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FATHER— name denoting kinship.

  1. paternal grandfather or brother;
  2. father-in-law of the couple (city. Father in law);
  3. people kinship, bloodline ...

GRANDMOTHER — father of the child, as well as, called his mother's mother, name denoting kinship. Further great grandmother or great grandmother is called.

The role of the grandmother in the Kazakh family is special and precious. Grandmother— not just the family, yeast of the dynasty, unity of brothers and sisters, Respectful mother who keeps peace, post-youth, educator and mentor of brides.

In Kazakh society, the first child of a young couple is usually given to the grandmother's brother. The child is considered the youngest of the parents, The granddaughter was brought up by her grandmother, take care of. The relationship between grandmother and granddaughter is very delicate and strong. For a young Kazakh, grandparents are not just having fun, foster special subject. Throughout history, the whole tribe has been the mother of the country Grandmother Aipara, Round needle, See, I woke up The image of such grandmothers in legends, in literary works.

First, through the grandmother's upbringing, the child distinguishes between good and evil, begins to recognize the big and the small. Behavior, language education is formed, The child is prone to housework, obedient obedient, grows to be kind. A child who sees his grandmother is considered to be an educated child. Grandmother's upbringing often says, "Don't do that, do it like this ", “It's bad to hide, It's better to say so. ", The content is reasonable, She grows up with the kindness and warmth of her grandmother. Thus, the young man gets acquainted with the moral and ethical norms of the Kazakh environment, not only in the formation of the human personality, Gradually assimilate the principles of the traditional system of rituals.

At the age of seven or nine, the upbringing of the first grandson passed into the hands of his grandfather, The main upbringing of the granddaughter will be in the care of the grandmother. The content of upbringing at that time followed the grandfather, It consists of weaving into the heart what you see and know. The boy accompanied his grandfather to distant lands, the best of the country, see respectable villages, to a party, etc.. to participate, to understand them, trying to find out. A child who has been brought up by his father "visually" is called a child by the future. Kazakh paremeologism Even if you have a name, you are traveling around the world, Your grandfather advises you to follow the country. Country recognition, Geography is vision. In traditional Kazakh child rearing, vision is the highest form of education. She is spiritually educated by her grandparents, become a citizen, maturation, This is the basis for the formation of the country as a street citizen.





performer— Роза ГЛОЖА



performer— Karakat ABILDINA


Performer - Tomiris Erbolatovna





South Kazakhstan regional center of customs and traditions


Customs and traditions of family upbringing in the form of ancestral traditions from father to son, passed from father to grandson, to this day. The golden nest of human growth and art, respect, The environment is also a family.

Kazakh nation, let her be a girl, let it be a boy, along them 12-13 from an early age begins to absorb family upbringing. Here is the golden nest of the family, which grows and prospers for mankind, The fact that it is a source of joy is explained in simple terms. As well as, love family, respect for the family, giving them such training as family loyalty, emphasizes the inalienable human and civil obligations to the child's parents.

According to modern concepts, new principles of family values ​​are being formed. Today they are the parents of a single family, with children and grandparents, A single-parent family is characterized by the presence of only one parent.

One of the most pressing issues today is the issue of this "single-parent family.". We call him a "hired tutor", even, the Internet, TV channel, various movies on the computer, How negatively the shooting games bring up our children? At one time, my grandfather put the upbringing of the Kazakh generation in the forefront, relatives of their children, even, Didn't one congregation bring up the country? And what is the current level of child rearing??

In this regard,, Let's consider a "single-parent family" in detail. One of them, having children, their parents are separated from their sons. In this case, the grandchildren do not fully feel the kindness of their grandparents, Doesn't grow into a squirrel? In this sense, “grandparents in your family, father and mother, What is the role of the child and the bride?It is clear that the question worries us all.

Our heroic ancestor Baurzhan Momyshuly:

“Even from the enemy, I was a Kazakh who was not afraid of controversy. Now my fears are growing. She did not put her children in a crib, I am afraid of a country without a cradle. I'm afraid that the number of grandmothers who tell stories to their grandchildren will decrease. Tasty, Children who do not know the traditions are growing up. Give him a sword, ready to kill anyone. He can't get a book. No child is learning, There are no parents to teach ”, he said.

