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Wikipedia – According to the open encyclopedia

family – living together, a group of people living in a kinship relationship. Implementing the upbringing of children, a group of people connected by marriage or kinship who meet other socially significant needs.

An important feature of the family – his service, structure and dynamics is.

Family structure – family composition and number, it also consists of a set of relationships between its members. Its analysis is carried out under the conditions of family activity, отбасы мүшелерінің арасындағы rights and Duties of қалай бөлінуі жөніндегі сұрақтарына жауап беруге мүмкіндік туғызады.

Family activity educational, household, emotional, spiritual communication, primary social control, sexual and erotic consists of areas such as.

Family values is an ancient tradition used by loving families to preserve their families. Every family has its own values. They traditional, present, educated family values.

Become family members father and grandmother, father and mother, children, relatives is considered.


S. Dunaeva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, ҚР МСМ ДІК Мәдениеттер мен діндердің халықаралық орталығы Бұқаралық ақпарат құралдарына мониторинг бөлімінің басшысы. Abay-Information

Өмірге енді ғана келген сәбидің еститіні – ананың үні, What he sees is the relationship of his parents, so in the life of the child, Nothing can replace the role of the family in its formation.

Атасы мен әжесінің «айналайынынан» нәр алып, әкесі мен анасының мейірімін сезініп жетілген баланың иманды, saw, көпшіл болып өсетіні анық. "Whatever you see in the nest, When you fly, you follow it. ”, with breast milk, The quality inherited from the father's blood will be a beacon for the future of the adolescent.

Ұлттық құндылықтардың бастауы – отбасы. If the father is the mainstay of the family, mother is a blessing. Көзін ашқаннан көргені мен естігені бала жадында тасқа басқан хаттай жазылып қала беретіні анық. Бақытын баладан іздейтін ата-ана «не ексе; knowing that he will reap it, өзінің әрбір сөзі мен әрекетіне мән берген. In Kazakh there is a saying "not enough". The first milk - take the meat of lambs that have not eaten enough, How difficult it is to recover, It is so difficult for a child who has not been brought up in a positive way to grow up properly. Family, brotherhood, teaching kinship,It is unique to the Kazakh shanyrak, unwritten rules are a great school of moral education.

Loyalty by nature, prone to greed and a source of kindness. He is a nobleman with such virtues, an example of goodness, therefore, the demand for women is always high. “From the mother of the giant, The horse is born from the mare, ”says our people. I do not want to underestimate the role of the father in raising children, However, the role of the mother in the development of the adolescent is innumerable. He does not even tell his children about his father's shortcomings, make him a perfect person, hide the bad, You will admire the wisdom of the famous Kazakh mothers, who brought up a wonderful generation by exaggerating the best.

The example learned from mothers to their children, teach grandchildren, It is the duty of every Kazakh woman who cares about the future of her generation to become a golden bridge by continuing the tradition. The chest is open, The insight is profound, The ore of the mind is nourished by the white milk of our mothers, "Around" is absorbed into our consciousness, His subtle and gentle voice does not stumble over the difficulties of life, only leads us forward. "It's interesting to see, edible - fruit, you are my morning », - is a strange idea of ​​a child who hopes for a representative of the mother, can not be a bad omen… "The country is looking at you, evaluates us ", - We have a great responsibility, sought to justify the trust.

"If you want to educate your nation, bring up your daughter » The Kazakhs do not say in vain, because today is beautiful, tomorrow is the mother. If a woman is a mother, beacon of one dynasty, The tragedy if bad. Bringing the brothers closer, There is no doubt that a woman who honors her husband will bring up a generation that will not be ashamed.

