"Kazagymnyn traditions" "(11)

"Traditions of my people" (11)



Above chapter title today's list for infant children is the first step «presentation» wedding serving as, the oldest beautiful people traditions It is one of the story.

In this regard,, How this ritual founding carried out in, on the status of modern celebration informative articles and videos, songs and jokes is given. get to know!






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presentation People -broad oldest beautiful traditions One of the. Go to the crawling baby born, Oct residence, will be trying to make steps. It was his life for the first time, Life is received visit. Therefore, every Kazakh family «son, Let's quickly go, Let confident step» the love of the campaign to the future presented amputation sees its mission. Our people «presented uncut child, You can sürinşek, cropped, You can open the way, will be happyIrımdaydı '.

Therefore, each family of Kazakh mandatory, even a small child The joy of "presentation" carried out. At the occasion of the presentation of the "indigenous" women and girls of the village, sisters, grandmothers called. Sprinkle worm came to the wedding, May, candy, baby toy, asyk, cymbals, etc.. leads. Then 2 – 3 year-old competed in children, ozğandarına race. children poem, poetry, a poem, say sayings.

If the presentation wealthy, rich family If that, encourages people from near and far enough attention to the recent, F a wedding feast converted to. blessing of the elders, that appreciation to the crowd. it, horse race, struggle, kokpar that the ongoing national games.

At the moment, this rite is not lost its meaning. Depending on the conditions of each family, tusawkesw warming at home, big and small Restaurant is holding. away from the wedding- close relatives, brothers, Citizens of friends and collect.


Guests have assumed, child "Ritual" of the presentation is created. To do this in advance special thread prepared. Previously, «Let the rich, Let the current» regards oil strings using the; «hoped, Let Mildew» that long grass and tұsap, to be cut. And often this procedure, black and white cross with rope, thread prepared. This "No one yarn partial, should distinguish between black and white, livestock and property of others, Do not insert your access to the world, Let the honest citizenFrom the concept of ".

Kicks off when in the presence of special guests the presentation of the song sung by lute art will be marked man. And now it is the task of weddings Asabay or artist submitted to the.


the child presentation in honor of At the request of the parents respected in the country, dear people, or behavior mobility, taking into account the ability to run and tezdiligi, their honor after their deaths, You can have one of the friends. Sürinşek, Children jaybasar opening cut.

Quoted the child presented pre-carpets, kilşe, This anniversary will be built from the sidewalks in front of the cage, What held out your arm is put on hold. prepared black thread the child's bound to two feet tusamısşa, sharp What happens when the knife put down. One of the elders respected Toydağı blessing will be asked. Then the selected person, "Let a man of character generation" as regards kezdiktiñ facial facing upward, Pull yourself upside down, Cut the "lock" onto the middle of the presentation of the child. If the face of the knife down (the bottom toward the top) miser, not the identity of the child from ınjıq, mold to grow is ırımdaladı. Tusalğan to fall off the end of the thread was condemned child. Presentation ritual gift to the person sïyapatı, receive kädesi.

Presented thread ırımdalıp, or women who are unable to raise a child «Suppose you have a wedding soon» the love of the child was given to families.


After cutting a presentation of two people to hold the hand of a child, over kilemnin, reflects on. During this time, the child hurry şaşıladı. The guests dawıstalıp child expressed a desire to and "Presentation" A melody will sound.

In some places the book on the carpet, whip and put different things, etc.. The child selects one of the substances. In this view is the belief that the future of the child. there, from here small traces of Kazakh land first will.

At the end of the wedding guests such joy that is "juğıstı", "Sark" and went.



Zeynep Nikolaevna (Akhmetov) How to say ...


* * *

«Presentation of scissors cut»

In a conversation Aigul Shayakhmetova

«infoportal.kz» on the site


Another particularly significant in the life of a child, One of the rituals conducted in such a way that a great feast presentation. The presentation was one of the great occasion in the life of a child. Record your brother as a child, Before Oct-Nov, skip one, When the two crossed presentations.

