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On the last page of this year's site, arrived 2021 prepared for the year congratulations and best wishes, The song "NIGHT OF ENJOYMENT", «ЖАҢА ЖЫЛ ТҮНІ» деген әңгіме, jokes, beautiful song collection I recommend.










* * *

Come on in, variety, New Year


Aksu district, Almaty region



Come on, New Year to my country!

Come on in, variety, Happy New Year,

the abundance of, happily constant.

Let the people be happy, beautify,

I wish you good health!


Let him not take his wealth first,

Let the wings of the dream swell.

Mothers heal their babies,

Let him fly with joy!


May the Father's hopes be fulfilled,

Good for every home, let the garden settle!

The foundation of my unshakable country,

Keep the border intact!


Loyalty to the leader - to the country!

Kindness to the rich, humane.

Honor to the captain and the soldier!

For young people - a firm step for tomorrow!


Come on, Happy New Year,

I will prosper with you.

The stars of my country are shining,

The blue flag flies in the sky!

Come on, New Year to my country!


* * *

New Year - new hopes and new plans.

I wish you new achievements and professional success. This year has changed for the better, happy meetings, be full of happy events. New Year is a peaceful life for every family, тыныштық және мол жақсылықтар әкелсін.

Site owner— satellite SERPERBAEV

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АЯЗ АТАны басқа елдерде қалай атайды?

1. Corbobo, Uzbekistan
2. Kahand Pap, Armenia
3. Tovlis Babua, Georgia
4. Мош Крэчун, Moldavia
5. Santa Claus, Russia
5. Weinachtsman, Germany
6. Pere Noel, France
7. Fazer Christmas, Great Britain
8. Santa Claus, USA

9. Agios Vasilis, Greece
10. Sheng Dan Laozhen, China
11. Mother Dil, Yakutia
12. Юлтомтен, Sweden
13. Zyuzya, Belarus
14. Bifana, Italy
15. Hedgehogs, Czech Republic, and Ezhishko, Slovakia
16. Sagan Ubugun, Buryatia
17. Gaspar, Baltasar and Melchor, Mexico, Argentina
18. Jyuluvana, Estonia
19. Uvlin Uvgun, Mongolia
20. Youlupukki, Finland
21. Shogatsu, Japan





Serik Beisen

Aksu district (Almaty region)


In the flames of passion,

We are in a state of passion.

We played crazy and unconscious,

This universe is too small for us.


When opened, it moves and communicates,

The feeling of rage did not subside.

One when the flames burst into flames,

Tulips burst from the husk.


Caress the body of a birch tree,

I was singing a song I miss.

Bal tilңnen šәrbәtiңdi tatyrip,

The sweetness of the show is Indian.


When touched, the chest is open to two pomegranates,

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.

Touched the organs,

Swelling of the whole body.


Arshin's chest was swollen,

This force is also present in the body.

Surrounded by reluctance to surrender,

I smelled your fragrant hair.


«My soul, my soul»- without a whisper,

We kept repeating without suffocating.

Until the lovers fall in love,

Let's stay up all night.


R.S: We met, It was the end of brown autumn,

My heart froze.

«One thousand and one nights»- gave a miracle,

She was the daughter of Saryarka!




Meken and Sautbek came out of the house. Turn off the light, put a lock on the door, біржола шыққан.

Today the old year is over and the new year is approaching. The villagers are preparing to welcome him in a special way.

The children went on winter vacation. New Year at school, They were the first to take care to meet Santa Claus. After days of quiet, they calmed down. The long-awaited green Christmas tree is now in every home after the fun, Preparations for the youth party at the club are coming to an end today, from the heat. The villagers were greeted by various curiosities, on top of that the vacation is free, The children are also busy. Whistling wind in the street. The roaring red squirrel is naked on the frosty face.

Sautbek's wife is now in Kulatay. Bake baursak with wives, The table for the New Year has been preparing for several days. They are twenty-six, most were newly married rural youth.

Most of them work in the state farm in winter and summer. Occasionally, they don't get together unless it's a holiday. That is what is being prepared for today's meeting. The man collected money, He also drank a lot of vodka. The village council saw Makash buying vodka in a box, dislike the seller, Does another country lick their mouths?, equal distribution, He was upset that he was trying to sell it little by little.

Sautbek's letter made him grit his teeth, how many houses can we separate from one or two,— деп жуып-шайды. I'd like to come in the evening when no one is around, The seller also said that the country was in short supply. When they hear such words, the vodka seller and the village council are in vain, It was as if he were giving it away, The two women who came out of the store with bags were like a thief. This is the most important part of the preparations for the New Year, Since the abundance of vodka-wine side of filling the mouth is significant, think of it in advance, They also tell us how they got there.

