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Master of ceremonies honor— good manners !

Master of ceremonies honor - good manners !

Dear readers,!

Published on the site last page «HOW Showmen, Cousin?» today's records the theme Continuing with the. here he ASABALARINIÑ the time required to meet the requirements of today culture, readings, ethical Duties of is talking about. get to know!


Educational School


Baltabay Syzdykov,

A member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

«Sary-Arka breeze» newspaper, 24 January 2019 year



he - the good and the good things of the past, reviving the best traditions, the holiday would continue teaching. he— a bridge between the older and younger generations and ADJIP-NAP. English also dealt with the most hope - was a "wedding receptions". This is, however, only one part of the word meaning. Producer will have the wedding feast. "Wedding fun, merry, attractive was passed, If you are as happy guests "- that, then for food, then to bowl, he expressed concern for the public's eye, The most common are not ringing wedding.


Ras, tired of going to some parties, fast disappointed. From time invited to the wedding 2-3 hours, sometimes even late cheat beginning. It will all laugh at the end of the one-on-one to speak again. Forced to endure after the breakdown of the wedding.

As is known today Asabay Wedding management into a source of income. "Do not discernable tenge, "I can not control toyıñızdı believes. Then came, "Expensive", There is the concept of "mass" Asabay. Some possible warming "cheap" asabalarğa affairs, and they remove blessing wedding, repeatedly shouted "slap-slap", may be meaningless to talk mazañdı.

Asabay The main weapon— speech. Still more toastmaster speech, must be careful of the meaning of the word. Bridges do not have a lot of speech. the meaning of words, logical sentence, illustrations are attractive, songs and jokes, game and smile, What is made of desire to communicate and to devote harmoniously. That's free, traffic, only if it is filled with holiday fun. God was playing the harp, sang songs qudağï, If God dancing, wedding mentioned in connection with proverbs and sayings, What is the best national games! You can not speak to all who came to the wedding. Asabay should take into account the following: Speaking before will win, Speaking at a strong win. Therefore, in the short guests, visit to speech, Wish to touch to the repetition of the words should know.

marriage, girl uzaty celebration between the two sides or tables dance competition, music competitions, debate, Proverbs, Speaking of the mysterious events It would be interesting to have passed. The above-said-mızday, toastmaster guests to speak at all involvement with the oldest and youngest, 15-20 called into the building from the people, "işteriñizden 1-2 Speak only human ", Despite warnings, only willing to take a lot of time trying to. Master of ceremonies invited them as guests on each table name, Tell family relationship, among them wishing to speak on behalf of all 1-2 If the person, Nobody would be displeased.

Asaba When you create a script with the owner of the wedding of all adults, promise the most respected people, songs for the same person, status clicks, among the culture, common comic words, playing the national game, it would be interesting to involve the majority of the wedding guests. "Horse in the year," one of the players toastmaster at a wedding feast, "Horsehair" kisinetip, Everyone is happy that the gift to them, forget things went wrong with making a reservation for Asabay. Weddings at each of the young people there is no logic in the signing of the build up to the people. Older people, parents, ağayın- relatives who came from afar, meaning enough Courtesy.

Wedding owners say: unique joy in your life— toyıñızdı money to someone unknown qunıqqan affairs, famous, Gifted and talented, experienced Asabay basqartsañız, ever growing from, Anniversary growing, sure to draw more pleasure. The reason to write this article— of the wedding, that it is a responsibility of being a toastmaster, As part of today's spiritual revival of national values ​​with the times, sawıqşıl, dumanshyl, toyşıl people from continuing in order to preserve the best traditions of the child owners of wedding, wedding of thought control asabalarğa ...



What should be a good toastmaster?



Ð Ð ° ?? O ?? ?? Ñ Ñ ?? Ð ° Ñ ?? Ð ° Ð ± Ð ° Ð ° O ?? нÐ'Рй ° Ð ± оР»Ñ Ñ ?? ?? кÐμÑ ?? Ðμк?


But cunning head domalaytın a feast for the happiness of the people of Kazakh, There is no joy for the rest of its best pages. Overestimated absorbed into the bloodstream to create custom wedding. One would be a shame, Be careful not to get another one says. Now, one will have to be pleased to see one of the. It is one thing to be invited to the wedding and make a hotel, there is still the recipient of the initiative toydağı Asabay Address.

Take a good wedding - Asabay.

Master of ceremonies - the man of the art. He is to speak to the people wizard, ninety of his spoken words to speak the word to node, The head of the crowds who combine, humor liquid, a significant word, person of culture. God, wedding, girl uzaty - What kind of wedding, even if, toastmaster thorough preparation should be done to all. Two words that he was able to unite, careless violates any toastmaster detract from the joy.



The task Asabay:

- Four or five hours For mentally systematize the foot of wedding;

About the owner of the wedding, the tribe of, Country of origin, History, fathers is important to have an idea about. This should be in order to represent the wedding between the family;

A rich vocabulary, jırmen poem swsındağan, memorized, Avoid the word lightly sıldır, referred to, a meaningful word should be swift;

After being came into existence - Country wedding, them The main goal of the service is down -. The celebration will be incorrect to rule that caught the reins.

of the population peace keeping, should bring delight;

Within a short time, the crowd sang,, dancing, to raise attention the system should be implemented;

- What is the amount of money paid by, After being handed a dynasty enjoy Asabay, it is the first should feel responsibility.

