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In this section "Spiritual" process requirements in cognitive terms and the country tourism industry development in connection with the tasks of the Kazakh land of particular importance historical and monumental places, any beautiful places, artistic nature propaganda records of content. They related to specific topics and regions of the country, will be conducted as regularly as possible. Further, their range is replenished, is increasing, later individually— can also become individual books.

In this regard,, From yourself on this topic, your hometown, of the region historical places, reflecting the beauty of nature, propagandizing articles-notes, author's works We would have stopped. Offer, “Spit a lot!». Good luck!

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Introduction to the page "Nature of Kazakhstan" under the common name, about the same small encyclopedic data, beautiful song and videos The collection is given.

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Let's listen to the song first!


«Kazakh land»

song: Kentau belongs to Nazarbek

Word,: Of Mukagali Makatayev

performer: Dosymzhan Tanatar.



Pie! Pie! Pie! What a holy place!
The place where the heroes roared,
The sweat of the horses,
A place where lovers kiss each other,
A place of exhaustion.
Bow your head, smelling the soil,
Do not pass without bowing!

This is the region, this area, it is nearby
I stand and pray,
I worship the sands,
I bow to the edges!
Thank you always
To live in this one Motherland!

It was lit by a summer flame,
It is frozen in winter.
Spring - wax, algae,
And in the fall - a giant white stream,
It rained white grain,
Purple bread from a freshly baked tandoor.
Horizontal horizontal horizon
It fluttered its wings, made a croaking noise and dropped dead.



Nature of Kazakhstan

data «Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia» already taken

Kazakhstan is a multinational independent state. Land area 2,7 million square feet more than a kilometer. The territory of the republic in the east From the Altai Mountains started, in the west From the Volga river basin, In the Caspian basin to, but north of the Western Siberian Plain (North Kazakhstan plain) to the Tien Shan Mountains in the south extends to.


Terrain according to Territory of the Republic 10%-high mountainous areas share, The rest is a depression, flat, superficial, highlands. Southwest, to the northern and central regions mainly above sea level 200 – 300 m is characterized by a flat terrain that is only high. South-east elevation 5000 – 6000 meters of mountainous area. That is,, The topographic topography of the republic decreases from south-east to north-west and from east to west.

At the same time, On the territory of Kazakhstan The Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Balkhash such as closed water basins, There are deep depressions and dry channels. The highest point of Kazakhstan is Khanteniri peak (6995 m). It is located in the Tien Shan mountain range, which covers the south-eastern part of the republic. On the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea the most concave place, above sea level 132 m below sea level (Karakie) concave is located


The territory of Kazakhstan 4 climatic zone (forest steppe, He gave, desert, soup) includes.

Forest steppe The climate zone is the most humid part of the republic. Average annual precipitation. 242 – 315 up to mm, 80% of it falls during the warm season. The shortest season is spring, long. 1,5 month, summer 3 lasts for a month. The winter is long, from October to the end of April. Average annual drought. 37 days, in some years 110 – 113 lasts until.

Field The climatic zone covers a large area in the north of the republic. Annual precipitation. 200 – 300 mm, his 70 - 80% is typical of the spring months. Permanent snow cover 140 – 160 days, The average thickness of the snow. 30 sm-dey. There are many windy days and erosive processes are strongly developed. 10Annual total annual average air temperature above ° C. 2100 - 2300 ° C. The length of the growing season. 170 – 180 day. Average annual drought. 69 days. Winters and springs are shorter than in the forest-steppe climate zone, summer is long, autumn 1 about a month (starts in September).

It's deserted (desert steppe) The climatic belt or arid steppe occupies the plains in the central part of Kazakhstan. Annual precipitation. to the right 279 mm-day 153 decreases to mm, his 43 - 27% fall in the cold season of the year. Permanent snow cover 120 stored as the sun. The thickness of the snow cover is from west to east 20 cm-day 60 cm. Number of days when the average daily air temperature exceeds 25 ° С 30 – 45, 35Above ° C - 10 – 20 days. The length of the growing season. 170 – 200 day. The winter is harsh, The weather is changeable, summer is hot, The total amount of radiation is too high. Legendary spirit in some years a month 27 – 29 days.



The beautiful nature of the Kazakh land















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