Month: June 2019

"Kazagymnyn traditions" (3)

  "Traditions of my people" (3)   Dear readers,! Сайтымның жаңадан басталған осы ТАРАУЫНДА тақырыбына сай әр мазмұндағы танымдық жазбалар беріліп тұратыны және оларды алдағы өмірге келер жас СӘБИДІҢ қуаныштарына байланысты аталып өтетін сәттері мен дәстүрлерінен бастап, Further sequence, each type of format records had been continuing otırılatını. In this regard,, бүгінгі парақта «аяғы ауыр», жүкті келіндерболашақ […]

"Kazagymnyn traditions" (2)

  "Traditions of my people" (2)     first of all,, Take another beautiful song to listen to this topic: «Kazagymnyn traditions month» Gulnura Orazymbetova faithful hope selfless creation is the image of the country has been my bahädür Guest of Honor for his mother's milk common artificial ride today updated ... eeeey Argymak, If invited to encourage spirits Alaman bullet bullets Qïqwlap Girl […]

«Customs and traditions of the people,» (1)

«Traditions of my people» (1) Site of the newly opened "TOY" BAZAR.KZ area of ​​this home in the first publishes informative article. This sheet «Customs and traditions», «Customs» encyclopedic comments, their views and videos on the topic, people's well-known writer, Zeynep Akhmetova a public figure offering a more meaningful dialogue between film and beautiful änimizdi. Meet!

Erbol Orazbekova -Asaba

Erbol Meyirxanulı Orazbekova and, Erbol Orazbekova 1976 He was born in. Now a resident of the city of Taldykorgan. Today, a stable profession Asabay. Phone (vatsap) — 8.747.658.6876; E-mail address: ER.ORAZBEKOV@MAIL.RU * * * Who Aksuat kindigimdi you Aksu people you grew up in the East as a priest See erlerimdi at the country of origin, such as Abay people NUS, […]

On Friday Kuanyshbayev

  Kuanyshbayev with the publication of this announcement on Friday, Aksu citizen of the land, Zhetisu region at the time of the athlete-wrestler, The best coach, was well known as an outstanding poet, birthday this year 80 which is the year, In order to show the readers of the site late on Friday Kuanyshbayeva and its ömirderekterin 1-2 Creative has been in the works. get to know! Educational records about the future again, the boot process […]