Month: April 2019

"Nature is an amazing world"

  "Dear readers, in the wonderful world of nature"! Today, this new site is an educational and advertising content based on the above topics, go to, The first offering records. This section describes the process of "spiritual" informative context and objectives of the development of the tourism industry in the country to meet the requirements of special importance in the land of Kazakh dedicated to historical and memorable places, the most beautiful places, artistic […]

«On e-books» -6

  "E-books" - 6     Dear readers of the site, Citizens in social networks, friends! Recently the new "mediator" of this site talking about today's release Chronicles of e-books on topics jürgizbekşimin. WHAT IS the same end, "Chronicles?"Great cognitive, encyclopedic content, and "Chronicles" has been in special articles about the need to develop e-books. get to know!

«conduct Chronicles»-19

"Chronicles" -19 Dear reader! Today, this new site will open the first thematic sheet, The first article is published. The last time the "Introduction" article aytqandayın, «GOLDEN UYaM Aksu» carried out on the site at any particular individual section above, now I have brought to this place. Prior to his 18 More than 50 educational approach to the topic of the number of encyclopedic, Doctrine, research articles and Kazakh […]