"Traditions of my people" (27)


"Traditions of my people" (27)


Kara Jorge "dance"

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«Nauryz holiday» a day on the occasion, site of this thematic section nazarlarıña "Kara Jorge" dance about educational records it is proposed.

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Congratulations on Nauryz! Kara zhorga



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Folk dance «Karazhorga»


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«black jorğanı» Aksu youth danced


2011 warm, I, Aksu district (Almaty region) conference of the secretary While working, forgotten for centuries Kazakh dance this is called "Black jorğanı" the promotion of the territory of the district, In order to teach initiative He raised. and then further, at the same time the head of the regional education department Külyayqan Dauletbekov and the head of the regional department of culture mirror Elwbaevamen done in conjunction with organizational measures.

primarily, At the beginning of the school year 3 For months, students between, Lessons in front of and beyond the teachings of the time to teach. their villages Employees of the houses of culture carried out. As a result, the youth forum of all the villages of the district prepared 500-Nearly children danced this dance at the same time out, the public has a hard selpindirip.

These are similar events held in the country One of the first would. Then our youth the regional center Over the past few invited to a special holiday events, involved ...


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«Coronavirus epidemic» During the period





Black Jorge dance

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Black is not zhorga, Do you want to dance haircut?

"Black Jorge" or generation of dance, There are people a lot of time and re-becoming. However, Today, this generation has just taken a great interest in dance was a long time as a means of healing. Today, too, "Black jorğanıñ" health usefulness is clear,. Shamans their mysterious kuşpen the end of the only people left untreated. General, witchcraft two kinds of. One of the -dïwanalıq, the second— patient dance, masterly treatment. This second form of, "shamans" lute was played out in certain cordially invites you to the collections. He can not hear people, "Karazhorga is the so-called" status. That is,, When you listen to the bucks status, "reflect" on the lamb, began to dance. so, "demon" into the patient's heart is along the, What ill turganın owner of the land must have been generous with a hint. one girlfriend, küdirettiligi "Karajorğadan that" no other status can not be provoked by the collections of "Shaman". therefore, Initially, this dance "Shaman Dance" was called. Only shamans who have complicated disease called "collections". Since the beginning of "Black Jorge clicks of the state" as they become "another person", Throughout the entire sudden appearance of destructive power, kekke "escaping", lick the iron, beat them pışaktı. General, a man who can keep the healthy lifestyle in any sport for health, ïogamen and baskalarımen or deal, dance, dance and more useful to human health. "When Karazhorga" -bwın dance, From the tip of fingers, PJSC hill, All joints black bakaydağı kïmıldaydı. This, in turn intensify generation, a big impact on the body tone. but, during the movement of the happiness éndorfïni from the soul, also provides täniñizge. So, a day 4-5 "mïnwtgık Karazhorga", Ring lesson for you a real physical şınıqgırw. In order to be healthy Denimizdiñ sports şüğıldanwmen, "Black Jorge" is useful to dance, dance.


"Do Black Jorge" Kazakh dance?

Amina Kurmangalievna

3 May 2017 year

«nation» independent Internet— publication


Raised this question many times, but could not reach a compromise. Since the "English", Could not say "no" rational motivation.



"Black Jorge"the forefathers dance. Atajurttağı Kazakhs "orıstanıp, Because mäñgürttenip ", forget this dance. We have forgotten the heritage of our ancestors, resulted in loss, Therefore handedOur compatriots from China say. There is no difference in the intentions of the brother. Is joy to be found if one of the "Kazakh". On the one hand, In all CIS countries, "their" own "dance when the rest of his ancestors, Why can not Kazakhs?"Namıstanatın it, as well as.

