"Kazagymnyn traditions" (23)

"Traditions of my people" (23)

«Girl uzaty ". "She shoots".

Today the population of the sheet Kazakh children üylendirwdegi this SALTTARDIŊ, Many continuous to be held with them Rites Previously, the traditional approach and modern cognitive performance articles and videos is given. get to know!


the input position

First, as usual thematic beautiful song Take a listen to:

"A melody of the girl uzaty"

performer: Young Men

RED uzaty

Kazakh people formed a long history of centuries-old, the essence of today's descendants of our ancestors, One of tradition without losing any educational values "The girl uzaty".

girl uzaty two away from each other until it fits tribal kinship and brotherhood relations between the country, the unity between, You can contribute to the strengthening of unity; "expands the fields of the family".

According to the last pages of this section, in the past, Memorial with the families of the two sides in accordance with the rules of tradition "God" after consultation with the, the thickness of the bride be the guy Go to the "excesses" know, baylasatın, To "God" Coordinated image. there, and then, the two sides will continue to weddings undertake the care of.

The bride and the tension for parents, daughters raised by cherishing the spirit found teñi, Happy is a great pleasure instead of landing, they "The girl uzaty" way of and his plays wedding creates. This is considered to be a big challenge. therefore, they hold a wedding ceremony and remember the fall of the country with opportunities for all, sought to. And for young people:

girl uzaty - to marry the couple decided to marry, the first step to start to live with the next life

* * *

If the people of the groom-in-law before "Excesses" if you did not, Before the start of the wedding for some time "The girl heifers" called ("After closing" also called) traditional small wedding organized. This girl jeñgeleri and youth access.

Left alone in the evening, the young people met married, Play Bride " The procedure for carried out in. He will shun dispose of several girls who jeñgeleri.

This bride and one woman at the front door when the house is "dying", Another one is at home in bed next to the "horizontal".(This Memorial will be the conclusion of other options). They died of "old" and "It yryldatar" will be given the so-called recovery.

After that, The girl's remains one jeñgesi, will serve for two years in the first contact with the flesh "pandering". She and her husband, "Hand in hand", The nature of the "hair", "Girl hugs", "Blanket" move as well as to create kədelerin, young leaves morning. Asked the next day, the circumstances of the groom. It is the "right", she asked to deliver good news to the house fit.

* * *

Similarly,, average length in front of the girl near jeñgesi , with his sisters, his uncle visited relatives "Say goodbye" from the. More hotels in tribute girl, kädeli involved in the kitchen, be a blessing. Depending on the capabilities of home owners to make a girl the necessary items and products, will present clothes. The game show will be organized. This tradition "Getting to know your girl» the so-called.

* * *

Uzaty "party girl" Before the start of some, then the average length bride to take a group of friends the groom I want to. In some places they go with the mother of a boy. Close to the village friends to go a little early, the bridegroom came. The girl's relatives, The women will be able to wait out front. Place to get married alone made for guests, You need '' is joralğısı.



Meat hang guests, table will. Top of the groom God customs according to the girl's parents with animals gives, other gifts creates. Then, talk and entertainment devices, sing, Leaving, jokes, games will be. Guests on this night ritual tradition uyıqtatpağan, left to sew the clothes and sleeping ketkenderiniñ, was accused of humor töletetin game. it "Tailoring" the so-called. This custom still exists, it skillfully, At the beginning of the extended table, travelers will also create moments.

* * *

After God assumed unites, the following days uzaty reception will begin. Top girl, As noted above,, quite, Depending on the condition of the country will remain in the memory of the most solemn, Other interesting and all have perished trying to utilization of traditional rites stores. This time they qudalarına kyit put. The groom "You put them in the bag" the so-called are gifts.

wealthy people raised in the community will be a lot of black wedding. It earlier, pre-announced going far and near relatives. their number, filed individually depending on the degree of kinship hotels. Waiting for the guests, the preparation and decoration of houses close relatives in the kitchen to prepare food, neighbors help to qolañdarı. Wedding table cuisine is very different, is preparing to be plentiful and tasty. They will be guests sıbağalanıp, guests say best wishes for young people at the table, was talking. Horse race was organized near the village, National Games will be held. In the evening otawınıñ young people to get married bride young friends who grew up with him, You can meet him farewell. At this point, -mate tells, kicking swings, Playing games such as "noble", At dawn the youth Taras.

* * *

In the past, young people these days nekesin wedding ceremony carried out in. Her relatives, specially invited Mullah it will hold a religious order of the day. Water poured into a bowl, salt, sugar, It is the ring. Wedding youth individually requested thankful to be with each other, they drink the water in a container as agreements. marriage Water the assembly and drink, they are involved in certificate. At that moment, a special meat of a slaughtered animal breeding, all partake. Wedding owners of marriages in the "mullah", give him a gift certificate per person sıyapattarın. Marriage after drinking the water The bride and her husband have been permanently It is believed that.

