"Kazagymnyn traditions" (25)

"Traditions of my people" (25)

Do you know the daughter-in-law ÄDEPTERDI?


This topic is saytımdağı Kazakh people about the traditions associated with children to marry any given cycle recordsi have completed.

This sheet "Young brides 5 ethics " and reads "TOof the country "Construction of Salem, «INVESTIGATION OF IT ", "Whew", "DOOR" customs about informative articles and supplementing thematic videos is given. get to know!


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Again, the theme as usual beautiful song Take a listen to.

"Daughter-in-law of the covenant"

song: Ä.Ospanovtiki; The word: Ä.Raxımbekovtiki

performer: diamond Alimbekov

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Red, ruddy face hidden

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Well before the curtain opens.

Red light jürsen kilemdeysiñ

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Consideration of the louder the young daughter-in-law,

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Would you grew up spoiled land roe-deer

You would have to be daughter-in-law country

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You would for the first time in his daughter-in-law.

Grandpa this country's mother

Do you respect back from Maven

If you want to take a great blessing

A desire, a great blessing.


Do you know the daughter-in-law ÄDEPTERDI?

as a preface to the

Kazakh families of each girl child grew, After the game has been fixed, home that his "guest" and "into", that is,, tomorrow another country «daughter in law" Conscious of the visit as begins to learn. Her parents, Feeling home for adults in educational, began to teach future daughter-in-law is tailored to the life of youth, loving advice. As time went on, the next stage of the girl with her to find a suitable mate quşw, the creation of a happy family, respected for a long time, The ability to be a good daughter-in-law, motherhood becomes the goal of his life. It is a dream of his parents, brothers will and desire.

Then luck smiled at birth, self-selected, unatısqan with the parents came to the boy's side will be made up. If all of the wounds found, two children left to marry come to terms. Kazakh customs tradition Girl "transferred", young people on both sides "Celebration" carried out. so, erkelikpen yesterday bulğaqtap, The girl who was hit by a plaster, Another family beyond the end of the threshold of the "positive", one of the fathers "daughter in law" to become. Her dream came true, father- Her hopes are justified.

Daughter in law one family, that is the age of the younger people of the same family the wife of a man says.

General, In the new bride, The older married women, their husbands all the families and friends of the brothers daughter in law will be. At the same time, this family-blending respect to other older people, the next-to qolañğa politeness "daughter in law" will say that. In time, some of today's bride, woman the status of, shall be known.

Similarly,, the house of daughter in law from for family, sons grew up, Connected to the top of the "head", married creation will be a great joy. new arrivals daughter in law garden homes, bring prosperity, The welfare of the dynasty, believe that will be the core of good deeds. Tomorrow I want children to life, grandchildren will last generations hopes that.

And the ability to withdraw from the height of hope and belief, from the new daughter-in-law human and is the task and duty of great responsibility. Now his children's actions, maiden erkelikterine, Woman freedom is restricted at some point conduct, its yield new situation in the established order in the house, "daughter in law" According to the status of the so-called social problems have to do it carefully. There are a range of tasks download, and to hold them, especially, The first stage, not an easy task. Therefore,, the people of "Easy Wedding, "It is difficult to stay at home he said.

Since that time,, The burden of the existence Shanyrak, will mainly take brides, and it is quite hard work,, tolerance, requires courage. Conscious obedience to the same requirements, Daughter-in-law a good home keregesi "gold" In accordance with the principle of the population of so-called family, of the country Good kg is bound to become a.


Picture-Demand Kazakh wives



* * *

Then what to do? You can have a good daughter-in-law called?

These are not easy questions. Its electric circuits in the life of every family ärqalayşa, kind of cases are solved within the framework of. And for any community, it is very important to be discussed for centuries, "Eternal question". Could not write a lot of articles from the major scientific works on this topic; views of many literary arrangement to be taking place in family life beynelenbedi? So, only one law and daughter-in-law Why is human and family relationships between words?..