In other nation's opening will cut and run, and our Kazakh children would be presented Uncut sürinşek. Prepared for the presentation of why the thread? What edged presented? Who presented the child should be cut? This section of the permanent character aunt Zeynep says ...

KEYS TO TAKE threads


presentation each connection is not opposed to small places, The basic meaning of one, that is, focus on the child's first step, make a wish. The child presented thread cuts. Give it with white thread and crossed both black thread, made of yarn. This is a life and a symbol of life. All of life is to come in pairs and always made time. Let's say, life and death, good and evil, dark and light, hot and cold, The most important thing, A man and a woman ... They are not the same, Only the first one until the one God only. This is the essence of the main thread. "The person's line of partial, give theft, To prevent abuse, Do not bad on the road " Yarn made "with the understanding that the grounds. Sadly, deeper understanding of the world, so one-sided, "Do not steal someone else's property" are only a presentation of the "crossing". This is a misconception.

"Good over transportation, the face of evil, disappointed jasımasın, Allow precious days of joy, do not trouble her depressed, Both co-luck "wishes that pairs being chosen as a sign of the Law of the thread, child kicks off.

Now the presentation is cut with scissors. This is not true, because the child's life will qayşılanıp, and the child's first step to start qayşılawdan, further complicated life, barriers may be more. That is why the scissors to cut the Kazakh seen, if only short-cutting with a sharp knife. It's time to look at the circumstances and it.


Do not cut the presentation of the grandmothers ...


I do not know what a massive trend in the moment, these days looking otırsañızdar, Most of the presentation of the older grandmothers, keywanalarğa are keskizip. Are you sure you saw this underestimate the value of giving? A presentation of the progress the fact that the elderly grandmother or reduce ilbï keywanağa keskizgende, How do you think you can walk the child?! Such a boom, especially in TV shows. no comment, had seen so much of the thread, many grandchildren and great-grandmothers kissed blessed beautiful, will tie the end of a child. And the presentation of cutting people were elected by the parents in advance. If a girl, the peak of the dynamic and agile, Smiling character, for a long time dear, a comprehensive and indispensable country for the work of cute women, Let the boy has presented "no discernable effect friend, Let the big man ", "Sayat over friend, Let the hunter "in the country in the mouth, a man in front of the citizens of the country keskizgen. On the one hand, people may ırımşıldığı, but however, which has been our ancestors attaches great importance to the structure behind the, beautiful wishers, Good intentions are. Thread tied, Before the presentation of the child was sent to a group of kids running. Coming ahead of the same in front of the children had become due immediately send out the presentation of two children. Two children, who then ran entigip join the two sides of the child's palm palmar, keep filling arms, pounds dedektetip. because, children's blood to run hot, Power-carry capacity, has increased by gusts. Were presented by the palm of all children, say, gusts, force, that power is to be held.

SUBJECT presentation


Now let's take a step back, The white blessing of the elders who have seen a lot… Desirable to the people, Presentation of a well-known man or a well-known woman with a well-intentioned child… Then the energy is transferred, children running with shortness of breath, their warm hands… All this so that the child, who took the first step slowly, no longer stumbles on the ground, The success of the step, the main thing, "Press your feet firmly, Let him walk firmly in his native land. ”. here it is, If so, skip the presentation cup anyway, not a "props" that deceives the eye, that is, only women gather, It is not enough to just make a presentation to the grandmothers. This is the child's guide to a great life, the beginning of the wedding, The first step in life. This is "let our child look like a good citizen, Good luck, May the good and the bad that you encounter in your life be borne on an equal footing. ”, meaning is one of our deepest traditions. Scattered in the presentation, The presentation song is sung. It's a pity: Let's decide not to see, Let's cut your presentation, Goose-goose, son, Oct., son, I'll be glad to take a step, Click again, Write your name, son, It's a goose, look, congratulations on your step! - a beautiful melody that begins, The presentation song full of good wishes is now a lot of people, especially young people do not know…




