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«tourism in Kazakhstan»

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Medeo ice rink


The Great Silk Road Located along Kazakhstan From time immemorial, cities and afraid of the nature of the amazing places in the travel and tourism facilities are found. The first ever tourism organizations 20 century 20 There was a 30-years. 1929 warm Almaty The first walking tour in uyımdastırıdı. GI. Byeloglazov Penh F.L. Savin headed 17 school teachers. Hike begins near Almaty door on the lake (62 km) ended. 1930 warm Almaty Museum Society of proletarian tourism and excursions at the regional office began to work. He is the first chairman of the VG. Gorbunov was elected. This year, the city staff of the Telegraph and Mail (16 man) a group of (F.L. Savin headed) Medeo Kok - Big Almaty Lake went to the coast. tourism this type of V. Zimin, A.Bergrin, D.Litvinov, H.Rahimov, G.Byeloglazov, etc.. contributed more. 1931 Zimin skiers campaign was organized for the first time at the initiative of Almaty in January. "Labor and Defense" who received the baton in this campaign 8 Added to eight skiers national cavalry regiment rider. They went from Almaty, Uzunagash Go to Kordai handed over command baton pass through Kyrgyzstan.

In the same year in Almaty Zhetisu province The museum is next to the All-Union Voluntary Society proletarian tourism and excursions 10 members organized the first slot.


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Burak Lake


Amateur tourists Alatau reservoir Küygensay initiative (Horelnyk) valley in the small house was built for tourists. 1936 here is the first in the country in 50 Single "Gorelnik" raised the roof of the twrbazasınıñ. 1938 Kok in gorge (near Almaty) held the first meeting of the Kazakhstani tourists. About 200 tourists. 1943 "Gorelnik base" the beginning of the year the Soviet Union Army training mountain shooters instructors located School. After the war "Horelnyk"The mountain skiers and climbers became the base, which trains. In order to leave for active people 1952 Tourist Board of the tour in Kazakhstan (TEU) created. 1961 Young tourists to the station was opened in Almaty. 1960 In organized by the Board for Tourism at the Board of Trade of the Republic of Kazakh Republic. 1962 In the tourist board was reorganized into the Council for Tourism. 1965 warm Kazakhstan republican and 5 oblasts (Almaty, Karagandy, East Kazakhstan, Ural, Shymkent) travel advice and a tour desk opened in each region.


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Charyn Canyon


  • 1950 – 60 years Almaty mountain tourism, higher education institutions, mountaineering (peak output), began to develop sports tourism. As a result, the tourist group of instructors. Over the years, S.Küderïn, Ü.Üsenov, N.Dubitsky, VG. Xomullo, etc.. experts made a great contribution to the development of tourism between the pupils and students.
  • 1958 warm Zimin for the first time in tourism KSRO-was awarded the title of Master of Sports of.
  • 1970 warm Republican Council for Tourism and sayaxatşılıqtıñ further contributed to the development of tourism.
  • 1971 – 75 years Strengthening of material base of tourism in Kazakhstan, Travelers increased tourism organizations, The new tourist facilities and hotels were put into operation.
  • 1978 warm Kazakhstan and tourism tour rep. and the Board of 14 The regional council, 17 tourist facilities and hotels, 26 tour, tour office and serving foreign tourists 3 the Bureau, Almaty, Ural, Shymkent Car Tours was established in major tourist cities. Number of tourist centers and restaurants 7 thousand.
  • 1988 warm Tourism has been some changes in the structure of. The newly established associations of tourist excursions. Over the years, the development of tourism in Kazakhstan NI. Samojlenko, S.Әbdenbaev, T.Zhezdibaev, A.Chukreev, O.Mazbaev, S.R.. Erdәuletov, etc.. made a great contribution. Kazakhstan gained independence 1991 year tourism industry has moved to a new stage of development. 1993 Kazakhstan became a member of the World Tourism Organization. This year, tourism industry adopted a national program for the development of.
  • 1997 warm The rebirth of the historic centers of the Great Silk Road, The concept of the development of the continuity of the cultural heritage of Turkic-speaking states, was the overall tourism development strategy. 2001 warm 13 June adopted a law "On tourist activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Then in the country the priority development of the tourism industry, licensing of tourist activities, etc.. questions formulated. Kazakhstan's natural, historic, geopolitical location allows the rational use of tourism facilities, as well as the need to develop as one of the main points of the economy.
  • 2002 warm the republic 430 Tourism organizations, firms and worked in various offices. they 6 thousands of people, including 1500 professional tour drivers (guides) provides services. Kazakhstan tourist firms in nearly 80 countries around the world creates a relationship. Almaty city 25 firm and 5 The regional center in India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, Greece, Poland, etc.. countries to establish charter flights.

