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«SÜYINDIRW». «CHILD besikke»


This time the site when it comes to the last sheet "Infants QIRQINAN" after the ceremony,, carried out immediately «CHILD besikke» image about cognitive it is also currently on how to conduct records is given. get to know!



primarily, Take a listen to the beautiful songs as usual!

«BA melody of the door»

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«Süyindirw» The tradition of

"Süyindirw" After the birth of the married daughter, him Check out her special style says. According to ancient ritual, it mandatory duty is considered. God and share the joy of qudağïınıñ, Child-led special products, offers parcels. Some time with his daughter, it gives us spiritual strength, explains the expectations of the young child, says parenting advice.

So it Get a steep daughter Each Kazakh womani should know and.


27 July 2015 year.


«CHILD besikke»

The country would be, forming besigiñdi! (M. Auezov)

at besik.kz A series of articles from

* * *

Cradle of the image of the wedding

Relatives come, baby besikke Traditionally. "Cradle" - visiting the Kazakh traditional one daughter-in-law is the first of his daughter's birth place. Cradles prepares to make her mother. In addition to wear, jewelry from the mill to go into sweets. brought nine different items will Keating. Nine from the price of clothes, includes small things.

With dinner guests to the wedding, talking gently, get acquainted with the qudağïlarmen. Drinking tea, tells stories. then "Crib" will begin. Before opening brought Qudağïları woman, In the same house wives körimdik asks the. A crib in the opening women will körimdigin. remove the diaper, itköylek put the child from the cradle to the women, both young, behavior, Action both wise, for clean, good-hearted, should know, respected people in the country, reminds one of the children was bäybişelerdiñ.

Cradle to cradle feeding a child Eliminating sign is made. This fire-era tradition of worship. Child in a crib in a crib in one of the older mothers feeding feeding heated in a fire şımşıwırdı, but the identity of the cradle, boom relations kertedi. Fire and its ïsinen unclean, deems allegedly fled to disease-derbeze.

Before the new crib in the baby's room, besikke Cradles equipment put, spray tip that led them as a dessert and small, Mix cash prizes, skip the cradle to the peninsula-binding hole, tosqan the hands of women 'Deficit' that, distributed. The new crib they bayğazıların gives. Evaluate the imported watching besikke, Besik äkelwşilerge kyit Suggested. Qudağïlar wrist and give each other jüzikterin. lullaby hear songs, would bilenіp, to lift the spirits.


* * *

Cradle and the concept of the temple roof -

…Kazakh nation shanyrak, the cradle, The threshold took quality. This three feet never virginity. It is always communicating with each other is one of the three, is associated with. this three things sacred hard wear, too old, even without feet, give disrespect was burned and the ashes, buried.

Why? Because any house begins at the threshold, otıñnıñ head that can start threshold. Besikpen thy seed, dynasty grow.

Cradle of holy estate. We newborn child angel balaymız. Any child born to a virgin angels, clean. In the name of the baby and the angel called, so keep a crib in the Kazakh clean. Cradles no one ruined by drugs. Şañıraqpen survive Elevation, will smoke. Some in the region is too outdated family läylekke (ayst) nest for. So once the smoke from the ancestors, now a haven for bird chickens deploying marriage, who turned into. That would destroy a marriage, "Filmed in the middle of home, "violating the cradle of It is said that. This is to deal with the enemy. "In the past, the arrival of people from outside the village so the roof, so smoke could be presented as ". did not smoke, no one is left from the house are turned "sect". Or those of any carry-over "O, black family!» It is said that. "Tube" straight uşsın, Let high "home" Copies of our sincere desire to tell each other that the people. Today, such a beautiful illustration of the word meaning "family" It is a pity that the printed word.

