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In this site today records Kazakh people customs and traditions of the child due to marry which is the most important, and most importantly «God Shots» It is devoted to the theme.

On this page of this tradition "Types" of God, "Send jawşı", "The suspension of the whip", "Wearing earrings", "Killer", "tail— liver asatw " and some other customs was on the Field. They analyzed the entries in the Internet pages, regulated written and updated by

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According to the chapters in this section of the site, the beginning of the deep roots of the nation's ethnic and cultural space, For centuries without interrupting the network has ongoing educational lesson, It is an example of food customs and traditions and customs Treasures accumulated.

Among them are the national values ​​that in many ways defined, Generation of Culture, mutual respect, is intended to inculcate the qualities of caring people, Select the girl, since qalıñdıqatastırwdan, they were married prior to departure young people regard marriage is abundantly. Many of them meet the requirements of every modern value, Though married Having lost the need to use, The vast majority of which are necessary and mandatory national execution without changing the contents, only due to the procedural updates only the order of,are continuing

of them "God's entrance, God " image — girl, adult two years to raise the roof, continue with further that open the way to new life national customs. but, for their parents, Happy children raised "places qonğızw", "Take a bride, daughter uzaty ", in order to keep the children of the house is the great-grandson of dreams, wish-fulfillment of the intentions of the first picture of. "Expanded field", "My husband hundred years, made up of thousands of years " I want to, a new congregation to begin face-law relationship with the country of their special joyous.

To "God" — For centuries the great content in terms of the ethical relationships, The legal, a complex structure has a legal and ethical rules.

So, this very important matter,, which defines the requirement of our ancestors' families up to seven Claus girl alıspawı, that is,, among the children to get married at least seven's visit. This requires Horizons current Kazakh society, is a contract violation, its safety is very important that each knows the smell of "Kazakh", recognize and observe the states.

Similarly,, Proud of their past was the life in accordance with the requirements of the "girl child" was balïğatqa 13 the age of, "Grew", baby boy 14-15 to start married at the age of. Young married earlier, pleasant, The utility take into account that a lot of pluses. but, reduced the importance and necessity of the last century, the early childhood marry. Today, a wedding down the pace of the period of time, remained entirely on the goodwill of youth.

To "God" The tradition of, In his turn,, performed the ceremony and periodic jüyelikpen, breeding fits some of the most important content customs, many road- superstitions, kädelerden consists of. further, article systematic emphasis on their bastılarına, some are brief definitions.

first, the following beynejazbamen you can read:

The tradition to God

Kazakh-tv.kz."precious heritage"

20 October 2016 year


"The Bride". Types of God

Kazakh people another national tagand— With each parent child life, his future partner in life, their own future think of the people of God early started looking for. They peer-to-peer ", stop shop "in accordance with the principle sleeve, future-law may be extended, parallel to the center of their social conditions, "Oh we deserve", old mutual-based mixed-income families who Devil bayqastıratın, surastıratın near and far, even traveled around the villages as needed. The quantities and going to talk to any future bride, delicate, attractions in the city, the girl of honor at the country of origin of respected individuals; grew, the best educated families; referred to, from fundamental, seek from the so-called "noble". «see his mother, and her daughter " Regulations that will be remembered.

As a result of searches, daughters liked, they are focused on the desired deserving families. Substantial compliance with customs, focus on the future of their children. Future children to marry each other, Mutual expressed a desire to be God, begin negotiations.

As a result of, if, accepted the girl's parents desire sons tension, agree to grow up daughter, The girl and the guy is atastırılğan. do it "Girl" ayttırw says. He can read more by following the link on the site: http://bit.ly/33OhFQq

and then further, the tradition of Kazakh people in this matter, opens with its different rules, in accordance with the procedures qudalaswğa. Source to be God developed the following types of:

1. "The people in the past, we have a boy, If you have a girl ", even unborn children who atastıra. such wishes, a very respectable friendly, with one another occurs among people who are well acquainted with the Devil. If women pregnant at the same time, If you are well conceived, enter their children grow up to be üylendireyik pre-speak. Since then,, they each other «made up to» or «made up of the abdominal» is considered. In time children üylendiretin. if, If children are both the same boy or girl, as they grew older, the families and friends, parents should continue to friendship. This Kazakhs "Leash" says. Read more about them here: http://bit.ly/35Oq5JA

At the moment, it is a tradition quite forgotten.

