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Today this The new site opened the first thematic sheet, The first article is published. last "INTRODUCTION" aytqandayın article, «GOLDEN UYaM Aksu» the name website Any of the above type carried out a separate section, now I have brought to this place. Prior to his 18 issue of According to the topic 50-aces day cognitive aspect encyclopedic, Doctrine, Research articles and Kazakh's tribal and individual citizens parent family genealogical records was published. (If they are interested in, can be found at the following link: http://bit.ly/2Ctfx5I

Now here, separation between them, Continuing further. his today's topic— Kazakh, who endured great suffering in the history of their country, Long centuries unforgettable, Hard times have become immortal— Dzungarian-Kazakh wars dedicated. In this regard,, him encyclopedic data, a permanent member of the site J.TOLIMBEKOVTIÑ Doctrine article and thematic small video recording is introduced. get to know!


Jungar-Kazakh wars

«dzhungars invasion»

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Junggar invasion

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Junggar invasion, dzhungarKazakh wars (Patriotic War also called) - Since the inception of the Kazakh Khanate, 18 its territory to the 50 years of the century Oirats no aloud, No raids by surface again. Kazakh people Kalmyks first Oirats, then called Dzungars (city. Junggar Khanate). 15 century must break the ruler of the tribe will Oirats 50-years-iron within its walls adjacent to them organize the attack on the Kazakh steppe. Dasht-i Kipchak rushed into, White Horde destroyed. for cheese reached, Kazakh ethnic groups out of the south-east, Turkestan, Tashkent got to capture. 15 century, there is an intensive 70-years Oirats attacks. Kazakh khan Taһir (shallow) In order to create an obstacle to the Oirats Semirechye built up a large Jatan fortress. 16 In the second half of the century Akˌnazar han Kazakh army during the fighting against Oirats, has achieved great victories. Khan risk At the reign of Kazakh troops who defeated the enemy forces. Oyrat wanted to press the shopping centers along the Syr Darya. English merchant and traveler to believe this can be the basis of the data caused by Jenkinson. it 1557 warm Central Asia China when held, Oirats Kazakhs and the city of Tashkent made to prevent war.


Kazakh Khanate conflict Oyrattarmen

16 the middle of the century and the 2nd half of the Kazakh khans from the greater fight against the Oirat rulers. Because when militias rangers Moghulistan within the society and militias in the fight against a weakened significantly as a result of alaawızdıq. Ambassador of the Russian Tsar Ivan IV sent Nogai ulıstarına Danila Gubin to Moscow Kazakhs reported about the strength and climbers Oirats. 1594 Risk Khan's ambassador in Moscow at the beginning of the year will Kulmukhammad such information. He is the brother of risk Shah Mohammed Khan says in the interview with the king's palace that the Kalmyks. Junggar Khanate combined four Oirat tribe attacks, especially, Hero was engulfed during the qontayşınıñ. In particular 1635, 1643 – 44, 1651 – 52 Kazakh lands in the campaigns had serious consequences. 1643 under the flag of the heroine in qontayşınıñ 50000 Junggar army led by Khan organized a campaign against the troops of Kazakh large Zhangir. Kazakhs in this bloody war against the son of the ruler of the tribe xalxa Golden Khan Ombo Erdeni troops were involved in it. According to some data that the men who took part in the Volga Kalmyks. Zhangir led by Khan 600 Kazakh army (some researchers, The number of soldiers in the armed, believes that a lot more people and Kazakh troops) organized defense, Zhalantos the heroic soldiers of the knee and first aid, 10 thousands overriding the enemy army attack (city. Battle Orbulaq). 1681 – 84 Sevan Kalmyk qontayşısı Rabdan in South Kazakhstan. invaded areas. Kazakh Khan Tauke Khan defeated in battle, his son was arrested Oirats. 1684 Oirats in the Kazakh land once again made a campaign. Sayran city of embezzlement. Kazakhs used to see weakened by Ayuke Volga Kalmyks, Kazakhs and their allies in the Turkmen, Karakalpak joint army attacked.


Oyrat-Chinese wars

1690 – 97 Oirat-Chinese wars in Junggar Khanate to be forced to leave the army troops in the southern part of the, reduced the pace of their attacks to the Kazakh. using this Tauke Khan 1698 Oirats in, Was defeated in the Volga qalmaqtarına.


Jungars the beginning of a new attack

17 During the years of the 80th century demanded the return of the child in the hands of Tauke Jungars. About 500 children who went along with the decision of the Junggar soldiers Tauke Khan after the murder of Kazakh-Jungar ratio has deteriorated further. 1708 Jungars began a new attack in. This caused damage to large areas of the southern Kazakh Khanate attack. 1710 – 11 Jungar invasion in the Kazakhs and their allies were forced to move to Tashkent Karakalpak.


Junggar soldiers

Integration of the three blades

1710 In the meeting, bringing together the three blades in the Karakum Desert decided to stand united against the enemy now. Bogenbay approved by the commander of the joint team. 1711 – 12 years 50 thousands of human Kazakh Khanate army invaded the Jungar khanate. This was unexpected winter hiking Oirats. 1713 Oirats in 3000 people have suffered defeat attacks against military force. 1715 – 23 Oirats years, the main military force was being fought against the troops of the Qing Empire. 1722 Sevan after the death of the Qing Emperor Kangxi in Rabdan now a strong and dedicated Kazakh Khanate. Suddenly, unexpected by the Kazakh attack was not ready for war. The Army did not have time to consolidate the power of Kazakh khans and central regions of the country was forced to retreat. 1723 Sevan in Rabdan 100 000 human team led by his children Qaldan Soren invaded and Sean Kazakh villages, has devastated the. Such bloody campaigns 1723 – 27 again repeated several times during the years. This story "bream disaster, alqaköl stretchedKnown as "the rest of the country to start the day was a painful birth. Only 1726 Kazakh Khanate in khans and sultans, dances and heroes gathered Kültöbede, again had the opportunity to organize the fight against Oirats. Consolidation of the Kazakh people around the three military forces Tole, bass dance, Ayteke played a big role. Moose - in the plain between the rivers Bleuti Jungar invaders were defeated Kazakh troops in the war against the enemy army (city. The Battle of elk - Bleuti). 65 000 Kazakh hand about 40 destroyed thousands of troops militias, has achieved a major victory. Kazakh troops of the Kyrgyz, Kara fought valiantly. Oyrat Karakalpak villages and the cause of the invasion reached for cheese, was divided into two as a result, the top and bottom of the Kara.


Khan add the identity of the three blades of steel

1726 Kazakhs Jungar invasion and in the neighboring Central Asian affairs has serious consequences. 1726 warm steel Khan three Horde khans (tiger, Sämeke, Abylkhair), dances and heroes, Turn on the identity of the Sultans, Ordabasy last meeting Khair Khan was appointed chief Commanders, new strategist against the enemy. agreed to organize attacks (city. Ordabasy). Military combine the power of three hundred troops

Battle Anyrakay
1728 Junggar made a turning point in the struggle against the occupiers liberation since begun the preparation of heavy combat near Lake Itishpes (city. Battle Anyrakay). Battle Anyrakay (1729 same., some data 1730 same.) - the signature of the joint Kazakh Junggar hundred-year war of liberation against the invaders turned his biggest win.


Battle Anyrakay
Jungars events of the invasion of Kazakh Khanate
Date 1729 (1730)
Location Anyrakay
the result of Anyrakay victory in the Battle of Jungar made a turning point in the war, Kazakh lift the morale of the people, confirmed his faith in the future
the warring sides
Kazakh Khanate Jöñğarlar
Abul Khair Khan,
Tiger Khan,
Kanzhygaly Bogenbai,
Boar Batyr,
forces command
? ?
Victims and victims'
? ?
Political and military units achieved three hundred troops 1728 is. from, Balkhash and noise Scroll over the, started to produce the arc. At this time, Dzungars Kazakh intends to take possession of land. They are even the slightest noise and the behavior of the Kazakhs made a big breakthrough in the south of Balkhash.


Tole bi

Three hundred troops before the decisive battle Xantawında, falcon mountainin the (After the land was renamed Mount Abylkhair) gathered. Balkhash in the north of the battle, to the south Otar Valley, northwest of Chu, east Kürtige in between these regions often Kazakh passage, Kalmyk evidence of burial grounds. Anyrakay called this region. In this battle, (40-45 days) Kazakhs won major.