Therefore,, Open one-two articles on this topic, common vision of a motivation for all of us that it is impossible to say. However, Kazakh customs and traditions started talking about this site, is coming out, the title of the brides, its ritual context ädepterin it was impossible to avoid the word from.

In this regard,, this topic has educational value, which comes in the middle of the wide range of community According to readings, each dereközderden read— knitting, daily life dünïelerd experienced watchingAlign, the public, With the younger generation to be a small benefit, formulated as far as possible, "Young brides 5 ethics " and daughter-in-law associated with the chores on the general topic ritual practices offers readers informative entries on the site. the value of their, the need to, you have to appreciate the benefits of jatarsızdar.


"Young brides 5 ethics "

indecent What, to the behavior of people in society ethical requirements Total name and established customs of the population ethical behavior.

here young wives to be presented to the advice and The core of the most important requirements — its mate, their mother to please; jurttağı-in-law to better communicate with congenital relatives, good communication; Learn to be initiated by their common jarasımdılığına and his human best qualities of their mutual respect, hot is to be accepted. This is for every bride prestigious pursue the task states. And was pumped to know the daughter-in-law to appear down the requirements for evaluating analyze the basic ädepterdiñ, they are summed up in the following six groups.

  1. We had to respect her husband.

here, first of all, a deep sense of love between young couples, wife's loyalty and mutual respect for the human factor comes forward. Only, Only on the basis of which, There are different kind of behavior behavior, newly married couples find mutual understanding as soon as possible, made a strong core family.

Daughter in law When you have, her husband the nature of the human, the ability to, The level of thinking and culture, the peculiarities of behavior, domestic demands and tastes, the state of health, good and bad habits as soon as possible should know and understand delved deeper. Then go, further joint support of the "good life", development efforts may. And there were "shortcomings", Based on the more or less forgiven affairs, simplify their negative impact, You need to take significant action expulsion along.

Similarly,, daughter in law came to be, her husband's relatives as well, friends to leave so quickly mixed, Respect should try to be. The woman he had loved his wife, his relatives should respect even better. As in the case of, This, First of all I am glad her husband, increases the thickness of the appreciation.

The most important thing, at home, away, each environment respect for marriage It should be able to demonstrate a pattern. An external angry at the unreasonable, voice hard to speak up, mutual communication germination thing we need to keep away from discussing. Similarly,, Add to laugh at the sessions of the woman's inappropriate ırjıñdap, "Şoşañdap" obscene behavior such as movement, any man "collections", It should be well-aware of the peculiar honor. "Divorced", "Let the word" should never pronunciation. certainly, Dish does not "ringing", However, at home, Lifestyle negative conditions remain, misunderstandings, isolated case decided by both internal issues.

Her husband to remain clean, neatly dressed in costume, sequence, Luxury supervision and also to ensure that every woman The task of marriage. especially, it dealt with according to the current food "Find a way to the hearts of husband, begins his stomach " the truth of the proverb to life!

  1. daughter-in-law izettiligi, culture

New daughter-in-law family and the youngest of the oldest dynasty, take agreements and external sources and their critical attitude is understandable. His actions, speeches, right in the middle of public behavior, The end of the "brides" at, it humane, received training as a youth and devotion along the strengths and weaknesses evident. Understand it, their taste rebel, you can have the satisfaction polite and beautiful qılıqtarımen Learn differ, For every bride is a very important and necessary.

family, Relatives found the language of the younger ones and big,, serious conversation know jarastıra, Without belittling the heart of their conflict, featuring harmonious qılıqtarımen BRIDE, also in the same environment can have a big respect. "The daughter-in-law was a good house" hear the word, not only for himself, the pride of the whole family, What a privilege to learn to feel good that, it always have to show that all sides.

