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The tradition of blessing — our people great lesson traditions qasterlisi, spiritual bulwark, and an integral part of the nation, Gold bridge bright sincere best wishes for the future of the seed supply.

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In this regard,, sheet site today thematic informative articles and a complement of its contents videos, «the blessing» the name song it is proposed.

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The song "BATA"

Songwriter and singer— Muratkhan Eginbayev

Word,— Kuttybay Bayandin.

You can note the lyrics and the site can be seen in the following page: http://bit.ly/2lSfL0L



The tradition of blessing


articles in the press, written publications on the topic are collected and regulated online.


blessing, bless — Kazakh People's oldest high educational value, excellent One of the traditions. The Arabic word "blessing" fateke is considered to be a Kazakh name spellings. «FATEK» The root meaning of the word - Thanksgiving, an honest, good wish.



The most widespread in the East The tradition of blessing, Kazakh people which has deep roots, destiny history, made with the process of centuries, life, Life has become an integral part of life, living teaching style clearly left an imprint on the country and educational readings breakwater cultural wealth, spiritual treasures, great heritage We know that. blessing — our understanding of the mind, life tested out the test, The results of the historical consciousness of wisdom, morality, national values Regulatory principle I would like to say.

Therefore, all the past history and the life of the power of the word, People underestimate the value of the property and the Kazakh understood batanıŋ human life, considers that there is power in influencing the minds of. True heartfelt bFor Adam — determine everyone's future mission in life; opens up the avenue for the future; KuanStark will continue; actions give strength; distress body support, Rehabilitation will be; Married to keep bad, acts of nature, have the confidence that protects wages. Certainly without doubt be accepted, Always good to accept them, joys in life, ırımdaydı that there will be plenty.

"Batamen male mold, "mold of rain According to a maqalımızğa, its integrity and unity in the spiritual life of our people, great place to protect human qualities. Historical traditions, cognitive views, human qualities, family jarastığı, ethical education of youth as reflected in meaningful blessings system ethical, aesthetic, pedagogical context Spring start a national education can be. the blessing Kazakh people on the basis of respect, humility properties, are the good wishes and their desire. They were not designed to whom and under what circumstances, morality of the people, kindness, initiated solidarity; strengthen the unity between the countries; the next generation of Justice, good to believe, salïqalıqqa, The default accustom growth, and foster the spirit of patriotism.

In the religious side, blessing At the end of the prayer hands, referred to in supplication made the good nature of the query prayer. Customs and traditions of the Kazakh part of the religion of Islam from the start, formation of blood in the form of prayer is the one to speak blessings to come siñgendikten, moral and ethical character was. Of the day our ancestors the sacred commandments, rhyme, that is rhythmically blessings the country collected and kept in the mouth, Go to rethink Kazakh folklore A separate small genre has become a.


* * *

Kazakh population blessing of kind of Location and time, Author. Everyone some started to, He wished to thank, asked a blessing for adults. Certainly does not give any person. respect It — see less, a country respected brothers, best the best, respected elders, famous heroes, wall mouth the Judges, accounted for the Chechens. Earlier, such people are even from afar pit, today invites you to the wedding-special joy. In some cases, the environment ", which is" a great way to bless people, is offered to the guests of honor. "Men and a woman is not a blessing", dear grandmothers and mothers were honored during the blessing, which is. And the authority to bless you, wise and understanding, life should be an example for others. Kadyrbay "received the blessing of such a man, which brought great honor even to whom the word".

In addition,, batanıŋ the land, which is not dealt with, The use of logical, features will. Depending on the purpose of transmitting the contents of the Kazakh society beyond hope and prayer, Thanks and curse, covering both appreciation and upset. Their deep knowledge of the value of, Good knowledge of the ways of, meaning of the text, artistic, be long or short, batagöylerdiñ mind— Oh, the level of reason,, the art of public speaking, words are directly related to wealth.

Therefore,, employers blessing ask her sincere people, sincerely, great pleasure, trying to give the most sincere wishes of content. But looking at the audience feel his motives, The degree of batagöylik and assesses the suitability. This is a possible lack of vocabulary, negligence, Counterfeit once observed, blessing's reputation, to undermine. there, At this point, Among the majority of the country, who is the spiritual support implementation of operations, best support, intended to prevent bad manners can give advice, When you search for There are old men batagöy. They are well aware of their environment, gives, venerate, The use of.

