Think about to celebrate

Think about to celebrate



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This website since a little while "Kazagymnyn САЛТ-ДӘСТҮРЛЕРІ» that section opened, онда біраз жазбалар-мақалалар жарияланып жатқанын байқаған боларсыздар. at the same time, «TOЙ-BAZAR.KZ» that Square opened in, his "Toy folk treasures" the name chapter алғашқы парағында national traditions ең қадірлісі де маңыздысы саналатын «HE» the notion of Explanation encyclopedic and reference character was given a few articles. (link:


K.TV reception – ұлттық тәрбиенің құралы, art, қуаныш пен шаттықтың қайнаған ортасы болуымен қатар, the culture of the country, customs and traditions of cultivating clearly reflected in the level of platform. Therefore, modern people historic and Modernization of spiritual awareness During the execution of the process, қазақ тойының өткізілуі — The content of value-hand It is the most obvious jañaşalanwı must clear.

Ras, бұл еліміздің баспасөздері беттерінде, who is always up frequently on radio and television theme. He respected elders from the rural areas from, people are well known to scientists, writers, Journalists of, басқа да өнер адамдарының айтқан ой-пікірлерін, You can meet a lot of interesting things recommendatory. Мәселе маңыздылығы тұрғысында мемлекеттік деңгейге дейін жетіп, qayratkelerin, begins to worry leaders. His consistent, for example— Exactly one year ago today President of the country, ол кездегі Chairman of the Senate Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev еліміздегі той өткізу­дің форматын жаңарту тура­лы пікірталастарды қолдай­тын­дығы, dañğazalıq taking place on social networks and on the need to get rid of ısırapşıldıqtan opinion. Содан бастап of wedding the tradition a new modern species, Increasing the role of cultural, Take a clear sign that the taste of the people has become a new trend, express an opinion on.

That is,, осы мәселені талқылау аумағын барынша кеңейтіп, Kazakh ceremony The nature of the current holding period of the development of society and educational value to speak about salïxalı, ұлттық саясаттағы алатын орны мен ел мәдениетін арттырудағы ролін анықтау, they demonstrate a wide range of people's opinions on— life is determined that the request ...


In this regard,, me December Site page wedding theme has been taken, this process, present The culture of the wedding туралы мәйекті әңгімелердің ортасында болуымды жөн санадым. In this regard,, Press the left, ғаламтор жүйесінде назарға іліккен осы мазмұндағы мақалалар жинақталып сұрыпталып, сайт парақтарында назарларыңызға ұсынылып отырылатын болады. Keep yourself, conduct a conversation with the! As they formulate an opinion article on Offer, комменттер беріңдер!

As the first of them, жоғарыда айтылған K.. Tokayev мырзаның ой-ұсыныстарына орай пікірлер айтылған records беруден бастап отырмын. Accept!



Take first heard the beautiful song!

Kazakh party goes on

song— Alisher Karimov




More problematic aspects in the process of the wedding

Where Rauan,

"Egemen Kazakhstan", 18 September 2018 is.


soon Chairman of the Senate Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev at twitter the country posted the format of the wedding update supports discussions, the current change in the Kazakh wedding dogmatic approach, sleight, даң­ға­залық, ısırapşıldıqtan stressed the need to get rid of. Speaker of the Senate of the fraternal Uzbek, Turkish, түрікмен халықтары сияқты ұлттық дәстүрге қарай ойысудың жөн екенін жеткізді.

In fact, the modern Kazakhstan The culture of the wedding rennet affected enough time to talk about. If true, because how long the child to remain in the root of a tradition, close-out of the joy to be near the head and try to keep clear. That is,, we need today - turning the neck wedding owners too maqtangöylikke, with good intentions, bathrooms were timely promulgate the table.

Snow has already gone, black surface of the earth up into the dark chill of November until the Kazakh heard the voice of the black family fun, wedding season will revive the industry. Vary the campaign season begins in March, shіldede shirap, August rare, September and October are gradually tüyindeletini. This page is not, in the winter,, Boom does not mean that scattered. Only after the hotel was unusual to convene a time, Most of the time waiting for the summer. It is near the source of four brothers joy would be attended by all means.

