Month: May 2019

«conduct Chronicles» -21

  «Chronicles» -21 Famine realities Dear readers,! today, 31 MAY— Day of Remembrance of the victims of political repressions and famine in honor of, section on this site Chronicles recognition of the famine that took place in the context of the last century Kazakh, their data on the causes and consequences are publishing a series of articles and videos. get to know, Know:

"Nature is an amazing world" (3)

  «- the nature wonder of the world»(3) Dear readers,! Kazakh presentation of the beautiful nature of the land and propaganda for the purpose of this section of the site lists the records, vast expanses for each individual regions starting today, I decided to conduct a systematic. and, they, in turn,, Depending on the accumulation of educational materials can be reflected in the site a few numbers. Such records to the east of the country, in the East Kazakhstan region […]

«conduct Chronicles» — 20

«Chronicles» -20   Jungar-Kazakh wars (continuation)   The last time this topic in the history of the Kazakh people, who endured great suffering, long centuries remained unforgettable, which is the most serious stage of the cognitive data records. today's paper, Readers demand due to the wishes of the, In addition to supplementing them again encyclopedic, educational records, «Yelimai» About the song and movies for the same period […]