Three hundred troops the task to coordinate the Commander-in-Chief Abul Khair Khan carried out. Many of the heroes of the Kazakh showed a good knowledge of the art of war. Great hundred hand Tiger Khan and Tole bi, Middle hundred hand Kanzhygaly Bogenbai, Shakshak Janibek, Kabanbai, Small blade darkness Eset, marginal Tailak etc.. the head of the heroes, showed great courage. Kazakh private army arrived archers focal Saura hero headed. The battle of the future Commander-in-Chief Shapyrashty Nauryzbai participated.
This left-to-face with many of the heroes in the battle. It killed a lot of well-known heroes of the war. After the collision of consciousness can not collapse the remaining Kalmyks anhydrous saline into the desert here, Without further fighting Ayagoz, Sharga ran jöñkile.
Kazakhs that the war could not develop further. At the end of the battle steel Khan wounded, prevented dispute began after the death of odd. Many young son Bolat Khan Abulmambet supported. Irritated Abylkhair left the battlefields, Small hand blade Irgiz was taken to the west through. Middle of the reach of hundreds Sämeke Khan then went to the north. But Anyrakay victory in the battle to raise the spirit of the Kazakh people, confirmed his faith in the future.
Russian people for the importance of the Battle of Anyrakay steppes of Borodino, Europe the signature of the joint Waterloo, KSRO the peoples of Victory in the Great Patriotic War Stalingrad the victory in the bottom of the same.


Abylai Khan

1738 – 41 years commander Yellow Manjanıñ 30 thousand troops attack by land-Kazakh Oirats one of the last major campaigns. 1745 warm Qaldan Soren The battle for power after the death of Dzungaria sent weaken their political situation. using this Abylai Khan Kazakh troops headed to the decisive blows Dzungars, Semirechye and East Kazakhstan withdraws. 1755 – 58 In the Qing troops were defeated after the attack Zhungars, ceased to exist as an independent country. After the elimination of the Junggar Khanate 1757 – 58 Kazakh Khanate in his new neighbor is a Qing Empire forces in case of war, was followed by a cease-fire. Chinese Dzungaria fully conquered, and the Kazakhs their ancient home to parents Jetysu, Tarbagatai, Won the Altai region, approved the borders in the east.


Abylai Khan
Authorities years
rise to the throne
Full name
Ualiyevich Abilmansur
Was born
1781 23 May
Abulmambet Khan
Russian Khan House
Art Ouali
Subsequently, 1771 In the west of fragmented between Kalmyks, the Volga - Ural abandoned settlements, Kazakh shift Dzungaria by location (city. dusty hike). Jungar in the fight against the invasion Sämeke, tiger, steel, Abulmambet, Abylkhair lifted the spirits of the people of Kazakh khans, such as, to arouse confidence in the future, remained in the memory as a recognized competence in the military historical figures. Outstanding statesman, Combat, which has become the motto of the name, the great commander, fromthe talented diplomat headed by a high spirit of freedom and courage, strong head on the battlefield Kabanbai, Bögembay, Bayan, Nauryzbai, Saura, separate, Malaysary, Shokan, Jawğaş, Sämen, Otegen, Raiymbek, Karasai, etc.. The great courage, the integrity of the Kazakh people have a desire for independence heroes, proven ability to preserve the unity of the city.[1]

Jungar the strengthening of the military power of the state

1635 In heroine started koñtayşı Junggar Khanate created. it Kazakhstan on the side of the south-east. 1640 Jungarian field known as "tired" in civil and military issued a set of laws. Strengthened the unity of the Jungars, military power has increased. Jungars each in the case of war generic division within a very short period of time there has emerged a group of combat units. The total number of soldiers of the Junggar Khanate 100 Cavalry would be able to produce enough power for up to a thousand. Their 60 There are thousands of soldiers were regular army.
Dzungaria is eager to see the neighboring states of the seizure of the land itself, has become the most militarized state,. Joñğarlıqtardıñ played a significant role in ensuring the spiritual unity of Tibet source.
Jungars of military action tactics was formed. They were trained to fight in the field wide open. Ammunition nitrate and sulfur, which can create their own. The sword in their hands, the breastplate, Helmets and you want to create other types of weapons. There was a gun towards the end of the XVII century jonğarlarda tester. Dzhungars even learned to create gun. Gun to take them as prisoners to pour from the Swedish Iogan Gustav Renat taught. Jungars in the territory of neighboring states, jansızdardıñ engaged in the collection of classified information - created a system of spies.
Dzungaria inhabitants were nomadic and semi-nomadic people, such as the Kazakhs. mainly animal husbandry engaged. The number of people 1 nearly a million. Dzhungars within a short period of time Altai had overcome many small ethnic groups. They were paying taxes, was in the army ranks. So a strong threat to the neighboring countries with Dzungaria, Even in the first half of the XVIII century, China's foreign political function primarily in the struggle against the State, it aimed to weaken.


Jungars the reasons for conducting a war of aggression on the territory of Kazakhstan

The rulers of the territory of the Kazakh Khanate Dzungaria already very interested in. The reason for that, First of all, As for the Seven Rivers and Syrdarya region, Dzungaria State of Russia, Siberia, Central Asian khanates of the most important trade routes linking the site to keep its controlling, further Afghanistan, Iran expects to open the way and Transcaucasia. Second, As the conquest of Kazakhstan, xandığımızdıñ much to strengthen the border in the north, receive an additional tribute to the people with me thought. Thirdly, The invaders vast Kazakh steppes of Kazakhstan and fertile pastures in the south and south- interested in trade and crafts centers in the east. Fourth, Jungars between the Volga and the Urals for the conquest of the territory of Kazakhstan, who moved his tribe to establish direct contact with the smooth brown qalmaqtarımen, It would create conditions for relationships. Finally,, Fifth, Jungar Kazakhs kul state intended to be rich will be able to keep. Jungars exacerbated by the war of aggression against the Kazakh Khanate, there, the same The reasons for was.


"National disaster, Alqaköl cuttings "

XVIII century 20- In the years Jungars another major campaign to make a favorable situation on the territory of Kazakhstan. 1722 Dzhungars in any war with the Emperor of China for a long time (boғdıhanı) Kansai died. So has reach to conclude a peace agreement with China Kalmyks. The eastern boundary of the Junggar Khanate was no longer safe. Kalmyks Jungar ruler along the Volga Khan Ayukege ambassador miss, provided for the purpose of carrying out joint military action against the Kazakhs. Irtysh recently built military fortress red Russia, which is strengthening the network would not be able to pose no significant threat to the country Dzungaria. Moreover,, Russia next two partly due to the relationship between the state tried to maintain a neutral policy. Kazakh state, In the battle between the Junggar Khanate weakened, waited for the bleeding. Because it was so effective that.


1723 Designed coming close in the devastating war in the spring of, and Kazakh khanate swings using a torch that is going to collapse Cevan been sent to Kazakhstan in the hands of the army-Rabtan. Seven in the direction of the enemy attack came out. Jungar exposed to the plight of the first steps in his conquests were living in the Seven Rivers and Irtysh. Dzhungars burned villages. Cattle stealing, Black flies were killed civilians. Because Jungars attack was unexpected immediately started emergency. Therefore, the Kazakhs have no choice but to animals, homes too, See also not material possessions, was forced to flee.
In spite of the enemy forces were too strong in terms of quantity, Kazakh soldiers in a fierce battle, strong resistance. No one wanted to give the hand of the enemy. Each Kazakh I where I was born, relatives and jaqındarımdı assumed to be obliged to protect a ruthless enemy. Kazakh soldiers entered the limit, Defense led wars. they are women, children, karttardı enemy consequential was the war to save qwwınan massacre. Residents of the city of Tashkent Kazakh military leadership defended the city for almost a month against the enemy troops. Dzhungars Tashkent Sajramsky, As well as other occupied cities of Turkestan. As a result of the enemy's devastating war in the desert and mountain regions of Kazakhstan considered the other hand the entire area actually Jungars. Survived only in relatively remote regions of western Kazakhstan.
This period (1723—1727 years) Kazakh history "bream disaster, Alqaköl cuttings " is the name. His suffering of the consequences caused to the Kazakh people -, resulting in hunger and poverty so that was too heavy. Thousands of people died or gone into as a prisoner of thousands of lives. Hundreds of, thousands of lives in rural areas was heartbroken, property was plundered, once flourishing cities remain in the hands of the enemy, ruthlessly destroyed. Scroll to the western regions of the country to survive the massacres of Kazakhs, Reached at. Kazakh mass resettlement Russia transferred to the Empire and its subjects— Bashkirs and Kalmyks significant concern. King was a colonial government adopted a number of measures to protect people: strengthened border guards, Ural taken new measures to build military fortifications in the area. Kazakhs started to make a significant part of the territory of Central Asia. So, Syr-Darya River Middle hundred tribes expiredGianni around most of the city of Samarkand, and a significant part of the Junior Juz moved to Khiva and Bukhara khanates. Kazakhs who have experienced the same suffering a heavy symbol "Elim-ai was a" Tribute to Zarlyk. The text and the music of the poet, and said soldiers called by the Kozhabergen Zhyrau: I want to lead in the beginning of the Karatau, Tyler has been empty every move, The country was deprived of his people bad, There are two sources of möltildep young. these modern what modern, modern garden, More up-to-date have been a long time ago! Woman and black forest After, Lake ağızamın in such a way that the age of the eye.
Jungar flame of fire-attack Guards, Kyrgyz, Karakalpak was a big blow to the şarpığanımen Kazakhs.