Another highlight is a talk, young brides the nation teaching and educational traditions, folk customs, including the names and content of the correlation between the kinship, is deeply aware of the family tradition prohibitions, their understanding of educational principles of good; obey them, actions, know how to behave within the framework of the restrictions on the behavior of; demand in terms of domestic demand over the life of the world have a pattern of doing that.

as an example,, One of the beautiful people of Kazakh ritual worship "Hello" daughter-in-law You can say. He and another on 2-3 custom cognitive highlight individual entries Share, I am giving below.

Daughter-in-law was in connection with a child prohibitions tradition stores. Some of them are as follows: Not young adults who brought home, involved in their story; There is no assumed adults, do not sit on their mother's bed; Father and mother, quarreled with her husband in front of guests, and do not play jokes her son, resentful and do not beat; Furttıñ the presence of bare head, chest, Open does not show the ankle and nipple, points emizbeydi; t.s.s.

  1. Daughter-in-law house flexibility.

This— accumulating for each study used the daughter of Kazakh youth, its high quality level required for life. Household sector is subject to a variety of works woman's pısıqtığı and mobility; accuracy and thoroughness; compactness and purity, The main guarantee of the same family berekeliktiñ and others, his subsequent sample assessed for quality. Bridesmaid content, be lean, be careful that the delay in the hands of others in the family will be satisfied.

If anyone in the modern world, including their wives, work and play outdoors, service will be. However, it is also, people belonging to the burden of work at home in the order brides. In this regard,, modern bride to be universal, must catch all. Daughter-in-law got up early in the family, is late. certainly, There are many things here he would have to learn to walk. The most important thing is his intention to. his mother, which is a good-hearted abısındarınan, they model women to be in the middle of the nuances of doing household chores, other good smart knitted, Consistent with an example that will be of great benefit to learn. They been hardworking accustom, hone skills, intensity of the experience, and the nature of any smart girl learn things quickly, is a beginner.

Among them The issue of cleanliness consists of the front of the queue. for Bridesmaid, The house always Sberbank, clean dishes, bed linen collection, consist of laundry jwwlı, his work to bring honor. Otherwise, another word, first of all, accounted for brides, said negative reviews, remains under criticism. General, new daughter-in-law is right, negative word spread quickly among the country. "Come home keregesi gold" states.

Housework, so should not forget to pay attention to a woman. Kelin the purity of his child, appearance, Indifferent clothing styles, does not quite fit not to neglect, otherwise it may be classified as a low culture.

  1. daughter-in-law of hospitality.

Kazakh special properties of the hospitality of the people each daughter-in-law If found along, it aqjarqındığınıñ mark. Those people who want to home, the guests, the relatives, always warm, happy to meet, Respect for the honor of the daughter-in-law körgendiginiñ, a symbol of culture.

In this regard,, According to the hotel to wait for traditional rituals, More types of cuisine, guests know a lot of food preparation, knowledge of the abundance of the nuances of the table, anyone considered great art. Bridesmaid hand-toned kitchen, drank tea, anyone should be remembered even look tasty. If this should be the experts, agility, skill daughter-in-law If you are seen by the, that their family members, friends and citizens, most suitable for the environment can be a positive price, will be respected. If necessary,, to see its, expressed gratitude, Pull gifts

  1. Daughter-in-law parents enege respect.

Source, This Bridesmaid quality It would be challenged by the front of the queue. But in my own opinion, have to cope with the above requirements, that is, her husband and son mother to be faithful, it was respecting; different from the polite izettiligimen, people who maintain family traditions and at-home work fully in the areas of export young bride, enesimen Two relations should be the establishment of a positive environment will also remove the majority of the preconditions. Found along the qualities and daughter-in-law, creates a sense of gratitude to him eneniñ, increase respect.

only, there is no respect brides parents, mother-in-law falsehood The true intentions must. Look at the daily life of their eyebrows and eyelids, In open-heart talk, learned to catch the attention of, his father and his mother's warm, attentive, care and compassion who makes, the best and respect the young daughter-in-law, who more or less the same in the next life will be a lot of win.

