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"Ancestors" and the book chronicles ÄWLETIÑNIÑ

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WHAT Chronicles?

According to Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia: «Kazakh ChronicleThe history of science The origins of our nation, about the spread of Paragraph. Chronicles Kazakh, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Mongolian etc.. oral stored among the nations. This information referred to on the history of ancient peoples "genealogy”, “Taira”, “history”, “seedzher"etc.. asserts is different "Save" .T, and the Semitic and Arabic languages "Branches" of the tree means. That is,, Arabs Chronicles connect directly with their attorneys, Remember the ancient Turks saying - history, explains the history.


demek, genealogy to our ancestors history worked. Şejireşildik partly caused by the company's needs and customs of nomads, Born on the basis of national consciousness. Composition of the population. to determine the structure, allowing you to specify the integrity of the original version of history, As part of the national spiritual culture.

I knew very well the history of the past life of the country "Genealogical" was. They Kazakh-growing traditions of our ancestors, the laws of, traditions, date was aware of reports, Realizing reach the outlook of nomads, many legends äpsana, Subject to the memory of poems. If we say if one Kazakh culture, So we need to consider Chronicles. That is,, History, legend and reality, fabulous and äpsana, There are also art and science, and the traditional Kazakh culture can not consider them to pick out one individual. ...

Ru, garden, Foundation, tribe, seed, only, Aris, hundred, the people, el, Patriotic as well as data reflecting the history of the populationThe main criteria for History, The whole ethnic groups, One of the required data to find out about the history of the population. Kazakh people stored in their early Chronicle. him "Seven grandfather did not know enough", "Seven grandfather knew the man - for the seven tribes of the country's land, Land alone knew the boy - his ears and tail"This can be evidenced by the words.

seven parents - Kazakh traditional customs-free distribution from the consciousness of everyone's parents nominal Systemand. Starting from Kazakh children's father, the father, His grandfather was, etc.. will learn the names of seven of his grandfather's childhood. Each generation of conditional 25 Calculate the age of, it 175 year include. so, by the fate of the human personality, Provides information deep roots of the parent tag.

genealogical researchers: relative or neighbor with a few family settlement village, Nearly, neighbor; If you move away from the foundation - fellow countryman. Consists of seven from (one's common-centered) - blood; one parent 13 If Adam - ru; Several tribes qandastıqpen, United by the common interest - tribe; mutual society, hundreds are associated with the tribes of the United - the people or the country, including other nationalities, If ulıstarmen political equality - ethnic groups, a border, Eco-political. has access to independence - state, language and traditions, culture, Location, Soc. movement, The efforts, etn. sharing feature, conclude that fears the nation will be stopped.

Similarly, seven parents”, “ancestry”, “cousin brother”, “Jamaat”, “to refrain from his uncleWith the definition of "real names.

seven parents: father, father, az parents (These three grandfathers), grandmother, parent, törkin, tuqïyan (These four ancestors). This, together with seven "Fathers" referred to. but 3 brothers, 15 Generation classified as follows:

but) cousin brother: child, granddaughter, great-grandsons, şöpşek, öbere;

b) Jamaat: tuazhat, jürejat, -law, descendant, audience;

b) Abstaining uncle: sprout, the fathers, zäwzat, citizen, to refrain from.

15 generation of Kazakhs in the distribution of such self, his grandfather, his father and, last day, Throughout his life, the future of the track, Shows that define the. K.. comes down to three-hundred tribes within. hundredHistorical Soc. category. it, First of all, For centuries, the vast expanse of the Kazakh partly due to the location of the land according to the pace of the farm Eco. In those birthday. Each tribal union winter settlement, nomadic life dedicated specification of the location of the summer. Second, el, Patriotic, due to the interest of the protection of the earth. Thirdly, mixing of blood to the rank of seven, By maintaining the purity of the seeds of ethnic geneticist. Fund aimed alive. so, a certain geography. circle, some from the Central People's Control. Being three hundred, Kazakh independence of the country, Kazakh defended the integrity of the land. a common language, acts, atameken unit of population, served in the unit of interest. K.. three individual events legends sacred, make holy. This K.. Exodus is not only of historical data, as well as the educational value for the inauguration of the younger generation in the nation say there were.

Chronicles — the spread of this nation's ancestor, to prove the origin of an important truth.