Cradles those who brought the?

our English Besik importthat is. This rite, especially, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan regions, the well-preserved. Even so, the Soviet authorities in these regions during the actual saved usages. Resulting in a crib in the child's maternal grandmother. Bridesmaid postnatal any self-respecting mother told Congratulations mandatory qudalarına, I want her to visit. This is a duty for mother. Because the children into the title of "Mother". Tore out the heart of what it's like to be a mother daughter transferred every mother knows best. demek, to know the condition of his daughter, God is going to say Happy qudağïına to each Kazakh wife.

Kazakh from the new daughter-in-law white towels did. They are usually dated to the color of the dress wearing colored towels. The first born son, , from the first to the life, "When the mother is called" the mother of the girl white kerchief intentionally brought for. Tilimizdegi "Mother" hostility hence the phrase appears. To a baby girl into the world, his mother a white shawl in the beginning of the atanğandıqtan "Mother of the jawlığı, white towels " properties that.


CHILD an aesthetics Cradles while EXTENT FROM learn SHOULD

Cradle of importation
it will be a great one but it is a luxury. daughter-in-law roots "finder, "There is a surawşısı degizip, as a group, and not just when you want to, The patterns of baby equipment, peninsula to the tap and led to. Cradles equipment created the most beautiful. Peninsula and spout other, hand youth, knee youth and they will never lead to leptons gray fabrics tigilmegen. Little körpeşeleri possible light fabrics. Wear a crib in the beginning of the owl. The child beauty, Cradles must learn from the moment of beauty. Cradles are a lot of children. Slot in the cradle of the child -. Child with his residents besikpen, grandchildren are God's qudağïğa gifts I want to get. Daughter and son-in-law will not leave empty-handed. certainly, is as long as it's in everyone's life, ayranı the bucket ... What is their value making a breakthrough that living in dark gray with a certain procedure, There is no rigid principle, Everyone was depending on its function. Life in all children's clothes, jörgegin make up a small suitcase that was brought to. My family bring her child in the cradle a baby girl, especially, It is the duty of parents. already which resulted in the cradle, even in the absence of child's bed (riding hall), wheelchairs, Desk at, There are mothers who brought the baby needed equipment. This is on the one hand, Respect for God is great between-law. "Mare qulındamasa, will be the name, Relatives did not let far, unacceptable " at, it is only a mediator on both sides. Otherwise no one - getting rich, Bergen - not poor. Cradle of import If God is to give attention between qudağï, secondly, young pregnant daughter-in-law up with the, sağınışı printed and shared with his mother could not tell enesine, will be disappointed. No person because every person close to your mother,. And daughter-in-law face bright, If satisfied with the current, the child will be healthy ...

In a conversation Aigul Shayakhmetova


* * *

Crib-making equipment

Cradles equipment shea, jorgom, poultry bed, youth, blanket, diaper, pledge, bandage and covern.

1. Shi. Cradle of equipment over a longitudinal folding hand-woven straw mat. Peninsula area ulcers can be approved.

Cradles equipment2. jorgom (qawzaw). Şïdiñ top coverings, peninsula area from ulcers, cotton batt or between, Wool Quilts construction.

3. bird bed. Peninsula during the round socket, diaper coverings over, built between the bird down, qabılğan soft mat.

4. youth. Cradle is the same width. Among the birds are filled with fluff.

5. blanket. Thin fabric tigilgeni summer blanket, between cotton, construction of camel's hair, qabılğanı - winter blanket.

6. diaper. A soft cloth and wrapped the baby's body.

7. pledge. Peninsula sealed around coverings, The child's naked body to qajamas thigh, to lap a little soft pads.

8. cinch strap (qolbaw, knee strap). It is called the bandage. At the two ends of the woman is confined trunk trees, surrounded by one of the child's chest, will over the next tizeliktiñ. He fine-knitted wool scratch or two or three layers of fabric, breast, Highlights will be made wider winding knee. Is tied to a beam on both ends of the rack.

9. Cradle bedspreads (close). According to the size of the cradle, thin fabric sewn embroidered. Baby surrounded by mosquitoes and flies, wind, The Sun, protection against cold.

Cradles prepares to make her mother.

