke. "I said after pressing Entigimdi jayğaymın, said -. but, so hurry to see his grandson. A large bag and turned away to the edge of the corridor, I entered the room. The newly bosanğandıqtan, a long stay, Moreover, there is no opportunity to go. The mother and son on the kitchen is doing something dabırlap at least. Another pressed the doorbell. Who was this time "?"Treatment, There was my mother's voice ringing. The more Körispegeli, the inevitable happy I was shot in my room. My mother brought the child to be a big shopping trolleys. A cup of tea in one hand, there is necessary to do it in the bag. The residue was bright mothers come-back at the same time. Eager to see the mother of the youngest daughter's love child, immediately followed me. "Tfäy, Bad-old nephew and grandson around "is a bäyek. Both parents of many children. I'm very happy about it. especially, I consider very attentive to the mother of a newborn baby. Special room prepared for him, personal hygiene items necessary for the child brought a new special. Daughter-in-law to avoid the place at least ten days, fresh sheep meat qaljalaydı. See our mindless keypimizdi: "Child Is nothing dayındamağansıñdar?"He said. I am now told that kümiljip. «E is, The most important thing is a joke. sheep soyılıptı. Now, hot and warm your teeth spine in the neck, if you eat well, they will stand on their feet quickly ", said -. "According to my child goes for responsibilities yes, yes "to put şulğıp.
When I was a child I loved the bone mujığandı. At that time, the most extensive and diversified meat sheep were seeking to jilikterge. If sometimes commanded the spine, burtïıp stayed offended. New mom neck least, it is difficult to corrosion, the more unpleasant splitting why the woman who gave birth to a new body, am thinking that was to eat a whole. Mother thinks that you have read, Reconnect the previous conversation: "Recognizing the child's neck hardens quickly eat without a backbone. "I want to quickly restore a woman's waist, said -.
"It put the mother in the neck of a backbone, may have been exceeded ", I said -. the child to sleep, My mother and I went to a hotel room. There was the voice of the kitchen from the carpenter tarsıldağan. "What is it?"As for the run, Mother-in-law who was the sanctity of the PET, we only word from the great backbone of the neck with an ax hunger Parshat, There was separated. My mother was amused: "Qudağï, what are you doing? Do you kill the next qaljağa sheep cervical spine?!.». "Yes, same time, Meat is too late to respond. "I was concerned to continue to work in this spine soup, Said a harmless form. "Every country has the image of the other ..." that my heart reasonableness: 'Aa-Aa' roll, went to a hotel room. As well as the waist and tighten the son of the neck crushed in invertebrate eyes, in October for inclusion in the tasting broth was fried ... At some point we have been left alone. "The sisters, you had eight abdominal. I thought that you may eat eight neck ", I said jokingly. Far from being "neck, Special joke and never eat. And you did you focus on the spine, neck. Neck invertebrate grow as children grow. Determined freezes, neck invertebrates also. I do not believe that their priority as well as ", Said zildenip. Mother-in-law of the man who furiously. How much to tell, I forget, cervical spine had been crushed in the eyes, it has failed, remember to eat a whole. Qırsıqqanda, belim where қataymay, From day to day traffic was heavier. I have a variety of treatment. help one. If there is a tiny weight was still sick, ... I am terribly, when would those who wish to unpleasant backbone of the neck bone. Now the city was in charge. He would have learned to know the value of what each person so, Who knew?!
... A few years later,, I became a mother for the second time. Belimniñ pain was even more frenzied,. Traditionally, the clubs have qaljağa. Before that non neck this time of hot cereal without a backbone, tooth clean mujıdım. Do Senesizder, quickly qataydım, belimniñ published in sick. "Forty days of our nation should specify why the phrase" a joke. I know that I have the ability to Qaljanıñ learn. Bridesmaid waist lump, If you have good health, Do not increase your urpağıñızdıñ?! this eskereyikşi!



What Qaljalaw?

KarakatAbildina, Gülbağïla Ibraimov

bribe SHOW— Show, television series and programs

3 October 2017 year.




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