Jadırağan speaker incurred when the entrance to the summer season, asabalardıñ The bride will be a number of. There are also numerous subject does not meet the quality and price. Even those who have memorized train program, There is also a great knowledge of witty and surprising humor tamadalar. Public service rather than a restaurant jağalağan asabalardıñ monthly income is quite large. Because it transferred the daughter of someone nearing the end of the week, it is the joy of taking someone else's daughter-in-law. Off duplicating the success of the Jarağan, Asabay a small serving of himself and of funds will be the size of the average monthly evening.

General, Before the wedding approached asabamen, guests who want to, native land, rural area is well-timed to give information about the past. Modern asabalardıñ appear satisfied with the education-related shaft. Proverbs and sayings from the mouth, Song black, There are young men poured out the word zhyrau. You can say those who can not overcome şıqpaytındarı light fun fun.

"Entertainer" had hoped to have weddings. Their dress, is not inherent in the nature of a hair sample. Ümbetbay Uaydinnіŋ "Toy educational place" he has something to say,. That is, there is educational value in attendance said more texts, We should not forget that parents place great concepts.

At the same time as a regular word skyrunner one of the most popular asabalardıñ, aytysker Askhat Qılışbekti Pull the conversation, We know the opinion of the wedding themselves on the sidelines of the stride.

"Ago Asaba known as the man who was closer to the line of wedding, that citizens would remain in the region. Now intervened, preventing the region from one area to asabalardı. It is the mentality of the region, Life can be seen toastmaster life. A resident of the capital, is the head of the Atyrau wedding. They are two of the region is much more. Sometimes owners of expensive hired asabası wedding is not to his liking. Its one reason Wedding agencies The opening of a large number of. I have heard that there are about 360 in the center of Almaty. Now the majority wants in one place all the time consuming. Those who wanted to make a wedding to go to such centers, she would like to choose Asabay. That may or may not be the owner to see Asabay. Will listen only to provide citizens agency. So they make advertising qatıratını, tamadanıñ only from successful shows warming, may skip the owner of the wedding. Hope asabası eat regret was not to his liking happens to be the first wedding owners. Sondықtan to toastmaster should be more careful when choosing», he says.

The celebration into the internal awrasına, Think before you today, even 90-Comparing the years toylarmen, There is a great difference between a. He met with the parties in the black family or a tarpaulin roof and the yard. Congestive wedding Although the noble-miss-cracking alien weddings. Signature expect from a hotel whose presence would no doubt open the Kazakh şükirşiligi. The current limited time, not rival each other. Then into the true glow of wedding guests, Tag just want to celebrate. But now the area has been atşaptırım restaurants, There are restaurants with a capacity of up to 1500, will be food to all birds except milk. Even though there are palaces belonging to the car in front of the entire congregation. Is this it, is constructed with a helicopter landing platform restaurants. So of course I do not want to compare the past and present weddings.

"That almost empty-handed somersaults". Kazakh delight saw tired. In any case, tolling, visits unbroken, that year the twelve-month wedding nation. Such generous, Due to the existence of the endless great restaurants and in excess of Honor, increased income, professional advancement. Perhaps one of the restaurants in the city of Astana administrator Aqnazar Dinmuhamed in his word, he said that the income of the summer and fall art season. "One of the songs, One of the dances, One of the wedding is type behave in allowances. Due to the continuous festive at this time most of the restaurants busy. Winter wedding decrease, a small mini-sessions are held in the halls ", The administrator said the restaurant.

there, In this regard, the occasion of the Kazakh culture, order, satisfaction is vital for the establishment of such concepts as. Because if asabası culture will not be cheap jokes at a wedding feast, wild game can not be played back. White kïmeşekti grandparents keketip, white bearded grandfathers muqatıp, Before the family members of spontaneous qıljaqtamaydı. Omit the word of the church Toyşıl, Acceptable clowns are not included in the image to be filled. someone's head, shall not affect someone's hair. The status of culture Asabay always high. Second, order. This is the first to be invited to the wedding guests. It begins at the time of arrival of discipline on wedding. A wedding invitation to two hours a day - five years old, five in the evening to go to the wedding, including one calling for evidence. At the same time, a great desire to tell, While blessing the youth side of the take-up of toast noise, are glass wars. One neighbor aqtarılıp, Smiling while wished parallel some of the senior house jeñgelerimiz, worried not found between rural stories ...