Presentation is not just about getting a thread, “Oily inside and out, Let there be cattle. ”, He cut it with green grass to make it grow. Everyone knew, In any case, there is no excess of desire. Everyone has the right intentions, one wish. If he conducts any ritual of our nation in good faith, observing all the rules, will be accepted. They even take the thread to get it. In the late 90's, I headed the Almaty regional fund "Balbobek" for about three years. Our foundation has established many contacts with the orphanage. I visited an orphanage in Issyk for work. Babies at that time 80 percent of them are our Kazakh children. I learned from the educators that the new children were not introduced. After all, never make a presentation at the orphanage, Traditions such as circumcision are not practiced. This situation made me think a lot. These children are already in trouble, Loss of parents at birth, those in need of mercy, those who have not tasted breast milk. Then, at least, what will happen to the lives of children who have not been introduced? Such thoughts did not bother me. Because I have nothing else to do, I strongly believe in all Kazakh traditions. The head of the district was a guy named Kairat. He died that day. Get into it, I explained the situation. I decided to hold a presentation at the orphanage as a big event in the district.. We are well prepared for this. Regional, Announcements were given to district publications. Our initiative was supported by the regional administration. The presentation was cut 17 The crown on the baby's head, We sewed national costumes on them. Алдын ала «тойға атсалысыңыздар, тойға шашу әкеліңіздер» деп хабарланғандықтан, ел құрқол келген жоқ. Кәсіпкерлер сәбилер үйіне қажетті тұрмыстық заттарын көтеріп, ауданның қарапайым жұрты кішігірім сый-сияпатымен келді. Ел ағалары, елдің ықыласына бөленген азаматшалар 17 баланың тұсауын кесті. Әр балаға кейін де қарайласып, көмек қолын созып тұратын өкіл әке, өкіл шеше дайындалды. Олар -аудан әкімдері, іс басында жүрген үлкен азаматтар болатын. Тағдырынан таршылық көрген сол балалардың бірінің өкіл әке-шешесі марқұм Заманбек пен Мақпал болып еді (сол кезде З.Нұрқаділов Алматы облысының әкімі болған)… Заманбек сол кезде сәбилер үйіне шағын автобус сыйға тартты. Қаншама сыйлық, қаншама тілек айтылды. Ұлан-асыр той, beautiful song, төгілген күй, тек балалардың тұсауы кесіліп қоймай, сәбилер үйінің кем-кетігі толықты. Мен мұны мақтанып айтып отырғаным жоқ, бұл көпке үлгі болған игілікті шара еді. Құдайдың құдіреті, елдің тілегі, аталардың берген баталары қабыл болып, тұсауы кесілген сол 17 бала көп өтпей-ақ ата-аналы болды. Бір-бір қазақ отбасысы сол балаларды алып кетті. there, бата мен тілектің орындалатындығының, салтымыздың өзімізге ғана жұғысты болатынының бір дәлелі.


* * *



«presentation» A melody

Goose-goose, son, қаз балам,

Қадам бассаң, мәз болам.

Goose-goose, son, қаз балам.

Тақымыңды жаз балам.

Күрмеуіңді шешейін,

Тұсауыңды кесейін,

Қадамыңа қарайық,

Басқаныңды санайық,

Goose-goose, son, жүре ғой…

Балтырыңды түре ғой.

Тай-құлын боп шаба ғой,

Озып бәйге ала ғой.

It's a goose, look,

Құтты болсын қадамың!

Өмірге аяқ баса бер,

Асулардан аса бер.

Жүгіре қойшы, құлыным,

Желбіресін тұлымың.

Елгезек бол, ерінбе,

Ілгері бас, шегінбе.


* * *

«presentation» салтына арналып шығарылған тағы біраз өлеңдерді мына сілтеме арқылы оқи аласыңдар:



* * *

«presentation» жырын Жәзира да шырқайды...

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"presentation" тойының қазіргі кездегі атқарылу көрінісі:

Каракат BUTбильдина тусау кесу рәсімін өткізуде

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