2. if, and friendly people while their children from the cradle atastırsa, they "The Cradle of God" said in a statement. Such consistency is extremely close, There is great respect between people, friends, and then increases jaqındıqtarı. Their children and their parents is God wädeleskenin, increase their knowledge of the atastırılğanın.

Today also apply to this type of qudalaswdıñ, however, In the absence of official, loyalty is mentioned in the context of.

3. Sometimes the girl left, If you entered the left side extended their daughters to marry, they "Anti-God" will be. if, the girl left her unable to pay bride money, Instead, his side should have had a girl. This is also "Matchmaking" one type

4. Ago, God's people again if the girl berisetin, it "Modernization of the bone" is called.

5. From the middle of the last century and mutual agreements on their own desires, young people began to marry. Therefore,, their parents to each other "God has joined together, God" was renamed.

6. God came to him from matchmaking friends "By God" said in a statement.


to God

At the same, unites children to marry, After consultation with the creation of family, The parents of both parties in accordance with the ancient traditions will qudalaswğa. Kazakh `s To "God" image, mainly 2 of the period:

  • its procedures, There are rituals to God through one of the habits carried out in advance;
  • The last official to "God".

Let's analyze some of them.

* * *


Jawşı — intending to become a great family of God's future home go to, trust responsibilities to negotiation spokesman Adam

To solve the problem, go to the matchmaking, boy's parents, close relatives of the brothers, Friends invite, held a meeting with them on. do it, In most places, "Mind tea" is called. This session, basically consistent with the composition of the people coming to the matchmaking.

And to advance them - "Hostile" determining the. Because, In many cases established by the matchmaking that can be associated with hostile.

Kazakh `s "Jawşı" The word, "Message", "The word", Meaning "proverbs", related Turkic languages ​​sawçï, the words sabşı säykestes. "The ambassador sent by the great god" in the broad sense is that the concept of.

usually, jawşılıqqa only to send the man. Traditional rules, she's also chosen the image of a man well-versed in the issues and. He is respected by the public, speaker, word of liquid, jokes must be swift. After consultation with other situations of God, The girl will go to a special home. there, God wants to be the first intention of the crowd of visitors, Preliminary supplier, The words of Harmony "Girl" ayttırw Acting can be a man.

It is here that tells another two:

  • Boy tension of getting to know before you got any girl who wants to countries in the case of bilispegen, belonging to miss hostile;
  • In some cases,, sometimes talks to her home "hostile," the guy closest to the execution of, compassionate, go to a few people in the group are.

Either way,, "Jawşılıqtıñ" The main objective of - Go to the front of the girl's family, his man-to be a mediator to form no marriage alliance.

The girl went to the village jawşı, left the country immediately highlighted that the, I want a white or red horse riding, so fashionable, light dress. One of his trousers etiginiñ him into qonışına, the other wears out. "It is a nice trip, Assume also that the so-called "lucky to have any superstitions, On the other hand, girl in the village to mark the coming special matchmaking. He immediately went to the house of the girl stops.

However, any person, Who are the owners of the house, even if expressed in the Cold, show respect. The girl's father and mother's relatives gathered, dinner. Unit involved in the pan, After breakfast drink, According to the custom of any jawşı: "You have a peregrine, Falcon ", Peregrine Sunkar ildireyin " — Hints that the word, The girl's parents— any goal to his mother.

If the home owner, the daughters of the family as a surprise ayttırwı, If you are ready to answer, offers to defer the conversation. And they do not want to give her daughter, where considerations of ethics, Make politely, accompanying them in guest.

And if the parents of a girl who consults with his brother, If further given their consent to be God-law, girl engaged is considered. Accepted as an expression of that matchmaking, The owners of cattle slaughtered, and deals with a blessing, The guests of honor. After that, qudalasw national conversation Provides training aspiring to start, party-in-law To "God" consistent with the time.