No one is perfect. Possible errors relating to the case, weaknesses, way of doing a little bit of action öreskildik should try a quick fix. especially, Lift the vote in the House, to battle, "Dishes" Needless to saldırlatıp, brings no honor, On the contrary, they can lead to big problems in the family.

even, parents in-law If there is some unwanted household things protests, inappropriate to kinälawşılıqqa, even succumbed to the injustices, daughter-in-law never met words, is committed to making obscene gestures patience. If Ïbalılıq forgiving, If you got rid of the kind of "silent", After a couple of times a family can contribute to avoidance of situations where. clever, Conscious of the left to enter the visionary more quickly, sent to fix imperfections, sister in law can forgive balalığın. Therefore,, law and daughter-in-law The concept of one another quickly, good good, think of marriage, şayqalmawın family is the main principle.

Refer to the advice of the mind of a lot of things in life eneniñ, heed, If you run over words, it has been good to see his daughter, and daughter-in-law achieved the degree of respect for her birth mother. such a situation, In his turn, a wife respect for, maximizes respect. There will be so harmonious unity in the family situation, Preferably, the sample will be great.

them their children great educational value, heritage can. So today's newlyweds, their future old age lays the foundation for success in life. Qazağımızdıñ «What should I do with your grandfather, Front» the word Targets. there, this proverb, referred to The main core of the conversation.

TOhello upon the land

On the education of the girl child and been since ancient times during the growing Kazakh ritual worship includes highlighted— tohello upon the land.

Daughter-in-law greeting upon - young wives, parents enesine, adults have bowed, amandasuy, courtesy and Show respect The tradition of

This tradition — national asset. It is the integrity of the country Kazakh, high culture, the nature of the human, visit to the educational value of others, so one of the best know historical customs.

By the same, Kazakh people to establish a certain respect for the family harmonious environment, intended to strengthen the brotherly relations; seed is always a huge bow, Little attention is wise; for their kindness, endearing, courtesy intended to absorb such noble qualities.

This tradition The ultimate value and The main objective of— respect for elders. Therefore,, daughter in law hello parents enesine, the new members of the family, respect for those liabilities ülkenderine, and intends to honor. This ritual gesture reflects his honesty and sensitive, degree of education who was born in the family. If it, The girl grew up in such ritual I had not see before, and new homes are required to implement it, köndigwine, You have to get used to.

* * *

population hello style 3 type to meet.

  • Daughter-in-law of his parents enesimen, her husband's close relatives amandasuy Done türğısında;
  • The joy of a wedding events, When the god of food, guest large meat eaten as breakfast meetings, Before the collapse in the kitchen, from one home to their Bow greeting so that takes away the bowl;
  • Some women come, again daughter in law to go home, intends to have tea with his hand in the hand of a young bride did, tea bowls of special tenderness, beauty, providing maximum politeness. who it salute receives., Say thanks to the further appreciation.

daughter-in-law hello, skip released as his bride for the first time, to yourself «keynote» start date was made public at hello. and then further, this was a mandatory ritual habits. Each day tañatısında, Before the work, which is a mandatory daily life, At the beginning of towels bride with parents who kneel enesine, look will welcome.

Hello, as well as, Mother-in-law comes to a trip away from parents, guests at home, during a meeting with relatives ülkenderimen, in other cases, which should be built. Daughter-in-law who was greeting, "The stability sprout!», "Be happy, son!», Make ", "look Tell delinetindey good wishes, Expresses its appreciation to. The elderly daughter-in-law near the forehead related to smell the fruit, show goodness, speak words of blessing.

brides greeting message the traditions of our ancestors will, but it is on the way to the execution of each region will be performed in different ways. For example, western sides of their wives, put his hand on right knee, a little bend, are bowed. And it is the tradition in the southern regions, Will be in the form of a "crown" and the sense of. When he crossed the chest with both hands and greet, bent.