The heritage of folk pedagogy, as a mirror of the Kazakh national education, is a mine of wisdom and intellect. Our wise forefathers saw it with their own eyes, The lessons of a satisfying life fit into the context of two words, left the key thought. Only the vigilant eye can see it, All you need is a rational mind that understands. Derived from our ancestors, сан ғасырлар бойы адамгершілік пен ізгілікті дәріптеген қазақтың ұлттық дәстүрлері келешек ұрпақ үшін де рухани азық болып қала берері хақ. Because values ​​based on true truth and faith never lose their value, can be creative. To do this, we must not allow the spiritual source to become blocked, "Without shaking hands", ұрпақтарымызды сол «бұлақ суынан» қанып ішуге жағдай жасауымыз керек.

family - The place of happiness Educational hour


Nurtaza ТОЙШИЕВ, andIslamist 22.06.2020

The family is the foundation of the state. The family is the art of human growth, қанат жайып түлеп ұшатын алтын ұясы. Kindness and honesty in human life, people who possess such noble qualities as morality and nobility, Dear fathers and loving mothers who form it in the minds of future generations. To honor our families in the short life given to them for testing, to respect the, We must be moral. Bring yourself to life, Man's duty to his parents, who nourished your life, is immeasurable. there, There is no greater happiness for that parent than to see your family reconcile. Mother's white milk, justifying your father's faithfulness means keeping it in your future. Here is another way to build a happy family.

Family values is an ancient tradition used by loving families to preserve their families. Every family has its own values. These values ​​can be old or new. In addition, people divide family values ​​into three main groups. They are traditional, present, educated family values is called.

Дәстүрлі отбасылық құндылықтар is the advice of the elderly to the young family. Due to the growing number of divorces of young families today, young families are told about their traditional family values ​​on TV., can be seen on the Internet. These values ​​are different in every family. But they also have something in common. For example, preservation of religion in any family, not to dissolve the marriage, generation continuation, The traditional family values ​​of raising children will be common.

Today's families follow the old traditions. But because of this change, they are different in every family. The reasons for this change are due to the changing times. Because people are different in every age. For example, It is impossible to live now with the family values ​​of the past. In the past, people gave their wives handkerchiefs, Today's young families give each other flowers or dresses. at the same time modern family values love, trust, understanding, etc..

The main goal of families is to live a happy life. People face many conflicts when they get married. But they forgive their mistakes, will be together again. The value that unites them educational family values is one

In our original religion, calling for obedience to God, obliges to take care of parents. What can you do for your parents?, that will return to you. The world's turn. You will not be young for the rest of your life, you respect your parents, Your children will take care of you when you grow old, will feed. Parents are the backbone of the family, primary binder. In a traditional Kazakh family, the value of parents is especially cherished. The young couple are unable to cope with some of the family challenges, бала болашағынан бұрын жеке бас тыныштығын бірінші кезекке қойып жатады. As a result, the number of abandoned children and fathers will increase. In fact, the father has a special place for the child. The word father is a refuge for himself, without difficulty, The child's heart longs for someone to bless him and wish him a happy journey. The father is the support of everyone.

She is worried about her future children, the person bearing the burden of responsibility. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, made a man responsible for his family, and warned that he would be questioned for it. In our people, the father is like a mountain, The iron ore represented a strong personality. So, The family will be reconciled when every father seeks to protect his family.. at the same time, Everyone is kind when they are born, The heart loves the living. She is our mother. Without flapping the wings, pressing the beak to the liver, for us it is a mother who cries softly. Mother is our refuge in the wind, individual for one of us, wise person. The child is more than the mother, There is no one more precious than a mother. Let every mother's fire go out, happiness does not move, the collapse of the family, wants the baby not to cry. especially, Kazakh wife is devoted to the welfare of the family, The most kind mother in the world, who has all her desires in the way of her child, yeast of the nation, mother of offspring. The parents of the child have grown up, wants to be human. It is true that they have a special place for us. In conclusion, from century to century, without losing the essence of family values, which have become a tradition from year to year, on the contrary thrive, Let's help it move forward. Respect for family values, It is the main duty of all people to keep them clean.

The family is the golden pillar of humanity such as, its influence on posterity is incomparable to any force in life. To help young people appreciate our national values, keeping them, Education to pass on to the next generation is a topical issue today. The family is the source of personal values, the beginning of upbringing, attitudes to national values ​​in the minds of children in every home, customs and traditions, words of wisdom, and a family that embodies the highest standards of upbringing. On this basis, without forgetting the basics of values ​​that will continue in the family, Let's revive, Let's not lose our spirituality!


The first entry in this chapter was in the archives of the site, famous writer Nagashibek Kapalbekovich below bstory I recommend.


