«Naiman-Tulegetay: Matthew, The genealogical book "Sadyr tribes" was prepared!



Dear readers,! Aksu, Citizens of Sarkan!

site 2 which has been going on for years "Chronicles" based on the notes of the section, of the above book print version prepared. There is an agreement with the publishing house to publish it before the New Year.

In this regard,, If you are interested in this book, Your attention is drawn to the following:

  1. The "Introduction" section, which explains the preparation of the book on this page, cover options, structural content, Sample types of individual sheets and a list of owners of used works are given. You should get acquainted!
  2. The data of those who still intend to include in the book the genealogical data of their ancestors add on accumulation in order to print 1 The deadline is set for a month. In this regard,, if necessary, expedite your personal data, you can. And for him, Everyone will have the opportunity to get acquainted in advance with the data of their ancestral genealogies included in the book.
  3. Because the book is prepared at your own expense, determine how much demand there will be for it, there is a need to conduct a survey. That is,, The publishers intend to receive this book in the near future, their names, how many books do you need, e - mail address and other questions to VATSAB (8701-685-5424), mail (deldal-s.18@mail.ru) or write in the comments at the bottom of the newsletter on social networks.

At the end of the speech: Give this book of genealogy to your relatives, to your friends and fellow citizens, Introduce your colleagues and share them on social media!



Chronicles WhatThe exit of a certain population is free, A branch of historical science that describes the distribution of. it not just knowing the names of the ancestors, it is the place of historical figures in society in each period, defining the heroic deeds and outstanding works performed for the benefit of the people, valuable information to help you understand.

Formed over the centuries chronicle of our people, no legends, The folklore as songs and the history of tribes and clans in the country at different times are very well known, in memory, distributed “The genealogy of men”Has been passed down from generation to generation. certainly, when specific genealogical data is required, first of all, It is based on the works of great thinkers who studied the history of the Kazakh people in the past centuries. In turn,, by analyzing and studying those works, supplementing them through other historical sources, systematize, continuing through the printed world historians and scientists The works are also abundant. So, with a list of published books on the genealogy of the Kazakh tribes (300-about) can be found on the website at the following link: http://bit.ly/35SeclB

Other than them, in different parts of the country both individuals prepared certain tribal genealogies on their own initiative, We know that they are published and distributed as brochures, notice. However, publishing turnover (circulation) because there are very few, they "sink into the sand", become unavailable, The masses are unaware of them…

* * *

Dear reader! Today, during the process of "Spiritual Revival" in the framework of our independent state, our people have their own history, including genealogical heritage, to revive the spiritual values ​​of each and every "seven grandfathers", There is a significant increase in the interest and desire of parents to study the genealogical distribution..

In this regard,,and this book that I am familiar with, You see it as such a small world, which is aimed at propagating the genealogical world of our people! In this regard,, “How did you come up with the idea to make this book?, what is the goal and how it differs?» I would like to comment on possible questions.

“GOLDEN ORGANIZATION – AKSUYM” while maintaining my site, depending on its purpose and content, publication by readers of records related to the genealogy of our people, There were proposals to open a separate chapter. It is very difficult to create and maintain a genealogy, he has a great responsibility, long search and research, I understood that it takes time and patience. It is not just for the individual, because it was not easy even for a group of people, initially timid, I decided to stay away from him. However, I want to be serious, to do this work on the Internet, There is a lot of potential for sites like mine. In this regard,, with the intention of the need to engage in this work, Through the site, I talked to those readers and some respectable creative citizens. As a result of, so boldly, 2018 on the site since August "Chronicles" I started a separate section called.

Оның алғашқы бастаулық мақаласында мынандай ойлар айтылған еді: «…My main goal is to keep these chronicles, which I started on my site – to promote the interest of our compatriots in different parts of the country in the history of our country, and for citizens who have long been engaged in the world of genealogy or have such data on the Internet, offering the site features, «зерттеулік еңбектеріне» насихаттық қолдау көрсету деп анықтадым.

Бұл қолға алған шаруаның өміршеңдігі қалай болатындығын алдағы уақыт көрсетеді. here, certainly, the majority (readers) interest and support is needed!

That is,, шежірелік жазбалар сайтқа ұсынылып-түсіп жатса, they are aggregated, adjusted as much as possible, will be published regularly on the site. So-and-so, «spit a lot – көл» at, as a "spring" from everyone, if data is being collected, Why don't they become a "sea of ​​genealogy"? and then further, түбінде оның әр тармақтар бойынша да ортақ шежіре қоры жасалатын да болар ..

Repentance, since then, сайт бөлімінде шежірелік жазбалар үзілмей жарияланып келеді. About 40 pages have been published, 100-more thematic notes published regularly. They are popular, сайттың және әлеуметтік желілерде топтасқан тұрақты оқырмандардың оңды пікірлерінен, observed in the comments. Feel such support and be motivated again by the suggestions of those readers, based on the records published on the site and the materials collected in its archive, I started to turn them into a separate book.

On the topic of its chronicle, familiar to us, This is where the data becomes more accessible MATTHEW, Of the Sadyr tribes broadcasts were received. In turn,, кітап алдыменен, always replenishing its data, correcting errors, дүркін-дүркін жаңалап отыруға үлкен мүмкіндіктер беретін in electronic format prepared.

The book "What do we know about genealogy??», «Наймандар туралы» and "Chronicle distributions" that 3 consists of chapters.

Chronicles, қолжетімді болған бұрындары шығарылған кітаптар мен басқа да баспалық туындылардан, "Tumalas" on the Internet (tumalas.kz) compiled from the data on the website and the writings of famous citizens who are historians and chroniclers of our region.. further, they are supplemented by their own paternal-family records sent by individual site readers, identified. (Оларды ұсынушылардың аты-жөні шежірелік тарауларда көрсетіліп отырылды және жалпы тізімі кітап соңында берілді).

Шежірелік таратылымдар тармақтары әр «аталар» бойынша ең арғы бабаларынан бастап бүгінгі ұрпақтарына дейін рет-ретімен, The intervals are made uninterrupted, highlighted with different colors.

There is one thing that stands out at the end, бұл кітап терең ғылыми еңбек немесе жан-жақты қамтылған толыққанды туынды болды деп саналмайды. It is impossible, because there is no system of genealogical teaching recognized at the national level, his writings are from different historical periods and from different sources available, individual amateur, from motivated citizens, because it is collected from their manuscripts, The "breaks" between the propagation of the branches of the offspring, uncertainties ", inconsistencies in human names and letters, There are discrepancies and errors in the name, It is clear to many that they are contradictory. Adjust them as much as possible, identification and correction, mainly due to the intentions of today's descendants of each parent dynasty. Similarly,, keeping genealogical records – a process that continues uninterrupted with life. Therefore,, осындай шеңберлік ауқымда жинақталып дайындалып, This book, presented to the public in an educational and propaganda way, is also a personal creative world, Should be taken as "a piece of common skin". However, if by the majority of readers of the Kazakh people this is a separate tribe (MATTHEW, SADIR) if there is interest and demand for genealogical distribution, бұл жұмысты ары қарай жалғастыра беруге, complementing book editions as much as possible, дүркін-дүркін жаңалап отыруға замануи мүмкіндіктер өте мол. certainly, it is in the future…




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