In fact, Despite the historical circumstances that the Kazakhs have experienced at every stage, Respect our traditions as a heritage, He was able to bring up his descendants. And today these precious values ​​are losing their roots. Therefore,, In this age of globalization, first of all, our national spirit, We need to preserve our culture and national upbringing.

The famous Kazakh poet Mukagali Makatayev:

I've lost my beard, old ancestors
What you say to your children will be left behind?
ABOUT, living genealogies, leave,
Kaneki, what do you have, –

as he sang, The role of grandparents in the Kazakh family, who bring up their children nationally, has always been special. Grandmothers' fairy tales, recite poems and epics, spiritually nourishes his grandchildren, Our ancestors also blessed, preaching. So, Balgozha Bi and Zeredey Zerek's grandmother fairy tales, listening to songs and epics, brought up Our grandfathers Ibrai and Abai became great Kazakh personalities. From such examples, the day of your child, who was brought up by parents and grandparents, will be very important for the country tomorrow., who guarantees that the people will not be desirable good citizens?

In the past, it was very rare for a child to grow up without parental care, so maybe, "child who saw them", Called "educated child". Respect for the child, brought up by parents, kindness, moral, Spiritual education can be clearly seen. even, According to the ancient Kazakh tradition, the first grandson was brought up by his grandparents. Sometimes he replaces his youngest son with his grandfather's son-in-law.

In everyday life, adults say, “Give me a picture at my age, retire in old age ", We see them praying to God. Some of our elders are relatives in old age, honorable to the family, and some others, on the contrary,, family, We are also witnessing the transfer of children to nursing homes for the sake of deprivation..

Kazakhs are a people who respect their elders. “If you are old in your village, is equal to a letter written " at, Respecting grandparents as "elders", gave place to the four, without their blessing, no action was taken. Today, all these trends are gradually changing.

Parents of the country, family counselor, a swamp and a guardian, The mischievous "grandmothers" are family and relatives, well-being of the people, wishing, Explaining our national traditions to sons and daughters, role models. even, According to folk traditions, the guests who came to the village with an elder first greeted, He considered it a civic duty to receive blessings. And sons and daughters-in-law, respecting grandchildren and great-grandchildren, must unconditionally comply with the statement and the request, because, it is the duty of generations, task.

Kazakh poet Kassym Amanzholov in a poem written by his wife "The family is a small state. I'm the president, you are prime ministerAs they say, In life, father and mother are spoken at the same time. The leading person is the father - the owner of the offspring, the head of the dynasty, The mother is the motherland. In the family, the father's sentence is legal. After the death of his father, the eldest son became the head of the family. even, separated from his father, Even if it was a private home, it was influenced by the father or the eldest son. Although the farm is separate, All the children consulted with their fathers. usually, father's house "darker", Is called a "big house". It is sacred to all the descendants of his father.

Of the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith: "God does not love those who hurt their parents", says. especially, The mother's way is different. Mother - brought you to life, Divide the night's sleep into four, dear soul who gave white milk. The handle of life, family well-being, counselor. Therefore,, offending parents in the Kazakh tradition, counterattack, language and touch, Disobedience was considered rude.

Every parent takes good care of their children from birth, goodwill, nurtures honestly. The main pillar of the family is the child. A child is a descendant of a parent, their successor. In the population: "Raise your child to the age of five, until the age of fifteen, fifteen and consult with him ", says. therefore, Do what your parents tell you to do, Take care of the cold in old age, Getting consent is the duty of every child. "The bullet my father saw, The one who saw it, the one who saw it, Every boy and girl inherits the good qualities of his father or mother.

The Kazakh people have my first child, the latter is the middle, says the youngest. When they grow up, they marry their eldest and middle children, The youngest is in his own hands, that is, it stays "darker". After that, the youngest son will have to take care of his parents. "Karashanyrak" is respected by other children, The parents must not forget to give a portion. In the Holy Quran: As the saying goes, "People are commanded to do good to their parents.", children respect their parents, must support.

