"Kazagymnyn traditions" (15)


"Traditions of my people" (15)




Currently, the most recent in other countries far Kazakh people exceptionally hospitable, good-natured, You can not have come to know that it is hospitable. Moreover,, relatives of our wise people, shared the tragedies of friendly citizens, The qualities that celebrate the joys of sharing are also national in nature. Good news waiting to explode, Human values, which do not spare gifts, are also deeply ingrained in the joyous sharing.. His look of ancient times, which has been uninterrupted to this day fitted, körimdik and bayğazı and Boom Boom can be better observed through traditional customs such as. In today's article about them cognitive data and video recording is given. get to know!




"Fitted" - given to the bearer of good news gift». This is a tradition of the Kazakh people, The first herald of goodness and joy that can take place in a person's life from birth, is a precondition for weddings and holidays.



Every Kazakh, young and old, has good news, news, always waiting for the dawn of happy moments, is ready to share jurtımen. them, as an example,, The arrival of baby born, the child to go to school, graduation, career growth, high rank, have a big awards, The arrival of the bride, the arrival of a distant long-lost person, lost animals, discovery of valuables, such as what is happening in life, etc.. many joys real fitted can be attributed to the news dämetetin. In the middle of their own, society, add situations that make the whole country happy.

This traditional ritual, the first person to deliver such joyful things "Fit-fit" came out loud, Permission message will begin. In this rich and name jomarttarı horse, -Even intercede, others "Take what you want" that, money so that the messenger is happy, offers valuable items, What he desired Provides Prize. good news The value is estimated based on the importance of the message. Ask him out well, is not no äbestikke. You need to say,, in the past fitted in case of failure, or the informant cannot get what he wants, and other valuables. even, in Kazakh fitted recycling in case of failure, was entitled to go to the dance.

Either way,, our people The tradition of good news further rapprochement between relatives, sharing joys, formed specifically for the purpose of sharing together unique and luxurious ritual. Even today, tradition has found a worthy place in the minds of the younger generation, which continues with solemnity a great national asset.





Boom Boom — qazağımızdıñ from ancient times to the present day, Another carried confined to share the happiness of the human beautiful, fun and solemn traditionand. It is unique to us, goodwill, also represents the desire special national customs.

because, Every happy moment that happens in any Kazakh family, good days, weddings and all other common festive events without spraying does not pass. In the Kazakh faith, it is a congregation of goodness and joy, means to infect others ritual.

Scatter white hated grandmother- our mothers, played by older women. They say their good wishes out loud, The sweets are abundant in the dishes, The worms are spread all over the country. Sometimes silver coins are scattered. The elders gathered them for joy- the younger ones quarrel and gather. She takes it to her children as a ritual.



Visual and Baygazy

Visual the happiest things that happen in a family, when you get something new, relatives when certain achievements are achieved, given by friends souvenirs called. enthusiastic kind of, visibility The request is not considered a joke, squeezed into it, do not be ashamed. Because it is good among relatives, exemplary relationship, human respect, perceived as a sign of generosity.



Baygazy In the Kazakh tradition, it was called along with visual aids principle of life, custom. it, mainly in the family of adults, to younger relatives, children, given to girls and boys gift would be.



Teenagers, often, when wearing new clothes, new things, products from the same adults bayğazı can ask. A child in the Kazakh traditiondoes not return the problem. On the contrary, give them joy, Express your best wishes for pride, gives gifts in cash or in kind. At that moment, if they have nothing, holding sweets in his hands, "I'm on my neck" that, means a promise. Later, he was bound to give significant gifts.

Receiving the Baygazy Prize (give) to cheer up the children, grows, family harmony, increases respect between people.

In life körimdik and bayğazı applied in parallel. However, although the species-characteristics are similar, There are also differences. They depend on the nature of joy. Visual, mainly in relation to events in human life, bayğazı often on newly acquired items, called in relation to inanimate worlds


What is the difference between Baigazy and vision??



* * *

At the same, mentioned above Kazakh national customs Although the causes and characteristics of performance are different, meaning — to announce every joy to the public, to share and to be mutually contagious, Relatives, It means to be a link between peace and unity among friends and citizens. Such wise traditions not to lose further significance, revival, It is important for all of us to serve the next generation.


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