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Today it is in the field of information, information and advertising "Mediator" with the above name, which fully corresponds to the content and purpose of the site new section I'm open.

In turn,, This purpose and content structure of the section marked below 3 chapter topics I will determine accordingly.


1. The name of the first of our people «HE— NATIONAL TREASURE » I got the winged word. These two or three words— of the Kazakhs ignorance, simple vitality, kindness and generosity, brotherhood, as well as a unique national values The concept of "philosophical" can be said to have been formed as. it— have in hand, From the moment a person is born as a baby, his joys throughout his life holiday He shared it with the people dear nation property. Even the food of the deceased dignitaries was turned into a holiday proud you will return?

In this regard,, There are so many wonderful meanings in this chapter wedding traditions, their content and performance procedures and being done with them about artistic events regularly informative articles I want to publish.

Similarly,, section of the site readers and others creative citizens wedding holidays, written on the themes of customs and traditions works accepted and published.


2. second, TOY-BIZNES The chapter says that such a wedding is possible in every region of the country- to hold festive events professional citizens and serving in that direction, preparing the necessary products special places database is intended to create.

further, chapter who needs such services on a daily basis, consumers interconnected, acting as an intermediary online platform (platform) used as.


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And today the first records of this section as "He" concept encyclopedic definition, for a wedding Kazakh poet Kadyr Myrzaali's poems, Kazakh proverbs and «That bazaarThe singer Nurlan Alban video clips one set I recommend. get to know


What is a wedding?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

he. In today's understanding, the meaning of this word is a hymn to which the country is invited to a happy occasion., The game is great. "A big party starts at home after sunset" (I. Zhansugurov, Exit.).

For some reason "He" looking for the meaning of the word, to history It seems that there is not much enthusiasm to go. because, ancient in Turkic inscriptions The word "wedding" is used in the modern sense. Only in the Kazakh language not only, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, khakas, other like Tuva in Turkic languagesthis person and meaning is preserved. Search, The following information is also exposed to the industry, Thinks about the meaning of the word "wedding".

First, In the ancient Turkic inscriptions, "wedding" as we know it - except for the meaning of overeating, One of the most disturbing facts is his (The word "wedding") «Meeting, used in the concept of "group".

Second, nanai belonging to the Tungus-Manchurian group, негидал, sickle, orosh, ulch, even, "wedding" in Evenki languages, The words that make up the sound of "feeling" in our language "as guests, respect, show respect ”. Now when it comes to collecting this linguistic data In three different meanings of "wedding" are encountered.

The first one - Eating to fill the stomach. This meaning is still in the Turkic language, used in ancient times. the second—As mentioned above, «Meeting, top ». The third - in the Tungus-Manchu languages ​​- “hospitality, respect, show respect ". Needless to say, all three meanings are found in the celebration of joy. There is a meeting, There is also a group, then respect is the main principle, The group is also free to eat and drink. In our opinion, When the heads of three "wedding" persons closely related in meaning, It was also called "wedding" because it was the main symbol of the holiday. Gathered in this way, refuse, Entertainment, eating and drinking, The joy of receiving a gift is called a "wedding.".[1]



Stories about the wedding

Kadyr Myrza Ali «he— from the perfect key» already taken.


Curiously, he will not grow old;

The dynasty of the Kazakhs.

He is no better than a friend

The wealth of the table.


Sayak moved in the clouds

At the age of paralysis.

The dispute was resolved

At the beginning of the table.


Debts have returned

Where are the Kazakhs?.

The country was in power

At the beginning of the table.


From our grandfather's food

Not a big odd height.

To the head of the snake

He poured white!


* * *

Did you call?

during the

Go, friend, The task is.

Even on a cold night

Know that fat is a night without frost!


If you see criticism from a girl,

You blush and sweat.

Wherever you are,

Think of it as a place! ...

* * *


From passion,

If you can,

Don't be shy!

Rejoice with the people,

Shine with everyone.


Some admire the drink,

If you don't drink, don't drink, if you don't like.

Sing along with the crowd,

You dance with everyone!


He was full toastmaster,

It is not possible, guy, this is a charge.

To a person who knows how to think

It is worth knowing!


* * *

When you start a song, it's amazing,

Everyone supports.

This is a Kazakh without art



She graduated from the desert with a guy

How can a song not be released?!

The Kazakh national language is poetry,

He will not understand you without poetry.


Even if you write in a foreign language,

All you have to do is sing.

Even if you make a mistake,

We listen to you with admiration.


"If art doesn't come first,

That's why a man wants a wedding car?!»

It burns!

If you don't have a voice,

Go out and dance!


Otherwise, a lot of people

You are not satisfied..

Even if he is an incompetent person,

There is no Kazakh without art!


* * *


Even at the wedding

The burden of the citizen is too much.

During a break

Goddess, boyfriend:

"You are the most beautiful in the series,

The most beautiful is you!»Where.

Didn't you say?

If you say so,

There is no taste in your words.


Do not be discouraged when speaking

That's a great word to say.

Sometimes people need it

A kind word like a great word!



Proverbs about weddings

Retrieved from the Internet




Songs performed by Nurlan Alban and the group of grandmothers

«He bazaar»


"Beu Aidai!

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