Дүрілдеп өтіп жатқан тойдан ақырын сытылып, I went out. The tumultuous hall is crowded, u da shu music, one by one the groups came out and memorized the words..

Шөп біткен қурайланып, July ripening. Walking around in front of the restaurant, I rested my chest on the wind blowing from the mountains. As I walk towards the shade of the trees in the distance:

- Yes, uncle! – heard a voice, I got up. Next to me is summer The full woman in the chiffon sleeveless dress sighed:

- Yes, don't you know me? He said at once.

- Let's see, I feel dizzy.

I looked around, floated round in the dim light of the lamp, hair түйген бұл пысық жанды қайдан көрдім?

- Brother, uncle. Did you forget?? The same at Kopa station тәтіңіз ше?

I remember him smiling softly.

-Yes… Yes… Aisulu.

- Exactly myself. My heart pounded when you spoke at the column wedding. Nothing has changed, especially your voice… - He kissed me on the cheek received. A ringing-laugh-moon, exactly the same.

- I'm sorry! My sweets… Aisulu, it's definitely Saturday? How much since then It's been a while?..

- Exactly thirty years have passed. I am nineteen there, сіз отыз сегізде you would be. You were twice as big as me. The tree, I left without noticing to greet you, my husband is there, still jealous. senior, I have a picture of you and me. It's stuck in my album. Do You Remember?, The Russian photojournalist came, take down the threshing floor, I would have given it out.

- Where are you now?, look?

- I am a school principal, I am a teacher. senior, I'll be back, my husband Probably looking away. Even jealous.

- Do you have a business card?. Contact.

He kissed me on the face again, clasped in both hands: - My sweets! - he burst out laughing, The run was over. I stood in the shade of a thick tree.

"Sweet is mine!»… Aisulu! Surprise, "Sweet is mine?!».

* * *

Then I am the editor of the newspaper. Invited by the first secretary of the district party committee, gave the task with a sigh. Thick hairy eyelids do not open, He wore a pair of thick black sunglasses with his white hair pulled back, one to take off:

- It is said that there is a lot of theft at the grain receiving point. Harvest is burning. You will be there for fifteen days. One grain should not be scattered, you answer with a partiblet. Get it? - he said to me, who was drawn to me like a warrior.

-I realized, Bolat Akzhanovich!

- There is today!

Қопа станциясында үлкен элеватор бар, The whole harvest of the region is transported here.

Аспан айналып жерге түсердей лапылдаған шілденің аптабында амал жоқ, I traveled more than a hundred kilometers and reached Kopa station. This distance is a junction of nine roads, blossoming, Whistling trains pass, One of the bread machines came blowing dust from the dirt road, one is leaving.

Астық қабылдау пункті – элеватор, car depots, three-ply mill, four scales, dormitory, large establishment with dining room. The director of all this was happy to see my brother, who had known him for a long time.

- Bolat Akzhanovich said that you are a representative. This year the crop has sunk The inscription is the moon! Five years ago we raised seven million pounds, This year the district is expected to reach ten million. Come on, I've prepared it for you in a quiet place, – деп бурыл мұртын сипап жатын орнымды көрсетті. - This is the district, It was a place of rest for the leaders of the region, What can I do for you, my brother?, rest yourself, everything is inside. Тамағыңды осында әкеп беретін болады – деп бастық ағам шаруасына асықты.

The bottom of the train line is a steppe with wormwood, further wind pulled out, sunny saxaul sandy region. but, The whole surface of the mountain is sown, now excited like yellow gold, The knock is not sure of the ends. Khrushchev's motto was to plow a huge valley, which used to be a pasture, drove away. Produces only one product in four or five years, and the rest of the time the legend burns, ask for a lesson, The combine is also unsuitable for shooting.

Harvest this year, The whole country is fun, alashapkyn. Take a bath, chewing is, When I tried to go outside, there was a knock on the door.

-Come in!

-Hello there, uncle! - said a spacious light dress over forty years old A full-figured woman and a skinny girl came in behind him.

- Of course, I said uncle, You are too young for me. You have lunch I brought food. I am a chef here, and I work on the scales. We live here. When I can't make it, my daughter Aisulu brings it, – The woman spread a white towel on the table, began to put food.