Cradle kertw

Remove the cradle of fire kertw type of worship. Cradle kertw child's crib is carried out before the first distribution. As well as children sleep, If that bends cradle made kertw Rite. Typically, this ritual belong to the childhood of the child's grandmother heated iron crib in point, kari boom and the head: Alas,, adhan, but, my god, please keep the language-source! Tfä, tfä " - Eliminating, say the words used in the protection magïyasında. It is besiktegi child that his renounce the devil ırımdağanı.

Also, following the disposal of a crib fire crib sırıqtaw There are so-called. Let Afternoon, Before loading the night to be the cradle to the child, metal or ceramic bowl adıraspan, arsha, қarazhusan t.b. burning one of the aromatic plants, out of the hostile forces, Clears the cradle. Sometimes matches bites, remove fire, measures to protect against pests. during the removal of, bowl or lit fire around the crib in the head and feet flat:

besiktoiAlas, adhan, You can childlock
of misfortune,
The owner came, pälesi St.!
Acts of nature, bare Save,
Whatever the source of the red,
No red Köti
- the words sung.

Alas, adhan, adhan!
Each city päleñnen!
You can source from bad!
Language can be bad language!

Doing so bad you can detoxify!
Forty bench can,
Thirty backbone can!
Alas, adhan, adhan!
God is saying, making thousands of päleñnen!

As well as:
Alas, adhan, You can
came here, son.
St., St. bälesi
The owner came here.
Remove the cradle and, and then begin to bring the child to go. Child language and polite insurance in order to make sure that there is a power of iron and fire protection to the ancient notion woman, qısöaşpen heated tap will remove malicious forces with. such- fire "Tired of salt" heated, a crib in this rubs salt.

child While the cradle to şoşımaw under the cushion bread, Sarymoin knife jastaydı, the top of the cradle owl, wolf limbs focused upon. child wear amulets. If the child şoşi, barge container holding the child's head and shoulders above water, molten lead poured into water. This is a sad, reserved is called. The scheme of lead in the bottom of the bowl one animal, is similar to the subject of the trade unions. a similar animals, and then determine the şoşınğandıgın, creates a breathing treatment. Sometimes the baby's forehead to the bottom of the October, black soot will burn.

Cradles Breastfeeding also has its own methods. Whatever the neck to one side of the curve, nursing alternately from both sides of the child; put a crib in the beam of your underarms, down with nipples; nursing a child in the dark, a contract to light a candle in front of the nipples.


* * *

Mother äldïi

Let me down on the bed,
let me hug.
The lamb in my sleeping,
back Kagan.

1454Child my watchful,
A melody of the song-it tossed.
Botha, lamb, Kulynshak -
All fell asleep.

Month drove to the wheelchair,
Day had to go to sleep.
Stars that went,
shut the doors.

Forests and watchful,
Castles and watchful.
You are asleep,
His mother is the light of the soul!

Day of normal sleep,
Depicted the mother song.
He knew that he was delicious
Early and went to the country,
Gold Medal tağıptı.


* * *


Word,: K.. Sarin
song: BUT. Bektulsan


Steps böpeşim, What is the spirit
Joy eye kökeşim, smile honey.
Moon-sun, I can say,,
Askar majestic mountain, I will say,.


äldï äldï, baby,
No'm into you baby, uncle,
Did you call my mother and father,
Lang was sweet.

äldï äldï, white male,
You be exalted to be built, tomorrow,
The pride of the country,
Be yourself man.

Captivating sweet behavior, soul singing
My transparent tunığım, käwsär ever.
Buoyant growth Gulim, oh You are my soul
In the light of step, let God.




CHILD DO bring a crib DAMAGE?

Altynay Sagymbai. at ktk.kz


Gray grew up the son of Kazakh woman. And go out of the cradle in use today. You can say it has led to a variety of modern devices. but, In addition mean more harm to the health of the baby in the cradle. Tries to promote the benefits of grandmas, Medicine does not eliminate the harm.