Studied together, graduated from school together, Meken and Sautbek have been friends since they were little, The former peace is still the same as in childhood. The adults look at what they are doing, Even though he is married, he is still a child. Today Sautbek took Meken with him. The address is single. The side is swollen, No matter what Sautbek says to the guy with wide eyes. Both lit a fire in the low oven, The stew is fried and eaten, go to the club and play billiards, сыры кеткен ескі сандықтың артына келіншегі тығып қойған шарапты тауып ішіп, Participated in the ensemble, singing among the youth of the club, it was fun to be with them all.

Sautbek's mouth is full of jokes, as he gathers people around him. He is a great wrestler. Sing with a dombra, When he can sing with a guitar, he goes to a party, The concert will be attended by a large number of people. I was not in the mood, There is no denying that I did not want to vote,, сұраған тілегін орнына келтіріп өзі де көптен ойлағанына қолы енді жеткендей көңілі жайлау керім боп жүрген бір ер. Before the start of the holiday, two friends gathered at the club, as if it had been a long time since they had drunk the hidden red wine before the holiday.. Sautbek has a number to perform, Walking with a local applause. Unexpectedly, they laughed, pleased with their ingenuity, They went outside, stroking as if something was left. The house is forty years old. This is the edge of a nearby village. The inhabitants are also old worms, paralyzed old women. Sautbek's father was born and raised in this house. When he was over fifty, he came out of this house with a sudden illness. Although it is possible to upgrade it, it is not worth it.

* * *

The moon is shining. The night frost is getting worse. Әскертай терезедегі жарықты аңдып үй сыртындағы жартасқа келіп жантайды. There was a whistling wind from the west. There is light from the city, The two identical cars slowly turned off the straight road, He stopped at the gate of Shoshakbai. Many people got out of the car, көңілді дауыспен дабырласып ішке кіре бастады. The noise of children in the yard, There are often voices of joy running around. The voices of the night grew louder, қатайып естіледі. Әскертай іштей біліп отыр. Бұл келгендер Шошақбайдың қаладағы ұлдары. An employee on the edge. They live well. Shosheken himself was a paralyzed man who was the head of the collective farm for many years. Көзі сығырайып алып амалға да жүйрік. Дүниенің есебін жатса-тұрса есінен шығармай ойлайды.

If the soldier remembers this, his actions will be rude. Sautbek ruined the water in his mouth so that he wouldn't look rude. He fell asleep watching the light. Селк етіп тоңып оянса жарық сөніп қалыпты. The soldier stood up and fired. The gate opened to listen to the house, There was a commotion. Write from generation to generation, He listened and approached the house, A lion shot out of the corner. "Go away.", He said in a low, frightened voice. Арбаңдап сайға қарай қашты. Төбет арсылдап қалың шалбардан екі рет жұлқи қауып түсті. As Omsk stood up in the snow, he tore his elbow. Not knowing how to escape, the landlord came and took her away. Shoshakbay laughed, - What are you looking for here?? - he said.

— Осының сұрағы қалай осы. Не іздеп жүргені несі? Сайдағы жолмен үйіне қайтпақ болған шығар. Осы итті байлаудан босатпа десе бір болмайсыңдар, — деді бәйбішесі жақтырмай. Қонақ күтіп жүргендердің ішінде Қатипа көрінбейді. The bridegroom seems to have been deceived. Сонда да кеудесіндегі әлсіз үміт далаға жетеледі. Мына көңілді кешке ыңғайсыз жағдайда тап болса да, отырғандар мұның не ойлап отырғанын біліп қоятындай қуыстанды. Бұрынғыша емін-еркін қылжақ қылуға бір жағы кінәлі болған соң, On the one hand, ashamed of the distinguished guests, no one bothered. When he went outside, he looked again for the house where Meken and Sautbek lived.

* * *

"Oh, Asaga-ay. That's the word. Isn't that a child, - Askertai's heart stopped beating, He ran into the desert as if he wanted to play, began to kick the bottom of another column. His joy was unbounded. Cheers, due to wrinkles, He was sweating from generation to generation. The vodka is steaming without even feeling the night frost. He is even amazed at how unmarried he is today. Екінші бөтелкені ашып іше бастағанда езуі көпіріп жайшы-лықтағыдан көбірек сөйлеп отырғанын сезді. He and his mother are silent. Gradually emptying the opened bottle, the man who knows everyone's account, He did not forget about it.

* * *

Shoshakbai's house is under a hill. A house with a high gate at the mouth of a deep ravine. The night frost was getting worse. The number of pedestrians on the street has decreased. When he and his mother murmured and came forward, Suspicion entered the soldier's mind again. He wanted to hear what the mothers had to say, listened. Snow whistles and throats, There was no sound of footsteps on the snow. What did the mothers think as they approached Shoshakbai's house?, Wanting to know how to introduce a girl, uncomfortable not knowing how to ask. When he came to the back of the barn, Sautbek pretended to come down from the hill:

- Now we will release the girl. He gets used to what you say. But find the language yourself, - he said.

