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Born babies increased slightly, säbïlikten later during childhood, Prior to that slave-tayday boys and girls who played with tebisip Tools, sexual classified, will be separated from each other. there, during this period to educate and raise a child some of the nation ritual traditions carried out in was. So, boys is heading, planted circumcision, "Aşamayğa mingiziledi", and the kind of clothing worn by the girls, stuffed is, pierced ears Procedures will be held ...

In this regard,, today above the page title traditional ceremony ranked collected on the Internet publications educational records is given. get to know!





«highlighted» that relatives was born the baby şildexanasına, What to qırqınan, not «circumcision feast» when the; or the first time crossed the threshold of the gate jïenine his people called slave - Thai says. If you do not have to deviate from your child's bäsirege, his grandfather or father had to buy Thai.

«highlighted» receive - raise the attention of the young child, One way to stimulate education. It is the child's sense of pride, raises the prestige of, raise consciousness, adapts to life.



Aşamayğa "delighted"



Earlier, Kazakh families personal delighted to name the first time the sons were celebrating a special procedure. do it Aşamayğa "delighted" or Celebration of the "cross", one of the regions «Name delighted reception called. This is mainly customs the above, bäsirege slippery carried out by planting.


child aşamayğa delighted to tradition, the ability to sit in his name, qolqanat, the child's best, Strong growth is described Horse blew the flame ' that, that is, the beginning of a new stage of maturity aimed at his life, initiatives citizenship.

discover Made from a special tree the mere sight of a man. its masters, Carpenters special order jasatatın. For the young generation and the child can not master saddler, it will be stirrups, and the breadth of the child will be worthy of networks. Behind-man-on and support toqımdağıday Many will be soft.


child "Aşamayğa the ceremony delighted" after their deaths, Rural people gathering. trained, riding a slippery highlighted useful cross erttelinedand. If for some reason highlighted Thai riding jaramasa, a mild-tempered, Mileage other Thai-selected kunan. Delighted to honor the name of the child jockey, assigned to the boys jeltaqım. The child solemnly horse ride, legs thrust isïkişekke, around their loins wrapped in a thin körpeşemen, qoltırmaş trees awırtpaytınday body decided attempted.

And then, boy stretched out his hand and on horseback, village elders batagöy blessing asks the. In the past, the following poem is in the form of blessings.

but, also wish, also wish,
Horseback leather paralysis of the forearm,
Learn to ride a good horse,
Regardless of your age know the price of cattle,
an example, Know find art,
Know Aymağıña Coast,
Horseback imperfections, Let Ak Zhol.


Go down Askar Askar,
Hard water bile flow.
Poker face never sets,
Foundation held a high nwdan.
Aydin chelkar go to the lake,
Seven bile from the offense,.
Bird wings taldırğan,
Cunning laying bile thirst!
The way to the off-road,
If Jawgerlik access to the main.
Keep Säygüligiñ,
I wish this originally

Amin, Allah әkpar!

blessing after giving, the child's name in their hands the reins, gave the whip. Those ones scatter sprinkle, Pull firmly ", aşamaydıñ qoltırmayın, Avoid a young child on the wayWish says that ". Single-ass name, What is the child's clothes baskïimine shine owl wear. Owl Kazakh ırımında is considered to be against the "demons". A man getting into the child's parents aşamayğa, give gifts to the elder blessed.

To take the initiative to further a child to ride a horse guy child, will lead to the identity of the name of the neighboring kolañğa, rural viewed. Sprinkle with people of any child at home in front of the door Boom will körimdikterin, wear clothing different patterns. Soon children aşamaydı leave, rider on the saddle. Reached the end of the stirrups will taralğığa.


This procedure Kazakh every family A special case, was regarded as a great joy, aşamayğa delighted wedding will be held. BAlan cattle slaughtered in the hands of parents, value-şarqılarınşa Rich made a great feast şaptırğan, kokpar tartqızğan. Others close to him twıstarıena, Neighbors existing small cattle slaughtered, joy by ritual.


Within the last half-century, this tradition is lost, was lost in the case of execution. Nevertheless,, The last time This procedure modern an innovative approach to jañğırılwı, especially in the restaurant there is the beginning of the re-introduction of weddings ...



Aşamayğa delighted image

South channel, 28 November 2015 year.




Aşamayğa "delighted", The suspension of "Whip", "Inheritance"

traditions should joralğısı

bribe SHOW. 7 February 2018 year.




Girls ear piercing



Ringing in his ears earrings Kazakh girls with beauty, Beautiful to look past. That produced a lot of songs, the song sounds. Therefore, the people of upbringing his girl pierced ear, earrings salınwna I want to give special attention to. At that point of view,, ear pierced - for a long time coming for continuity, National is one of the traditional beautiful worship.

