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Saytımdağı Kazakh national traditions are given on a regular basis publications, this time boys mandatory and essential sanalatı circumcising The tradition of cognitive forth records in is continuing.

they circumcising customs and history, usefulness, and how it coincided with Sundet Wedding The current performance of the previously stated address. get to know!



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Customs and history

circumcising Islamic faith at the end of the male member of the child's urinary removed by cutting part of the skin rite. Medical science «Circumcision» (lat. Cutting wheel Circumcisio) is called. Circumcision - cleanness, chastity, a symbol of Islam. The smell of the sons of the Muslim circumcision— is a great reward. He is a civilian life for a child, the first step is pressing.

The tradition of circumcision will be too deep, he is one of the properties that are closely linked with human jaratılısımen. This tradition - the prophet Ibrahim (ғ.s.) Since coming The symbol of the religion of xanïfï. Data with other prophets circumcision, said had made a tradition.

The emergence of the Muslim religion, Circumcision of the Prophet Muhammad (s.ғ.s.) was sunnat. Therefore,, that Islam, Muslim peoples had a special religious significance. Sundet from the beginning that the people of the Arab customs. BC sciences 2500 years, confirmed by the use of a wide range of in ancient Egypt. As evidence of his main, Cairo circumcised Pharaoh and the image stored in the Museum of the older two children shown in the circumcision ceremony of papyrus.

Kazakh nation The tradition of circumcision to those of the Muslim religion, associated with the Islamic faith. further, that our ancestors national traditions has become a.


benefits of Circumcision

As a result of long years of medical research circumcising each person's health, the purity of body and soul, germination of seed growing More than helpful proved that the comprehensive:

  • Circumcised men than sündettelmegenderge, Sexual cancer (cancer) much less affected.

So, children 10-30 Kenya percent sündetteletin, Sexual infectious disease in countries such as Zambia was one of the quarters of the local population.

but, sündetteletin each child infectious diseases in Africa, such as Benin and Cameroon patients 6 does not exceed the percent;

  • 2000 In the American Medical Association the foreskin the roads of the urinary bladder common malignant, infectious diseases, said protecting from infection. The risk of these diseases sündettelmegenderde 8 times higher than looks;
  • Austrian researchers a great event (sensation) as The vast majority of men with AIDS have proven that uncircumcised. because, AIDS virus appear at the beginning of the three-layer damaging the penis. If it coincided with the mïkrozaqım, high-risk, Inflammation is a very fast would you;
  • Risk husband uncircumcised moyınşağınıñ cancer incidence in women 6 times will be higher;
  • Seksopatologtar also recognized the need to be circumcised. The risk of getting sexually transmitted infections diseases sündettelmegenderde 8 times higher. hygienic point of view to have circumcision bakteriyalogiyalyқ, stafilokk (purulent microbes), gonorrhea (Sexy Slim disease) ensures clean diseases mïkrobtarınan. In addition, smegmalardıñ (A protective white granules) inflammation, plays an important role in the wound aynalmawında. As well as, fimoz (cause genital opening of the curl ürpisiniñ), parafimoz, balanitis, balanopostït prevents keselderiniñ.

* * *

In this context, According to the latest statistics in the world of men One sixth are circumcised was. In North America, preventive and hygienic purposes for young children 90 the percentage of circumcised. the world's population 1,5 When Muslims who billion, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, In some countries, the circumcising of the child, such as England today has become a normal process.

methods of circumcision

Cündettew methods and the necessary equipment— which vary according to the requirements of each stage of the manufacturing for centuries. nBasic approaches The following is:

  • "The traditional method". This child has been since ancient times religion specialists of, mullahs Circumcision. Then cut the skin with a sharp razor blade, the wound clean ash leaving the cup upside down, Bloody made a quick stop in progress. And then, child circumcision wound is completely written in wide and long "sündetjeyde", "Sündetkörpe was" put.



The following approaches are carried out medical specialists

  • "Classic" or free method. Medicines through local surgeons disable online, circumcising a special device and how to sew blood vessels. here, In addition to the in some cases may cause allergic reactions, No significant complications.
  • Using special toolsündettew. In recent years, he invented here "Gomco Clamp" and "PlastiBell" the so-called "bell-shaped" attachment tools used. but, are charged with the child for a week, Dropouts, which provide their own skin, they are not considered to be the most effective.
  • electriccoagulator instrument approach with. in simple language "Laser" said also that. Tool to cut through a portion of the excess skin, burn it immediately, instantly stops the blood. This Advantages circumcision as a time saving, said that the seams do not a lot of blood and small. Just to keep the body of a child who are circumcised after surgery, qajalmawı slot, from festered, infection is to avoid falling hard. This approach is used mainly Turkish doctors.



  • 1989 In the US Academy of pediatric pain and for newborns safe medicines said the official found.



Each parent-child circumcision before planting, its preliminary psychologically prepare is correct. «Will be a real man, only after being circumcised» "armor" to yield to listen to the talks that a child is ready for it from the inside.

Our Kazakh people are circumcising of the child's In the odd-numbered years (3, 5, 7) carried out. When is too, boy filled with balïğatqa 13 Do not delay the age of.