However, unfortunately, adults do not know the blessing There are many. it weddings, sets meeting, qonaqï not often see false, that the table. When each Kazakh wedding, aims intends to get the blessing of adults who had invited, Welcome queues. And environment at the age of the elderly can not give a blessing to those who say, to refrain from. Some of the elders, "... and what shall I say, "Be happy sıñaydağı that only two or three words in a nutshell, Managed to "think". Looking back over the content of some circumstances beyond undeterred, sıldır mood to memorize the words will tell sıdırtıp. At that time, the owners of the table, who can not hear the words of blessing are disappointed qulazıtıp, will change his attitude toward the rest of the people.


certainly, give a blessing poet, he will not be. however, although, bless every older person can be so honored, You will need to be getting to know the perceived benefits package. The order came to them as to the meaning of the theme of the meeting, If true heartfelt deliver, Look at the mouth, that outstretched hand would be favored in the congregation.

At the moment, the public blessing in taking place in a big minus— it ' "Blessing" and "Words of hope" jatatındağı somewhat uncertain concepts. Their relationship can not distinguish the meaning of confused, Remove words replace the value beyond just wish, lie. Even then send requests to turn the toast yourself for adults will be a witness.

Then go, present youth neglecting a blessing, diverting attention, is left standing a mere flick page. As a result of, When they wish to be delivering şorqaqtığın. see the words memorized adapted. Speaking your mind the famous treasures eve of so-called self-oats blessings if you do not know, what crime?


* * *

Then in front of the post should take a larger sample the younger generation ancestors way of blessing to know, educating how to use and maintain positive?

In our opinion, taking place in the country As part of the process of "spiritual renewal", to the next generation for the glory of the nation's best traditions, comprehensive revive, including the ability to consciously say, necessary to cultivate the ability to give a blessing We need to strengthen educational and advocacy work. In this regard,, it should be an example of the moral deeds, "beard" ülkenderimizben from parents today drew to old age brothers they should have done a "turning point" It would be. him Let blessing "until rename Bota. Bota one year, blessing thousands of annual food " People should be based on Proverbs. wisdom, which abound in the nature of public property, creating even more blood to people what a citizen in the blood, it should not cause a lot of trouble, only desire is to be motivated and. Over the age of forty ridge, learn to know the blessings of our ancestors reached the maximum tilt-fifty was a neck willingly turn back. Today, there are conditions, enough things necessary. blessings publishers, they are different from the content of the texts collected brochures. Subject articles in the press, telecasts, You can find a wide range of records in the system of the Internet. In recent years, the tradition of blessing in some regions of the country in order to promote maximum, for example, Western Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Aktobe, Mangistau oblasts "The competition Batagöyler" is organized so-called rational measures. Such a process model to other places, continue to support the export of, should not cause any difficulty which is intended to.

In this regard,, Read article, and saytımdağı "Kazagymnyn traditions" theme Department, so important to share in the common speech, sprinkle a little onto the world due to goal.


* * *

In this regard,, The article further blessing and the notion of a wish. the types of blessings continue with cognitive concepts.

Today, most of concerted mixed blessing and good wishes can not distinguish between the distribution of, switch was that we are telling the truth. If this is not the case, On the same differences.

first of all,, As mentioned above, fitahiana Not one to stand in, only batagöy people considered. Batanıŋ deepening of the content of the, a significant amount of large, The structure of the complexi want. lyrics rhyme, rhythmically will be, so it will feature öleñdetip. certainly, taqpaqtap, black can be too short. They «BUT, God Undasyn, Kydyr Baba does not support ", "Let me ask a blessing ...", - the beginning of the introductory words such as, Further content, good faith will continue. At the end of the Congregation "Amen!», "Let!» In the words of a desire to qoşametteledi.

but wish words short, 2-4 A black-word line, «Be favorite people, Be serious country " "Let Jorıtqanda, Let your friends Kydyr!» «your meal, your meal, appetit, Let your head in abundance!» such as dogmatic combinations consists of, not consists of small poems. WISHES any intention to coordinate directly to the job being done right, the most frequently used words such as above, What he can tell Assemble. As a person with desire "What you want", "The oil in your mouth ...", "God heard", Reviewed at the traditional answers, I want to thank.

but Kazakh types of benefits As for, they are subject to various contents, variety is. Just what you need to know to understand what applies in the case of type. meaning white (right), negative (curse) and vow (raise) blessings is three species is divided into:

the blessing of various backgrounds and real as the case may be referred to aqtarıla heartfelt best wishes, thanks; continuing on from generation to generation өsietnama. primary the goal - minded people, admiration for each other in one of the relatives,, mercy and love, the mutual solidarity of the, prosperity and the strengthening of units.