After that, the young people made a special invited to get married, "I have been a private house, Congratulations on your first steps began with the, "Be happy to hear the wishes of meaning, be a blessing. Here the bride side to give a gift. This souvenir "Tent" bayğazı the so-called.

* * *

The parents of two years during the wedding will sew them married— Raises the "home"

«shanyrak raise» — new married married for two years (yurt) to improve the home for the first time image.


youth Entertainment married their parents' well-being, carried out in connection with the case and a special ceremony. ordinarily, It is a great honor to raise the young home married, As a mark of respect, the same village which are the groom respected in the country, older, Children's chosen people. Here, the population of the Kazakh special human qualities and gives husbands a young man in this country jezdesindey, Let the people "respected father-in-law, his way, Many have children, great value " superstitions uterus.

the construction of a marriage high flat land that is selected. If you get married too big, house rises before the horse,. Bound as the first bride married, and then enters the groom. For married people work horse or camel jetektetedi. This award is so valuable, In the same house with her daughters, Knowing go jïenderine.

* * *

After tigilgennen married another ritual ritual carried out. By this time "The way of God" that a special hang on the meat of an animal slaughtered, Recommended deployed table. One of the women at breakfast boiled sheep spine and offers a bridegroom. Teeth should be clean müjwi without bone. So beautiful "kelinşegiñ, "ırımdaladı be careful. After that, it is the word to bone silk handkerchief or şäyi family must make the same shot out. thrown down correctly, This will further nephews "sniper" is satisfied that. Towels bones of the woman will be able to. This ritual "Stones" in the neck is called.

* * *

Relatives of the girl close to the average length of time, going to the next-qolañdarı. They girl bleeding eating a meal prepared at home, "Seeing the table" creates. In some cases,, at this point them girl shows. Then the bride saukele wrapped.

the bride səukele fit — The girl carried the glorious uzatwdağı the traditional way.

FROMbukele - average length recycling girl wore a headdress.

it— expensive fabrics covered, precious stones adorned with chains, decorated with gold thread, beads sane, colored precious sewn thread, Owl on top of the chest. Therefore,, It is more expensive, that can be pleasing to the eye, women were gorgeous colorful product. This average length girl's family wealth and welfare is to demonstrate. It is not available to ordinary people, subject to.

On the other hand— Preparing for the skill, colorful bezendirilwimen, the beauty of the nature of the Kazakh people one of the most advanced model of the art, determining the stage of the high culture of the country ethnographic Estate is.

the bride wear saukele, his memorable last section of the stage of childhood, and his wife, a new life will be called the moment of the first hot. There should be its own superstitions. These two sides of the extended celebrations, see at all in attendance. Our dreams of the daughter of the mother in front of them was wearing skullcap, wear a scarf şeştirip, instead of saukele put. At this time, God is qudağïlar körimdik called, bayğazı gives. Boom crumbling, said a blessing. Woman will wear it until God.

* * *

Earlier, an integral part of the way kız uzaty another - "Sıñsw" was.

Sıñsw tell - average length through the girl's birthday, Farewell to sing country jurtımen rite.

song Sıñswshaped side Kazakh people's life are poems. Words and music melodic sad, structure 7, 8, 11 is a generation. His poem the poet or the girls themselves.

song Sıñsw The bride and the average length referred to before also visiting relatives. but On uzatılatın daughters and parents, Accompany relatives of this song the inherent traditional way was. girl «sıñswmen» Extend national education a perfect example, that by going behind her interesting and happy childhood, the house he grew up in mäpelenip, expresses its condolences to the cross section of people in the country.

during the "Sıñsw" had a couple of samples of a song, Most of the now forgotten. one of them - «auşadiyar». Filled with teaching and educational value, her model daughter-in-law, dear mother would be implicit in the category referred to in the form of poetry and song. It sung by the artist dated to the wishes of each digit.

* * *

Uzatılatın traditional breakfast at the same time, sending the girl. before his sıñswdan other With "Au" The song tells. In some cases, «Au mate» girl sıñswımen, are dealt with at a wedding Semua 'partly' are confused.

«With the dragnet» - uzaty party girl completed, The girl said when leaving

poetry, poem.

Women with a bride in a yurt, often said before crying victory over the cross section of the character of a farewell and a happy heart, The daughters of the men who were outside of the village and it will also be turned on. Sometimes it is a friend jarannıñ "Ak Zhol" in the form of questions indicating their intention, who wants ändetiledi. «Au wall» nice song, It can be beautiful, "Au-wife", "The month-au", "Bike-au", "Owl-au tells oynaqılanıp words".