The family is the center of the kinship system. In the Kazakh family, the main kinship is calculated on the male side. at the same time, There are also names of kinship with the female side. In particular, grandparents and children and grandchildren, parents and children, father-in-law of the bride, relationship with mother-in-law. There are 90 such names of Kazakh relatives. In general, kinship and mutual understanding, prosperity.

Our people saw a good bride no less than her daughter. Without naming the elder, live himself, Respect for the spirit at the time of death - shows the decency and politeness of the bride. In the Kazakh tradition, a bride who jumps on a white threshold is polite, to be embarrassed, The father-in-law sees his grandfather as his father, should be respected. Inappropriately interfering with the words of the wise father, removed from the surface, kissing or beating a child on the face in front of the grandfather, quarrels with her husband and other family members, barefoot, naked naked walk, You haven't seen all the weird things you say to your grandfather, rudeness, is considered rude.

Kazakhs "The bride was wounded by her mother-in-law" There is a word. The mother is the closest to the bride, caring and second mother. She is a teacher and mentor for the future bride. Therefore,, seeing his mother-in-law as his mother, without hiding the secret and mood, bring advice, ready for all activities. Remove from the surface in any case, tongue and touch. He does not control the affairs of the family without the permission of the mother. Brides who cause undue strife or show pride are “seen, without upbringing ".

The bride is the mother's successor, disciple. Mother and daughter-in-law are friendly, live with respect. The mother-in-law has a lot to see, A good bride is a blessing to the family. Such traditions and good ideals are passed down from generation to generation, The love that nurtures mutual understanding begins only in a close-knit family.

My grandfather paid special attention to the upbringing of the Kazakh generation, "Did not mourn the orphan and the widow". Today, the number of abusive mothers and elderly people in orphanages and nursing homes is growing in the country.. Abay in the tenth verse: “Some people ask God for a child. What does he do to the child? They want me to die, He told me to recite the Quran behind me, He says he will take care of me in my old age. Is there anything else?

What does it mean for my child to take my place?? Do you want the rest of your world to be ownerless?? Would you take care of the rest of the world?? Did you speak out of jealousy when you died?? There was more to it than meets the eye?

The best thing for a child is fun, The worst - burns, you asked what would be different? Have you seen the least humiliation in the world?? Have you ever had a dog?? Now give birth to a child, make him a dog too, Why are you so eager to insult him??

If you want my child to read the Quran after me, If there are many people in your life who have done good to you, who does not recite the Quran? If you do a lot of bad things, What does your child's Quran convey? Can your child do something you didn't do in life after you die??

You want a child for the hereafter - you want my child to die at an early age. If you want it to grow, grow up by yourself, Is a child born from a Kazakh who can save his parents from a trap?? A father like you, I want to adopt a country like yours?

You want to feed him when he grows old, Oh, it's an empty word. First of all, your weapon is not old enough, do not you? The second is to be kind to your child, Is born congenital, do not you? The third is if you have livestock, who does not support? If you do not have livestock, which maintenance will be complete? The child will have livestock, Livestock breeding is also unlikely, as evidenced by this, - says.

Morality in today's society, In strengthening our spiritual family values, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said, “The state begins with the family. That is why it is important to strengthen family values ​​in our society. ", that - 8 September was declared "Family Day" in the country. And we, in turn, want to always be ready to continue the family values.




Video conversation

Elzhas Yertayevich






Does the open eye stand without seeing anything,
Does not inform the brain or change color.
Even if you don't want to try,
Do not put anything in front of you?

When the eyes of that squeaky mood open,
Think a lot, without difficulty.
They know, to say, awake, whisper,
They will take your will, without pausing to speak.

Fictional coral, when a pearl is spilled,
Whoever sat down they could not bear it.
If you practice, everything is ready,
Mankind cannot live without habit.

Once you open the honey, it will be easy to become a shaman,
Will he leave without informing the unseen.
Slaughtering a lamb will not stop it,
A horse thief is not a hero.

Alcoholism starts with a glass,
Going up and down on cannabis.
If you think about it, it's all a passion
He sweats profusely without chasing.

