On Friday Kuanyshbayev


On Friday Kuanyshbayev



This notification with the publication, Aksu citizen of the land, at the time of Zhetysu athlete-wrestler, The best coach, an outstanding poet who is better known as, birthday this year 80 year who is, deceased Kuanyshbayeva Friday In order to acquaint the readers of the site and its ömirderekterin 1-2 Creative has been in the works. get to know!

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ZHETISU wrestler poet





Friday Kuanyshbayevich athlete-wrestler, coach, poet. A member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1939 In Karakoz born in the village of Aksu district of Almaty region. Lepsy secondary school in the village, Teacher Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture "- coach (trainer)"He graduated from.

1963 Aksu district school teacher, District Chairman of the Sports Committee, after that 25 Aksu district sports metebinde year is the "wrestling coach". During these years the experienced athlete, teacher, coach as a significant contribution to the development of sports in the area. His many disciples raised— international athletes, who are winners of national and regional competitions. Aksu district "only one" Mamanïya (former I.Altynsarin) School-educated train 53 student in the footsteps of his teacher, "" Graduated from the faculties of physical education, Nowadays, the different places of the country grow and contribute to the development of sport. Including one pupil— Beijing Olympic silver medalist in judo Askhat Jïtkeevtin The first coach (the trainer) was, Honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sayat Qwdaybergenov.

Also wrestling for his great contribution to the development of regional, regional, Republican varying degrees of diplomas, Letters of thanks medals.

Jumekeñ The owner of a large art, düldil also well known in the country as a poet. Aksu district called "the poet". his "Aksu flows glorified", "Kyran qïaga soars", 'Injury', "Swan sculpture", "Beauty" you gaşıqpın, "Books Twğır" published. Many of the poems in the "CIF", "Transparent", "Inspiration", "My sister swallows", Semirechja "new music", "Zhetisu sings" published in collections such as poets. As well as the creative verses will be published in the newspaper.

He is actively involved in the area of ​​public jümıstarına. rural, Aksu district councils and the regional conference for the first convocation He was elected as. Aksu village will be the chairman of the society "Kazakh language".

2002 Since retirement until his death in Aksu district, The younger generation to the sport in Taldykorgan, promotion of healthy lifestyles, And actively participated in patriotic education measures. "Veteran of Labor" medal.

He and his wife, Bilisbaeva Şarïza Bekqalïqızı school teacher, when speaking about. Kazakhstan (KazSRO) He was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Minister of education.










Friday Kuanyshbayevich

Green source of newcenturyhunting obscured by,

Roads are the same.

The waves come in Jağaña,

Lay me Kuşağın.

out I have not eric,

Oscillates as Kayığıñ.

lifted height. Oh refreshed,

Do you take me to breathe giving.

Jağañnan slowly premium exclamation,

Goes back to the body up to the sternum.

Kögiñe poetry örem rolling,

Tolqınıñnaï bales.

The welfare the country gold corn,

Spring up breakfasted Beauty.

child If the bread to keep,

trumpet germination şalqt bn.

seen Country of origin tatiy kun,

chance to win the best light.

Free kaytpağan body-,

fisherman, hunter folder.

Ѳziñsiñ source of poetry.

Kaynarы flower The territory.

what you have poet Sarai,

the age of ripped thoughts.


green well Ms.centuryhunting obscured by,

ways Is Arriving.

The waves come in Jağaña,

Lay me Kuşağın.





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