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"Nature is an amazing world" (3)

  «- the nature wonder of the world»(3) Dear readers,! Kazakh presentation of the beautiful nature of the land and propaganda for the purpose of this section of the site lists the records, vast expanses for each individual regions starting today, I decided to conduct a systematic. and, they, in turn,, Depending on the accumulation of educational materials can be reflected in the site a few numbers. Such records to the east of the country, in the East Kazakhstan region […]

"Nature is an amazing world"

  "Dear readers, in the wonderful world of nature"! Today, this new site is an educational and advertising content based on the above topics, go to, The first offering records. This section describes the process of "spiritual" informative context and objectives of the development of the tourism industry in the country to meet the requirements of special importance in the land of Kazakh dedicated to historical and memorable places, the most beautiful places, artistic […]