Reasons for the defeat of the Kazakhs

defeated the Kazakhs, "National disaster, There are many reasons to be exposed to Alqaköl sulamağa ". First, Kazakh faces collapse, There are no more unity under the leadership of Kazakh Khanate. Second, This attack was very thorough and carefully designed Zhungars. Moreover,, Time away from each other Kazakh villages from attack, which may be moved to the extreme greenish stampede. Thirdly, 1723 Kazakhs was subjected to severe catastrophe in. A straight line like a saddle Author at a lack of. Fourth, this type of geo-political region the situation Kalmyks properly and carefully managed. Signed a peace agreement with China. After recently finished Russian-Swedish War, Russia still has not succeeded in coping serious condition and was commemorated. Fifth, unexpected attack, has adverse effects on the Kazakhs made tütqïıldan factor. Finally,, Sixth, Dzungars was well-armed, and have rich experience on how to conduct military actions.


The consequences of Junggar agressïyasınıñ

"National disaster, Alqaköl sulamanıñ "Kazakh Society of Was that have had far-reaching consequences. Migration was a kind manner pieces of programs steppemen. Kazakhs lost a lush pastures. Semirechye lives and thrives in the southern regions of Kazakhstan were staring now desolate abandoned green. neighboring states the trades connection is temporarily lost.
But the most painful suffering the punishment was the death of his relatives and close people. According to the quoted Kudaiberdieva Shakarym, Two-thirds of the massacre of Kazakhs üşırağan. Now, were sold to a part of the. People were exposed to famine. To survive the dying birch juice drink. Birch and then the rest of the word "milking". survivors invaders excessive pay heavy taxes. Kazakh Khanate people away from the country's different regions, even the border of the party to foreign countries, fled across the border. Kazakhs west of the mass flow of qaraqalpaqtarmen, türikmendermen, özbektermen, Bashkirs and Kalmyks brought conflict fought on the ground. Kazakhs in the Ural Qazaqtarımen, Russians also sent to aggravate relations between western Siberia. there, it's all quite weak, qojırağan Kazakh Khanate Russia completed the acquisition of colonies of the empire as easy prey.[2]


Kalmyk Jungar joyqını

fruit Tolymbekov

Kalmykia and Jungar 1399—1408 Rapid period. Kazakty Kerey off the land, 1430 up in Issyk-Kul. 1447 Uzbeks conquered in. By the end of the XIV century Mongol Şoros, Qoşawıt, Torğawıt, Together with the tribes Xayıt "Oyrat" that, and Muslims "Kalmykia" is called. autumn tayshы attacks from Moghulistan, Trans-Ili, Issyk-Kul, Syrdarya regions will be able to. Moghulistan Khan Beyis (1418—1421 JJ) Qalmaqpen many wars. Kalmyk Kazakh and a small fall of the Mongol yoke ulus system consumes. East Kalmyks 1455 wins in China. 1472 In Semirechye Amansanjı within its walls will appear in Kalmykia. he Iledegi Yunus Khan won, three years later, to come back to any East. Yunus Khan takes over the Syr. 1521 The Kalmyks since English is regularly attacked. Ambassador of the Russian Tsar Ivan IV sent Nogai ulıstarına Daniel Gubin: "Conquered" in 1536 won the Kazakhs Oirats, — reported that the king.
"Sary-Arka" in the history of Ait Kopeyev: "After ten digits Nogai bülgen, "After the death of the dance Ormanbet Saryarku was black Qatısıban residents of Kalmykia ", — writes. East Élyut (die) Empire khan Baturdan Kazakh khan risk lost to, fled to Tashkent. He found supporters, Hand tools, ZHETISU purified Kalmyks.
During the same period, the growing empire of Russia, 1552 Kazan Khanate, 1557 In facing up to the Astrakhan Khanate, 1581 warm Ermak Siberia will be able to print. Baptism army under Yermak Kazakhs '' is called. Maximum XIV century orıstanıp Baptism, Khazars, Turks will be. They Siberian Khan Köşimdi wins. Cossacks in the XV-XVI centuries Noğaylardı qımsırıp, does not victimized. 1560 in Kazakh Khaknazar khan Moghulistan home wins. Khan and perceptive risk 1594 Russian Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, in the bilateral peace agreement. Kazakh Ambassador Kulmukhammad 1595 Orazmuxammed in Sultan told: "Risk planted Khan as Khan's brother Şahmağanbetti Kalmyks", — said.
Khan risk 1598 In Tashkent and Turkestan. She cities 1723 became the center of the Kazakh Khanate until.
Russian Tsar growing Kazakhs have been viewed with suspicion, put ruse, 1588 In the winter Risk Khan's grandson, the son of the Sultan of Ondan, Sixteen-year-old Oraz Muhammad Sultan and the Siberian Prince Seydaqtı (Seyitaxmetti) compulsive, hunted sayatınan, The head of the Russian army along the Irtysh Daniel Çwlkov, Arrested near the city of Tobolsk, Muscovy taken as collateral, Holds ten years in Moscow. Oraz Muhammad Sultan ranks of the Russian army of Swedish, Participated in campaigns against the Crimean Khanate, show courage. Oraz Muhammad at the age of eight grandfather appears Khan, At the age of thirteen Sultan father Ondan lost, see some rejoice, Siberian prince Seid (Seyitaxmet) would be at the disposal of the dance. Russian Tsar Boris Godunov had recognized the heroic deeds hike Oraz Muhammad 1598 in the city of Kerman was appointed ulığı. Apply Position, After a good thing like 28 King Boris-year-old Oraz Muhammad Muscovy (Kasimov) khan makes. 1605 can be printed on Poles in Moscow. will not see, jealous Russian dvoryandarı and boyarları Oraz-accused helped the Polish side of Muhammad, in the same year killed off deceive Ljedmïtrïy beast.
By the end of the XV century Semirechye THAT Kalmyks started Esen appears. them Kazakh Ahmed Khan tread wins. 1599 The Volga Kalmyks in the house just in, children put to the Russians, Set fire to the Kazakh side, attack. Who tried to conquer the Kazakhs Jungar-Kalmyk attack started their Altan Khan, 1607—1608 Skip years jawlığı that will headway. Who, at the eastern side of the Irtysh River Dzhungars 1616 in western qontayşısı Qoto Qoysınnıñ Command attacked the Kazakh steppe, defeated Kazakhs, Returns.
Every year, under increasing attack 1620 warm Name Khan stops to hit hard. 1620 Together with access to the Nogai and Kazakh, Displace the Tobol River dzhungar. 1620 At the beginning of the year Torğawıt Prince Ho-Theft 40 thousands of housing to the southern borders of Siberia, and in Uralsk, The mouth of the Volga River Kalmyk khanate made. Most of them are Oyrattardan with a, they are called "Kalmyk". 1624 In Oyrat tribes and the khan of the Kazakh space and a peace agreement with the Sultan of T., covenant. 1627 "Oyrat Union disintegrated consumes". 1627 In the plains of the Khazar Sea, Masa reed Kazakh territory and the war will be held in Kalmykia. war 83 days. One and a half months of the heroes of the battle you can fight arpalısımen.
1630 At the beginning of the year The head of the tribe Şoros Qaraqula Combined Oirats collapse, Foreign Xalxa on and the ruler of the Mongol tribes Gold Outlook "The attack against the Kazakh Khanate fought to undo support". 1635 In the land of Dzhungars Kazakh hike, Sultan Zhangir take, they flee. 1635 warm Qaraqulanıñ son Batura (1635—1653 JJ) Oyrat increased significantly during the, "Jungar formed the Union". When you create the wedding was a "sunset" xoñtajı, a combination of the Kazakh people will take part in the country. Among them Naiman, Matthew, Törtqara Toқymtay bi is, horse riding, Returns wearing a fur coat. Parallel D. dance and go dancing mounted Nurgozha dance will tüygenderin reasonable to think out of the Argun. "They saw that the battle of Batur English type". Skip to smell reminded not be careless, underground and sends a message. Junggar Khanate 1635—1758 During the period from western Mongolia was a feudal state.
Jungar Batur Khan ownership over the land of Jungar Alatau, Altynemel, Qoybın, to the north of the Ili River, aspen, Kegen, Sharyn, Šelek, Hot south of the lake, COKE north, Aksu will atrabtarı. He has made more than a century in the history of the empire. Elyut (die) Jungars live the rest of Tarbagatai and stick to the sides of the Jungar Alatau, Go back to China, absorbs them.
excited Tarbagatai Xorlwq Noyon The Kalmyks headed Yesil, Tobol river came from Siberia upper sağasımen 15 year stay. Kalmyks 1636 In horseback, Is located in the Volga Noğaylarmen qanattas, Irtysh, Trans-Ili, Balkhash print, Kazakh steppes will qankeşti war. To them, this war will not be easy. Volga 33 thousand Smokes 169 thousands of people will only survive. the end of the Xorlwqtıñ 3 thousands of family Altai Baydoğız Khan's brother Xondwlen Wvaş Sitting on a horse. Trampled street Kazakh steppe, The main battles will be held in trust and Zhetisu.