* * *

At this point, one of the older women in the food dastarqandağı cloth wraps, The girl will have to turn his head. After leaving his bride jeydi. This, together with girl "The house bottle ketpesin" This ritual is considered to.

Similarly,, St. moves, the groom a little late, parents will be hung on the threshold of the house robe. "I was in this house one child, that there is no access to his promise üzbeymin ". Someone on the ground it can be utilized as a gift. do it «arch suspension " or "Robes" is called.

* * *

A group of girls from the village, usually, The girl's mother is from. They are prepared by the attempted car. Rich married daughters stroller is made of birch also arrange. girl "Roof" on a camel in bulk, jetekteledі. Do not look at the back of the girl Uzatılğan. WITNESS "The girl migration" say that.



Another way to have left the young daughter-in-law transferred recycling ritual to be done. The bride and the migration of rural youth who are aware of the road, girls and women, yogurt, mare drinks, such as, donuts— is waiting larvae. they offer, avalanche "Ak Zhol", "Nice trip" wishes, gives the blessings of youth. In the same village close relatives loaded camel "Final" Binds. However, this ritual, "Tüyemurındıq" mentioned. In turn,, kerwendegiler "Let this joy juğıstı" ırımmen tosqan people will reward recycling.

thus "The girl migration" A young man with a ceremony close to the village. From this moment on, "The girl migration" - "The migration of women", which has been transferred and daughter  — "Imported" referred to as. One of the friends of the groom parents jigittiñ "Ask" süyinşi It takes off ahead of the village.

This further moment "The girl uzaty" image, Man tension serve two years "Wedding"— Take the "bride" will feast ...

* * *


«RED uzaty on the execution of the "MODERN

Kazakh `s "The girl uzaty" image and wedding widely carried out in the modern world. certainly, it changes much burındarğıdan, clear that the character of the different. But the centuries-long educational value, The national character, There are no deep content deleted. Only, what is to be done with them in the past worship (past articles and above) remained forgotten already up-to-date with the flow, the rest is devoted to modern tastes and requirements to find in new videos.

Today, people of every new parent daughters off duty is to the extent appropriate. uzaty warming According to the financial conditions and the decisions of their own homes, plays a small cafe. In some cases,, both sides are held together with God's contract with weddings. It is determined by the guests invited to the congregation.

but rich housewarming great restaurants are to be conducted by the "elaborate". It is a feast for the manufacturer, The use of design centers banquet hall for special order toastmaster or more Asabay, Well-known creative people invited to the country.

Weddings, which should be done ritual practices wedding owners qelisimine, centers and the wedding present of the Black ıñğaylıstıradı. Them today bastylary:

  • Restaurant guests sat down, 1-2 jeñgesimen bride Called hall. Their wedding will be welcomed by a group of girls who serve. Similarly,, 1-2 friend of the bridegroom, thickness to pass a bunch of flowers. (In some cases their marriage certificate submitted to the, but it is the next on the basis of weddings will be held). Then, with the support of the most beautiful songs, they solemnly took the seat.
  • wedding begins, it, as usual, the other held toylardağıday. Wish tells, the song built, would bylenedi. games will be, I have tried to do with the content of some of them Asabay uzaty reception.
  • The celebration stage prompt— At the end of a feast Accompany girl the procedure is executive. Clockwise night 12 will be two years before the environment. The girl's parents, the daughters of the relatives to come "parted". Youth deployed to door white carpet Cusco "White Bridesmaid" It is out of the beautiful songs, such as, your feet rose petals şaşıladı. The back of the girl should not be considered. Further, its daughter-in-law's life will begin...

* * *

Now, modern girls get uzaty Depending on the host country in the mouth, to be recorded in the Media Responses conversations I would like to stay:

  1. In some weddings, girl father bring together holding hands, toüyew child has is that he "skipped". This is the tradition of the Kazakh, National incompatible with the concept of world. It is mandatory since ancient times girl jeñgeleri plays. Here is the traditional awıtqımağan.
  2. at a uzaty girls and boys placement of the seat There is also that it does not consider to be. They have not yet Weddings, not personal otawlarına two years, at least this load from the wedding, Kazakh correctness, save the girl uyañdılığın, this time with his relatives, They say otherwise, to be in the middle of the right of peers.
  3. bride sent walls of the new restaurant in the middle of the night, Kazakh At dawn the next day on the way the walls of their homes, family, Accompany him among their relatives must also deserves to be considered positive reviews.
  4. Currently, weddings, girl sıñsw If you forget your national executive. However, These days, young people at the end of the wedding ceremony, then hear the same songs on the content sıñswğa complies with. Only Asabay or known singers execute them. Now,, In future, these songs sıñsw to the äwezine, Adjust the words of today's comfortable, Even a girl, If you give developers say everything turned out version, It would be a very positive. Then, deep content, great educational value, as a reflection of profound maxim,, this one Beautiful national customs modern context updated, would be revived.
  5. Now one of the Scriptures throwing flower petals does not Welcome. cleanliness, that honesty, "Off road" on the nature of fabric flowers, Shoe throwing considered obscene under.