- My name is Nazymbek, I'm thirty-eight, I said young proudly.

–Nake, Let it be sweet! It's too early if you need something Please tell, We will prepare everything - said the full woman, taking her daughter out.

I went to the grain reception point in the afternoon. Lined up from the beginning of the harvest The bread machines come, Pour the grain from the box into the threshing floor, He dusts the dirt road again and pulls it to the yellow hired field.

Red wheat piled on the threshing floor. Barley is harvested early, purified, poured into the barn.

Large stocks of grain in Russia will cause a decrease in the price of wheat |

Go through everything, It was too late to wake up. Даладағы душқа түсіп When I came to the dormitory, a girl was waiting for me like a deer hiding behind her mother.

- Brother, I brought food - he said with a twinkle in his eye.

- Aisulu, get dressed now, – squeezing my naked face, type shirt from my room, I put on the cord.

- It's too hot here, – I said.

- It's July, today 41 degrees.

- The steppe is on fire, competition! How are you??

- We take a bath two or three times a day, we even got used to it, here born and raised…

- I'm in the mountains, I was born in a cold breeze. What is Aisulu you do here?

- I am a weigher. Would you like to come?? - he smiles sweetly.

- I will go tomorrow. By the way, this is my book I gave my collection of new stories in pairs.

-Oh, thank you uncle. It's called "Two Lovers" in your old newspaper I read your story. It just seems to be over, It is unclear what will happen in the end.

- I did it on purpose. The reader must also think.

- Good uncle, – Clean the dishes, Take the book I gave you, The girl left. Sitting in the dark for a while without turning on the electric light, I went outside.

The sower does not rest all night, Five or six lined up like geese The combine lights out, He is reaping in the distance like a boat on the sea. It's too heavy, The flow of large cars does not stop. The whole station, elevator, Every place that receives grain is as bright as the sky.

It is hot in the lower sands, The steppe is still glistening.

Қайта бөлмеме кіріп салқындатқыш кондицонерді қосып, TV set while watching, I fell asleep.

The next day I woke up, I pulled at the beginning of the harvest. This is "Rocky" On the state farm grows unripe grain stalks, төрт бөлімшесін аралап шыққанша аптап күйіп тұрған күн де батыс иекті түгел қызыл жалындатып, The number is almost sown.

Arrive at the station in the twilight, I went into the water and got cold.

- Kyrgyz artists came today, I'm going to give a concert now, go for it, look, – The head of the station specially called. Sitting on polished sidewalks in the steppe, some black earth animals create, We saw a concert on the stage.

Aisulu's mother, Three of his unchanging sisters came, one side settled on the ground. They brought small chairs.

Combine, chauffeur, The women came in groups. Жігіттер дабырласып темекісін тартып тұрса, take off the towels, The girls, who were in style with their hair, smiled politely, hiding from each other, stealthily looks around. Students of the Institute of Agriculture work in separate dormitories as laboratory assistants, During the day, they covered their tanned faces with handkerchiefs and burst into tears.

The head of the station with a mustache turned to the two-backed chair in the front row We settled down.

Ugly, What are the songs sung in the field? Especially when it comes to harmonies to break the soul of the Kyrgyz, trembling, What kind of songs make you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere?! Сыңқ-сыңқ етіп қара қомуузын тартып-тартып келіп, One by one, the Japanese sang the melody, to speak passionately, instantly captivated. The audience listened intently, applauded each singer.

At the end of the concert, the bearded boss appeared on the stage, thank you:

- Now a writer, We give the floor to the representative of our district Nazymbek Kaliyev, –

that is:

- Alatau is like a double-humped camel sucking the sun-The Kyrgyz have never been divided. The songs sung by the descendants of the giant heroes of Manastai melted all over me, whispering, cheered my soul. May your art flourish! In life too, Be high in art, – I mean, everything is upright, struck. There was a light shining on the lamp, I saw Aisulu and her mother clapping their hands with laughter, showing their white teeth..

Student girls are also concentrated, close to me:

- Uncle writer, Would you please give me your book??

- What are you writing about??

- Have you ever written about love?? - ask a lot of questions left.