All types of tourism in Kazakhstan (cognitive, Entertainment, Ethnics, ecology, health Promotion, children, sporty, hunt, fish, horseback riding), etc.. carried out by the. This is the territory of Kazakhstan for more than 700 tourist routes. The total capacity of Kazakhstan 33 th place 372 provides services to hotels of different categories. For example, Almaty town guests "Alatau”, “Kazakhstan”, “friendship”, “door”, “Otyrar”, “Astana”, “Ankara”, “Hyatt Regency Almaty”, "Intourist", etc.. Hotels Customer Service. in Astana 30 travel agencies and 25 The hotel is located in the. The biggest of them: "Okan Intercontinental Astana"; "Komform - Hotel Astana", "Tourist", "Yesil", "Silk Road", "Altyn Dala", etc..

Tourism experts at the Academy of Tourism and Sports, Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages, Almaty State University, Kazakh National University, “Turan"University, etc.. higher educational institutions. ...


Types of tourism in Kazakhstan

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28 November 2017 year


1993 Kazakhstan became a member of the World Tourism Organization. In the same year, developed a program for the development of tourism, but 1997 "In 1997—2003 The prosperity of the historical centers of the Silk Road during the period, construction of tourism infrastructure and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Turkic-speaking states approved the State Program ". All necessary for the development of tourism in the country, cultural, historic, There are geographical and climatic conditions.

Did you know that there are some types of tourism in Kazakhstan? We have more than one type of tourism has been growing rapidly. They: ethnotourism, mountain tourism, Medical and health tourism, cultural tourism, Hunting and fishing, etc.. Let them stay.


1. ethnotourism

ethnotourism Kazakhstan's rich historical past and culture of the Kazakh people is a type of tourism that attracts people who are interested in özindigine. Which area of ​​a typical passenger ethnic Kazakh traditions, acquainted with the creative nuance, will be able to study the life and culture of the country.

2. mountain tourism


Kazakhstan mountain tourism Suitable for country. It can be said that all the conditions have been created in this area. Tours of active rest, with wildlife, to get out of the snowy mountain peaks, at the same time, mysterious caves along the way, and the blue adds a deep-water lakes on the shores of.

3. Medical and health tourism


developing country Medical and health tourism Special land. Because, only treatment is not only rich in natural resources of the country, as well as, known natural regions in the modern resorts. Medical and health tourism is common in all the territory of Kazakhstan, therefore, If you are where you are in the country, You can combine leisure with treatment. Spa mineral water in the treatment of various diseases, antler treatment, healing climate, etc.. offers a variety of treatment services.

4. Cultural tourism

country 25 There were more than a thousand monuments and geographical attractions. Kazakhstan The objects of historical and cultural heritage UNESCO monuments of world importance is recognized and protected by this organization. At the same time, cultural values 2 More than one million units representing all stages of the development of modern consumer culture of the territory of Kazakhstan.

5. Hunting and fishing


Men most interested äwesqoylılığı Hunting and fishing. This is a part of human nature and culture. Real hunter active protection of wildlife and it is always interested in information about. Similarly, a good fishing weekend. Near the lake is always clean, musky air. He released here daily life in an instant, fresh feel.



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