Month: July 2019

"Kazagymnyn traditions" (8)

"Traditions of my people" (8)   «ŞILDEXANA» and «joke» the beginning of the topic on the blog section lists, this time in the way of national qazağımızdıñ profound, Inauguration of the so-called «ŞILDEXANA» reception and «QALJALAW» Tradition continues on the educational records. get to know!   "On Şildexana Şildexana is said to read Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia": "Şildexana, July, July guard - […]


"TOY-BAZAR ONLINE SARQITI of"" (2) Dear reader! The last time the site "TOY-BAZAR.KZ" opened a new chapter in the section of this topic area, on its pages of wedding songs and creatives, Internet system by the people, had done toylarındağı beautiful traditions video, many great Asabay, singing and dancing, etc.. arts and games at a wedding party, One of the interesting and "adventure" talked views collected and published otırılatının ... Today, as the entries in the 2nd […]

ZIKO. Asaba

ЗИКО Асаба ? Тамада Павлодар қаласы ⚜️ Мерекелік шаралардың барлық түрлерін атқаруПроведение мероприятий любой сложности ? ⚜️ conduct two languages— На двух языках ? ⚜️ Each region, each will go to the edge — We organize a lot of fun riding in the lyubwyu ✈ ⚜️ point Keşteriñizdi— Make your holiday unforgettable! ?   […]

"Chronicles" conduct (23)

  "Chronicles" (23) Did you know that you got ÖKIREŞ?   Dear reader! «gold uyam— Aksu» site last page of the well-known historian, journalist Kamal ABDIRAXMANOVTIÑ KHAN informative article was published in the "power". Today, as a continuation of its Naiman has a special place in the annals of the country is another great historical person on the call - ÖKIREŞ research notes released. Search for:

"Chronicles" conduct (22)

"Chronicles" (22)   What do we know about the power of "Khan"? «gold uyam— Aksu» this site lists articles about the power of the khan of the last section of the country Kazakh Naiman tribe and chronicler of the country as an entry Naiman, being covered, including Matthew - - ... Come -Jalañ, Asan is provided in the Annals of the point spreads. You can also get to know the:


«VIDEO_TOI_TDK» TALDYKORGAN City ? Video— photos. ? Video and Photo Shooting ? marriage, birthday, etc.. take pictures of weddings. Invited go there. We leave to shoot weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. ? ⛷ АСАБАЛАР табуға көмектесеміз— Topic seeking food and t.d☝️ ♨️ high-quality pictures— Good quality […]