- This is a very strong writer, your brother Nazymbek Kaliyev. Ours He gave the book to the library yesterday, then read on. This morning, after dark, far away, He had just traveled to the cliffs. Your brothers will be here. Rest now, – The bearded boss surrounded me, pulled out of the ringing girls.

Aisulu turned her back on me in her mother's arms was moving away.

The stagnant yellow Russian chairman of the District Executive Committee arrived, We traveled with him for two or three days.

That day, the bearded man invited me to his house. The beheaded sheep was beheaded, The chairman of the district executive committee does not shy away from vodka, like a well without getting drunk no matter how much you drink, wrinkled and sweaty, a large, round creature with a reddish tinge. After removing it, The chief engineer invites a dark-skinned man with skinny glasses.

- Brother, don't bother. I would write a paper in the evening.

- This is the tradition. “If a six-year-old boy comes from far away, in the sixties The paralyzed man greets us. ”.

- Thank you for your attention, older, – I almost asked.

My bearded brother came to my room:

- Let's see, You are one of the leaders of the district, who is not caught every day. One of the you are not only a unique writer. Show your active siblings here in turn, would like to make a hotel. You said you wouldn't go.

- Thank you. I need nothing more than delicious food in the kitchen no. Boarding school, army, To be honest, I miss most of our student meals. I have a note for the night, do not blame, – I explained thinly.

Going to the threshing floor, where the scales of the house with the red flag are I deliberately went in search of Aisulu. The girl, wearing a light scarf on her head, counted the grain in the weighing machine, is writing carefully in a notebook.

- Tree, You have disappeared, – said blindfolded take off the towel.

- We visited the farmers of the district.

- Where, The students squeezed the girls after the concert do, You've been up a long time. One by one, they kept asking you outside. Get your book from the library, is reading aloud.

- I gave it to you personally.

- I read. I read it that night.

- How is it??..

- For girls, You are very strict with women in general. Do not spare them, a bad heart, take the spoils as a character, you drag. Why do you hate so much?

-AND, is it right? No, love.

- Are you a student girl?? Go to their bedroom, which You have chosen a girl?

- Aisuluzhan, you are jealous. It's my job, around to see, check. It's more beautiful than you, there is no beautiful girl from you.

- Are you honest??

- Honestly. there, I came looking for you on purpose.

It's just the two of us in the weighing room. Glazed One of the weighing machines came from behind the window, one is leaving. How beautiful it is to resent. An eyebrow like a baby annoyed with sweets The undisclosed girl laughed.

-Aisulu, You investigated and released me.

- No., take uncle Nazymbek, - he said, taking a betoramal from his bag offered. Sweating profusely, with a towel that smells of perfume I started to wipe.

- I've been leaning, – I kissed her on the cheek.

- Why, uncle? - said the blushing girl.

- For the towel… but, This is because you are jealous from the surface and kissed.

- Uncle Nazymbek, Were you like that??

- What?

- That's right. How many of these thirty student girls grew up in love?

- Home, my dear. I don't even have access to any of them, look.

- Where, uncle. Poets and writers say it's so easy.

- I'm just pampering you, joking, I want to talk.

- I thought it was because you disappeared.

- I soiled this towel, I was sweating, here is the dust-I can not stand even in the soil. Trains, What is the smell of cast iron road.

- This station is where I was born and raised. Let's get used to everything, uncle, meaning do not give.

- Our village is in the shadow of the mountains, green meadow on the bank of the spring, I am from the land of garden pleasures.

- Everyone's hometown is a collective, uncle…

- Aisulu speaks fluently.

- I am a future philologist, I finished the second year of ZhenPI.

–Ap, competition? I need to talk to you.

- I'll bring you dinner.

- I'm waiting.

- I have, whether below?

We both laughed happily.

- Now I say you are sweet. I'm waiting sweet.

He put the towel back on his head:

- Give me the concrete. Let me wash it, – at least double take hold of the wrist, attracted to myself, I kissed her on the forehead.

- Uncle Nazymbek, The car stopped. Shame on you! - he said with a sigh.

- You are the most beautiful girl in the world, Aisulu! - I said as I was leaving. Smile, repair the towel, Say goodbye to raising your right hand remained.

