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Newly opened website WELCOME!

If this is not the case, put it on this first page of the site purpose to open and content structure about the first article Please get acquainted!




There are millions of them on the Internet today sites the vast majority (official, other than informational content) do business in order to We all know that. They are certain legal (companies, associations, enterprises, institutions, etc.) or individuals intellectual, commodity, etc.. product promotion and distribution; online trading organization; different info services is created for the purpose of financial gain through, works. ...

Today, 19 on my own in April internet business on the topic new my site I enter the Internet space. This site 1.5 has been conducting for years “My golden nest is Aksu»On the website "Mediator" the name chapter created on the basis of.


“My golden nest is Aksu»Its address to citizens unfamiliar with the site http://ser-bek.ru/ I will show that. You can get acquainted!




That is,, author of the site and— SERPERBAEV satellite. Yesterday's civil servant, today's retiree. I am a native of Aksu district of Almaty region. Almost all my life and career were spent in my hometown. For many years I was in the district administration.


I have some creative things. And after retirement, it's basically unlimited "I walk" in the Internet space. Along with the opening of sites, I have prepared several e-books, I am engaged in design art, printing products I am releasing, ...

Now I have started an Internet business!

If you are interested and need, You can read more about me at this link: http://bit.ly/2 jasawu2ehll




This second site meets modern requirements, meet the requirements and the Internet user Kazakh-speaking citizens to the need depending on infobusiness content information and educational records and online in several ways advertising, brokerage and freelance service in order to is being created.

certainly, as mentioned above, in such a position site exchanges in the Internet system. In this regard,, Kazakhstanis mainly Russia (ru) uses sites located in the space, and the so-called "fingers" of our country, mainly in Russian. but, pure Kazakh language almost no (I did not meet myself).


On the one hand, it is understandable! The main reason, to them in the online business space too little demand and financially unjustified. Second, in turn, due to the fact that the Kazakh public is still indifferent to the native language, due to lack of confidence in its viability.

Therefore,, me December This site develop immediately, I know that it will not be very popular and useful! In spite of, to publish it, to fill the above gaps, in the Internet system expansion of the use of the Kazakh language I da bolsa due to my desire to contribute!

And in the near future native language maximum scope of application (of the Latin alphabet also depends on the introduction) hope, have confidence. Somehow Become a "pioneer" Someone has to start the journey!

In this context, on the Internet and social networks "Smell of Kazakh" citizens, comprehensive on the part of loyalists, real support is provided, if entries are being submitted, There is a lot of demand for services, over time our site why not have a certain demand?! So, a year and a half ago?", only one area opened for the history and life "Altyn Uyam-Aksu" site today "standing up", The formation of the system gives a lot of impetus to the future.

In any case, online business- to serve adapted This The new site to the Kazakh public, public needs, The future will show its viability ?!




The structure of the site for the time being thematic below headings (Among the articles) I am creating:



his "Business News", "Business lessons" and "Computer literacy" in the chapters taccording to the results information, cognitive, methodical articles are published.


This site main and large section is considered. Records published there in both directions accumulates:

1. Meets the needs of legal entities and individuals in the country :

  • considered the most important in each region and at each level political, cultural events about holding;
  • in creative fields (science, literature and art, teaching, etc.) citizens promotion of author's works;
  • congratulations;
  • search and build
  • and presented in other content advertising— ximprovement things will be published.

2. Online trading to the creators brokerage services intended for demonstration purposes. Each chapter provides the necessary information and conditions for the sale and purchase of certain items to those in need announcements declare, their implementation will be facilitated.


Certain through this section freelance services type (production of printed products, create a site, preparation of e-books, copywriting services, t.t..) accepting orders, to perform them to other masters of the same work mediation will be done.


Картинки по запросу баннерлер, Ð ± иР»Ð ± Ð¾Ñ ?? Ð´Ñ ?? Ð ° Ñ ??



This is the same name on the first site because it is related to the topic of mediation genealogical records The given section will now continue here.



The Kazakh land has a special significance in terms of cognition and in line with the development of tourism in the country historical and monumental places, any beautiful places, artistic nature showing, section of the propaganda site.



My site is in Kazakh language "underlined" and in the future in the Latin alphabet to move due to the progress of preparatory work, The section opened with the intention to publish records on the procedure for its use. certainly, here, to conduct it competently specialists support and attendance is required. I look forward to hearing from such enthusiastic citizens!

At the same time, From the smallest of the records that will be published on the site in the future, Gradually copy to the texts of the entire Latin alphabet have in mind.



* * *

R.S. This is shown on the new site thematic sections on the first sheets, their content and More detailed explanatory articles will be provided.

And on the site as needed other sections can be opened.




Dear citizens familiar with the site! About the content of this new site and its thematic sections, on their correct and effective conduct feedback if you wrote, I will receive them with great enthusiasm and diligence.


The most important thing, I want to feel your support! I mean:

  • Subscribe to the site regularly!

  • Your own notes (Featured) give, feedback to others- Write comments!

  • Pay attention to advertising, offer yourselves,!

  • Order info services!

  • To your acquaintances, Promote the site to your colleagues, "share" his posts with all your friends on social networks.

Great for all of you with respect to: SERIKBEK SERPERBAEV


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  1. senior Alex,Original good! Let successful and popular site! I wish with all my heart!

    1. Thank you very much to you,! I wish you only the best!

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