"Kazagymnyn traditions" (4)


"Traditions of my people" (4)


Previous entries published in this section, this way the theme Continuing with the. General, Kazakh tradition of naming the child, however be carried out after the baby's life from, Also during the modern period may have its registration of the name of the hospital was officially known räsimdeletini. therefore, future parents wanted to name her child life and consider preventive measures earlier choice is clear that a legal.

In this regard,, below the current sheet from the Internet system sorted by theme articles and videos, Kazakh placing the child beautiful names chain I'm provider. get to know!



«Kazakh child naming ceremony»


Уикипедия — ашық энциклопедиясындағы осы мәліметпен can be found at the following link: 2RVLLg4


Naming the child

Tansholpan program

26 September 2018 is.



«Child Learn to ask smart spaces»

Qazaqstan TV / Kazakhstan National TV Channel

6 April 2013 is.


«View on YouTube» Click in the land.



Naming the child. How important is the content and meaning of the name?

bribe SHOW— Show, television series and programs

28 November 2017 is.



Kazakh beautiful names for children

They list the following links Can you see through:

* * *


* * *


* * *




«Kazakh proud with letters ...?»

Thus came into me and lived, this one wanted to tell jokes in the context of what had happened.


The next summit, the respected aga began the following conversation between one table:

"Kazakh letters among other things, highlighted, You can stand tall. For example, the first, Kazakh most "Tender", "beautiful" words beginning «BUT» and «A.» letters said. So "Mother, father, senior, sister, Asyl, Gold, Heroine, Ayaulym, Ms, ... that, In consecutive, one more time exclusive somewhat "Words" You said that.

And the second, "K." The letter, Kazakh "mighty " , which is: "God", "Mighty", «Kazakh», "God ", "Honor", "Qadr", "Interesting", «costly», "Evil", "Weapon", "Sword", ... the occurrence of such words added. these also The original "words" you know that you can add, "K."-Grip signed his name start with.

Coming together who şäwkildesip, think slightly me December added the word. "In my opinion— I said, this coupling with the two-letter "WITH" letter must be one of them. "beautiful, "Pretty", "Fashion", "Sophia", "Syrlasu", "Light", "Love"...... Quoting the words, In this regard, other great words given that there is emewrin. In addition, and his name "A-Day" I was proud of the launch of the.


but, you their names first әрпімен мақтана аласыңдар ма? TOәнеки...?


Ал мына төмендегі бейнежазбаны асықпай, жайғасып отырып көрерсіңдер:


«Біздің үй». Ерекше есімдер

bribe SHOW— Show, television series and programs

21 ақпан 2017ж.




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