Everyone must know the location of humor. Giving toward people of any age - mädenïetsizdik. must be taken into account. Elders from the environment to the mouth of the äzildeymin exposure, more than a thousand words to say elderly are called to respond to the wishes blessing.



If you want to have a wedding dürkirep ... Asabay best choice Give value to its first appearance. Let people admire.

wedding program Looking back. vocalist, What are the dancers, well you know what the total program.

Many Asabalardıñ folder after qampaytıp brought cheap dancers and singers, Reduces adorn toyıñızdıñ. This is to avoid Check in advance, If you can not remove the picture report. Claim!

According to the recognized stars on stage, simple Among the people who, ısılğan working Asabay will be strong. however, afford, show your hand.



That should be perfect for teaching to become law

«Т» websites, 3 August 2017 year


famous Dosbol Chechen "It is hard to start, Would it be difficult to start or road?When asked ": "The start is not difficult if you follow the blue bayonet, If the country who pursue the road is not hard to start -, most of all, the word is hard to start, Leaves come to find holiday, You might not find mocked " said that.

The celebration fun and be content Asabay it depends The so-called here. Küldiretin, destroying both, zhylatatyn yes, Console - language. Toydağı table decoration, True, depending on the value of the master Asabay. Ұshқyr th, mobile, harmonious jokes, educational value known significant conversation with the guests jalıqtırmaytını. the whole life, in the history of words, precipitation, dispute and stop words, people for a specific response to the descendant of the rule of law.

What are the requirements to trace the wedding ASABALARĞA?

Where the population is one of the most respected marriage wedding. Sprinkle with the presence of the parent, brothers-in-law and friends gathered jarannıñ, creates elaborate wedding. The celebration is no doubt that it is everyone's personal care business. however, custom, Most often people go to meet the change in the traditions of the world from the forward, complement tozığın, together with an effective, please contact us to consolidate positions, from one of the coast jetildirsek, educational content into the possibility of muqïyattasaq, fits our needs known. Most of the wedding at the last moment managed asabalardıñ joke tend to say. But with the order so funny. Expression laugh, You can also undermine. Light, The content of the ignorant laughing, laugh as the country grieves mouth,There is illustration of the deep meaning of a smile. Remove the taste of the meeting to tell jokes Öñkey, Guests can see that fed. What is the short version of the story says that from where you want to place a price priority.


1) word level, суырыпса­лмалық, ұтқыр­лық – Asabay harmonious qualities. Between guests and the owner of the wedding beautiful jımdastırıp inherent in the art of harmonious coordination Asabay. Asabay mïmïkası, conduct, movement, The word abuse affects a large group toydağı connection. especially, a variety of hand gesture motion (gesture) will be combined with the very attractive.

2) The celebration will not speak immediately as soon as they had taken the lead in, Effective made a little break. People at this time Asabay appearance, dïdarımen, clothes are the first data about looking. therefore, Wedding external image of the driver is always neat good that felt.

3) According to the status of the congregation gathered in the wedding mood Asabay If continued legal, it will include only the style of wedding. Although swift about how much responsibility Asabay, more or less extent, There have been reports of speech equipment.

4) Today should be a change in the toylarımızğa Kazakh kind of. We do not do it, No one is known does not make. Asabalardıñ To be meaningful and extensive vocabulary words should read more literature. During the party, not only as a joke, going to be forgotten proverbs and sayings and winged ancestors words eloquence Speaking can be caused to remain in the memory of the congregation toydağı. Asabalardıñ folder jokes, Games repetitive multi-faceted portfolio, collect a lot of points to send bothering wedding.

To be honest, Kazakh culture lately, customs and traditions, customs not forgotten, Kazakh reception in the value of its own, meaning, there are those who wish to continue to lose. National customs and traditions of our people into married for many of the educational experience. Ozıғın, leave tozığın, Improving adapted to civilization aspects of the use of the traditions of the nation, back with the wedding only in its immoral. Ayırılısıp VAT trends in the minds of today's youth national tradition honored over wedding If we are to make an example, will give a little.

Asabay 7 ethics

«А» websites, 26 June 2019 year



Showmen but is not limited to being a fluent speaker. The celebration took the reins, start turning to you - turned, impose the prestige of a dynasty, means a feeling of responsibility.

Dosbol Chechen "It is hard to start, Would it be difficult to start the road, Would it be difficult to start or word?When asked ", speaker: "It is easy to start, If you follow the blue bayonet, It is not difficult to start, If the country who pursue. First of all, the word is hard to start— Leaves come to find holiday, You might not find mocked " said that.

Similarly, asaba that — serving more than one person alone toydağı is the most important responsibility of the person.

Ol - ideologist

He is a teacher

He is the coordinator of the wedding

He is forming an opinion toydağı.

So, From a speech before the country, janaşırına, should take into account the persons responsible have become a favorite of some ädepterin We decided to leave enumerating.