Then the girl hostile House, or the collar on the shoulders of the elder visitors "Nail robes" closes, Return to other countries with gifts.

"Clothed with nails close" — between the people of both sides to be God agreed representing the, Let qudalığımız "positive", "Crucified" be willing to Create a reward rite.

hostile "Nail robes" The village noticed that the guy wearing, Anti-spray, sprinkle it with joy.

Currently,, often a wedding belongs to the youth to solve their own problems, "Hostile" You can not say that. Instead, both sides his children, mothers them 1-2 took more than relatives or friends, Here are acquainted with the pre-alone, Memorial corresponding to the content and purpose of the negotiation story will hold. This time to the place of God, thick animal the size and cost of the "to do", then the families and brothers involved in the traditional gifts, the two sides agreed in detail issues such as the celebration of the seasons.


* * *

"The suspension of the whip"

The suspension of "Whip" The bride is the daughter of electors son house keregesine whip suspension God's intention to enter through representing the Kazakh `s Funeral rites.

The father of the bride looking for a guy looking for his son, "Discernable" village "after hearing that there is no discernable to the" good girl daughter, took people close to him to see it to know, girl in her father's house god hotel will be. Kazakh hospitality house to take them correctly, lay the table, will feast. They are creating a conversation over breakfast, learn well. Al ishilip, After the boy's father felt at home right threshold It takes up the whip. This national customs "We have guests who arrived with the boys, we liked your girl, "expressed his intention to God. (This beautiful weave of the whip, The quality of execution, good design, its owner the degree of wealth writes).

This is in no hurry to see the father of the girl in the slightest say, come to think comprehensively, they should give their answer. If the girl is already engaged to someone else, or do not want to give them the father of daughter, If the girl did not like the guy, she returned the whip to its owner. do it "The return of the whip" says. It ethics, by no offense, Claims must be twındalmawı. Similarly,, The guy side for a long time, 1-1,5 even if they have been missing for about a year, returned to the whip.

And if the two people get to know each other better after the whip is hung, and a girl and a boy are in love, girl ayttırwğa, to be made up opens. Whip will remain the same girl at home.

* * *


Or sent to the girl through jawşı "The suspension of the whip" After obtaining the prior consent of the girl with such procedures, The boy's side went to the girl's house "Shoes" blessing conducting.

"Bata Shoe" - The children of cousins ​​on both sides are probably ahead interaction in connection with the wedding final agreement»

This is an agreement 'Raise' called the. It is pronounced definite and indefinite. Kesimdisinde wedding to be held in connection with the utilization of established traditions is the actual quantity and financial volume. And only the cut-off time to be a blessing wedding, Other definitions are delayed.

Ayttırwşılar girl gives a gift in the form of cash or animal disposal. Girl owl is the chest or forearm wrist.


* * *

Attaching the "owl"

Attaching the "Owl" — man, his wife engaged to the girl of his father As a sign of the existence function recycling ritual»

Kazakhs owl feathers Who, though acts of nature, protection of wages, evil was allowed to enter or Belief. Now data (in some places) Attaching the "owl" The tradition of the name of the, future extended to the girl brought horses malımen, kekilindegi namely connects ükimen. owl, This girl here, embezzling advance to the future of their children, "He was such a man her son ükilegenin".

"Wearing owl " somewhere, for example, Chinese land of the Kazakhs "Gardening" shit called. "Gardening" shit The girl child will be worn a variety of jewelry and objects. He was in front of the bride money separate happens, one animal can be equal to the price.

"Earrings food" - «Bata shoes» («raise») The tradition of the country Name some different regions ".

Over time,, the above, owl Instead, the girl's ear earring chest started. In this regard,, this tradition "Earrings food" is called. Their value is equally important. Her earrings will jeñgeleri. Earrings the moment she became a bride, People people feel that it is "unacceptable", corrects dress, Corrects behavior, improve the ethical culture of the people who regulate the procedure of intervention.

