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Section of the site today, The theme of the story of the Kazakh people customs and traditions of the children marry The first, carried out in worship One of the - "She ayttırwğa" was devoted to. This tradition encyclopedic information and thematic beynejazbamen tanısasıñdar.


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the hand of the girl

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«girl ayttırwdıñ The procedure for such Name Khan is established by the order of "

(s. Altynsarin)

«the hand of the girl» — tradition. Every parent devise early in his son's future bride, his search for a suitable mate. "Mother and daughter watching" maintains that the principle of strict. That is,, From God's place in the future, good individuals, referred to, fundamental review of the village. Tüqımında, tag does not pain at the family's daughters. Deserving people deliberately go, focus on the future of their children, their to be God intention. do it "Girl" ayttırw says.

This is a different rule of the road, There are procedures. your children (boy, daughter) If young, speak to arrive early, even if indoors. Such people often know one another, very respected, They will be among friends. They have each other in their children indoors (Of course, one of the boys, If one of the girls) Add agree on. "Engagement" this. do it To "God" says. Cradles atastırsa children "The Cradle of God" says. Sometimes the girl God, who is now home to his girl, do it "Anti-God" says. The man who had been commanded by God to continue to qüdalıqtı, F "Modernization of the bone" is called. The girl girl, Add adult in the case of two young boys To "God" is done by.

According to the law of the Kazakh earliest seven from Since the girl away. Married her husband Regulations 8 young, male Female 25 If you have young big, It is not allowed to join. Of course ämeñgerlik it will be about not restrict the way. 'Intuitive', the strength of the married young batalasw, the foundation of trust and respect[1]

sources: Kazakh customs and traditions

* * *

«intuitive — Traditional environment of great value in the way of marriage ritual. Man tension made up will deplored, The girl's parents, close relatives upon word».

Atastırılğan age daughter after the boy grew up without it ayaqtandırğısı any parents with children and consult twısqandırımen, daughter-in-law considers worthy girl. According to the ancient tradition of boy 3-10 From the age of the hand of the girl starts. Both in the selection of future kalıñdıqtı age difference of five or more can be. That is, the age difference is not, depending on the wealth of the father of the bride and choose. However, it is to repair the financial position of his son's wealth should not be interpreted as köksegendigi, only wanted to be equal on both sides of the current process.

Man, equal deems himself to be the father knew the head of the house of the daughter of Space, go himself or send a special person. The mother of the girl who came to see her daughter: "The girl who is spoken, Who does not drink kumys, my daughter's head is empty " Only when they heard about the intention of intuitive carried out by taking care of. According to ancient customs, Before she is spoken for men women, the name of the young girl shoot. «intuitive» In this connection, if the word. Top girl ayttırwğa consult with the relatives of the groom bride filet perfectly well-versed in the village, eloquent, A good joke jawşı people sent.

It gives a positive message, Man tension counsel relatives, God and agree on bride money Who exactly will be able to identify the need to know the size of the. usually, he set himself the father of the bridegroom, or on its own behalf reliable Elder sends angels. They bride Upon arrival in the village, Another stay at home. The next day,, For the purpose of their visit to one of the men who go to the house of the father of the bride. If the girl's father agreed to his daughter, where he traveled with his comrades in the invitation to speak here. Guests of the father of the bride to sit in a seat, Speaking of all things, At the end of his daughter say the number of animals for the man who wants to hand; usually, rich sixty to seventy, even, Requests more the number of livestock. This payment among the population bride money is called. The basis of bride money horse, assigned to the camels and cattle.

intuitive taisnotāji Turkic peoples in ancient times the overall trend, custom data was stored. Ayttırwdan youth nekeleswine after the interval should be extended as much time as possible before seen. because, Note that this will be a variety of interesting: make gifts to each other on both sides, preparations for the wedding, he; such as meetings of the first two years will be remembered for a lifetime. Parents to marry his daughter wants to live freely and promoting their own housework. Most of this protracted every time, the more the girl's father and mother, especially, His mother will be pleased. The girl engaged At a certain age, rites of adulthood, that is, at the age of thirteen, the part of the father of the groom or bride, half or 2/3 If you pay part of the, father daughter soon. If the girl is not part wağdasında, Reviewed by a man her parents thick cattle, According to tradition, paid a fine in the ninth launched by camel.

1868 "adopted in Orenburg and West Siberian steppe regions subject to gwbernatorlıqtarına-General on the management of the Provisional Regulations", Kazakh girls, If you do not own discretion, The groomsmen, who had already been told, were allowed not to go out and 16 It is forbidden to give birth to a minor. However, originally concealed this law, 16-He later announced to the public that he had married a minor.

In a traditional Kazakh environment, often, If the boy's father is the daughter of respectable people, agreed with his parents. Hang a whip in front of the house, Let this be the beginning of divinity. ” owl, In some places it is called "earrings for a girl" The ritual of putting earrings creates.

Another ancient meaning of the saying is to sacrifice for someone's sake. He died aksarbas name preserved in the form of customs.[1]

sources. 1. Kazakh ethnographic categories, traditional system of concepts and names. Encyclopedia. Almaty: DPS, 2011. — ISBN 978-601-7026-17-2





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