Earlier on traditions the child's circumcision Mullah agriculture planting, As a successful day Wednesday selected. Stories are catching the attention of the child before circumcision, comic stories, it put to bed. Mullah the skin of the child "more than" şümetayınıñ Oct quite a massage oil, Cut both sides of the soul. The child will remain in it without realizing it. Then sprinkle with bran flour or clean ash, stops the blood, In addition, upside down in the cup. and then, As noted above,, child ulcer frayed, but for a wide range Foothills, and wear a long dress.


but medical context, on the contrary,, the age of the child is not, attaches great importance to its earlier sündettelwine. Today, enough special decontamination of medical devices. If your parents allowed, after the child is born, not 7-10 You can also planting days are circumcised. Young child feels pain remains, wounds are so fast.

but 7-8 ülkeygendikten blood vessels of the child over the age it is difficult to stop bleeding after circumcision, and lasts longer than its recorded. Therefore,, earlier today, each parent-child circumcised, clean sanitary, It is correct to avoid infection and was put in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

Our people the person circumcised special respect, will reward them. After the child circumcised neighbors were hosted qolañğa, taught the Koran. Some circumcision feast will hold ...


Sundet wedding


Kazakh people concluded from the moment the child was born "Şildexana", "Cradle" With toylarımen, following "Circumcision party" has a special meaning, it should be a kind of joralğılarımen, magnificent celebration national traditions has become. "I boarded the name Aşamaylı, Muslim, I boarded the throne, - a hypocrite because the fact that circumcision, celebrating, to become a marvelous. man became " Raise the level of a child, celebrates the joy.

In this rich and powerful people şaptırıp, Having kokpar, wrestler kürestirip it had overestimated wedding. at a circumcision child a great gift, has a special respect.


Previously,, According to tradition circumcision wedding Guests were calling for child. On the same day, and they clothed him from beginning to end, two shoulders chained owl. Aşamaylı a child to ride in the process,, put her portfolio, filled with sweet dishes. And then dressed him 1-2 Drag the son of a friend, after their visit to the joy of the birth of villages, As the wedding message. Will partake of the wedding invited his uncle basket. In turn,, they are invited to attend a child spray Boom, "Circumcision easy to let the name of the" ırımmen pleaded towels, tie a white cloth fabric, Piggy was sweet. And send gifts. even, Some said that as a child when cattle, sent jetektetip.

When the boy returned to the village, With relatives "to bring us to this day", the country was able to share concerns, which.

Relatives from the wedding day, Guest-law-descendant child must have gift that led to. Doused his child at the wedding Boom, "Let please sündetiñ!Prize giving ", into the basket of sweets.

Kazakh tradition, the evaluation of the circumcision ceremony child his people Place in a separate. That their children "Forty serkeş" (in some places «forty Tiger Thai») called The share of will be. In this regard,, they niece to keep circumcision, the next day to grow olds, that a portion thereof - of stealing cattle. It their task and it was a great degree.


today As for, circumcision feast changed the type of performance, his value and importance of joy There are no deleted. Now every parent to celebrate the joy of their son to the size of the şarqılarına. it at home If the work is, joy after their deaths reported, Citizens of friends «Let take sündetiñ!» bring gifts körimdik, make money under the cushion. The child is next to containers filled with fruit and sweets. Circumcised child spends at the discretion of the funds collected.

People with the condition of circumcision party Restaurant to modern be harmonious is holding. The large stone wedding Rich people also witnessed the workings of. At least, to be held he Date set in advance. (Kazakh customary circumcision wedding time is said to have reported the day before the child's parents). the wedding of the child, family invited relatives.


Wedding entertainment program to other weddings, there is no significant difference. wedding meaningful, for interesting, pre-made script, Asaba and its Member artists selected. or, special measures to the party is ready for the end of the mission wedding organizing centers The use of.

boards and, the conduct of the circumcision ceremony new kind of differences There are. So, circumcised the child's friends to the wedding, Relatives their children are invited, Their early, What a game program conducted in the halls. Circumcised boys finished with peer— uphill, will be most interesting.

Similarly,, children who are circumcised at the beginning of the wedding horse mingizip or people carrying put chariot, Work release into song and dance show of ceremony. One child dear larger wedding blessing gives, and guests at the children ADD körimdik put the money.

Party people and expressed a wish, dancing to sing and dance, will hold. Management practices, as always with guests.



when the last, among the country yurt held vertically in nature circumcision party is the story. Dastaqandarğa deployed in the field, special national and an abundance of other food places, is placed on those partaking freely ("Swedish table" What less?). Special a large kitchen After the guests had felt attached homes, Entertainment, Measures of song and dance held in a specially prepared "alañşıqta", hear the wishes of the field on stage, creative arts tamaşalanğan. All freely! Everyone watch party at its discretion,, can breathe.

In this regard,, "Circumcision feast" Muslim character Since, children, as an example for young people of alcoholic drinks On the positive proposals and opinions. It would be desirable to have been her wedding guess the developers!


* * *

Either way,, that a special place in the young child's life circumcision feast has become a joy to hold in accordance with national traditions and religious tanımımızğa process is essential for the people of the "spiritual" jañğırwdağı!

readers, How do you think you?!


Sundet blessing toydağı

Hand fellow jayıñdar, for circumcision,
God's servant for Muhammad's Ummah.
Forty-one of the Pillars of this says,
In Islam, the channel is required to play.

Ayıñ light, Let the open days,
Phew be away from any black Forty.
Into the light of God in the hearts of,
Well, whether that is the life.

Beware that circumcision Älmï porım,
This Friday performed the blessing of the.
Eren disappeared, To take care of protecting the forty Şilten,
Become a citizen who Kydyr their hands.
Amin, Allahu Akbar!

* * *

Sundet wedding These and some other a series of blessings you can read by following the link from the web: www.muslimwomen.kz



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