I was sitting in the dark without a light. In the twilight he brought food himself.

- Tree, come on, Drink food cold, – that makes the table began. The sleeves are open, She wore a summer floral dress. I got up from my seat, hugging the girl, I kissed her on the lips. The hair that had just been bathed had not dried, The body is cool, pulling at my neck, sniffing wet hair, I nailed it to my lips again. Thousands upon millions of fantasies have been deliberately raised, The steam of pleasure called passion turns into dominance, My hand plunged into the girl's open chest, The two groups began to caress his chest like an inverted cup.

What an infinite instinct, like a sweet eagle cut down, The girl closed her eyes, accustomed to temptation, The soul melts like lead, knock, with a passionate melody that almost fell out of my arms, is full.

Just near our place, a motorcycle came to a screeching halt. The girl so shaking, come to your senses, slipped out of my arms, hair repair:

- Well, It's too dry! said -.

- Who? Who are you talking about??

- Here is from the neighboring village of Roslavl. Mechanic. I am with his father My father was a friend in the army, жегжат. It has long been agreed that we should be engaged. Absolutely jealous. I'm gone, uncle, I'm going home without being seen.

Get off the three-legged "Ural" motorcycle, take off your helmet, surface-I noticed the outline of the guy shaking his head in the window. The full-bodied guy took some things out of the motorcycle case, wipe, clean up, He picked it up and continued to walk. Don't cut the new summer girl to this soul, the fire of jealousy ignite, I stared out the window.

Less than half an hour later, the young man left, scratching his motorcycle remained. He went after a long time, I approached the table.

* * *

The mother brought breakfast:

- Be a guest in our house tonight. I'm cold-blooded, Yesterday my brother-in-law sent me koumiss from Raslavl. Today's Kyrgyz concert was great, b? You said a wonderful word to them.

- I love Kyrgyz songs very much. My grandmother was Kyrgyz, always moaning accompanying. Their songs are melodic.

- Ras? I am also a Kyrgyz girl. He was singing in Tokmak Aisulu's father ran away from me?!

- Apyray-ah? Is it right?

- In the evening I will sing a couple of songs. My beautiful daughter is a poem writes, Shame on you.

- Let me read, give me.

- You say that you will not visit anyone. But today is ourscome on, taste.

–Қырғызша ән айтып берсеңіздер барамын.

- We will tell. You're coming?

- I'm going.

In the evening I sat in front of that house. Aisulu's father is dark-skinned The man is a motorist, One of the people responsible for the movement of all the equipment here, When he came for tea with turkey, he invited me to work.

- Then your portion is ripe. Take your time and eat it, – said

leaving. - I want to have time.

The two fans in the corners are sparkling and hot The heat will not go away. Go out on the doorstep, I leaned over the reed blanket. Aisulu brought two pillows.

- Call a specialist, when do you sing?

Aisulu ran with her mother.

- I see food, ripening is normal, – handkerchiefs come in handy, stood at the bottom of the tray and began to explain.

–Біздің үй станцияның шетінде, built on a hill. You've just seen the head of the family without much to say. Three God-given daughters, three We have a son. This is our eldest Aisulu, next is this blonde girl Tansulu, has finished the ninth. Our son Zharas is in the fifth grade. Come on, everyone, here.

- How many children do you have?.

- One boy, We are raising a girl.

Her mother had a small black harmonica in her hand, just like an old handbag received, The boy brought a drum. Black harmonies swell, even pulling your heart out when you pull back The melodies hang from the twinkling stars in the sky, dripping, It was in full swing in the heat of the steppe. Turning the black harmonium back and forth, invert, He sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and sang. Kazakh is nutritious, He added honey to the potpourri of folk songs I gathered my hands and feet as if I was drinking koumiss, lift my spirits, I listened intently.

Aisulu hides behind her mother, when he and his sister spoke together The Japanese sounded as if the plains were full of flowers, It's almost over.

Suddenly everyone was silent and Aisulu blew the trumpet in her mouth began. Tansulu knocked on his horse's hooves, brother beat the drum, His mother joined the harmonium and began to play Kyrgyz melodies. Alatau, sing a song in threes from the beginning.