However, way of wearing earrings He acted as a marriage, girl and man married does not mean. Because, There are various conditions to remain connected to the heads of the youth. Therefore,, this girl ayttırwdıñ Earrings kädesi notification to the outside for a long time, have been hidden.

* * *


(thematic video)

Kazakh TV


* * *


"Killer" — After the approval by the two sides to be God, party-in-law The girl's parents Send disposal of animal The traditional ritual ".

killer - «dead» and «alive» two word qosarlanwınan. Table of contents— For his gratitude to the name of the dead in accordance with the, Seeking the welfare of the living. Educational value the youth to respect the ancestral ärwağın, the veneration of his parents, I learned to respect adults. Ulağattılığı— "Among the dead and the living, God qudalığımız to explain that the truth ".

both sides to be God After consultation with the real, Top-in-law tradition- ritual parents of the girl with the disposal of animal products and some things worse.(If the road is far from the, read the Qur'an and sent to the meat of a slaughtered animal). Livestock, Because donations to the god for dead, fat and younger must be. he hammered, will be considered dead bark, meat— will be distributed to the relatives of the girl, or someone from outside. This value, the person who has cattle, or in the form of the oath of those who taste the meat on both sides will ensure the legality of the agreement and will be a witness that the form no marriage alliance. thus, The bride and the sides of the relatives,, villagers also knows attached matchmaking.

In some places,, killer small dedication to the Koran slaughtered, boiled meat müşelenip, will be collected from the entire congregation. They come in contact with drinking, expressed gratitude, the right of that is a great reward gives a blessing.

This animal does not eat meat uzatılatın girl, it is küpirşilik. because, Since there were no daughter-in-law is still, it is the cause of the different situations in life from time to time up to, where there is the ritual of the proceeds went to the taste of the salt apprehend.

This is one of the traditions of one of the two sides, after God is qudağïlar berilerine rights to communicate with him. And the thickness of the future husband Access to the "excesses" opens. That is,, defined by the attached matchmaking.


* * *

"My husband and come to the thief". "QINAMENDE". Play "bride"

to God There is a ritual traditions these habits Although different name, is identical to the content and execution of the.

"My husband and want to avoid" — "God" be agreed upon by both parties, bride After partial or full payment, groom village girl For the first time to see the thickness of the special visits.

This trip, man, husband, and who should groom him, come before advanced friends. A variety of offerings to the girl, disposal of substance-products can be put in the basket. If the condition, his grandfather is one of the leading animal-in-law. They girl "village" qupïyalıqpen, evening, will go dark. However, However, "means", rural residents will be informed more. Jeñgeleri and the girl went out to meet village women, them "Shortness of breath", Called 'rich', "Tent" bayğazısı, "Honey körimdigi" called recycling rewards requires.

«Horse-rich» — which led to the thickness of the groom the gift of

The groom walk close to the village, took control, would, and passes to one of the bride's father or a close relative. Holds the bride to the lip of the name itself.

If your hotel is the house of the girl's father who, passing the threshold of the groom "Suspension" hang, give gifts.

"Pendant" — the groom first visit to the thickness of the education of girls for that his parents payments rite.

"Pendant" payment, mainly determined by the number of cattle.

House bound for the groom, equipped with a bed-körpelermen. On the same day, an evening of entertainment, organized a small but fun wedding. This "Wedding" thieves or "Qınamende" is called. "Qınamende" called, The women participating in the earlier evening dress of red and green, Apply tırnaqtarına henna coloring.

The next day, in the evening, the girl jeñgeleri prepared at home girl and a man unexpected encounter. Earlier in the same place to learn about the two do not know each other to reach young, free private thoughts had relations. According to the tradition of the peoples of the East early this night, young people get married "The first evening of love" referred to as, Innocence girl, there is a clean reputation. In some places it Play "bride" says.

If your youth as an evening alone with dignity, ask for one of the two sides of the same-fit, the wedding will be a little more. Her jeñgeleri "Pandering" recycling will be joining. In some cases these young people here in marriage detachable.