Or at least, ancestors reached update the type of societal attitudes change, loss of educational values, national, removing storage and use of existing stands, the next generation of civic duty.

* * *

This is being done here today girl uzaty marriage as a manifestation of the Internet, which states that you can listen to songs and watch video clips from the:





Girl flee


Traditions of our people in the past two years with the order of the accession to the hunted, A young man the girl away he was in the marriage ritual. It was a day dedicated to the needs of society tendency as to be different from the character of the place. The following are examples:

  • The young man and the beginning of the "free" girl agreed to marry unites, however, if the parents know that against him, daughter "Go away" was.

Similarly,, agreed thick cattle are not able to pay all, guy ayttırılғan the thickness of the subject "away".

It was not a great crime, In both cases, the field in accordance with the requirements of the law of the bride money, Al-robe, went to pay the penalty, are married the daughter of the man abducted.

  • In some cases,, ayttırılғan, even by marriage of the girl The husband did not count equality of man, despise, take away from another guy There are. At this point, before ayttırğan is clear that the dispute between the man and shoots. It dispute, man, someone stole the thickness of the side, her thick cattle already paid the full review, Moreover, additional, Another dealt with charges up to the amount of payment of bride money. or, instead, allow him to find another girl thick malsız. In case of dispute şïelinesken, other tribes selected mutual discovery mixed, to deal with.

if, In such circumstances, an escape from the girl developed resistance to compensate for the charges against him, If you are refused; or pay later too; or hiding, If you can not locate, The huge amount of dancing with his brothers and relatives entitled to pay the cost, barımtalauғa cattle, himself had the right to cut the sentence of the death penalty.

  • If a man's wife or someone's daughter, who were abducted without consent, or raped them, has become greater than its cross-country dispute. These dances are mixed at times, Those in the possibility of the death penalty. If the accusers, the same girl, Only if you get married woman, get rid of the large price to pay.

* * *

Now the next era As for, in the post-Soviet period,, In modern society girl shoots by legislation crime is. In spite of, he lost the essence of the traditional ritual in the middle of the last century, the absence of the Kazakh population ago, its export, as there have been cases of violence without the consent of the girl. Before the guys themselves know, "First met" girls arrive at the "print", crime "Abduction" were transferred to the severe form, which is. You need to say,, This guy's friends, parents, Because the intervention of relatives, keep the hide forcibly brought her home, the court used a great punishment, pre-installed,, group has become the type of crime.

But at the same time, forcibly brought out to our daughters, closing force at the beginning of towels, "Kempirlerimizdiñ be able to" lay across the threshold, qazekemniñ Honor seemingly noble qualities, Seeing that fun of others, wild to level. ...


Only in recent years, only this time the wedding sayabırsıdı, stopped like you want to say. Because, her husband to escape or run any basis for it, their financial situation of families postponed needed. Previous mood fits with the next two years üylenwdegi nïetttiligi, decision-making freedoms came out. And in the minds of today's young generation, such situations «The residue of the past», «jabayılıqtıñ» formed as a manifestation.

Therefore,, qazağımızdıñ "The girl shoots" called marches, out of the category of the status of the national tradition, leave it easily into the bowels of history, "We believe that the time has come conducted in the archives".

However, some girls in the area of ​​the country "Export" learn to hear that the conditions are still met. Such actions crime Today the community should understand clearly that. Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 4 years 7 punishment by imprisonment for a term of up to "Kidnapping" There are so-called Article 125. Girl shoots — "A group of persons by prior conspiracy" as a fact, paragraph "a" of Part 2 of this Article criminal responsibility be involved. Participants were also likely to be involved in the theft of a girl.

* * *

At the same time, Representatives of religion Girl shoots, Sharia also say that it is wrong. Violations of the right to freedom of each person and are built strictly prohibited. The main decision to accept her self on the issue of marriage. Without his girlfriend, violence- The solution of violence, trample human dignity and is considered sinful actions.

* * *

At the end of the article is cited, Everybody legal in the country in which we live today, need to know that there are criminal penalties for such negative actions. and children a choice of a mate their mutual love and human sıylastıqtarın, Having the basis of joint liability, should also be made the same purpose, all-round support.

* * *

below girl escape This is a relatively small supplement video records is given.


To be honest the word: girl shoots— crime!


* * *

Girl shoots: crime or tradition?

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