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"Traditions of my people" (3)


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This the beginning of a new site in chapter with the theme of each content educational records given and for the next life to consist of young infant will be marked with moments of joy and traditions, Further sequence, each type of format records had been continuing otırılatını.

In this regard,, current sheet "Pregnant", pregnant brides— expectant mothers infants gave birth to celebrated before superstitions about, in particular, The first wedding , which is - "Abdominal wedding" is shown on the records. get to know, Know!

the following ways "A joke", "Umbilical decide" will talk about. Tosıñdar!



Forgotten traditions: abdominal Boom, Back to the thief

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18 August 2018 is.




abdominal wedding

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«abdominal wedding, abdominal hair- National traditions. „abdominal Boom“ or „abdominal wedding“ — pregnant women took part in the oldest tradition. Know the different traditions of the great commandment of mothers say hostility. After the daughter-in-law was in the house, It is the hope of anticipating eneniñ. therefore, leg found in the fact that the moral law abdominal Boom organize a small wedding show. its purpose is to - is pleased to note and to pay special attention to the care of a pregnant woman. This, First of all,the next day celebration of the first baby born If, on the other hand, the pregnant mother and caring, How to create the conditions for it. Think of the spread of the table, Top women with a young daughter-in-law blesses, and peers, abısındarı already knew, admonishing, daughter-in-law's attention preyed. At the end of some children in the mother's appetite şappay, you can. F „ïtjerik“ is called. Appetite notching the shoulders of the kitchen to find eneniñ. Because the next day you qanbasa, the child is unlikely to become a full-fledged development. If you walk qanbay, After the child has to be that saliva from the mouth of a senior tradition. Therefore, any woman daughter-in-law brought a variety of food for wedding, will taste. When you have more value worth eating. Even a child can predict who see to it that the future of research and have proved to be. For example, If the location of the mother of vegetables, child crisp, sensitive, would be interested in life. If the location of a lump of coal, bolbır, will be viable. but, If only the kitchen to eat at someone's home, children are not at home in the future, owes away on a regular basis will increase as tındıratın ...

mother Location that it will be the person desires to find and enjoy rewards with tradition. So try to find the attention of a pregnant woman came to the wedding. What is this thirst for something without knowing the location of every Afghan help future mothers. „I ate the meal seven, I went to eat a meal“ people are also known as. Thus, the location of each meal will cover the needs of the mother and child.»



abdominal wedding

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When is the young daughter-in-law is pregnant, her sister-Hadji, called women eneleri, abdominal wedding (sometimes "Abdominal Boom" says) make, his healthy hand to his feet (ie childbirth) sprinkle expressed his wish Boom, Fill in the table with different taste, Things to do.

Custom child bride ends "Dubious", "Pregnant", "Soup" innuendo, says that. This is the essence of the word caught in the young bride, do not hesitate, from trying to give into the evil eye. After the young child bride looks like a finished dishes. Any attention to food case. do it "Location" says.

"Baibishe distracted,

Fresh him a börіşe,

Location qanbay sandal ". (Alpamys)


such people, trying to find the location of the house to eat the woman to his taste. I became the head of a woman sleep, hurting. such a "It Erika" says. Meal want to extract the passion for a woman to find the location of monocarboxylic, special feeling, health begins to improve. "Glad you were eating a meal" Hence the word. Not only mothers pushing Jeriktikti, have a profound effect on the built-in child health. Birth of a child is qoyanjırıq the lip of the mother is often said among the population, judging by his mother as you sleep. Special care during pregnancy young woman, attention is paid, is a great example. It is not hard work, do not go into the water at night, frighten, do, even so offended. "Eye shipped" does not stretch out more. Tasty, will make snacks. "The season does not come" camel meat to eat, "The heart of the baby remains oratılıp" rope attatpaydı. Not only into the night. Däsür young daughter-in-law came after giving birth, her mother deliberately, daughter is near, you need to share the joy. This is one of the major liabilities of the mother.

"Kazakh customs and traditions and customs"

What is the abdominal wedding feast?

you are Kazakh!

Zeynep Akhmetov,

«vein» The book of


"Seed spread into going to think about a special table, invites you to visit the traditional rural women. Invited women do not want to come empty-handed, each in their own homes leads to a different food. Its goal is to promote the daughter-in-law to find the location of Meal. abdominal grounds The main value, The purpose here is. Since the first child before the end of the inexperienced young woman will experience a sense of not-so perceptive. Why beating expectations, What can not be in line with the awatının dinner appetite, a clear understanding of what the difficulty alasurıp. This is one of the most crucial stage of consultation, helping to find the location of, mercy is great reward to be holy.

abdominal wedding young daughter-in-law, she brought the food one eats with pleasure, it developed supplier, How did things turn out well in excess of the status of. And daughter-in-law that you fail to make a delicious breakfast owner, You can take care of. Ahead of the conflict thirst for a one-time splash pregnant daughter-in-law in the case still continue to search. In any case, such as the action is. It is not only women, women qaynıları, the same age as her husband's friend, will help to friends. wild beast, poultry meat, Flavors lead to find a hobby, such as fish, will aid. Here to tell a pregnant woman not to leave his wife hunting atpaydı, does not trap, does not have a fishing rod, that does not intentionally harm vitality. Says will be cut to the fetus.

Al Gericault sometimes surprises, there may be something unexpected. It is at the discretion of their expectant mother, not his choice, is beyond the control of the code. To this day, saved the country legend story, poetry dastans the heart of a tiger, leopard, bear, these are, hawk meat after the children were born to mothers from the brave warrior, discreet talks about the wisdom of. For example, ärwaqtı Zhalantos ancestor hero's mother, Aqtumar brightness, Kokzhal wolf when he says the location of brisket. Similarly, Shapyrashty of his mother Musk mother Arlan brother eating raw, Location is a legend that was to get. certainly, Legend history, is not an argument, but the truth of the legend.

At the same abdominal spray for the expectant mother and the baby come to life early desire deep thought, also intends to, The content of the deep, a solid tradition. For centuries tested, the country needs an example in the life of the spiritual heritage of the famous jarağan. Mothers should be held by the beginning of the project.

However, one of accelerated wealth, one of dire poverty, exhaustion, inequality in-depth qaltalılar the time of going to waste money, «spit months» Another type of entertainment removed. A great restaurant called hundreds of hotels, Celebrities and famous, «star» singers on the waiting list for knee beak, food and alcohol to bend the table humor, öñeşteri the need to speak to toast, heavy legs, knee bending dance sekildep, «abdominal wedding» was that. There is also the name of, No subject dañğazanıñ What is different is associated with abdominal or sprinkle? Infectious disease is always bad, tomorrow become a mass trend ketpesine who pledge? It is also possible."



"Abdominal Boom"


Hope flared ,

Chaste missed the smell of the baby .

"Surrogate" Boom start at many weddings

Garden batamen came to his uncle.



forward trust , abundant life dream

Happiness comes forward sense.

Perzentiñmen the continuation of your years ,

Life sentence is not the point .


Create a goal Erteñiñe dear ,

Rotate the neck relief for the Better .

"Abdominal Boom" -bereke ,The value of life ,

Some say stay long for the artistic motives .



The image of the abdominal Boom

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The tradition of the abdominal Boom. What is the value of the abdominal wedding?

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superstitions. pregnancy. abdominal Boom. prohibitions

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