After the wedding of thieves, father-in-law son-in-law and friends to the value of the horse mingizedi. The guys brought a basket ring, bracelet, ring, built for earrings as well as a variety of kädelerge gifts, It is out of respect for themselves. This allows us to meet the groom from the bride,

It is referred to another, This time, the young people in some regions of the country should be "convergence" in the bed sanalmaytındıqtan, they go more than gestures, observed during the wedding after the girl's "high purity".

if bride the same "stumbling block" for criticism, will be devoid of conscience. If it turns out to be chaste, a breakthrough in the name of the husband's friends saddled his stomach, saddler destroys şapqılap. further, It is necessary to, cutting angle of the girl, shal person or disabled person, such as a wife, etc.. qazekeñniñ "Mockery" cults is made. On the other hand pay, including thick covered a lot of cattle girl. In some cases,, and if there is agrees to groom children, the other girls (of the smallest) and get rid of.

Similarly,, In his turn,, After visiting the thief-in-law, inappropriate reasons, rejected the thickness of the wedding, If you have violated God, it is also considered a serious event, back is becoming a big dispute. Of the bride money back and pay substantial additional charges.

* * *

"God Shots"

Both children no longer married "Special" to God begin to care. it To "God" style and performance "God's wedding" consists of making.

To "God" — decided to marry Man tension visit the home of the bride.

"God's party" — girl tension glorious extended against weddings.

To "God" and "God's party" - two separate congregation country tabıstıratın, twıstıratın customs; Kazakh determine the true national identity, ağayınşıldıq noble qualities such as caring people, which is reflected in a very meaningful and Harmony holiday traditions.

Children, parents-in-law matchmaking Defines the people to go. him, His mother and father to get married in the first place, I'ma respected Elders, brothers and jeñgeleri, will be nağaşıları, as well as very close friends will also be turned on and God establishes. usually, their number 7-9 man, in some cases, are even more. mainly, it depends on the conditions of housing and social welfare of both parties and is currently settled in mutual keliskendikpen, the actual composition to be notified in advance.

participate in matchmaking It is a great honor anyone in their environment, was a privilege. And, This procedure involved the rest of the relatives of the lung, offenses are born.

chief god — seen and a lot of tüygeni, The eldest of the dynasty and respected,

man, who knows enshrined traditions.

to God the ceremony who, usually, man his father from, The girl went to the house of the day.



In turn,, The girl's parents wanted their relatives and friends about God, Silas friends informed in advance, wedding invites. They came a few days early, congratulates the owners of the house, advices, the preparation of the need to find something, help animal slaughter. Şaşwına wedding clothes and called for God's gift, Matthew products and food. I want to get things təttilik. Guests can then share their goals for themselves. Women menu, is engaged in taking care of the preparation of the table. In the middle of their bright, The situation in the fun, tells interesting stories, beautiful is full of jokes and humor.

Talented middle of a collection of the wedding, both sides, sözmar, That evening takes into account the presence of people.

If conditions, The girl from the side of "God", as the groom and friends, private— What will prepare a special place in a private house. He welcomed the extended ground, and establish hunting enterprising people see that their position.

When extended, reverentially, will be charged against the glorious. (because, Kazakh people kudası — The most respected people, extended — was very close relatives. "Give God" Qudañdı, "My husband hundred years, made up of thousands of years " proverb caused by such words). A little in front of them into the house recycling practices is made.

«lock the door», «tug of war» - any God when entering the home blocked their path a gift for disposal rite.

Memorial This ritual value of the new extended, young couples were treated in the words, Let dictated by a desire to avoid obstacles. ENGLISH "No larger than a mountain, There is no dispute over without compensation and retirement, There is no death victory over the enemy " There is a proverb.

Do not insert extended until the disposal of "inward". Give useful gifts which God prepared in advance, is routed to the house to tell jokes. At this point, "Flour burning" Another custom is called.

«flour burning» - that joy of women toydağı " "Let juğıstı ırımdağı extended pages flour-filled ritual.