…When you miss, you come,

When you turn yellow, you come

To see Alatau…

His mother was young when she sang, transformed, like the sun rising from the clouds will be happy, and Aisulu's eyes widened as she sang this song to me, His voice trembled as if he had learned the secret. Tansulu's clear voice overwhelms everyone…

They sang Kyrgyz songs one after another… these The sound of November's house on the outskirts of the station in the desert, where trains are crying from time to time, filled the night steppe., is moving. My heart sank and I sang, with passionate admiration Aisulu stared at the beautiful girl in the dead of night, amazing sound, Arrested for indulging in beauty, melts all over the body, sometimes even squinting at him standing in the middle of nowhere, gently, I fell in love with such a warm feeling!..

It is a full moon, shining like silver earrings in the sky is rising. One of the red gold beads twinkling in the sky, Take a look at Aisulu, who sang to the tune of this song, I admire this world of artistic beauty. The girl's heart beats faster than I do when she shines brightly here and there.. Fresh furry image, what a blade, What is the vibrating sound that comes out of the wings? Sixty-two of you have a hot feeling when you put a mouthful of cheese in your mouth and send it to us., You feel like you are in a collective world. Rub the face back in heat, A gentle breeze was blowing from the mountains.

Although she sings in threes, Aisulu's voice is special: The representative fled with dreams, imaginative feelings.

- Yes, The meat is probably fully cooked. Let's cook - said the mother of two remove the harmonium from the shoulder, began to wipe his sweaty forehead.

- You are a great singer! - I can't hide my surprise Thank you.

- Where is the art now?? From an early age to the competition of many singers to participate, He was invited to study in Bishkek. While we were singing as the star of Tokmak, the head of the family came with his friends and ran away.?! Raising six children is not easy. I wanted to join them and create an orchestra, – деп шешесі салдырлап ас дайындауға кірісті. A loaf of bread can't stand the meat, I did the ritual. I'd like gloves again, The three of them sang two or three songs together.

Goodbye until you see the canopy,

Until you come back!.. – The song I sang when I left is in my heart swayed.

* * *

- Uncle Nazymbek, You don't look at us. You hurry to the student girls to? - said Aisulu, who chased after me.

-ABOUT, sweet, my soul! How are you? I remember the songs you sang yesterday get up.

- Brother, Tomorrow the family will go to Roslavl for a friend's birthday. and I will not go.

–Aika, then let's swim in the lake in Otar tomorrow. Go there now see, I give the task. May we just relax and enjoy ourselves?, sweet?

-OK, – he said, shaking the small handkerchief in his hand and laughing, turned away.


At noon we arrived at the shores of Lake Otar, about thirty kilometers away we have reached. The car is stuffy. The shore is cool, shining like a parrot, the wind blows, refreshes you. The willows on the banks have turned into a thick forest, The leaves whisper, As happy as we are, the birds greet us and fly away. The guard here is a bearded Russian man waiting for a Russian guest must have taken, prepare a separate house, fished. The second layer of the glassy lake is made of thick reeds not visible, and at the bottom is a sea of ​​green corn.

Жұп-жұмсақ құмды жағалауда шешіне сала суға күмп секірдім.

–Aika, келші жаным.

- I'm ashamed, it's strange.

- There is no one.

- What about you??

- I wonder if we have become one…

-Oh, You speak sweetly, Nazymbek aga. Do you say that to all girls??

-No, high. The moon is alone in the sky, Aisulu is the only sweet one for me here. He went inside, The waist and chest were bathed in a tartar red flower When he came out with a kiss, I bowed my head and kissed him. He sculpted a perfect slave, The moon looked like Aisulu enters the lake. Then go to the water tap, I held his hand. He was swimming like a white carp in the water, dive into, white body from time to time spinning brightly, laughs cautiously with pleasure.

- I tasted it, you are a great swimmer.

- In the summer I go to my aunts every year, We will rest on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.

- And I was in the army swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Let us marvel at the calm blue moon take out, sprinkle water on each other, he ran away, I gradually became chased, We didn't get out of the water until it froze.

The story of a girl without a wedding

He and his wife brought food to our room, make a tablecloth put. Fry fish and poultry, next to the potatoes, cooked with greens language. He poured tea, Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl! Go outside to wash your hands, warning the guard to rest, dinner I ordered to cook at six o'clock.