Kazakh qazaqtığı so that bïlemewinde, Kazakh parents not to honor bïlemegeni, did not have that honor became his brother. At the same time, "he is black zhorga, he would say, "is not how the English notion of carrying the same name only" Kazakh ". As for moving forward, horse born in flame, We now know that there is a lot of the country, playing in his ears. If we are to learn, "Black Jorge" - Kazakh ancestors rest of the dance " said that the people of Kazakh nation as a true thoroughbred properties, and the value of the Specification, nobility, coarseness, Therefore unique traditions, Ethics do not know ïbasın, and do not need to know, A person who measures the old Kazakh by the measure of the old Kazakh. Let's think about it: grandfather kelinine, father daughter, brother, sister say a word straight talk, The orator later, to speak only with a victory over Kazakh; Far from being a woman into parents, husband spoke to the vertical surface, Kazakh without interrupting; without cutting the woman to prevent a citizen of the men, When in the past looked down waiting for a Kazakh; If you want a hotel home, Kazakh, sending home foreign girls; girl, children, step-by-step exercises, adıraŋdap talk, Have You laugh, indeed, "Kazakh"; If you are going to love burned, The "eye" put his wife in front of their parents than boys to "drive" Kazakh who is now the old woman, -OF-CHARGE, kg, daughter, boyfriend - all mixed with a brain, buttocks burañdatıp, bosoms selkildetip, one that is filled with threatening another dog, surname. Kazakh increased drug drugs in what century who saw him eating?! Not to mention, Is there a man heard? Women around the kelinimen, bend one, enjoy one, Is there making a Kazakh who saw up a sweat? Kïmeşegi jelpildep, keñkildep What kind of woman who are haters?! Kazakh elder saints would balanwşı, Kazakh would be an equalization of quality keywanası. "Black Jorge" everything has tärk ...

Kazakh History, Chronicle of, Legend, - the mirror of his life folklore.

I will not go into Arığa, XVIII and XXI centuries look at the review period - three centuries. fairy tale, legend, Sagas, poetry, Proverbs, oratory, debate. Therefore characterized by all: martial arts, struggle, shot, Zhamby shooting, Play quick, wrestling, kokpar, audaryspak, competition, foot race, horse race, debate, contest, false poem, even Khatun race have. But three centuries in the bowels of probe, Meet "danced". Very ancient fairy tales "Demons" had been ruled by daughters found that. (Do you ever, his daughters are dancing devil. family, No üyelmenimen dancing).

Then, however, from the three-century Kazakh traveler, Travelers took place. How many genealogical, books have been written. Kazakhs (What Turks) "Black Jorge" dance "is why Marco Polo, Mahmud Kashgari, written by Al-Farabi? Why Chinese, Mongolian jırnamasında, There are the writings of the Orkhon? let Aryn: Kazakh `s 101 recorded Zataevich did not know why a dance song? Why does Ch.Valikhanov in studies?

Good, "Far from being baytal during the chaos of the Kazakhs in Kazakhstan, Chief grief as "forgotten, lost, aytqızbadı, "repatriate" laylanbağan only Kazakhs memory is stored in the memory suppose. Why Turkey, Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan, etc.. Kazakhs from abroad do not know? Only Chinese Kazakhs he only remembers what the rest of the dance?

"Our ancestors" Black jorğanı There are several reasons for not say the rest of the Kazakh dance:

First, have mentioned above,. Kazakh alien mentality. national, Kazakh denies qasïetimizdi.

Second, song, motives. A few status, then the song. Aria bolts.

Thirdly, I do not want to dance gestures Kazakhs. Mongolian, Kalmyk, Yakut want to dance. China still so, dağur with the so-called smaller nations. Will further genera, or Mongolian. "Generation of dance called" dance with them. "Black Jorge" - a copy of the same dance. Chinese film "Genghis Khan" film critic Mongolian soldiers feel the same way.

Fourth, If you do not stand quietly lekildegen rhythm, the lack of artistic words. "The woman is keñkildep, is offered also qañqıldap ". What ugly words! «were, been, guys, past deep ter ". O time and CPU time, Who has seen a relatively deep was? You need more than sweat from the body to the changes, harmful, Do not even toxic substances? To that end, it will be an unpleasant smell. Kazakh for the same foul-smelling sweat, aram, and, sticky sweat, jılbısqa s, bitter sweat, black sweat, masonry sweat, almost cold sweat, Sheer sweat did not say that. Such was the word cane-cane cheap ancestors processing which holds logic?