Ð ?? Ð¾Ñ ?? ожее иР· оР± Ñ ?? Ð ° жение

1637 Tobol voevodası in M.Godwnov and the Ambassador D.Çerkasov: "The Kalmyks in the Kazakh focused around, Began to melt within its walls is near Dzhungars Alatau ", — he told King. red Archive. From the history of relations with the Kazakhs in Tsarist Russia 18 century (The collection of documents) secret. St. Petersburg.
collection: "Jungar Khanate 1630 established in. Lustful Willmore Ubuşi have set up. Dzhungars incredibly interesting to take possession of the Kazakh steppes. The conflict between the two, taitalas 150 turned into years. for the first time Name Zhangir Khan's son 1643 warm 50 Khan led thousands of hands Jungar Taycza Batura to oppose, 50 thousands of hands has devastated ", — reads.
Sunset united Mongol tribes are scattered on the advice of Qaraqulanıñ, 1640 Rules of the year, "the Dalai issue". This Batur Kazakh khan Zhangir 1643 the war in. Zhalantos a hero on the third day of the war reached the two tumen hand AlakolTicket Samarkand, Khan will help Zhangir. Kazakhs jungar 50 make thousands of hand then forced to retreat east. Middle hundred Kerey Daulen brave children, Irtysh, Nauryzbai, Matthew Jarlıqamıs etc.. reflects the same selfless courage in the war heroes.
1652 warm Kazakhs Dzhungars attacked and defeated blow, Kazakh khans will be lost Zhangir. S.Ualihanov Andreevsk district in the writings of the former Warsaw, Kabanbai "Üygentas at a place called" the ruins of a stone şoqıdağı the rest of the land, this monument to the rest of the Batura says. Batur 1653 After the death of the year, the throne Khoto khochin is. He moved to the country in the Altai region. Chinese North Elyutter is called. Hato had a son, four-xoçïn. Born Bäybişesinen Galdan and Seng laid claim to his father's throne, Seng won out, Controls empire. Walk cautiously to Tibet, "Lama" is. Empire's internal iritkisinen often dictated şektigister, 1671 Batur qoñtäjiniñ in the second birthday of his wife Cecen and sunset sons under the cover of night, Senganı strangled her while asleep. Authorities remain Tokai born brothers. Heard it Galdan 1672 returned to the country in Tibet, attempts to obtain the power of.
1679 Élyuttar greatest of all in his power to conquer, 26 At the age of Fire Boshkotu (Boşaqtı) Khan will be. North does not want to be under Élyutter Galdan, Russian and China asks for help. Galdan country's sovereignty voluntarily converted to Islam to conquer the West. Owns the land, from the river Keröleñ, Kulzha, Trans-Ili, Balkhash (Sihoy) Lake regions will be. Fire 1673—1678 overwhelms the Kazakhs years Zhetisu. 1678 In Galdan can capture all of the East Turkestan. 1683 not far from the Ghulja year stavkisi, Shovel resting along the river. 1681—1683 Sairam years, Karamurat, More will be able to capture several cities. 1681—1685 years Dzhungars attacked several times in the land of the southern Kazakh, Knocked down Sairam. 1684 in Jungar attacked the army came to the Kazakh, Has the city of Tashkent. 1685 years 1696 Galdan Mongol Xalxa until war rwımen, Many will act toward. The half-tribe of Xalxa Amur River region, half went to the Gobi shelter. Finally, they consider the Russian and China. On fire 1685 is in the Fergana Valley. Galdan brother Sengadan the remaining three boys wary, give the order to kill them. two killed, the third Cevan-Arab Buratolağa away, then go to the Zaisan, get rid of the dead. Left at the beginning of China on the Oyrat Qalmaqtarınıñ, to ask for additional assistance to the Chinese Emperor Kangxi, Opposed Galdan. 1691 Since Chinese Cevan-loving help Arabtanğa.
1695 put the battle Dzhungars in English, southern facing land. 1697 With Cevan in Arabic Chinese divorced Galdan troops would shatter the river. Galdan fled to Kyrgyzstan, 1698 In qusalıqtan drank poison and dies. During the same period, Kazakh sticks to collect a large army hero Sırdan, Karkaraly inhabited the Balkan mountain region of Kalmykia Edrei, Bedirey, Wins the war heroes who Mırjıq.
came to power Cevan-Arab the name of the former empire Élyut atattırmay, "Shoot out Jungar khanate". Cevan improve relations between China and Orıspen. Xalxa Sets peace with China in attempts to export part of China by the Mongols. First Buryat, Tatars equal talқandap, SEC will place Kazakh drinking. "Elim-ai" warned the great storyteller Kozhabergen:
"This shift shortly massacre in English,
Nyman ran to the left of the Altai mountains.
Zhalair, Eight, Konyrat, Karakalpak,
Could not stop the enemy from me.
Bostırıp Zhalair and naimans,
Altai and the Alatau Kalmykia ", — props.
Cevan-Arab to expand land ownership, Altai, Balkhash, East Turkestan, Turpan, Kashgar, Bukhara, Samarkand, Issyk-Kul regions ruled, tribute to them, Zakat sequestration. Download rate Buratoladan, Sets resulted in the Ili River. Cevan Burwttardıñ (Qarakırğız) one great subject. Cevan took the entire region Zhetisu, he led captives taken Samarkand and Bukhara countries, agriculture aynalıstırıp, built cities.
1698 warm dzhungars 40 Skip thousand hand the devastating battle will. It is not the age of the war six years in the spirit of the Kazakhs ulasqanımen. After the collision raises the most serious Naiman country and Kerey. Kazakhs agree bitimdeswge Dzungaria, 1703 Kazakh Ambassador in spring bokeh make peace with Dzungaria, thaw reach agreement. 1709 Oyrat jungar army in Chu, Talas valley, Alatau attacks over the crowd qırqalarınan English. Bogenbay the signature of the Kazakh troops headed their Ceban does not catch up to a cave at the beginning of the Arab-Ile.
Close to the possession of the northern Cevannıñ Ayuke led by Khan Torğawıttar fits're. Despite Cevan son-in-law, open war against him. They are west of the Caspian Sea, Ural, Went around the Volga, finally will depend on Russian. You can obtain Cevan Tibet. At that time, Tibet in China, Genghis Khan is headed by the Dalai Lama named. His son was Galdan former son-in-law. Cevannıñ Tibet War 1710 years 1722 will continue until, finally brings victory.
Jungar-Kalmyk Therefore Ileden Ayakoz to make a big hike 1710 year. 1711 Abdollanıñ in the army Tauke Abul Khair Khan, the son of Prince, the commander of the army Kanzhygaly Bogenbay will be. "Jungar the book" The History of the State of Ï.Ya.Zlatkïn: "Dzhungars to the Kazakh 1711—1712, 1714 and 1717 invaded surged in the years, has devastated many ", — writes. 1715 One year, the 15th day of the month Torğawıttarğa, Tomsk to go to, Qing kingdom Ambassador Twlïşen: "Kazakh state border here Orıspen", — written, Chinese scientist Su Swñ "Western" Darius and rivers in the region work: "Kazakh border and jungar Zaysansky Nalïn be added to the lake from the rivers and Bukhtarma. The location of all the western side of the Irtysh Kazakh ", — says.
Dzhungars Altai Mare, Abakan, Khatun Rivers wound in English 1716 launched in. 1717 In place of some of the Great Horde, Zhetysu edge of the left foot Dzhungars. 1718 Ayakoz Jungar troops near the spring of Kazakh troops fought for three days, Dzhungars will win.
Sweden Johann Gustav Renat Russian 1709 In Poltava arrested on war 20 thousands will be part of the troops. Russians send it to create weapons of jungar. Russians Johann Gustav Renat along the Irtysh River in 1715—1716 Dzhungars spreading rumors that there was a prisoner in. it 22 March 1733 Kalmyks are in captivity until, 17 will help a lot of years. Mainly with weapons, Kalmyk troops to arm. The consequences of this multi-faceted power of Kalmyks, 1723 In destructive power, went to the weapon English. Johann Gustav 62 At the age of 1744 who died in. Earl King Peter I - şiden artillery officer Ivan Wnxovskïy Jungar qoñtayşısı sleeves Rabtannıñ stavkisinde work with Johann Gwstavpen. Russian secret, Cunning is the fate of the great policy English. The result of Jungar 1718 Ayakoz reaches of the river in. here Khair and boat sultans 30 Before thousands of anti-Dzungars jasaqpen, On the basis of the ratio of two rivalry conquered by the Kazakh. Karakerei cunning voice Kuttybay dance ask the Russian ambassador to Z.. Do not Help. So far, the deterioration of relations between Kazakh and Jungar, 187 year was. Abdullah Khan 1721 After the death of the year, Abylkhair is king in place of his father. It is called "old Khair". Great hundred people moved to the point where the old Khair his military experience to the ministry of the country's liberation struggle.