"Calling the wedding may renjimewi, Let's not get invited but strongly resent " asabalardıñ say with humor. So reins at jıqpay see ustatqanmen, it has become sometimes a pain to get to the microphone. Nobody ignored the word about the guest does not take into account the influence that orphans. Wednesday was one of thirty people from guests who should be in the consideration of the eyebrows and eyelids. That is the agreement to comply with the order, the congregation of the system for the passage of wedding guests.


P.S: Son into the slot, daughter into the apex, circumcision feast stumble, şildexana who cut off, Adam sixty years of age, enemizdiñ the age of fifty Owners who entigip wedding satisfaction the concept of the sacred does not take note, Kazakh treasures without blessing, has much to offer, will definitely be a high reputation. Kazakh pocket to keep up with the congregation, many go into debt, we noticed that a wedding. laugh, the name of the fun of the people would not only kill, There are even those who bridle hand. "Someone in the heat, We should remember someone fed jumping ". If the air to turn the former parties of the conversation, "Now other people, Modern other "middle way, there are those who turn. Without having his hand in his mouth, good visibility of the bank loan for the evening, a one-day holiday that celebrates, say, to the thousand-day grace körpesine everyone who extends. So the presence of market, the true heart to offer a cup of tea, мейманыңның мерейі тасымай ма?! Life is exciting to swim in the river boat with satisfaction that the expiration, Wow?!.


«Is not there another problem?» Tokayev, who remained without the proposal of the event?

Nurgul Abai.

Sputnik, 4 October 2018 is.


MPs and representatives of culture Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev party expressed their opinions on the proposal to hold a new format

XXI century. Shiny inside and outside of the big barn. Hot and cold, ішері мен тіске басары да табылатын аста-төк дастарқан. Daңғyrlaғan music. Consumed with bitter water vapor alqına rashly old and young. sleight, empty words, unwarranted praise. Unfortunately, Kazakh ceremony today сиқы осы.

The last ten-fifteen years, the educational value of the Kazakh wedding to lose, Rivalry and competition, extravagance and superiority platform. Today, rather than körpesine, Make the value of the Kazakhs, who extends to the words of the people is not enough, And there was the world's morass of credit, creates a loud wedding. Kazakh profligacy toyındağı society has long been hotly discussed topic is relevant and who is the enemy. Long ago about the issue that is the word The chairman of the senate Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev Added. Senate Speaker toydağı astamşılıq and stop beybastıqtı, fraternal Uzbek, Turkish, түрікмендерден үлгі алуға шақырған еді. Sputnik reports deputies and state toastmaster-singers were asked how he feels about the proposal of the figure.

«БАҚ-та үйлену және басқа да тойларды жаңа үлгіде өткізуге қатысты пікірталастарды қолдаймын. sleight, dañğazalıq, avoiding ısırapşıldıqqa, fraternal Uzbek, Turkish, Turkmen xalıqtarı such as the need to keep the focus on national traditions», — деп жазған еді Тоқаев твиттердегі парақшасында.

It is a huge waste Kazakh society for a long time, despite being, the ruling brothers is only for now. «Better late than never» Speaking, оған да шүкір. Tokayev wedding proposal to change the format was once hotly discussed on social networks. Only one state figure is satisfied with the oral opinion, are supported.

«You can not compare us to the Kyrgyz»

MP Bakhytbek Smagul да жоғары палата төрағасының ұсынысын толық қолдайтынын білдірді. According to, wide spread the table, strong toastmaster two years will not be happy with the charter. therefore, everybody «körpesine kösilgeni» considers it appropriate to.

«Tokayev said that should be supported. Because, At the current head of state, how many people want to attend a wedding in Tajikistan, outlined specify how much the loss of the table. Why? Refers to a person's reach, now there is lack of one. Only wide spread the table, hire a good toastmaster, the same can not be happy in the hope the two young maxim. The same labor and education where I think we need to explain to young people that», — деді депутат.

At the same time, National Hero profligacy janazadağı raised the problem of.