Now this "dance" Black Jorge, who occasionally advertise lion elder A few words about the: Şekesine elder lion wearing ükisin broadcast repeatedly "Black jorğanı" became true. He not only danced, said,:

And the Kazakh dance tirilttim. We have come to the Kazakh nothing would bïlemewşi. (The problem is that it is no Kazakh bïlemegeninde). The President will award to me.

Au, Oh elder, Is there repatriate reaped a bitter harvest as? Alatau slopes and set up the house aqboz. Did you get the soul out? Meadow mare bound, sapırıp yellow mare licked. My wife and Tokai took her to double. How it is said,? It is the country of Kazakh, Do not like the president's award? Far from being you go to the scene five minutes burañdağan, give blood at the front of mind, which led to so much of the past of not surviving veteran reward for the elderly?!

In short, "Black is not forgiveness to jorğanı" English - English, on the contrary,, discrimination ...



Black Jorge went from "dance"?!

baq.kz. websites. 16 March 2017 year


Kazakh part of the history of Islam known that the X century. Prior to that, the power of the mysterious nature of our ancestors— into, the waters, a day, Network praying, obviously lived a day. "Dance of the Black Jorge" Abstract share of the world so that. demek, Kazakh lived more than half of the twenty one century Witchcraft planned to go to the front of an era. therefore, Many people do not worship the mysterious force, We invite you to the first half of the history of the Kazakh dance through the cognitive approach Shoeing.



Kazakhs "Dear", "I would like to become a" do not lose my sacred word how much the cost of a century later,. especially, Parents say this word a little child, öbekteydi. Let's words Ainalayin, Acts of "false accusations, Save the source language you want to get out of "float value.

You know the world is becoming self-aware. Sun around the Earth. Kazakh wooden house round, bypass. Why is the car's cylinder round? Why oil is not to drill the four corners, round? Why will become? Why are the backbone of the engine in the middle of iron round? All are in the power of the rotation. Ata State University associate professor of Cork, Ph.D. Şanjarxan Bekmaganbetov:

-Why not round, Any why so-called circle and try to shoot, which further. Why is the epicenter of the person round, Why mother's womb fetus round? Why cave round of wild animals!?, — says.

but, Author of the book "Asian" Olzhas Suleimenov: "Did gyre in the nature you saw one? Your ancestor was a Supervisory, he lived in nature, dependent on her and tried to please her understanding of her character. He included himself in the whirlwind,— I made a bunch of.

"Black jorğanı" sixty years of dancing, Due to this art 57 Lion attaches to Şädetulınıñ following his visit to the country:

"Black jorğanı generation" and "dance", Have at baқsı Dance '. I have seen a child, "Black Jorge" condition şertilmese, shamans can not dance, that looks like a snake creeping lying. This is something the rest of shamanism. Therefore, the "Black Jorge's history". China Kazakh historians give a dance stones mark the remaining days of the Orkhon Turks.

"Black Jorge" with the Mongols. but our "Black jorğamızdıñ" History of Mongolian dance is standing. "Black Jorge" dance history XII century is going arığa. "His other sister nations or other Kazakh dance like that kind of individual property, Entry into motion all the links of the person at the time of the reign of ", Gifted and talented elder says.

"Black Jorge" dance with the center of the Kazakh built centuries later reunited with their loved, There are brothers enjoyed the horse entirely avoided. "Mongolia is dance, Kazakhs there is no such dance " salğalastıratın public opinion that is enough. And now, Minister of Culture of the Kazakh people do not Uzbekali Zhanibekov why the reign of his death? Literary critic Kulbek Ergöbek: Skip to actual life "dance", which was held against the opinion that the absence of man. from Moscow (I forgot (author)............. critics called the, Atyrau to Almaty, China, Tügeldetken dance man Kazakhs in Mongolia. "Black jorğağa" I know Özekeñniñ dancing.

Atyrau jurşılığı why you want to keep it up to the middle of the last century dance Chronicles?! 1930-45 During the period of long-lived woman who knows the dance performed in the middle of the last line of the majority of the elders. Atyrau art Tolegen Zhanabaevich: Chestnut Karabalina last time 1945 danced with the historical data in. (A child born to it, writer-journalist confirms holiday Qulkenov). In addition, today eighty stayed at the Semipalatinsk capsule Krykpayeva from his uncle - relative "Black Jorge sister became", still dancing at various events wedding.