Cevan Arabtandı a great Galdan Tseren 1722 warm, his young Tokaly Volga Kalmyk-Torğawıttıñ together with the ambassadors of the Khan Ayuke, y and killed, including step-mother Lowzan with Sean's younger brother, has all the power. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the land owned by Galden Tseren Jungar Alatau, Emel and Qoybın, Trans-Ili, Koktal, aspen, Kegen, Sharyn, Šelek, hoe (Kegen) mountain, Hot south of the lake, Qoysw, Aksu, noise, as a curse, There will be a central rate Ghulja.


1723 warm winter left the land of Kazakh famine, Kalmyks pay Zakat, was subject to China boğdı (everyone) khan Qansï death be better used Dzhungars 70 seven thousand army deeper, Therefore go on the march, "National disaster, alqaköl cuttings " creates. The first frontier Sebban Arabtannıñ from, Ili River to the west to the page. The second frontier Arabtannıñ great Galdan Tseren from, Lake Balkhash is routed through the Karatau. The third frontier Batu Arabtannıñ brother Kulan from, By Altai and Emil minnow diving. fourth position in Araptannıñ grandson Amursan from, Nura River Basin Rough. fifth frontier Qaldan Tseren 18 year-old son Tseren Dorjı from, Creates a procession to the river in a bucket. sixth frontier Qaldan Tseren great Lama Dorjı from, Issyk-Kul region qwdïlaydı. seventh frontier Araptannıŋ Brothers nap Dorje from, Chu will be thick along the country vagina. dzhungars 1723 can be printed in Turkestan. Junior moved to the right side in the hundreds Emba, Fits up to the Urals. Russia faces kazaktarımen. Scroll to the Middle hundred slot, it resets the land west of the Bashkir. But the enemy of the western and northern Kazakh Kalmyk, Bashkir, Ural Cossacks and will jöyit Jungar. Big Horde (Great hundred) He looked down at the Jungar access, The tax is paid.


Ð ?? Ð¾Ñ ?? ожее иР· оР± Ñ ?? Ð ° жение


Images seen in the history of the Kazakhs "National disaster-alqaköl cuttings" is called. Kazakh old poem:

"What these modern times, compressed time,

Personal experience garden, soaring wealth of the world.

Şubırğanda iziñnen dust boraydı,

"Bad winter snowfall in January, — said in a statement.

Writer Safwan Shaimerdenov: «The board of the lake - the Arabic word (al am pale), repeat the meaning of the Kazakh -, şölirkew. "Alqaköl" camel disease. camel qatalap, get thirsty. "Alqaköl"— land or not the name of the lake. Topped the country Refugees, A word qoralanıp sat down after an afternoon nap. "Şölirkew, relish, añqası dry, qurağıtw " means. «Alqaköl cuttings people emigrate because it was a "dry camel añqası, each stretched in the left-stretched», — gives to.

"National disaster" Şahkerim Kudaiberdiyev:

"This road sign with the English way,

"National disaster" mean the same.

White soles walking,

He reproached the Kazakh şubırğanı.

Our country after chasing Sırdan Kalmyk,

day, Night had crossed noise.

Feet can not go touch, create xäli,

The lake was stretched around the Saumal ", — reports.

Walk-general of the country along the Syr Refugees, Tashkent, Forced to go to Turkestan crossed. "National disaster" Kazakh Small World "became known as" Sauran. Because, Small Juzes Sauran around the city, Shieli, Indigenous, who wound Kyzylorda. Top-crossed with a group of Kazakhs, The mouth of the Syrdarya, Tobol River, Hoping to help care Russia, Russian Cossack şepterindegi settlements increasingly become refugees near. "Tung-Kebek" essay "The White A.Baitursynov foot disaster, board cuttings, "said the first Şaqşaqulı Z. Tarhan says. Because: şubırğanınan people's feet at the beginning of tazdıñ brighter, and "access" means the board of the remaining animals from the rest of the environment, says sleep alqalap to take their hands.


Kazakty Kabanbai, Bogenbai, Malaysary, Saura, Tailak, Eset, Berdiqoja, Zhanybek, Boribay up their heads, The creation of a joint effort against the enemy umsındıradı. Kazakh General kötererleri 1724 Tell them like in dairy, Is signed by the Kazakh head.

"Kazakh khans" version of the text Mashkhur Kopeev: "After strayed from the garden of Kazakhstan in 1723, Great hundred Qojantqa, Middle hundred Samarkand -, Small hundreds - Indigenous qorğalandı. but, Kazakh Kazakh parents had manor, Maximum air began to Saryarka. There are hundreds bödenesi, No qırğawılı, Is donkeys live here küneltken into place,? Shift back toward the», — writes. Middle hundred Serum tınşïdı to go on the river.

1723 warm 12 December Auke han reaches the border with Russia to the horde of government certificates. Kazakh and Karakalpak 40 access to thousands of army announced that the Kalmyk Khanate to go to war. This is not a lot of stories about the war. but, Ayuke hand there is a divorce. This came in response to Sämeke and Abylkhair khans small and medium-sized joint signatures of the blade headed. Auke han 1724 warm 55 died at the age of. Then Kalmyks they came to an agreement Qazaqpen, children born out horse flame, While there is a willingness to fight the agreement soğıspawğa. This is approximately 15-17 The value of the year. This war does not have to stand in Jungar and meet with the signatures of Kalmykia, English would not have to make the earth. At that time, the Jungar signature Chubarov coastal elk, Leaves are concentrated on the rivers.

