Month: December 2020


FAMILY LIFE CIRCUITS (4) Dear readers of the site, online friends, compatriots, after their deaths! On the last page of this year's site, arrived 2021 Congratulations and best wishes for the year, The song "NIGHT OF ENJOYMENT", The story "New Year's Eve", jokes, I offer a beautiful collection of songs. Accept!


The following entries are provided in this section of the site: In the section "FAMILY VALUES": Cognitive notes and videos on the role of grandparents in the family; Thematic poem in the section "LOVE STORIES" and a story-story "MY FIRST LOVE"; "HOW WE GOT TO KNOW…?»The next event in the chapter. get to know. Educational and interesting notes! You can read the previous posts in this section by following this link: ABOUT FAMILY VALUES (3) ATA MEN […]