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THE BOOK OF CHRONICLES WAS PREPARED! REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED! Dear readers of the site, Aksu, Sarkandy compatriots! Prepared by this site "NAIMAN-TOLEGETAY: MATTHEW, SADYR RULARY ”to be published by the end of this month. In this regard,, The range of possible requests for the book below (edition number) In order to determine its content structure, it is presented and given records of orders. get to know! BOOK […]

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  "Chronicles" (23) Did you know that you got ÖKIREŞ?   Dear reader! «gold uyam— Aksu» site last page of the well-known historian, journalist Kamal ABDIRAXMANOVTIÑ KHAN informative article was published in the "power". Today, as a continuation of its Naiman has a special place in the annals of the country is another great historical person on the call - ÖKIREŞ research notes released. Search for:

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"Chronicles" (22)   What do we know about the power of "Khan"? «gold uyam— Aksu» this site lists articles about the power of the khan of the last section of the country Kazakh Naiman tribe and chronicler of the country as an entry Naiman, being covered, including Matthew - - ... Come -Jalañ, Asan is provided in the Annals of the point spreads. You can also get to know the:

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  «Chronicles» -21 Famine realities Dear readers,! today, 31 MAY— Day of Remembrance of the victims of political repressions and famine in honor of, section on this site Chronicles recognition of the famine that took place in the context of the last century Kazakh, their data on the causes and consequences are publishing a series of articles and videos. get to know, Know:

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«Chronicles» -20   Jungar-Kazakh wars (continuation)   The last time this topic in the history of the Kazakh people, who endured great suffering, long centuries remained unforgettable, which is the most serious stage of the cognitive data records. today's paper, Readers demand due to the wishes of the, In addition to supplementing them again encyclopedic, educational records, «Yelimai» About the song and movies for the same period […]

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"Chronicles" -19 Dear reader! Today, this new site will open the first thematic sheet, The first article is published. The last time the "Introduction" article aytqandayın, «GOLDEN UYaM Aksu» carried out on the site at any particular individual section above, now I have brought to this place. Prior to his 18 More than 50 educational approach to the topic of the number of encyclopedic, Doctrine, research articles and Kazakh […]