Women in God "Congratulations on your efforts, motives, Assume also that the "lucky Any extended; "Wedding" Let us juğıstı that, the people in attendance; Devise a "married earlier" that, girl-fortieth the right pages in the camp joke flour. This two-sided "Qudalastırw symbol" is.

Inside the house the most taste is rich in a variety of national and modern dishes prepared dinner.

Alone with the girl -jigitter, entertainment to create, sing songs. Among them, the groom beautiful dress is highlighted

Guests sat down at the top of the table, Man side chief god "Any cause-and-tell names". (Chief god girl will always be the most respected people to roots. Speaking of her new daughter-in-law from the ground dignity, then you can always be accompanied by respect). Chief god or another represented the largest individual visitors, brothers, as they say. House and do the same procedure.

After that, General slaughter before God brought sheep, and deals with a blessing. Its meat is fully noble.

The bride married man and father to each other "Kill God" is called.

so that, Earliest God "Blond" tell, warm their hands the blood of the animal bawızdalğan, They were made up of thousands of years, violate the agreements signed alısqandarına, is said to have referred to the sertteskendikke.

Develops a rich and interesting stories at the beginning of. Driver's meeting to be the most fun wedding, say two originals songs, serves to display talents.

God's side for some food and drink, After getting comfortable, introduces lead to their future wives. Qudağï körimdigin gives, «"The cost of milk is kädesi.

«milk charge» - cityızın äldïlep, as milk and lead to the mother of grown children extended as part of a great desire milling gift.

This is the most important of God kədelerdiñ, valuable. Previously, sütaqısınıñ size 1-2 camel or if the value of animals. today,, instead of animals, are the property, Securities products are offered. It differs depending on the different regions of the country. In certain places, "Mother's milk" fee "During a bride"exercises, one individual cash Suggested, Another side "Bride" is considered. In some places, sütaqını girl uzaty What youth wedding during the groom itself offer.

In the middle of the middle of quite a matchmaking, some women say "Happy joy", Depending on the extended sweets, large and small worm scatter makes.


* * *

"tail— Liver ASATW "

«tail - liver asatw» — on the wedding table both sides had made up approval recovery image.

If agreed by both parties, God, before the meat of slaughtered animals, side of the men who worked in the house, Three of the women's two-baked tail oil and brother mix, Remove the bowl with beautifully cut:

God, Yet any offers,
The tail-ate the liver,
The tail-eat liver,
Why you got any exaggeration, -, sets verse.

Went around and collected all of the table for a moment on the part of God that the people of the house more than the tail-liver will come out. Sheet to keep the liver asatqandarğa souvenir should be given.

Here's how, "Tail" of the liver widow, Top of the elders "My brother is close to, "Keep on the tails tasty that blessing after giving, "The law will come into force" being hunted by both parties. As in the past, God's blood matırıp, even if he had sworn, The image of the "tail" of the liver jewisw plays the same procedure. "Tail Do you eat the liver, Do you say God was!"This. Blessed elder "Shoes" blessing the gift of recommended. at the table brother-in-law is related to ritual.

The names "sober" - a child whose mother-in-law be a blessing tradition.

After the extended tail-liver asatwdan, brother-in-law invited to the top of the table. Mother-in-law to kiss his forehead and parents, best wishes to say, gives a blessing.

«Go to the bone and breast»People-in-law, his son in law Special slaughtered animal bone and breast rushed The tradition of attracting.

Rushed selected bone - a lot of young children in the family more than willing to play "Let" sign, have good intentions.

Chestmarried and that the people involved in different times and on the father-in-law

Share taste.

Among other things, During the wedding, which was quickly extended special bone marrow recovery "Double" be involved. He will partake of all the pages of the extended home, will reward in cash or in kind. Women brought them to the bowl part remote.


«tail— feeding the liver» song



* * *

Kazakh people matchmaking the performance of these and some other Funeral rites, In addition to the previous two universal brotherhood will continue to be the basis for the beginning of a successful relationship. Between the two countries The cornerstones of matchmaking That laid.

* * *

Scriptures this topic to be continued. The following pages «bride», «girl», «girl uzaty» such traditions are talking about.




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