«Fires went to Death, There opens the back» people say. cover black, When you're suffering «This is the beast, you must soyuıŋ, this should be at the table» that's absolutely wrong. Everyone should be made to the value of making a breakthrough. Сондықтан да той үшін кредит алып, loud, dañğoy, dañğazalıqqa, Rather than coming back losses, керісінше ұлтымыздың құндылығын, Conscious of the losses that offending, I think that it is much more rewarding to act. In this hand, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev the population has cherished the game", — дейді Smagul.

recently, Brother Kyrgyzstan's deputy state with money a five-year moratorium on weddings would suggest. Happy Smagul «Қазақстан да осы мәселені қарастырғаны дұрыс шығар, How do you think?» We ask.

«This situation think, but Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev A lot of the world thought that he was speaking. I can not say that it will consider the deputies, but it is necessary to think», — деп қысқа қайырды мәжілісмен.

Smagul colleague Azat If, is not the stage to prevent ısırapşıldıqqa, hope to the future '.

«This is a very serious problem. Because we are his brothers and relatives who want to share the joy of parents „toylamañdar, hotel şaqırmañdar, Lay not relatives“ I can not afford to limit. It is Kazakhs, God is for us qudağï, in-law-descendant. We can not change the law tradition, People should be conscious that the road. otherwise, Let's now prohibited by law, tomorrow, it seems, People will still make his point. Therefore, we accept the law, I have a big doubt, its comprehensive, need to discuss it properly. Mr Tokayev civil point of view now intends only. He now developed, How many years was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, see less, Many know the customs and traditions of the nation. And our people must still reach him. If you want to establish their mind, it can be any effective law», — дейді халық қалаулысы.

On the other hand, According to the deputy, Now times are going to change.

«Recently I went to Almaty. Köktöbedegi children „Abay“ a visit to a restaurant, out of the terrace, to say the least photographed, is not empty. What was exaggerated, is preparing for the wedding. there 30 Only a dozen people deployed on the table. At the wedding table, I was surprised. It, our Kazakh youth. Was studied in Europe, parents wedding traditions of Europe to invite only close to the relatives,, Conducting. This trend has now. Шымкентте тағы бір жақсы үрдіс басталды. He left without money collected by the youth's parents wedding, homes for orphans, they would organize holiday. So I think we have this time», — деді ол.

but funeral, food believes that it is better to restrict the folding table in connection with the loss, such as.

Nevertheless,, Mr. peruashev Kazakh wedding does not have a great wedding.

«Most rejoice, Kazakhs do not share all the joy. I'd like to get even Turkish Kazakh», — деп ағынан жарылды депутат.

And a member of the conference Bekbolat Tleukhan toydağı want to say that we have to think about how to stop the superiority, «Is it possible to limit himself to do it?» he has two in mind.

«Tokayev has said the truth, Stop ısırapşıldıqtı. In conclusion, there is a soul. Indeed, Remove excessive credit, the mouth of the money of the last children finger, wedding against losses and also make it. How do I need to think about how to stop it», — деді ол.

And at the state level that we How about a moratorium on weddings: «You can not compare us to the Kyrgyz», — деп қысқа қайырды.

great Abai five into the ranks of the enemy «livestock paced in vain» - a key issue of concern to the representatives of culture. Film and theater director, kinodramaturg, People's Artist of Kazakhstan Talgat parietal toydağı saw huge losses, sometimes expressed that it şoşınıp.

«last 20-25 Since our identity, minds, culture is a traditional weddings. Wedding business has become show business. This business who would like the wedding feast, кім не киініп келеді, кім не алып келеді, Who talks to whom, кім кімнің жанына отырады — қып-қызыл бәсекеге айналды. It is now 5-10 not that take years disease. It is a consciousness of the need to change. Should be changed to change the consciousness of a generation.

10-15 years, was unable to overcome disease. Sometimes, on the one hand say thank those who are celebrating. but, Breakfast is trickling, food on table 80-85 the percentage eaten remains. Wasted. The per capita are all sorts of thoughts, Look at this, sometimes creates charitable foundation, that people in need of food to stock the rest of the wedding, even, Do you think that is circulated by students in a dormitory. because, see losses, şoşınasıñ. A long time ago, I saw the roof of the cafe while visiting the city of Hainan record. My son would ask for a translation, „a place to eat but asıñızdı, there is no sin greater than underground disposal“ is that it is written. there, It is important to understand this», — дейді әртіс.