After a while the bee opens,
If he dies, like an inexhaustible source.
You can make a handful of the earth,
Above all, your chest is wide.

The demon is also a demon, passion is also a demon, drunkenness is also a demon,
The song is also a demon, Do not overdo it?
True passion is inevitable, most likely,
It's like a torrent that blows everywhere.

certainly, See a passionate life,
The fire of such a soul cannot be extinguished.
Ifrate bar, tafrit bar1,
It's okay to disconnect it.

Whatever you do, that love to man,
It's too loose, teach me, without looking for tricks.
May your love be true, not fake,
Don't be vague, don't believe in yourself.

Worldly, if you get hurt,
Tomorrow is the day to think about death.
"I love you, return treatment?He thinks,
The son of man is like you.

Candles, Let this be your passion
“God loves you, Love the person.
One of your passions, have a lot of work, my soul,
Long-term passion, don't be lazy like me.

"Don't do the mullah's thing, do what you say,
Be careful not to get used to everything.
If you are bored, read again, think again,
Don't say that: "I have nothing left to say".

Thoughtful, passion for poetry, animal addiction -
Do not bury me in these three passions.
When the courage returns, forced to return everything,
The thought grows old - I will not die.
I have no fun, I have no hope of death,
I don't care about that.




Hamit Aidaruly

5 December 2020 is

There is a difference between life and death- I did not believe in white steps at all, but, It turns out that a transient life !

… On that day, we didn't know that fate would tell us that this was the last time we would see each other., how much!

I miss my native village Bestobe, To alleviate my longing, I visited the house of a friend from the village of Uzynagash. The first storm of deprivation of liberty in the homeland began. The next day I went out to the market and met a friend from the village, We hugged and cried. His wife came and asked, “Have you come down from heaven?, did you get out?… »

Goodbye, We immediately drove home, thinking that we would not be hiding on the central street. Shortly afterwards, my friend turned to buy bread from the bakery. My friend's wife smiled at me and said "Aily lives in this house…", -said pointing to a small brown gate house next to the bakery.

-AND, when they moved! I said in surprise. My heart is pounding. I tried not to let the woman next to me know, but she knew.

It's been a year and eight months since they moved here.. said. Let's go. The scorching heat of July did not return, even in the twilight. That's why we are busy with our own thoughts.

It was a neighbor's wedding, While caring for the animals, I went to the wedding, I wanted to have a real wedding, I knew it would happen and gave it to my friend. As soon as I arrived, my host friend invited me to sing. If his legs were not flawed, his mood would be the same. He went on stage and the musician whispered to the guy. The wedding hall was buzzing with people. The melody of the song "Dear Mother" began to spread in the hall. “Dear mother, I miss you… ».

When his voice is so sad and mysterious, so pleasant, The roaring hall fell silent. "What a wonderful voice, what an interesting song ", -There was no one left who did not admire it. When the song is over, The quietly applauded congregation offered a welcome, asked to sing another song.

"How do I put out the burning sensation?",

I'll be back when I'm sick…

first love… »!

I don't know if I went back to the table next to Sahana, He sang and greeted with a grateful smile. I'm looking for a priority…

Yes, He and his classmates witnessed our first feelings. One of the witnesses came and invited me to dance. We slowly waltzed to the song sung by her attractive voice… "Like a dream…", You slowly sing the song "When the sun goes down, cross the ridge…". I have your soul. These were the years when we were completely lost. At that moment, we are on the same page- we forgave each other…

My mind could not go further, did not go. I wanted to go back to the sun the next day. Shortly afterward, an eight- or nine-year-old boy came to my friend's store, too close to me, exposed in. Back to the baby- I looked again. I greeted him and did not take my eyes off him. My friend's wife laughed heartily, What does it look like??You immediately came to my senses, Monthly.

You came to the gate and called your son. All three of us glanced at each other, You saw me and turned around and went to the shelter, The friend's wife went to greet him, then called me. I do not know, I did not dare to go. I went to the sun in a strangely restless state. As I was walking down the street, I saw you outside your shop, maybe you see me too. That this is our last meeting, Did you know that we say goodbye forever?, did you know, Monthly? Regret!?