1723 "bream disaster, alqaköl cuttings "a devastating war Cevan fugitive Arabtannıñ Noyan: "Kazakhs 1723 won the war in. They submitted to her son Sean Dobağa. the cities of Tashkent, Sairam, Qaramurt ", — said. Kazakhs defeat Dzungars 1724 warm 15 Nicholas says that Foreign Affairs committee of the Supreme April: "Dzhungars to the Kazakhs of the Syr Darya River in all the occupied lands and Bukhara Qojentti», — states.

Wrote the historian of Russia witnesses who saw the incident O.D.Çexovïç: "Seven years of separation between Samarkand and Bukhara attack on the sown area was devoid of. Ämw and Syrdarya from famine, the dead were buried. The world was a helter-skelter. Page fled across the border to the Afghan people ", — says. The head of the Orenburg expedition at the border Ï.K.Kïrïllov: "Kazakhs defended Tashkent within one month. they Dzungars 70 thousands saylawıt, lost to the fire by militants armed ", — reported that the queen Anna Ivanovna, sent a letter to. Small hundreds hero and Ramadan Abul Khair Khan Alshynbay led by the Kazakh 1724 attacked the villages near the city of Tashkent and in autumn, Turkestan, Tashkent bring Dzungars, Hold for six months, only 1725 In the spring of internally displaced within the mass audience.

1726 warm Sämeke, Abul Khair Khan, Barak, Name sultans headed 10 thousands of Kazakh team Tseren Donduk and Dorji note invaded possession, shock and Eagle. the war "Kalmykia shaved" is called. Four days long uphill battle, 30 thousand Kalmyks with the signature of the army will be forced to seek an agreement with Kazakhstan. Both sides then grow their young children, verb oath before the rider on the horse pulling the flame jawlaspasqa. This agreement frees the attack west of the Kalmyk English.

1727 warm Tsevan-Rabdandı second wife kills Seterdjeb. his his son Sean Lawzan (son) 1723 was headed against the army in the whole Junggar English şapqanında. Sean Lawzan punishment sekemdenip, Kalmyks fled. 1732 Sean died Lawzan.

1728 Kazakh troops in Chubarov came face to face with the forces of the sea and made a huge jungar, Qarasïır, Serum pressure will not tolerate the impact of the war on the banks of the river within the boundaries of Dzhungars. Kazakh Eli begins to feel better.

1728—1729 Lake Balkhash in the region by the Kazakh attacked returns jungar, Kazakh them go saxarasınan.

1730 At the beginning of the summer of The great battle of Anyrakay Khan plain in the middle of the mountains and the mountain Anyrakay, Flowing out of the depths of the mountains of the Ili River arqırap wormwood field bökterlep Anyrakay is at the waterfall, 30 the army of thousands of Jungar-Kalmyk Abylkhair the winner will be headed by the Kazakh. Blog gentleman from the city of Tobolsk in Russia Maxim Étıgerov: "Añıraqaydağı bout was witnessed Oirats left dejected Oirats", — writes.

The head of the Kazakh hand M.Tynyshbaev Older Abylkhair writes. Kazakh hand what war Abylkhair and Anyrakay management 1729 or 1730 Have you in? It is not yet determined. Headed by historian Bolatbek Näsenov Small hundreds Khan Khair says. elderly Abylkhair 1730 is killed in a bloody battle, Ahmed will be the mausoleum of the bones. Dzhungars Russians allies will be defeated. Russians do not want to intervene to both sides of the war. Kazakhs can degenerate completely free Dzungars Sary-Arka.

Anyrakay War 1730 books published in the past on the: "Anyrakay Jungar and Kazakh eleven-day war started martial urısımen, Heroes of the Kazakh showed a clear priority. On the twelfth day, After two months of fierce battle began. As a result, Dzhungars ended up losing the primary force ", — states.

Sovetkhan policy: «Anyrakay battle twice in the past. The first is that the vortices, the second 1746 Itishpes in and around a small lake Alakol. It is the plain between Lake Balkhash and Alakol ", — says. According to the data history and the people wanted.

Galdi-Healing after the death of, his son Turkestan 20 sending thousands of East, him 60 thousands will be added to realize. During this time, the Kazakh troops Abylai Khan, Karakerei Kabanbai, Kanzhygaly Bogenbai Combined, thick hand cut path, creates a big battle. Both sides are abundant human consumption, As a result of the signature of the Kazakh win.

1731—1733 Ambassador of Russia Zhungaria in L.Wgryumov: "In the fall of 1731 Kazakhs left the field Shar Irtysh River and the northern slopes of the mountain Tarbagatai destroyed Dzhungar, Dzungaria inside depth, built and devastated ", — writes. 1732 seven thousand hand in Jungar army attacked the Middle Juzes, Jungars forehead touched the stone destroyed.

1735 warm Galdi-Healing Kazakh land 20 thousand, Kyrgyzbai 10 sent thousands of fighters. 1735 In the summer of Dzhungars Semirechye, Şwdağı, Talastaғı, Arys, Kelestegi Kazakh Eli invaded locations, Can be printed again in Tashkent and Sairam. This year Tiger Khan Great Juzes subject to all Kalmyks, under the. Conduct the census Kazakhs Jungar qontayşısı Galden Tseren, Smoke tax built. Great Juzes Kalmyks 1740 warm, Tursynbek great descendant of Sultan Abdullah, Abulhair will depend on the children killed through the Tiger Khan etc.. Tiger and Mansour Arsalanovtardıñ 1742 reported: "In 1739, Tashkent Khan Tiger Tole dances danced to share power. After the tiger was killed Khan, Tole bidet remain in power, he collected the tax ", — states.

Tarihshy A.Levshin: "Tole bi 1739 After the catch is sent back to Tashkent in, With no way he had the power to spend the leading universal, Orenburg miss the apostles, Great Juz to Russia to become a colonial ", — writes.

Bukhara zhyrau:

"White security guard,

The people talking bad.

May exceeded, rich,

Seriously people rushing to find.

Khan did not acting,

Khan could not decree,

barşıñdap a long time ago.

Could one mouth,

Brow vulgar say ", — not say why.

Zamatında Tursun Khan Khan Name kill. Tursun Khan's son Abdollanı Khan, the son of a name Khan gives to education. Tauke Khan Abdullah will be the Great Khan of hundreds at the.

1739 In Dzhungars went twice to the Kazakh winter hike. One of the Tseren Donbab Nury headed 24 Sentry thousand hand, Atygay, Timed, Countries should anchovy. 1739 In the war by the Kazakh big wins, Qarsaqbası, Reduces sparrow Dzhungar. 1739 In autumn Fire-Tsyeryen thirty thousand invade hand Saryarku. Kazakh army fought to hand over, returns to the enemy. Galdan Commander-famous Tseren Yellow Fingerprint from, Will the war Qazaqpen. Kazakhs protection lasts throughout the winter. Failed to win back the yellow Manjı.

1740 years to the Kazakh Dzhungars to walk again, Bring back to Tashkent, Tashkent ordered the Kalmyk qontayşısınıñ Kyrgyz dance Qaraşoraulı Kakitay stayed dance. 1740 In January, Yellow Mañjı troops along the Syr, Septen troops Tobol, Yesil along, everybody 35 thousands of access, Against Kazakhs. At this point, Kazakh Khan and Sultan Abylai Abulmambet go to Orenburg, State of the Union to be the king signed the act.

Galdi-Healing 1740 In fifteen thousand hand being moved along the Irtysh and Ishim and who at the commencement of Kerei Abulmambet Khan disaster.. And this year Senten Galdan Tseren a great Lama Dorjı is headed to thirty thousand Saryarku. Open the front Abylaikhan, Yesil and put an end to go along Tobol Dzungars.

1741 warm Sept., Lama Dorzi headed 30 thousands of troops along the Ishim River is at the same time cutting down of Tashkent Kazakh villages in Saryarka. Abulmambet Khan vest, Available within. 1741 in Dzhungars Yellow multi-level qoñtayşınıñ Under the leadership of, Ten thousand is divided into three parts, general 30 thousand army attacked the Middle Juzes. One of the three groups Turgai region, and two stops from the eastern Sary. 1740—1742 Dzhungars at the same time in Yesil, Irgiz, Is a sieve for the rivers to break through. 1742 In the middle of the campaign in the Syrdarya Dzungars Abylai Khan Kazakh troops headed riveting. 1742 in Dzhungars 20 thousands will be attacked again manually Middle Juzes. Medium consists of hundreds of Kazakhs against the master of self-control Dzungars.