Now very few people know that the chronicle of Kazakh, especially these young people, we. therefore, and genealogies of Kazakh shown below shows. friends, Kazakh always know şejiremizdi, Keep in mind, seven fathers

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"Chronicles content ELECTRONIC BOOKS " ABOUT


As noted above,, genealogy — The total distribution of our parents and each of the tag family, Knowledge of the origin of, by the same people, the country, unity born brothers, the abundance of— As part of a national spiritual culture of unity; not only historical data, as well as the educational value for the inauguration of the nation, the younger generation of the rich spiritual tool.

The most important of the main duties a propaganda tool— wejirelik records, books is. Since the early centuries deep sinuses had been written about different historical stages of the ancestors of many prominent There are an abundance of works on the subject. However, The structure of the content thereof, historical validity, the quality of the tail of the word, today, we have, very difficult for ordinary citizens. The ability to withdraw from the concerned, engaged in şejirelelikpen, izdenistegi their massive educational and scientific qualification, depth research, a great deal of patience and perseverance, a lot of time, etc.. requires actions.

but, Proceedings any interested ordinary readers In terms of access to, it is also one of the most complex in the world! He went to archival institutions for research to create or find the sources of the country in the hands of record, Research is not something that can be, Similarly,, publications issued by private citizens paper Chronicles books difficult to achieve. Because they are a very small circulation and promotion and presentation tarlığınan the possibility of unknown and is not available for general public. Their close relatives of brothers, Friends and distributed only jarandarına, more "quyımşaqtanıp", "Disappeared" refers to the left. but, many "The manuscript of" clean şejireşilerdiñ— "Notebooks" Due to lack of financial options are to remain permanently at the bottom of the "chests". And "see the light" even if you lose qanşamaları! ...


Now here, today's Internet age, Shipping the most developed to fill such gaps, to facilitate the special difficulties, promote the works şejireşilerdik, to publish, Individual families of their ancestors, small events there is a great opportunity to get prepared. The main way— them e-books türğıdağı Scroll to the preparation of!

In this regard,, Chronicles records e-books through training main benefitsSpeaking, they:

  • In the past, something Chronicles printing a lot of time to excrete through the book, When prompted for the extensive financial and nerve patience, electronic books very fast, made operational;
  • prepared e-book Internet and e-mail, Websites and social networks in an instant thousands and thousands of people to acquaint, to advertise and those who need to distribute (to respect the, for sale) a lot of opportunities;
  • electronic books You can prepare the desired volume and page number of the sheets. They Disruption, become outdated and is lost. Several pieces multiplied, long periods of time to keep and köşirtpew secret will be;
  • books dayındatw Price is also very cheap.

However, As this quote from the above Internet system prepared in connection with the theme of the history of the Kazakh electronic books I could see some izdestirsem. And then make an attempt in this direction, I tried to take things. ...


* * *

General, ABOUT ELECTRONIC BOOKS, their The need for, benefits and The advantages; Who them, What is the purpose of it, and you can print the contents of the former site of several informative articles has been published. them principally can be found at the following link: http://bit.ly/2F7QiGf

At the same time, this topic, "ELECTRONIC BOOKS ABOUT» a special a separate booklet to prepare, was distributed as a gift to readers.

but Chronicles books and records I come, saytımdağı "Chronicles" A special section of up to 18 issue of, 50-More than volume encyclopedic, Doctrine and a few generic articles, ancestors, genealogical records published.

In addition to them, Chronicles theme 2 electronic books I appointed. The first one — their families and family contents of the book ömirderektik. The same as a generic and a separate section in the book ancestors, genealogy given. (It was published blog).

the second - East Kazakhstan region, One of the readers of the land Kurchumsky Site, Nurğaynï The book prepared by the order of a citizen. the total naimans about a valuable historical data In addition to, Karakerei— Bajtorы - ... one of which is distributed Chronicle of a large familyi.

These books dayındatwğa, Citizens wishing to order as an example You can can. For this purpose,, slightly below their skins, I am content and some sheets.


Order books!

At the same, Summary of the story!

if, Chronicles content (According to the desires of their other subjects) electronic books dayındatwğa If you are interested in and if necessary through our website, Order, You can prepare the!

Preparation books paid will be, Conditions agreement and they are adjusted depending on the customer. WAITING!


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