And more importantly at this location, How to build a hello, the reliability of their wives, true intention mood.


Picture-Demand way of greeting


* * *

Kazakh style 'wives hello style release taking into account conditions. So, death of husband daughter-in-law, the same shall not be compulsory until the year. He himself, "Bridesmaid flexible head down! Let the open surface! Let her be!» I have a desire to compassion. It is also the height of the culture of the Kazakh people, a good example of the depth of the training

Similarly,, pregnant women hello allowed reluctance. He was away from the country on the one hand pregnant daughter-in-law, to create the opportunity to move freely and not to swing his inappropriate, was thought not to embarrassment. Second, when it arrived to start respecting the future as a mother. However, Some of the pregnant women and those who welcome the challenge that will pull forward.

* * *

As for the present, hello image many regions of the country, for example, north, center, are rare in the eastern regions, You can not even say. They only wedding "Keynote" image made only by doing.

F, mainly, qazaqılıqtıñ mustache undisturbed task adheres to the people of the southern region and western, Mangistau reflected in the country side.

If you take the whole country, hello the tradition in particular about the performance, In fact according to which each developed their own family situation and will be resolved at the discretion of the larger. Here the involvement of others, is not required to be etwşiligi.

However, it is also, something that we dealt with, Amongst the people of the country today «hello " way of The rest of the "archaic", "Absolutely no need", "Do not want to forget as soon as possible," counters. The beauty of this national tradition and great value, They understand the majority of the value of higher education, recognize. So, Let every region, the citizens of the middle class and the elderly, they appeared to greet the women and brides hand tartpaytını, The issue clearly support it and their status sanaytını. If this is not the case, This tradition will not disappear, revival again, root deep trafficking, should be the main task for— tradition The ultimate significance of educational, the best examples of today's young generation, Propaganda is very easy to understand so that the younger generation.

But it did not work incredibly hard, it is not no need to be solved in the context of legality, does not require special conditions, There are many opportunities but it is necessary. only, its mass support of the people and the use of which has dominated indifference and negligence, only obstacle that. Discarding them, taken as a mass congregation, the world can promote a positive turning point in the crowd. first of all,, all parents, eneler today's girls— tomorrow's wives the need for custom absorb the minds of, moral, model with something, sending greetings It is believed that it is necessary to begin.


* * *

Hello Do you know the process of the construction of each region?

Astana TV channel / Astana TV


* * *


Kazakh style women, especially from the new daughter-in-law husband, The name of the large and small have the names of the relatives considered əbestik, tərbïesizdikke, anayılıqqa balanğan. Therefore, the daughter-in-law kind of name was that all of them. This tradition «Name of the investigation " and he called their wives, ädebine In classifying.

It was really a great educational value correctness, respect and honorable living-definition custom is. And please Hadamard, harmoniously Learn to ask the horse, önerlikke, was awareness. Look at it, mother-in-area residents to their young mentally insights, resourcefulness, ïnabattılığın bayımdağan. who knew him daughter-in-law attaches great importance to this requirement, Having familiarized with close relatives, their age, learning, the reputation of, the type of behavior and appearance, behavior, try to choose the best names dedicated to specific. They indirectly it is in the nature of the firmware. For example, The following are just a few names from the type which can be seen as a model: "S», "Housewife" əje, "Healer Sister", "Senior" Mr., "White wins", Keep the "senior", The Judge "spoiled", 'Naughty boy', «teteles», «coquette girl», «Kenzhetay», t.s.s ...

Similarly,, discipline, delicate brides, Without mentioning the name of her husband, respect it, "You" that, in the middle of the children "Əkesi" (such as "Pope"), others our "Patriarch", The "master" or modify the name of the "Bäkesi, "in accordance with that that. Similarly,, her husband's peers, close friends, which also names. Jeñgeleri side qaynılarına joke which motivated the names of the book.