Dear, Asaba! Two countries jarastırıp, their as the person who will help to reach a good life is here tips Take into account:

1. He invented a pleasure

"Only the money was" not that I have, "Let the money, Tell him something useful to the country, including, swallow the spread of good wishes to contribute to the wing even sadness ". "Educational value driver of the evening", The word 'giving', Increased "public good, make my contribution to the reduction of evil ", "Meetings law to pass is if you want a little bit like a horse to participate", Operating sure that the fruit of desire.

2. Elders RESPECT, SEE respectfully, respectfully

That kept the reins of damage to laugh with some tamadalardıñ, relations that make a mockery of the country, there is still the old man heard the word often. Therefore, the humor can be a place of their own, mockery of the country in front of the elderly do not forget that the default view. inappropriate to speak, try to not upset the elders, Do not make fun of them in your the height of the thoughts öreñizdiñ, tektiligiñizdiñ view.

Yes, sometimes people make eagle-catastrophic Smile, password can be passed. However, adults continue to make fun of you brought no honor.

3. AS comic lied to the country

Joke, even if people do not lie, even if the edge of Paradise, takes place. Although the Prophet ﷺ joke, lied. Tell the truth, tell a joke rate, You can make people laugh. This tamadanıñ his sharp intelligence, education, Depending on experience. So lie drying sapırıp, Rather than thinking qïyulastırğannan Be closer to reality. At that time, only the essence of your password is, and shine-free finish (conscience) preserved, You can password weight.

4. SESSION, Get help with the overall level

Consult with the owner in advance of wedding, young people who want features, Determining the level of plays a very important role in. Do the people of the village, or whether the people of the city, What kind of service, What people value now that the environment, The use of the measure according to which the password can be caused by the passage of a welfare evening. It is unavailable or unable to think on the contrary their interest in topics, Tell something light, should take care not to overwhelm them.

5. Can you tell us more good things

Increasing the promotion of good, evil (negative) will continue to be driven by itself. It leads to the good of the country by providing good, teach the ear, Push it to the heart of the country. Bad, bad for the country and by far, jïrenwine, will contribute to pursue what is good. For example, - Respect for parents is good, love the motherland, moral, etc.. And at worst - alcoholism, adultery, divorce, etc.. The country has educational value, meaningful words, good evening through the minds of at least one person to absorb your The main goal must be.

6. Asked weddings vodka, Table away

Because, "How much money should be" self-aqtasañız, vodka with the environment, dishonesty can not be mixed success, prosperity. has become the 4-5 Bring to the boil one hour skin, As a result of extensive heat sink belşeñizden, may have to go with breakthrough, but such conditions are not to your owner, God wants jawmaytın, requests can not be accepted, God gave you when it comes to the opening of honor. There will not be an angel who vodka, In the absence of an angel, he should take a course that Satan.

7. the owner of the wedding reception, People make a wish, Extended for an extra fee, Unexpected gifts

"God is generous, Asabay sent a shot of your folders ", "Aga" I have something ustatatın money joke, opt into the hands of others, reduce the reward of a person knocking on the guest folder -, divides the respect of the world. Keep away from such a low building height maximum.

there, This Asabay should take into account ädepterdiñ is just one part only. What are you going to a wedding being held on the sidelines was a proposal ağalarımızğa, do you wish? Sit down to write your opinion.



How to prepare, Asaba?


Muxambetkärim QOJIRBAYULI, Mangistau region

«Native language» newspaper,



One of the themes in society, who are often the word Asabay and wedding culture. It is worth to add a few thoughts on this issue see, I got a pen in my hand. My observations, some are completely unprepared for the occasion of the control Asabay. In most cases, the wedding will not be thanks to the owner of the wedding program. Master of ceremonies wedding for half an hour before the start, to get a list of wedding guests from the owner. Often a celebration led by Asabay, Yes, all of the wedding would be a copy of the territory may have to see.

Here's what I mean, asabalardıñ Taking into account this problem, management should be prepared to attend a wedding. An honest look at the profession do so regularly recurrent Asabay. They have not met the owner the day before the wedding program, do not go unprepared to manage the wedding. Therefore, these will be respected in the country Asabay.

Sadly, weddings their way, traditions, improviser poetic, speaking words, As with all of the wedding guests folk songs, terme, status, such as generation can be an example National art will remain in use. Asabay attachment to the principle of a western wedding. Vibrates from head to toe western dance. Ear-leading solid vote. Kazakh culture is absolutely contrary to the: speaking wild, vulgar jokes tell, When racy games, sometimes came to the set to look at the ground in shame.

Another observed, Asabay the price of the wedding sending excessive lifted. According to the people 300-500 thousand, There are even higher. Given a moment to think of the common people. certainly, There are no other problems for the. The country would be, must take the issue of training of competent Asabay. General, in my opinion, write a note for a strong social network Asabay, Meeting on the site of the Open asabalarğa wedding, the culture of the language lessons, Kazakh wedding style of the need to provide information. According to him such Asabay disciples, It would be aligned.

Not a lot of food to be speaking, just speech!

Asaba course

«Walking in a haystack» producer Center

21 November 2017 year.




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