Sultan Abylai While meant thirty-five men Ulytausky captured all of a sudden. Abylaisha covers the skin of slaughtered calves, removes the hot grill in the sun. Şarıştıñ mother comes here every day abylaisha curse. One day Abylai: Where'm into you "was born küñnen bad boy died", — Ms. spit. Abylai after a long time spent inflow words 1743 freed from captivity in. 1743 warm 30 Middle hundred Ivan Lapshin visited in August: "Abylai returned Jungars great gift sïyapatpen. lively: yurt covered with gold, Parshat fur coats, folding corrugated iron, etc., substances. Abylaisha instead pledged to Abulmambet Khan Malaysary a child hostage», — he writes memoirs. Fire-Tsyeryen 1745 died in. Internal kill one another for odd descendants iritkiden, finally crowned Galdan Tseren is a great Dordjï. It kills brother Lamadordjï.

comes to power, area claimed 1 thousands danced in the home Davadzi (Dawa) and Amursan will come out. Seeds of Khan Davadzï, Although it is a descendant of Şoros flexible management of the country, Amursan Khan breed delingenimen, were the offspring of the actual Khan, ousted. He tries to rule the country, lined, was the Commander-in-ïkimdi. Amursan Out of the spread between the Kazakh word: Galdan Khan's wife, China Ezhen her daughter, the mother of Amursan. Go to the versions Galdan, a significant gift to the people of faith sïyapattarımen. Paragraph Khan's daughter in the winter soon. Blizzard on the way, lost girl who brought uzattırıp caravan, Alatau pick-faced hero of the Great Horde named Tölekï. Lived together until the winter Tölekïmen, Tölekïden girl became pregnant. According to Amursan it will be a descendent of the Great hundred race Tölekïdiñ.

1745 Dzhungars surged in the Middle attacked Juzes, Nura river reaches. This year, the Qing Chinese competition would shatter Dzungars. Dzhungars land possessions in China during the same period historian Wei Yuan: "Dzhungars still powerful. Their four centers Khanate: Şoroştar— Ili River, Urumqi - Xoşowıttar, Irtysh - Dürbentter, Tarbağayda (the assistance) - Torğawıttar ", — writes.

The captain was with Davacïmen Samtan Cembelï data Yakovlev: "Qaraquladan Xantayşa (Batur), Baytan, BADEMIR, Saint killed her five sons Lama choke Dorçj. Baytannan Çerendwk, Paydaş (Dashi) — dead, Dashi Cheren - do not have children, Baydjwk the capital of two great Kalmyks. Paydaştan Lyubaçm, the death of his two brothers. Khantaishadan: Shun, Fire Chirin (Healing), Ajaan (killed), Lama Dorje, Kïokwşa deported. Fire Tsyeryen 1745 in death. His three sons: Tsevan Dorcho-Nyamgala (Pecha Chagan, Ajaan), Kiokusha (Kieküş), Illegal great Lama Dorçjw (Exiled former nurse tribe). Galden Tseren instead Cevan Dorçjï has a five-year farm. Lama Dorje Sayynbөlekpen 100 In addition to the division of the yurt left, to gather strength, Finally Cevan kill Dorçjïdi. 1750 The state can. Deported blinded Kïokwştı. Bademïrdiñ five kills son tunşıtırıp. Other relatives fought so. Replace all subjects. negative people, severe, become a douchebag. The state is divided into three parts. If one part of the Lama Dorçjïge, the second— China, the third— moved to Siberia. Lama Dorçjï Davacïdï will be strangled. Davatsi her daughter's daughter, Hong Xaydzïya (husband mint), Amursana (Amursyanyan), It takes the border with Siberia Baydjwrmen. Davatsi accompanied 5 thousand, Amursanada 1 thousand, Baydjwrda 900 family will be. He had previously lived in. They are street Lama Dorçjï when the army attacked. Finally fled to the Middle hundred ", — props.

1751 Trust in South Kazakhstan Barak, the eldest son of the Sultan of Xanbaba creates a hike. Great one hundred 2 added thousands of troops. for cheese, Shymkent, Sairam, Cleanse the cities of Tashkent jungar. Dzungaria trees in the region who were taken away to save thousands of Karakalpak.

1752 In two, the eldest son of the Sultan of Tyumen Karakerei wild boar and Barak went on to start Xanbaba, which is connected to the Great Juzes, Shymkent, Sairam, Kalmyks cleanse cheese, Tashkent can. Karakerei Kabanbai Leaves assistance coming to power in Tashkent Tole.

in history Junggar and Kazakh great wars 1750 In the past a name, And impurities War 1752 In the past called the Battle of the sands of surprises. a name War 80 days. Water coming out of the conflict among "Shore to Shore" sound şığarğandıqtan, He called the land "a name". Gray Shili, Shengeldy, small willow, was the edge of the plug. Şorğanıñ frosty winter, was always the hot summer.

Dzhungars Kazakhstan is to revenge, Many qosınmen Chingiz, Blue Mountains. Kazakh signature will be on the mountain Qoñırşäwli. Dzhungars feel that the west. Matthew Şöŋkey (Male Toqpanbet) hero high-speed horseback, Jungar know where the signature izdeztiredi. then the mountain, then the plane goes down, Jungar hands bilingisi. Dzhungars saw it, will be back in hot pursuit. At that time the Kazakh touching the left side of jungar, Leaves massacre. Dzhungars consumption will reach three thousand. Kazakh consumption on one only 500 was the only soldier. In addition, one judge, nine soldiers will be killed. Now the Kazakh signature from Urjardan, Katynsu implemented, Dzungars up Emilge case. This hike Khan Qandıjaptıñ jungar the village is cut down, Khan dies. Qandıjaptıñ daughter can Chagall Barack Sultan Ladies of the Banner. After the death of Barak, Chagall married Krasnoznamennyi Äbilpeyiz Ms. Sultan.

Altai board is firm and bracelets come Dzhungars great jasaqpen, First of all, who Orqaşarda Tama warrior and hero Nazarğazı 2 can be over a thousand horses. Dzhungars killed the son of the hero, one of the few jılqışılar food Baikonys, Kazakh quiet country attacked. Country stripping memory to the Mount could collapse Kalba, Tarbagatai can be printed Dzhungars. 90 year-old Tama Younger him a hero, Dauletbai, heroes Nazarğazı took the, going to want revenge. Baktybai Karakerei will notify wealthy Qabanbayğa. Boar Batyr Reporting on the all-English, messengers şaptıradı. Tama hero up to the Mount of countries Saur. Tama hero Köteş and Atımal hero Orqaşar Emil region Dzungars, sent as a spy to find out the real situation. The two heroes is the daughter of two jungar, know them and value-instigated. Two girl names of the two heroes mingestirip, We have heard of his own mouth, Tama leads to a hero. Karakerei Kabanbai the invitation of the hero Abylaikhan and Bogenbay Kazakh headed by country 27 Heroes is achieved qostağan. They attacked the cross-examination Dzungars, Jungars force pressing them connect to each other. so, Kazakh hand to be able to recover up to Kalba Şorğağa. More than Qulıstayğa, black Emil, Yellow will be Emilden. Such a war Tama, Nazarğazı, Younger heroes launched sixteen heroes fallen into the hands of troops hiding Dzungars, all will be killed. Dzhungars Kazakh hands despite the qwğanına, hid in the dense tamarisk and şïlerge, Kazakh arms fire will. choked with smoke, flames affected Jungar troops retarded, escapes out of the indifferent blessings. The end of the war a name Tarbagatai, Qulıstay regions will be able to revoke the Kazakhs. This Bukharzhyrau sang about the war.

Amursan and Davadzï both work together, Lamadordjïğa losing out against, Kazakhs fled into, Saryarka 1751 holds almost one year since the fall of the year. Shoqan Walikhanov escaped Naiman between Amursan, hand have maintained one of the tribes of naimans. Baizhigit was a hero to the country Baybwra Amursan, it will kill jazdaydı. Amursan flee three nökerimen. dzhungars Koşdzï, Captured Bwgdjxan Mean, China sends.