Based on scientific research in favor of the cradle toqatalыp ketsek:

1. Hand-foot erbeñdetip free child's sleep is not quiet. Sleep the sleep of a child's intelligence perfect.

2. Affects the psyche of the child's mother mazasızdığı. Such discomfort is a baby milk. So the cradle to the child in the future not be sabırsızdaw.

3. When deciding on the child besikke baby stretches kerilip,comfortable. Different to be in a state of relaxation of the body.

4. Clean baby tulaboyı, learn for cleanliness.

5. Besiktegi child's body wet, without talent. You can dry. It is the key to good health. And hands and feet grow up to be fried.

6. Cradle certain rhythm terbetiledi. The child's nervous system, will order.

7. Besiktegi äldïi completely absorbed from mother to child. Good behavior is formed. Dari is the blood of a child listening to a lullaby national.

8. Cradle of external energy source or the language back to the baby stores.

Kazakh the cradle so hard qadirleytindigi, grandfather of the crib in children, granddaughter, great-grandsons, şöpşek, and even brings up twajatına.


70 over the age of Hadi grandmother children, grandchildren, are all lined with carpets woman. Şöberelerine in the future is going to continue this good tradition. Kazakh traditions kept holy as as the sacred cradle of cleanliness and child health will only hostility processing. but, its perpetuation of the memory of our ancestors escape regretted equal to saqtamağanımızben.



At the same time doctors says: — Cradles rays The body of the child to rest, even, child health threat to conclude that.

children's nurse Sabirov Cradles separately leads to non-compliance with hygiene, he said.— Most of attributing the cradle refers to the leakage of urine. Therefore, the source will not adversely affect the hygiene. After all will come to this story. Former Kazakh people very good times, the cradle, think properly. Because the former is convenient in terms of migration.

Specialist and pediatrician Gulnara Qwanışbekqızı Cradles the following three types of harmful Strap list. First, garments baby a lot of sweat. And probably a lot of sweat incidence of childhood rickets. Second, Cradles of the boy lack of proper blood circulation Each magnifies, It takes out of the spindle of the feet. Now there are a lot of diseased dysplasia. demek, Cradles bound child is growing in the right hip bone.

Thirdly, Cradles through alternative terbetw we are left taldırıp. He put the child, adult human hands and feet tied, terbetseñiz dizzy, I would like to pass.


The mother of four doctors turned out to not be included in the opinion of the Nazgul. He noted the cradle of children's sleep is a guarantee.

— My four children. All four are the cradle. But not for a long time. Baby crib as loading, sunk deep uyıqığa, comfortably saw. In my opinion, The interior of the cradle— the mother's womb similar. In the newly arrived baby born, dark, and narrow crib ranges, felt that her mother, quiet sleep. You put the machine böpelerinizdi, planted on a chair or a special meal for safety belts have been put. As the cradle of the same seat, children need to know that while including security. only then, horrified, can make quiet.

two daughters, one son 29 year-old Alia If, contrary to the opinion of the Nazgul.

 — I have three children and a crib bölemegenmin. Because, our Kazakh still using archaic remnant, I want to make abuse of their närestelerine. It seems that, no man has the right to make a tiny defenseless child abuse. Therefore,, children Matthew dispose of the tree, that is, a crib against Yours.

Each family found the cradle of its existing joked stored in ancient times no one can prohibit. because it "Lullaby" will still be discussed.

Scientists listen to the full zerttemeyinşe details, we, Kazakh, böpemizdi intend to pay besikke. The most important thing, child health! In the meantime, a crib is to harm the health of children who grew up surrounded Without an official conclusion, cradle of the Kazakh will terbete. Terbetetin mother and swinging as a child wish.

Cradles to construct an image

17 February 2016 year.


besikke on the execution of the procedure currently weddings

complementary 2 beynejaba:

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The procedure for the construction of the cradle. Kazakh Customs and traditions

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