The girl was lightly dressed and ran to hug Meken, kiss on the face, hidden in the armpits. He raised his voice and laughed heartily, to remedy their delay, spoke up. Both mothers were acquitted, someone laughed, take turns saying something. The soldier unknowingly sticks out his head and squeezes the fuel. The girl ran and went back into the gate. Sautbek seems to remember now: - Asaga, The farm is over. The girl does not mind. You're a bird too, You shave without realizing it. Now the girl is getting dressed. When the lights go out, you come to the gate to greet them. And then it's over, The girl is yours, - he said.

He could not believe that he was in such a hurry today. Most of the raw material is felt inside. But he was forced to say goodbye to his mothers as an internal risk. The column slammed into his mouth, - Asaga, Let's celebrate the new year, - said Sautbek. It's too windy:

- Let's name it. One side is the neighbor, On the one hand, you are a close brother, I feel sorry for you, - Let it fall, At first he didn't believe that I had heard the truth about the intentions of this unfortunate man.. Before long, the Army began to pursue them. His boots are creaking. The old man's head is sparse, The skin is normal. A black butterfly with shaved sleeves, loose pants. An ordinary tractor driver, professional clothing for state farm workers, such as builders. Even if you go to a meeting wearing these clothes, even if you go outside, He goes to the district with some work and wears it. The next country is the Army, Although the world sees it, it is compact, The street guy who knows the main benefits. He is satisfied with it as usual. Fun animals when you come home. In the morning the village woke up from a deep sleep, Smoke billowed from Askertai's house as he drove his cattle into the fields, Four or five cows are milked from the barn, ten to fifteen small cattle are added to the herd. Those who have no livestock ”Yapirai, This bad army has gathered a lot of cattle. What would I have done without it? ”, - He would be proud. As a child he studied well at school, Those who could not continue their studies for various reasons later saw that Askertai was a well-known animal specialist on the state farm.: - They told the ugly man that the demand was over. When she tried to join the ranks, her friends' unmarried friends confronted her, He was ridiculed for his actions, The clown is gone. The joke is rude, After the dullness, the free relations became even more, closed to himself a lot, forced to drink vodka, ticket until the fall, makes the country laugh. Sautbek was curious to see Askertay fluttering, Even if he raised his hand and spoke, the soldier would escape under the care of the guards, He said that he would come up with an excuse that would not work. But one fall leads to a fall, now he is behind them.

- Asaga, He said louder. The soldier looked around. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. He struggled to get out of the mold. Қазір қызға не демек. It was good that he went home. Until he regains consciousness. Қыз алдында сөйлей алмай онысын ертең масқара қылып елге жайып жүрсе қайтпек. Sautbek does not hide, The human smile that was in the game, is taking his hand.

- My mother is at home. That's why the door was closed, - he sighs as if guilty of keeping his house closed. Otherwise, he is a very difficult person who can't stand on his own two feet. Therefore, there is no reward for their ranks, can't even get married, could not join the ranks of the country. especially, Where to go to the army is also difficult if you want a holiday, not knowing who to join. Eventually the dog was robbed, He wandered off and found the two again. They seem to have forgotten about the Army, - You didn't meet the girl, You didn't even go while you waited, - he began to embarrass. After a while he waited for himself in the hotel, The harassment without a husband was entrusted to a woman. After a while, he also forgot about his lungs

* * *

I woke up thirsty in the morning, when he raised his head on the street, or glad to be at home, not elsewhere. Suddenly there was no confusion, with no one on the beach, He was happy when he thought I was sleeping peacefully. Evaluate each of the fragments of yesterday's long day, when you don't know which one to go through, The blonde woman I met on the last visit looked smiling, seemed to be approaching. He smiled involuntarily and turned to the other side.





One day the children were asking their father:

— Please tell, Сіз біздің анамызбен қалай таныстыңыз, you are married?

— Oh! Мектеп бітірген жылғы Жаңа жылды өз үйімде біраз қыз-ұлдармен қарсы алдық. Сол кеште бәріміз Аяз атадан жаңажылдық сыйлықтар тарту етуін қиыла өтіндік...

Содан ертеңгісін тұрғанымда мен шыршаның астынан ұйықтап жатқан шешелеріңді таптым?! I haven't asked Santa for a present since!

* * *

* * *

 — Frost Father, Frost Father!! Маған Жаңажылға ойыншық көлік сыйлашы, — the boy shouts.

— Don't shout, Аяз Ата сыбырлағаныңды да жақсы естійді, — says, her mother.

— Yes, бірақ ӘКЕМ есігін жауып алды, may not hear?!.

* * *

In one family Жаңа жылға жиналған қонақтар тарағылары келмей, stays with for a long time. Үй иесі оларды қалай қайтаруды білмей отырғанда, the phone rings. Suddenly he had a thought, after receiving the phone, sounds loud:

- Өрт, They say fire!!!


— Where, whose?!

Анық естімедім, at somebody's house ... .






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