negative blessing - Kazakh society the curse, a very severe form of punishment listed, its effect is considered to be very strong. Said before the negative spread out their hands to bless. Such a blessing to families, parents free of charge, people's public shame, humbled; breach of national traditions, crossed the traditions of our forefathers; religion, language, traitors; evil, serious crime, is committed heinous sin. Negative considered life qaratañbalı suffered a blessing, which country they were negative. Ras, This is a very rare event, mainly in the past. Kazakh angry a lot of the older ones, disrespectfully, pride,, negative rushed to bless. In the event of such a blessing, then collect a review for the collegiate crowd, Developed guilty to the Creator jalbarınwına, done in the appropriate procedures.

Therefore,, Kazakh people become the object of the curse, Avoid negative blessing, owl to keep away from the bad things.


The blessing vow (raise) - between countries and social groups in the past swear and promise beriswdi required important big events, Heads of diplomatic agreements the country (Han, dances, the heroes) was carried out by the contracting parties before beriswımen. Kazakh domestic life he "The engagement of children", God such as ritual events were custom made. This was a big fault in violation of the blessings.


* * *

Kazakh blessings Term pronunciation, Who issued and even different meaning. Them out of the daisy is a very large country, their only major below.

The blessing of the kitchen

This is the most important blessings, important and frequently used, others may start this procedure be blessed. Kazakh concept of breakfast food, attaches great importance to it because it was considered a sacred. The blessing of the kitchen— The blessing of the table said also that. Let's therefore a wider.

blessing — Owners of joy; any meeting- weddings; In the middle of things, and those wanting to spread table given at the beginning. Its older at the beginning of the table, Honorary, What makes a man involved in the recycling portion of the rule, a special blessing in front of the customer slaughter Cattle be involved. He stretched out his hand content blessing creates. Certainly wish the owner of the house, who works with the positive, family well-being, environment, prosperity and unity, good for the country tïıştığına, included good wishes. After experiencing itself in contact with drinking, consistent with the underlined words, Cut off the right ear of the head first smallest children, The remaining distribute those lands taste. Blessing is given before collecting food bowl, F "Collapse" says.

At the table, it says everything is a blessing hands, blessing is desirable. He is considered to be residing in the youth side up.

Tablecloths, Let the joy of owners to accept "a blessing" to express our thanks to the older people blessed ırımmen, Depending on the size of the şarqılarına gifts, Sark will put a wedding.

Al-nəzir (for the dead) The blessing

Sometimes home owners with the intention of blessing the table, the people of the death of a dynasty Let pleased with the "ghosts" added to the wishes of meaning. and the base, certain reasons, to remember the dead, set a specific time to be called a blessing. livestock slaughtered, dinner. read the Quran, referred to in the name of the dead are blessed. ...

A blessing for older people

Sometimes white-bearded grandparents and white-bearded grandmothers themselves have a mouth, The swamp souls are specially invited, Blessings as spiritual food, was cheering.

A Blessing for Babies

Blessings of a newborn baby according to the content of national traditions performed in the family until adulthood.

Thanks and blessings - the most noble deeds done by the citizens for the people, feats, A special blessing from the elders of the country for their heroic deeds, hot desire.

Travel (campaign) blessings.

Previously, men went to the front, Blessings with the hope that he will return to the country victorious before going to war. Similarly,, The children of the family are another difficult tripto, white road when traveling long distances, sütlik tilenetin bata.


This is a list, further country and land, to the roof, children, boy and girl, to peers, smokers, good initiatives, on holidays, At ‘weddings’ Blessings;, "Blessing of attention", "Blessing of caution", "Blessing of beating", "Blessing of Nauryz", "Blessings of Oraza Ait", Blessings and t.s.s. You can continue with each topic.

Thematic blessings texts As for, It is clear that it is impossible to publish everything in one article. Those who need them can easily find them in the print media.

and, for my part, in the future Site using the opportunity, then on the theme of blessings a separate section open and present to the attention of readers, I want to start propaganda. Suppose he orders!

* * *

You can hear some blessings from this video!



* * *

Talk to you soon As for, Today it aims to revive and revive the moral character of the country Kazakh people There are many lessons to be passed down from generation to generation the most revered of traditions, spiritual bulwark, an integral part; Heartfelt good for the bright future of the nation, The golden bridge in the delivery of wishes; forbid the offspring from evil, directed only to the good The tradition of blessing It is clear that it will never lose its invaluable value.



Do we know how to bless??




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