Young people with their wives the name of the investigation, First of all, ədyeptіlіkkye, humanity, morality, to learn how to culture, on the other hand, the same people self-respect, compassion, increases the love. As a result of, public. a great environment, oylılığı his mind, defined qualification, to improve the image, popularity, You can contribute to the expansion of respect.

Currently, this tradition in its original meaning of a state of collapse, You can say there is no use of. And according to the current situation in the period of the spiritual revival of the national educational work, It would be a great moral world is a need especially for young people. In our opinion, if it is a tradition of active propaganda, Typical symptoms are found abundantly place, its modernization, New modification would have no problem.


* * *

The tradition of horse investigation

Tansholpan program

* * *

Name the image of the investigation

ONTUSTIK TV / South channel

* * *


Daughter in law any girl, to the new scale-up sleeve, people-in-law, accustomed to the middle of the country, will be absorbed, a child of their own. If commanded baby, became a mother. Then people Kazakh traditions according to "Whew" the so-called is the obligatory ritual. "Törkin" that, People born women say.

"Whew" — After the arrival of the young daughter-in-law transferred people törkin for the first time Depart

This people-in-law to kelinine ıqılastığın, God determines the respect and brotherhood emphasize the importance of further strengthening the relationship between tradition.

"Whew" only for women only custom. it — The girl was considered a duty to the child's parents and allowed to return to the only married one year later. If you go earlier, it is a bad sign balanğan. Only, mortality, wedding and formal occasions, Breakfast, which may be visited only in cases where it is now.

This limited the deep meaning of profound educational. because, daughter-in-law child during this period "If a new liver, learn the family " and if that comes out of the home early, it "Cooling off of the bed remains", to be reduced to the love of his wife ırımdalğan. «Bad girl törkinşil, bad husband qayınşıl " states. and, If commanded, daughter-in-law will have another child at this time, that his country was "hot" will be the first nephew. At the same time, qayınsiñili them a married couple who took qaynıların. I want to be a girl and törkindetken joralğılarımen, I'ma big for the smallest gifts, and son-in-law, If the condition, that the leading horse. Then the girl's visit to his country unambiguously, Harmony will be.

Country side show paid tribute to those who törkindep. Every father and mother of the daughter of uzatılğan first Whew joy, yellow sheep to slaughter, brothers-twııstarğa, qolañğa nearby small wedding. These traditional context breast, will be more than willing to bone. In turn,, The girl's relatives and invite them, Special lay the table, Show respect and compliment, will attract the things you want.

Parents ask to return their children were required to provide the requested buyımtayın. Depending on the conditions, and escorted her to make significant gifts.

* * *

«Whew» image

"inexhaustible treasure "

ONTUSTIK TV / South channel


* * *


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

door Show, opening the door — new arrived groom his relatives and friends in their homes presentation for the purpose of to visit The procedure for the call.

Daughter in law Any small and large land, get closer to him so jurtımen, started to associate with. People who through this procedure daughter-in-law, to know who is who, opens the way to show respect to them. The door is familiar with the procedure of the country by the daughter-in-law will bilistigi, relatives and thinks the full details. How do I want to create a relationship with whom argued oats.

The door has been opened as the main grandparents, as their adored hostility, provides education critical look at internships, invites prosperity in life. Daughter-in-law will not go empty-handed from opening the door, will be making their wedding clothes. We had to pass in front of adults, Alba will speak strokes, courtesy, gifts, good good daughter-in-law is trying to show that.



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This article saytımdopened a "Kazagymnyn traditions" Another large section titled (2-th) chapter I am finished. They Kazakh their children to marry people of centuries-old traditional customs were discussed, given cognitive records. Thank you to all readers acquainted with them!

Hopefully, Adjust them soon again, still complement e-book We will prepare as.

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