- I make syrup from the hut - he says, brushing his beard, source knock on the door. He came yesterday and gave me a penny, How good it was that I agreed. Two houses by the lake, This is for individual vacationers, everything is inside: freezer, air conditioning, The room is cool, pleasure. When I went inside, Aisulu was cleaning the table, clamp at the waist hug, squeezing towards myself, The fluffy goose sniffed the breast like food, I kissed her passionately on the hot lips. Lift vertically along the same, I took him to the back bedroom and left. This The windows of the room are sealed, dark shadows, brown cool. Bed to bed, new robe I started to release the buttons. His eyes are closed. Hurry and unplug all the buttons, I put my lips on her double white glass chest, which was turned upside down on her chest. Two pomegranates are hard, stroking one with my palm, massage, The other slid his tongue all the way around, I'm dying and kissing. Playing with a button-brown tip on my lips, If I start biting without pain:

- Brother, uncle. What are you doing? I want to tickle - says the girl weakly with a voice. - Please

Where to put, The battlefield is just beginning Is the brave to the limit of the earth? Like an unripe story, the whole group went round and round, I mutter. Reddish like cherries again, The glue sticks to the burning lips, realizing that he does not know how to kiss:

- My dear Aika, Give me your tongue - I interrupt.

As he licked his tongue, I felt thirsty. Around, the bottom of the whole ear, food, rising and pressing chest cost to the point of exhaustion, fell in love, when I go down:

- Brother, Uncle, you said you wouldn't go down.

-No, do not touch, just smell.

- Then why are you pulling??

Suck the tip of both breasts again, sucking, with a slice, play with teeth When I started, the girl said, “Uh!", spread throughout the body, calm down, release, He started kissing me. Both palms are warm, caress my back, comb my hair, squeeze yourself, is flying. It's dry, The swollen lips are full as if they were ripe and runny, Tatida ball. Whispering, When I was in love, everything was mixed between color and color.

Prohibitions on sexual intercourse in Islam - Kazakhstan news | STAN.KZ

Thunder roared from the top of the spear, bringing a roaring argali, jumped from rock to rock and came to a state of mourning, He smirked at the rock, which he missed so much, kindly, He generously gave them the strength they needed…

To be continued


Осы тараудың алғашқы жазбасын, танысу мен отбасы құрылу оқиғасын report for my part бастаған жөн болар деп санадым. Ras, In our case, others are more interested, There are almost no exceptions, usand it was held as an ordinary event common to the general public. My husband, half of life RADIATIVE I knew since childhood. Our parents are young қатарлас, there were families with mutual respect and "distant brotherhood." (Our fathers were considered to be only tribal customs). Saul's family, when we were in school, He moved to another district of the region due to his father's position. When we were students in Almaty (between us 2 course, Radiant She studied at the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature of the Kazakh Women's Pedagogical Institute) 1-2 рет, сәлемдескен жағдайда ғана кездесіп қалғанымыз болды. After I graduated from the institute (1970 warm) come to my hometown, At Aksu Construction College (Almaty region) I started working as a teacher …

Содан, 1972 warm Radiant graduated from the institute, before getting a job in school, relatives in the native village (I also mix, to respectful families) сәлемдесуге, would like to visit. there, at this time we met, We got to know each other better. First of all, let's talk, further "sparks of love" appear, Our personal lives have changed dramatically. Soon, 3-4 During the month, our moods converge, in late October (on the eve of the holiday) Our wedding was held, Our long family life has begun and continues.

Repentance, Since then, the interesting and challenging aspects of our common life have been in harmony, with mutual understanding, is held with great respect. To relatives, дос-жарандарға, to our environment, басқаларға да үлгі боларлықтай жанұя ретінде бағаланды деп айта аламыз.

We had four children (One of our sons died in adulthood), we have grandchildren from them.

there, бар болғаны осы!

Only, that comes to mind as an interesting thing, premarital youth, “liking” in youth, in love beautiful girls the names of almost everyone LIGHT that's all. …

And how do you earn, would join? Would you like to share it on this site?? Let's wait!


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