General, The girl from the children learned, according to the nature of their sparkling things, dazzling beautiful clothes is known to increase interest. Therefore, the front sisters and his peers, women's ear silver earrings raising him especially interested in understanding. Rosalkogolregulirovanii, a girl his own ears prickle, Earrings are being dream, it is successful there is a special excitement. Ear-piercing type date not only the girl child, Because a significant date in the life of a child, attaches great importance to the implementation of its parents, memorable will conduct their task with joy. Boys circumcised, aşamayğa as mingizgeni, pierce the girl's ear - was fard. All that it is a feast of joy aqtarıla. Others close to this procedure, get familiar with the families and friends of rural women, is pleased to function. The girl child double swing dress, wear embroidered camisole, Brandishing, disappointed. put a cap on top. Respected among Tribute to the ear piercing, Signature is considered an easy woman.

The girl's ear, which is a lucky number for the Kazakh At the age of seven is correct puncturing. or, which is filled with young girl bälïğatqa 9 age Selects.


Previously, ear piercing basically two different ways any done.

First, pierce tarımen. Here, on both sides of the ear maylılığınıñ two millet put fine tuning, Place it between the fingers and gently wqalaydı. Bone tender meat and the skin is pierced two cloves of millet Instant. There is no blood in the ear.

Reaching the second silver needle. It refined its tip is heated in a fire, When a child is cooling rapidly punched that would not even notice.

perforated ears Earrings are not immediately. primarily dog wool folded thread by feel, because its ear iriñdetpeytin, was known to have the ability to isirmeytin. or thin silk thread not silver wire will miss. I want to be recorded in the ear two to three days. ear thread 10 will move into a dozen days. FROMlearned to listen to him, the next-worn silver, gold earrings and a simple and adapts quickly.

TWhen the wound does not become clogged, ear light earrings made of silver chest. Because, Because a lot of the healing properties of silver is very clean and, the child's hearing is not critical, heavy and,

but, ear piercing is even easier today peasant. F - a special apparatus»pistol" quralğısımen Reaching a light and at the time of əp. He can hang earrings and ear.


However, it is also, the basis of, the ears of the girl child is not only decorative, punctured only for beauty. Big Ear piercing of the national preschool There is value. It is the girl child in the future daughter in law and The first stage of training to become a mother It is believed that. Prior to that, you want to play with the doll tulımşağı flies in the little girl's behavior, After hearing tesilgennen beginning to change. Since then her mother, jeñgeleri "You are no longer a girl earrings, Jesse, there was left an orphan " Such stories, the future will be to prepare for adult life. Mix the girl child in the house chores, to make matters as may be necessary in the future - in the kitchen, know the menu of the table, Irons, knitted table, adapts to the development of the art, such as wood carving.


The total national education of the younger generation, including citythe child's education today honored the correct orientation advices, traditions exemplary compliance with the maximum highlights, modern, rational use tirelessly to promote the upcoming tender Zeynep Akhmetov mother the tradition of wearing earrings with respect to says:

«The breakdown of the girl child's ear, bring earrings There is a great educational value. Currently, parents simply prefer something it. Still not completely retarded refers to the breakdown of two-three-year-old girl's ear. Ear piercing baby boy the same sündettegenmen. because, When circumcise the child immediately change appears. He also poured into the ears of her grandfather as "you guys", prepare psychologically. As well as six or seven years old to play with dolls, sekeñdep her mother "you will earrings girl, now encamped in the table, etched into the ear oyasıñ ". so, women gathered "Ear wedding of Theseus" creates. thus, The girl will be a huge change in. Sıñğır who sıñğır, şaşbaw and earrings girls who have put in the child's progress. Whatever it propelled the girls' earrings, şaşbawı saldır to suldır, chaotic sounds. He kerbezdenіp, You will hear great music ahead of the girl who scratched. Earrings educational value was destroyed in the Soviet Union. It knew that the rest of the archaic. See misconduct wearing earrings to school, threatened not such a pioneer in girls. even, Do not wear earrings while a student, Komsomol was considered morally unacceptable. Expected to wear it only for decorative artists on the stage.

"Forty" is itself prohibited from the girl started to build this earrings. Wings cap on top, Put komzol, earrings, " ', now just pay attention to it, "she was. "Forty-out suppression" with girls opaq, If you do not create an oval. To view an example of the forty-one home, Canon continues to see an example one of the black küñnen. This was the core of the educational one.

Do you now to demonstrate the richness, The breakdown of the two-year-old girl's ear, even more expensive, will wear diamond earrings. Is this child abduction balalığın? On the contrary, 7-When you want to to prepare the girl, earrings worn to go, This procedure will be of great importance for the girl. ...»



"Ana men bala". How old is puncturing the ear of the girl?

Is it possible to punish a child?

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A source: https://khabar.kz/kk/m-ra-at-ana-bala/item/93617-ana-men-bala-yz-balany-la-yn-ansha-zhasta-tesken-d-rys-balany-zhazalau-a-bola-ma


ear piercing.

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