Amursan and Davadzïdi Abylai Khan Junior demanding the return of hundreds Malaysary dance, Leaves pressure. Abylai that they came to no avail. Back severe that the slightest Abylai Khan collect good English, Ulytausky holds congress. Each tribe Congress 70 I want to starşın. transparent 1752 In Tashkent dancing, former Jungar to Vaasa bi jungar, started during the rebellion, 9 thousands of families have moved to China abylaisha. This retaliate Lama Dordjï, Separate each, Willmore Ubaşı 1752—1753 the invasion of the Kazakh Khanate. against him Abylai Khan Create access to Bayanawlada, five Kazakh troops to create Davadzïğa, Sent against Lamadordjïğa. Under Lamadordjï devastate Dürbitterdi. Qwlampaz, manipulated Amursan The most powerful Kazakhs 1500 to create access to a warrior, hiding in the daytime, By walking at night, reaching Ili, Lamadordjïdiñ stavkisine into the underground by means of, kill him. Davadzydi Khan sits in. Amursan holding the hands of the powers of the authority of the whole case, concentrated in the vicinity of the strong. Davadzï underground, can indulge in secret. Ili region qwmaqqa Amursan, preparing for war. I want to help by Kazakh Amursan. Russian army officers Verevkin 1753 from 31 December're going to help thousands Amursan history is written on the face of the hands of the Kazakh.

Abylai Khan 1754 In October, in support of the Amursan, To hike up to the delta region, 10 thousands more army to interfere region Buratola, with it 3 Oirats thousands of stealing. 1755 Davadzï the second month in a campaign against the Kazakh Khanate. Kazakhs will be a big attack signatures Review. Abylai Khan Brother Batumi Cerenmen Amursan alliance, 10 access to thousands of jasaqpen Buratoladağı crush Davadzï possessions.

Jungar manage Davadzï the country and Amursan, nephew was born the daughter of both, now the ruler of Tibet Rabtannıñ uzatılğan, Fearing a competitive motives that tustağı Dzhungars best Dürbit, Ubaşı, Muqda ancient Chinese emperor moved beyond the competence of the underground, Leave the ownership headed Davadzï, fled. Davadzï it is the return of ethnic groups in China requires öktemdikpen. He dictatorships anger against the Chinese emperors Davadzïge 150 sent thousands of generals in the Army Pantï. General Pantï in five months, led Davadzï Jungar won the Empire, Face-owned land to the Balkhash Lake, China. "Tazkïran xojağan" work Mahmud Kashgari: "The Chinese Empire in the fugitive Davadzïdi Uighur rich Xojasïbek invited to visit a cave Üşüydegi, captured deceive, "Surrendered to the Amursan, — writes. Amursan sent to China Davadzïdi, they kill him everything.

1755 In China, given the degree of "Emperor" wañ Amursan, Jungar appointed empire Khan. Justify the confidence of the Chinese emperor, Amursan rebelled against the king and all his army under the Qing, China Hami region will be able to print. Qing attack against the king signatures Amursan, lost Amursan, go to Abylay Khan fled. Abylaikhan detention Amursan, F 30 Soldiers guard. Russia, the king did not know it, Abdul Kassenov miss that person Abylai, asks Amursan. Abylai not Russians Amursan, their ambassador to return empty.

1756 In the fall of Amursan leave Tarbagatai, In the next post organized movement against the kingdom of the Qing, uprising. China Amursan 1755 from, Within three years, is treated badly, Struggles to battle. His anger was in the affairs of Emperor of China create one million troops access, plus Burwt, Kyrgyz, Mancuƶur, With the signature of the Kazakh forces, Amursan empire headed by Jungar 1757 destroyed in, removes nıspı. Persecuted Amursan escape from the khan of the Kazakh abylaisha, It takes more Russian. Left Russians with signatures, When facing the rest of the Kalmyks, Tobol black ill şeşekpen, dies. Chinese believe his death, direct access to a large, Amursan grave will certainly cling, Cut off the head of relics, Beijing will Shiyan King Luñ. № 10 alleged Dmitry Lazarev: "The bones of the Amursan 1763 warm, 10 "issued in January, — states.

Among the Kazakhs Amursan:

"Amursan inexhaustible hole was,

It was a hole in the Kazakh protect it.

Persecuted saw aşqızatın,

China die Musketeer, rest ", — the rest of the word.

China Junggar Empire, many of the soldiers who survived the previous Şürşitterdiñ hired to care for the cattle. Bayanaulsky spur of the Mountain "and" destroyed to Kalmykia from the Irtysh. 1756 In Kazakh and Kalmyk will be one of the last battles of the war in this mountain. He called this mountain Serektas. "Chronological list of the history of the Siberian Cossack troops" kіtabynda, Russian chronicler N.G.Pwtïncev: "Massacred regret making the Irtysh Dzungars. Voluntarily acknowledge those taken into slavery and. Kazakhs were abundant prey into the hands of ", — writes. Zhanabatyrovich new poet "Bayantau Dzungaria" epic of Kazakhs Serektas War battle, led by Commander-in-Chief Olzhabai hero, Jawğaştıulı Shokpar hero qostağan, his nine sons who died in the war Dzungaria, amazing song sings.

1757 warm Abylai 10 thousands of Kashgar Torğawıttardı the remaining vigilant soldier. headed heroes: Argyn - Atygay laughs 2 thousands of soldier, Kerey Mergen hero 2 thousands of soldier, Kokzhal Barak 2 thousands of soldier, sultan Abylai 2 thousands of soldier, Karakerei Kabanbai 2 leaving one thousand Kalmyks soldier arrested, Kazakh distributes leads to the land of slavery. "The wolf Naiman" book Q.Z.Dawkeev: "During the entire population of the Kazakh blood qaqsatıp, had attempted to spoil the Jungar khanate was the last breath Naiman ", — noticed that.

Amursan Jungar empire ruled by Chinese 1757 After removal of the year, Though he owns lands in China, Many places will remain empty. 1771 Repairs were moved to the Altai Mountains in the Volga Kalmyks St.. This street is called "dust like". They are the banks of the Volga and Ural 58 from year ago, 1731—1732 Over years, the Don Cossacks of the Volga and Ïli (Ilovlya) was forced suburbs. Kazakh Risk Ms. forces have ığıp 30 thousand Ubaşı Immigration led Kalmykia since the winter Torğawıttar, eight months away road horror, many plunder, 15 Find the massacre of thousands of people, live the rest at the Lake Balkhash, Ili River reaches China. Chinese see to them, against, Ili Kulzha Tekes is placed on the plain of the province at the beginning of the.

Wbaşı Kalmyks, Russians how much the policy of colonization resistance can not nothing qılğanımen, end 1771 warm 5 Altai will move toward the rim on January. Their anti-Russian fortress of Orsk in the issue of troops led by Major-General Trawrenberg. This army Nuraly, boat, Name, Piraly headed jointly with the Kazakh hands, off the Kalmyks returned, are robbed. Kalmyks will not turn back the pages. Recognizing that reaches the river Kalmyks Abylai Khan, Nuraly, Russian, Fair surrounded headed hands. Way to cut Altai. Torğawıt Khan sends messengers Abylai. Te, Requests qoñıs. Abylai cut-off three days later, said that the. but, On the third night, the Kalmyks to come and unexpectedly Kazakhs, and toward the west of the lake, Open arıp, China spent extensive reach. This time venture trophy Abylaisha contact with the daughter of Kalmykia father Kasim Kenesary is born.

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Kazakhs "The middle or the second bream" 1739 started in December, 1742 will continue until. The third history "bream" Lama Dorji Khan 1752 associated with that of the English attack. Lama Dorzi 1752 warm 9 Every time one hundred medium-September Allocated, Şaxdor, Sunset led Wbaşılar 20-30 access to thousands of documentary reality starting from.

Jungar Empire China Şürşitter 1757 Destroy everything in. In that war, one thousand male Dzhungars, Maximum Oyrat, History reports ravages. Kalmyk Zhungarsky joyqını Kurbangali Khalid reported 1757 Lai in water (May the water) "Ends with the consent of the Qandıjap". Then the average of the Kalmyk-jungar English joyqını 1521 years 1757 until, 236 was turned into a year.

"Russia and Central Asia" in Japanese scientist Zokota: "Jungar was the largest kingdom in Central Asia. Uighurs submitted objections to them. Kyrgyz Furious could not withstand the pressure. It was only feet Kazakhs Starting a long period of time ", — wrote that the justice.






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