I thought about the days in the car. It was a common hobby that we shared. At the beginning of the first season of the eighth grade, my classmate came up to me and said, "A great singer from October High School came to class.". You are sitting at the front desk. The gleam of light in your eyes showed your courage. At the end of the lesson, the teacher said that next week there will be a large-scale concert. I am the driver, When I asked my classmate to sing about "mother" with a dombra, one of the neighbors:"The newcomer Aily sings very well," he said. As a teacher, we asked you to sing a song. You got up and sang a song about your mother. Tears welled up in the eyes of several girls and teachers whose mothers had died. there, i've been in love with you ever since. When I gave a concert, you knew my opinion. We haven't been married since that day. Our conversation has never ended.

One day you were very sad, I wondered if I had hurt you. On the way home in the evening, lean your chest on the corner of the street that turns into your house: "Looking at the elder, looking at the field, You look at the sleeve, you look at the ground, ”and you said goodbye.

My heart ached that day, I vowed never to hurt you.

There were eleven of us studying. On Eid, we were the only ones in your house drinking tea waiting for friends. As I was flipping through the books on the bookshelf, I noticed a note on a piece of paper., you wrote that you love me. You smiled shyly, I hugged him.

We told our friends to come to our house. My mother-in-law asked me if the young man was a lame girl, Can't you find a beautiful woman with four limbs in a month by clicking on her forehead?. You left crying.… I kicked Zhengem out of the house. Later, the mood changed. The rest was fun.

Three months later, my wife fell from a chair while whitewashing the house, The powder of the candle falling on the eyes fell, The water in one eye was dark and remained. He later apologized profusely, but did not tell you to go.

We finished school. We did not go to the last meeting of classmates.

Three months later, Lira called, He said that you will get married.

there, I've never really loved anyone like you, Monthly. I have never been lucky in love. Twenty years later, I returned to my homeland to say good-bye.

The day after the accident, go to the Sun., On my way back to Almaty, Lira told me that you were dead! I do not believe…

I cried until dawn…

I heard later, The day he saw me, he called his son and opened a shop, You and your husband went to the market in Almaty. The scorching heat of July has weakened your heart, you went home and fell. The doctor too, The medicine didn't work either…

So, see you one last time, I cried at the head of your grave, still in a state of restlessness. I have spoken to you in silence in the land of the dead, the eternal cradle of us all.. I did not say goodbye when I left…

Monthly, you are still my language- you are in my heart…

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Shynar Zhumakyzy

Blogger. 15 April 2020 is ·


My friend Moldir helped us to get acquainted. unfortunately, he is no longer with us, He took care of me from an early age, as if he felt that he would not be with me forever, I was met by my husband.

Student age. Moldir and I are on vacation in the village. One evening, our mutual friends at that time «bonfire» called to burn. But Moldir and I are neighbors, that he was at a relative's house that day, He said he would return home in the evening. So in the evening Moldir and I agreed to meet on the central street.

In the evening I met my friend on the central street. He was not alone, His brother had a friend with him. The friend of that time is my current friend @alimjanshunar. Be welcoming, introduced a friend to the child. At that time, we both had nothing in mind, shake hands and get acquainted, we left on our own. Who knew that life would not be what it used to be?.

I didn't care then. A few days later, I was seen on the street from outside «OH, This is the girl I met yesterday, turn the car backwards, I passed you on purpose» says. «Then your hair will be curly, was long» says, God knows, even if you confuse it with someone else every time you remember, because my hair was long but not curly.

A friend called me at home, asked for my cell phone number. I turned off my cell phone a long time ago, I said my tariff is over. Then the Internet, no instagram, When the tariff expires, your phone will be everywhere. Then my husband, put a unit to connect my phone, We continued talking.

«Officially» as in the movie «will you be my favorite?» did not reject the offer, The damp is not romantic, still the same. But holding hands in the same position 3-4 dating for about a year, Uylendik.

For me, who lost my father early in childhood, me along it «solicitude» immediately captivated. From then on, I felt close to him «under the protection» I would feel, still so ...





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