«Artists sees through the wedding day»

To change the format of the anniversary of the Kazakh, To avoid waste and dañğazalıqqa - who found a wedding näpaqasın by singers and asabalardıñ folder can be juqartwı.

«world of Humor» theater Artist, toastmaster Kairat Ädilgerey expressed watching a show-business stars, thanks to wedding day.

«The celebration thanks to a lot of sense to take care of the human soul -, cookers, photographers. Everyone has their own körpesine must kösilwi. take credit, none of those who overestimated feast is not subjected to forced. It is each person who accepted his decision. The celebration is watching actors days. Kazakh feast, always toastmaster, singer resorted to, so it is in the blood. he, incidentally, is to report to the people of one family», — дейді әртіс.

In this regard, Ädilgerey 4-5 tell song, асабадан да артық «fee» Soloists of the wedding that sullen.

«My fees are average 2000 US. we „fee“ We agree, as appropriate size for each person, There is nothing frozen. So, some can be a lot of singers Asabay. Tell a four- or five-song, 4-5 intercepts thousand dollars. And toastmaster at a wedding until the end of the beginning, may be much less than the five-hour service for singers», — дейді ол.

Ädilgerey wedding business in the country as there had thwarted.

«for art, Remove the scene for a good song, No one is working for the people. Now all wedding music, wedding singers. So, Ten years ago, artists ashamed to go to the wedding. now, on the contrary, wedding singer who should be ashamed '. Our wedding singers failed. One hit is drawn, and then going to the wedding, he will sit. For further growth, development, There is no improvement in the knowledge. Do not spray the soil for a long time, certainly, but, unfortunately, Very few professional musicians», — дейді ол.

Nevertheless, Speaker of the senate той-томалаққа қатысты пікірі әртіске ұнамай қалған да сияқты.

«Talk about the wedding, мемлекетте басқа да проблема көп қой. social objects, pension, people with disabilities, gas, Afghan veterans say the problem. But we, the same party has been discussing. You can also learn that to fall to the level of what it. I understand her concerns. If so deeply aşısa, Lower interest banks. Then, after the credit of the people in the wedding without great hindrance, will repay», — деген ұсынысын жеткізді Kairat Ädilgerey.

«Only singers who are preparing the wedding itself - is a hit»

But the singer, who is in many ways to enter public service Dosymzhan Tanatarov Tokayev proposal is supported with both hands.

«country, Here are the national interest, does not preclude any thing. In this hand, was a very good review. There are many citizens who support. Kazakh people are good-natured, Oddly, considering the spontaneous life, aqköñildigimiz harming ourselves sometimes refer to. especially, When the post-wedding like going into fun», —дейді ол.

Tanatarov in the world of art, some colleagues expressed touch the wedding has hit the format change.

«Self, who only linked toymen, only to have to prepare the holiday performances, certainly, known to be a small blow. Erte me, sooner or later it must be. Task - not only in singing during the wedding singer, the culture of the country, over the lack of, Salvage talk continued from generation to generation. Participants who take expensive burden the country with the price I think you will repent. time will tell», — said the singer.

It is a lot of vulgar things at a wedding feast, Kazakh customs and traditions divorced tell thwarted.

«Some of the parties will be in a certain genre. So, If you go to visit, The kind of our wedding, Depending on the style of the Indian traditions. Daughter-in-law and married a young man from, God is accompanied by all qudağïdıñ Indian dresses. Its traditions, While the national dress, why those interested in? A lot of the same things. Then he makes fun of people who, Tickets will be times when we put them. People can be aware of either drinking. You can make fun of by alcohol. There is more to the late arrival. Taraz, Kyzylorda, Shymkent, Atyrau, Invited guests gathered at nine o'clock in the morning to six in the cities of Aktau. I do not even know it. certainly, There is not a Kazakh later than (ash). But there is a limit for everything», — дейді әнші.



Weddings duty, Did you or a loan

"their thoughts" a TV program 1 сағаттық тақырыптық хабарын асықпай, gently with, but by the end you have to be correct




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