Turkic-speaking population tel ancestor— Cork parents. At the beginning of the ninth century, a great priest who lived at the mouth of the Syrdarya. Both historical figure to the number of national musical instruments. The complex of stone at the beginning of the stand will be the voice of the wind blowing kobyz. In addition kobyz acoustics wind blowing professionals küşeyetinin, confirms. The power of the wind b.é ancestors who lived in the 10th century bearing.

Kazakh language "jeligw", "Jelpinw", "Verbs wind-rock hit" pain "into the science of the origin lïngvïsïka süñgitedi. Ata State University associate professor of Cork, Ph.D. Şanjarxan Bekmaganbetov:

"Wind is the name of -zat,it has become a verb suffix connected. So, Russian Veter— degendegi VE root twirl, wafts, vraşçat means, — If that bunch, The famous dancer elder lion Şädetulı: "Wind-rock touch to the disease early. Dance-dancing shamans lose contact with the wind. "Black is not empowered to judge Jorge", How many people become a victim in China, in Atyrau 10 thousand Kazakh, University of Astana 3 thousands of students danced so why not become a victim?! there, children so.

A worker of the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, PhD Mark Garber science invented a new direction psïxorïtmoterapïya. Shaman dance under the influence of sound energy from people's natural influence of alcohol on the human body— identified endogenous increase the amount of ethanol. The capital of this science alcoholics in recovery of the rhythm of the shaman already has started. Pull the thick Kazakh "and" Black jorğanı, When you start to discuss the case jıq since the heat, Bring to the neighboring country of China's national dance group, introduced the world's Chronicles "Guinness Book of Records". interested in Eye. Kazakh `s 10 the centuries-old history of the, culture, smile from classical music artists over the evidence that tied the art of spiritual talisman.

"Knew the couple coral sides of the so-called" mere Kazakh sacred word. Let it, Baba the rest of the art— "Black dance Jorge", Skating there is no logic core. nothing, good evening.



Kazakh Turkic peoples Karazhorga dance

was identified as one of the oldest dance

Äbdiwaqap Black

KASIM 2012



"Social Science" magazine editor-in-chief of Xinjiang in China, culturologist, According to Professor Yasin Qumarulınıñ, Tau petroglïfterindegi dance around the outlines of archaeological data, Historical records and drawing method in which a culture based on the samples as much, Jango era era of the Han Dynasty (b.z.b. 475 is. - BZ. 220 same.) Saka, Ïüzlerdiñ (Nukus), Üysinderdiñ or derivatives can be argued that the Huns. (http://www.baq.kz/diaspora/122)

In the Soviet period, Kazakhstan remained forgotten Karazhorga dance China, Mongolia and Turkey with such Kazakhs living in foreign countries are still continuing to dance. So many people dancing in Turkey. When even the young "Karazhorga did not know the guy and the girl is not" The notion is formed.

Its main mwzïkası masterly executed. This is music by the Turkish researchers meaning that there is a magic healing properties as mwzïkası. Here is the so called "short" TÜMATA Center for the Study of the Turkic peoples mwzïkaların this music-use status as a cure for some diseases.



1952 In the grandfathers of the Kazakhs in Turkey 1960 in the Altai man Qaraoğlan (Qarajigit) had a movie role. Kazakhs left for the movie to create a special yurt. Kazakh robes, Kerei tımaq, meşpet such national costumes used in. The film had played in a dance Kazakhs épïzotında Karazhorga. This film Karazhorga who take music to the status of the founders of the sport of Taekwondo in Kazakhstan late father, Mustafa Öztüriktin was Qäben Haji.

In addition to digest Karazhorga Turkic peoples dance 2500 year history we can say that the most ancient dance. Saks, Usuns and highlights many of the ancient culture of the Turks, as the Huns, today only the nomadic culture that continues until the last periods of Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Bashkir nations want to preserve only known as. And have them dance of the ancient Turks Karazhorga, only by Kazakhs xxi- has reached the century.





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